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Abhay Pratap Singh Degree College

Welcome to Abhay Pratap Singh Degree College, a prestigious educational institution located in Bindki, Fatehpur, Uttar Pradesh, India. We strive to provide quality education and foster the overall development of our students. In this document, you will find important information about our college, including contact details, affiliation, and the courses offered.

Contact Information

To get in touch with us, please refer to the following contact details:

Address: Kuwarpur Road, Bindki, Fatehpur, Uttar Pradesh 2126352, India

Feel free to reach out to us using the provided phone numbers for any queries or assistance you may require.

Affiliation and Approval

Abhay Pratap Singh Degree College is affiliated with Chhatrapati Shahu Ji Maharaj University. This affiliation ensures that our academic programs are recognized and meet the standards set by the University. It also enables our students to receive degrees that hold value and are widely accepted in various professional fields.


At Abhay Pratap Singh Degree College, we offer a wide range of courses to cater to the diverse interests and career aspirations of our students. Our courses are designed to provide holistic education and equip students with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in their chosen fields.

We offer the following courses:

1. Arts Courses: Our arts courses encompass a variety of subjects, including literature, history, sociology, political science, and more. These courses provide a deep understanding of the humanities and social sciences, fostering critical thinking and analytical skills.

Arts Courses

B.A. (English Literature)

3 Years

B.A. (Geography)

3 Years

B.A. (Hindi Literature)

3 Years

B.A. (History)

3 Years

B.A. (Home Science)

3 Years

B.A. (Political Science)

3 Years

Basic Training Certificate (B.T.C.)

2 Years

2. Science Courses: Our science courses cover subjects such as physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, and computer science. Through these courses, students develop a scientific mindset, explore the laws of nature, and gain practical skills to pursue careers in various scientific fields.

Science Courses

B.Sc. (Botany)

3 Years

B.Sc. (Zoology)

3 Years

B.Sc. (Chemistry)

3 Years

B.Sc. (Mathematics)

3 Years

B.Sc. (Physics)

3 Years

Abhay Pratap Singh Degree College is committed to providing a conducive learning environment and empowering our students to achieve their academic and professional goals. With our affiliation to Chhatrapati Shahu Ji Maharaj University and a comprehensive range of courses, we aim to nurture well-rounded individuals who can contribute positively to society.

For further information or to enroll in our college, please contact us using the provided contact details. We look forward to hearing from you and welcoming you to Abhay Pratap Singh Degree College.

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