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April 11, 2024 Current Affairs

1. Where was the Homoeopathy Symposium organized by the Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy inaugurated?

A.   New Delhi

B.   Mumbai

C.   Kolkata

D.   Chennai

Answer: Option A


The Homoeopathy Symposium's inauguration in New Delhi, with the esteemed presence of Smt Droupadi Murmu, the President of India, served as a testament to the growing recognition and global adoption of Homoeopathy. The event highlighted the importance of research, proficiency, and ongoing efforts to advance this alternative medical system. It was a significant step towards creating awareness and fostering collaboration in the field of Homoeopathy.



2. In response to the recent terrorist attack in Moscow, which country did India convene with to enhance counter-terrorism cooperation?

A.   Japan

B.   Kazakhstan

C.   United Kingdom

D.   Afghanistan

Answer: Option B


India's collaboration with Kazakhstan following the Moscow terrorist attack has been instrumental in strengthening their collective efforts against terrorism. By focusing on regional threats, sharing intelligence, and implementing joint strategies, India and Kazakhstan are working towards a safer and more secure future. It is through such international partnerships that we can hope to effectively combat terrorism and ensure the safety of nations and their citizens.



3. Which organization is set to launch a new edition of the Girl Child Empowerment Mission (GEM)?





Answer: Option A


NTPC's launch of the new edition of the Girl Child Empowerment Mission (GEM) marks a significant milestone in the journey towards gender equality and empowering young girls. By aligning with the Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao campaign, NTPC amplifies its impact and sets a powerful example for other organizations to follow. Through GEM, NTPC is creating a platform for girls to realize their potential, overcome challenges, and become catalysts of change. Together, let's celebrate this remarkable initiative and work towards a brighter future for all girls.



4. What percentage has the Asian Development Bank (ADB) raised India's GDP growth forecast for the current fiscal year (FY25) to?

A.   6.5%

B.   7%

C.   7.5%

D.   8%

Answer: Option B


The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has raised India's GDP growth forecast for FY25 to 7%, reflecting its confidence in the country's economic prospects. The upward revision is driven by robust investments in the public and private sectors, as well as improving consumer demand. This positive development bodes well for the Indian economy, with potential implications for job creation, income growth, and overall economic prosperity. 


5. According to the WHO's 2024 Global Hepatitis Report, in which position does India rank globally for Hepatitis B and C cases?

A.   First

B.   Third

C.   Fourth

D.   Second

Answer: Option D


India's position as the second-ranked country globally for Hepatitis B and C cases, as revealed by the WHO's 2024 Global Hepatitis Report, highlights the urgent need for action. The alarming statistics call for enhanced public health interventions, ranging from prevention measures to improved healthcare infrastructure. By joining forces and prioritizing the fight against hepatitis, we can work towards a future where the burden of this disease is significantly reduced, ultimately leading to healthier communities worldwide.



6. With whom has ICICI Lombard partnered to expand its insurance distribution?

A.   Fincare Insurance

B.   Policybazaar

C.   SBI Life Insurance

D.   Bajaj Allianz

Answer: Option B


The partnership between ICICI Lombard and Policybazaar marks a significant milestone in the insurance industry. By leveraging Policybazaar's digital platform, ICICI Lombard can now offer its comprehensive range of insurance products to a wider audience. This collaboration not only enhances insurance accessibility but also streamlines distribution channels, making the insurance buying process more seamless than ever before. As ICICI Lombard and Policybazaar continue to work together, we can expect further innovations and transformations in the insurance landscape.



7. Which bank became the first private bank to open a branch in Lakshadweep?

A.   ICICI Bank

B.   Axis Bank

C.   State Bank of India

D.   HDFC Bank

Answer: Option D


HDFC Bank's decision to open a branch in Lakshadweep, specifically at Kavaratti Island, marks a significant milestone for both the bank and the Union Territory. As the first private bank to establish a presence in Lakshadweep, HDFC Bank reaffirms its commitment to expanding its reach and serving the diverse financial needs of customers across the country. By offering accessible banking services and personalized digital solutions, HDFC Bank aims to contribute to the growth and development of Lakshadweep's economy while ensuring convenience and efficiency for its residents.



8. According to the Hurun Global Unicorn Index 2024, in terms of unicorn creation, which position does India hold globally?

A.   First

B.   Second

C.   Third

D.   Fourth

Answer: Option C


India's ranking as the third-largest creator of unicorns globally showcases its growing prominence in the startup landscape. With 67 unicorns under its belt, India is poised for further growth and innovation. While challenges exist, the country's entrepreneurial spirit and supportive ecosystem provide a solid foundation for future success. As India continues to foster its startup ecosystem, we can expect to witness even more remarkable achievements in the years to come.



9. Which bank participated in the first Credit Default Swap (CDS) trade under the new RBI guidelines?

A.   SBI

B.   HDFC Bank

C.   Axis Bank

D.   ICICI Bank

Answer: Option A


The State Bank of India's participation in the first Credit Default Swap trade under the new RBI guidelines showcases its pioneering spirit and commitment to driving innovation in the financial industry. This landmark event signifies a turning point in credit risk management and financial instrument sophistication in India. As the country's banking sector continues to evolve, such milestones pave the way for a stronger and more resilient financial ecosystem.



10. Which organization has joined forces with CSIR-IMMT to enhance India's mineral security through technical collaboration?





Answer: Option C


The collaboration between KABIL and CSIR-IMMT represents a significant step towards enhancing India's mineral security. By leveraging CSIR-IMMT's expertise and undertaking collaborative projects, this alliance has the potential to drive technological advancements, optimize mineral extraction processes, and ensure a sustainable and secure supply of minerals for India's industrial growth. Together, KABIL and CSIR-IMMT are poised to make a substantial impact on India's mining sector, fueling economic development and reinforcing the nation's mineral security.



11. C-Dome air defence system, recently seen in news, is developed by which country?

A.  Israel

B.  Russia

C.  China

D.  India

Answer: Option A


Israel's C-Dome air defense system stands as a testament to the nation's advanced military technology. Developed as a naval adaptation of the Iron Dome, the C-Dome system provides unparalleled defense against rocket and missile threats. Its integration with ship radar, remarkable effectiveness, and comprehensive maritime defense capabilities make it a formidable asset in Israel's military arsenal.



12. Simon Harris, recently became the new Prime Minister of which country?

A.  Iceland

B.  Poland

C.  Ireland

D.  Malaysia

Answer: Option C


Simon Harris's ascent to the position of Prime Minister marks a new era for Ireland. His youth, intellect, and passion for public service have captivated the nation, offering a glimpse into a future shaped by fresh ideas and progressive leadership. As he navigates the intricate world of politics, all eyes are on Harris, eagerly awaiting the impact he will make on the Emerald Isle.



13. What is the theme of ‘World Homeopathy Day 2024’?

A.  Homeoparivar: One Health, One Family

B.  Homeopathy: People’s Choice for Wellness

C.  Homeopathy – Roadmap for Integrative Medicine

D.  Homoeopathy in public health

Answer: Option A


World Homeopathy Day 2024, with its theme "Homeoparivar: One Health, One Family," serves as a reminder of the power of holistic healing and our collective responsibility towards the well-being of all. As we celebrate the legacy of Dr. Samuel Hahnemann and the profound impact of homeopathy, let us embrace the interconnectedness of health and humanity. Through the principles of homeopathy, we can strive towards a healthier and harmonious world, where every individual and every family can thrive.



14. Peter Higgs, who recently passed away, received a Nobel Prize for which research?

A.  Quantum mechanics

B.  Discovery of radioactivity

C.  Discovery of the elements radium and polonium

D.  Discovery of God Particle

Answer: Option D


The passing of Peter Higgs, a visionary scientist, leaves a void in the world of physics. His relentless pursuit of knowledge and his groundbreaking research on the God Particle have forever changed our understanding of the universe. As we remember his contributions, we must also acknowledge the lasting impact he has had on scientific progress and the inspiration he continues to provide for future generations.



15. Global Hepatitis Report 2024, recently released by which organization?





Answer: Option A


The WHO Global Hepatitis Report 2024 serves as a stark reminder of the pressing need to tackle hepatitis on a global scale. India, in particular, must urgently prioritize awareness, vaccination, and healthcare interventions to mitigate the burden of this silent killer. By harnessing the power of public education, strengthening healthcare systems, and fostering collaborative efforts, we can pave the way towards a future free from hepatitis. Let us seize this opportunity to achieve the WHO's ambitious goal of eliminating hepatitis by 2030 and ensure a healthier world for all.  

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