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April 12, 2024 Current Affairs

1. What is the tuberculosis treatment success rate reported until December 2023?

A.   84.3%

B.   85.7%

C.   87.2%

D.   86.9%

Answer: Option D


The tuberculosis treatment success rate reported until December 2023 stands at an impressive 86.9%. This remarkable achievement reflects the dedication and collaborative efforts of healthcare professionals, policymakers, and communities. As the fight against TB continues, it is crucial to sustain and build upon these successes, aiming for even higher treatment success rates in the future. With ongoing commitment and strategic interventions, the goal of eliminating TB from the global stage becomes increasingly attainable.



2. Where did the Indian Army conduct an Anti-Tank Guided Missile training exercise?

A.   Sikkim

B.   Arunachal Pradesh

C.   Uttarakhand

D.   Himachal Pradesh

Answer: Option A


The Indian Army's Anti-Tank Guided Missile training exercise in Sikkim exemplifies their commitment to preparedness and excellence in high-altitude warfare. By choosing Sikkim as the training ground, the army showcased their ability to tackle armored threats in challenging terrains. These exercises not only enhance the skills of soldiers but also contribute to strengthening national security. As the Indian Army continues to push boundaries and excel in their training exercises, the nation can rest assured that it stands ready to face any challenges that may come its way.



3. Which automaker became the first multinational company to export electric vehicles (EVs) from India?

A.   Morris Garages

B.   Tata Motors

C.   Honda

D.   Citroen

Answer: Option D


Citroen's successful export of 500 units of the ë-C3 electric vehicle to Indonesia marks a historic moment for the Indian automotive industry. As the first multinational automaker to export EVs from India, Citroen has paved the way for other companies to follow suit. This achievement not only showcases Citroen's global ambitions but also contributes to India's sustainable manufacturing goals. With their cutting-edge technology and commitment to greener mobility solutions, Citroen is undoubtedly driving the future of the automotive industry.



4. Which country deployed the C-Dome defence system against an aerial threat near Eilat?

A.   Israel

B.   Yemen

C.   Iran

D.   Saudi Arabia

Answer: Option A


Israel's utilization of the C-Dome defense system near Eilat highlights its commitment to national security and proactive defense strategies. By deploying advanced military technologies like the C-Dome system, Israel demonstrates its vigilance in countering potential threats. The effectiveness of the C-Dome system reinforces Israel's position as a global leader in defense innovation and showcases its dedication to safeguarding its citizens and territories.



5. Who was elected as the Senate Chairman of Pakistan?

A.   Syedal Khan Nasir

B.   Qasim Samad Khan

C.   Yousuf Raza Gillani

D.   Ali Zafar

Answer: Option C


Yousuf Raza Gillani's election as the Senate Chairman of Pakistan marks a significant political milestone for the country. This unexpected outcome reflects the shifting dynamics and leadership within Pakistan's legislative bodies. As we move forward, it will be interesting to observe the impact of Gillani's chairmanship on the policymaking process and the broader political landscape of Pakistan.



6. When is World Parkinson's Day observed annually?

A.   March 11

B.   April 11

C.   May 11

D.   June 11

Answer: Option B


World Parkinson's Day is a momentous occasion that unites individuals, communities, and organizations in their commitment to raising awareness, fostering understanding, and advocating for those affected by Parkinson's disease. By commemorating Dr. James Parkinson's legacy, we honor his pioneering work and reaffirm our dedication to improving the lives of individuals living with Parkinson's. Together, let us strive for a future where Parkinson's is better understood, effectively managed, and eventually cured.



7. When is India aiming to land an astronaut on the moon, as revealed by ISRO Chief S Somanath?

A.   2030

B.   2035

C.   2040

D.   2045

Answer: Option C


India's aim to land an astronaut on the moon by 2040 signifies a bold leap forward in its space exploration journey. The Chandrayaan-4 mission, with its human landing objective, showcases India's determination to unravel the mysteries of the moon and pave the way for future lunar exploration. As ISRO continues to make significant strides in its space projects, the world eagerly anticipates the realization of this ambitious goal, heralding a new era of Indian space exploration.



8. Which city's Command Hospital has led with Piezoelectric implants?

A.   Mumbai

B.   Pune

C.   Delhi

D.   Kolkata

Answer: Option B


Pune's Command Hospital has undoubtedly emerged as a leader in innovative healthcare solutions with its groundbreaking implementation of piezoelectric bone conduction hearing implants. Through their dedication to pushing boundaries and improving the lives of patients with auditory impairments, the hospital has showcased Pune's prominence in the field of complex auditory treatments. As we look to the future, it is inspiring to witness the impact of technology in revolutionizing healthcare and fostering a world of inclusivity and accessibility.



9. Which Indian state hosted the inaugural Swami Vivekananda U20 Men's National Football Championship?

A.   Maharashtra

B.   Uttar Pradesh

C.   Chhattisgarh

D.   Rajasthan

Answer: Option C


The inaugural Swami Vivekananda U20 Men's National Football Championship held in Chhattisgarh not only celebrated the spirit of competition but also offered a valuable opportunity for young footballers to shine. This event, held at the prestigious Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama, exemplified the commitment of the host state and the nation towards nurturing and supporting young athletes. As India's football landscape continues to evolve, championships like these play a vital role in shaping the future of football in the country.



10. Where did the Asian Wrestling Championships 2024 take place?

A.   India

B.   Iran

C.   Japan

D.   Kyrgyzstan

Answer: Option D


The Asian Wrestling Championships 2024 held in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, proved to be a remarkable event, showcasing the talents of wrestlers from various nations. Indian wrestlers shone brightly, with Udit's silver medal and the bronze medals secured by Abhimanyu and Vicky. It was a testament to their dedication and hard work, strengthening India's position in the world of wrestling.



11. Who has been re-elected to the International Narcotics Control Board for the period 2025-2030?

A.   Jagjit Pavadia

B.   John Smith

C.   Maria Garcia

D.   David Johnson

Answer: Option A


Ms. Jagjit Pavadia has been re-elected to the International Narcotics Control Board for the period 2025-2030. Her remarkable accomplishment reflects the global acknowledgment of her capabilities and the crucial role she plays in promoting international drug control efforts. We congratulate Ms. Pavadia on her re-election and look forward to witnessing her continued contributions to the field.



12. Which institution unveiled a nano-sensor for disease tracking?

A.   IIT Delhi

B.   IIT Jodhpur

C.   IIT Bombay

D.   IIT Kanpur

Answer: Option B


IIT Jodhpur's groundbreaking nano-sensor for disease tracking, spearheaded by Prof. Ajay Agarwal, showcases the institution's commitment to innovation and its impact on healthcare. The swift and accurate detection of cytokines through this nano-sensor holds tremendous potential for transforming disease management. As we move forward, it is imperative to continue supporting such advancements in technology, fostering collaborations between academia and healthcare professionals to drive progress in the fight against diseases.



13. In which country is PhonePe partnering to promote UPI during a New Year festival?

A.   Bhutan

B.   Srilanka

C.   Nepal

D.   Bangladesh

Answer: Option C


The collaboration between PhonePe, eSewa, and HAN Pokhara during Nepal's Fewa New Year Festival marks a significant step towards promoting UPI adoption in the country. By harnessing the festive atmosphere and engaging with merchants and customers, PhonePe aims to showcase the convenience, security, and benefits of UPI transactions. As digital payments continue to gain momentum globally, initiatives like this bring us closer to a cashless future, empowering individuals and businesses alike.



14. When is the International Day of Human Space Flight celebrated?

A.   April 10

B.   April 12

C.   April 15

D.   April 20

Answer: Option B


The International Day of Human Space Flight, celebrated on April 12, pays tribute to Yuri Gagarin's remarkable journey and the incredible advancements made in space exploration. It serves as a reminder of our collective curiosity, ambition, and the endless possibilities that await us in the vastness of the universe. Let us continue to reach for the stars and embrace the spirit of exploration.  


15. Who has been appointed as the UK's first woman high commissioner to India?

A.   Lindy Cameron

B.   Emma Thompson

C.   Sarah Johnson

D.   Rachel Evans

Answer: Option A


Lindy Cameron's appointment as the UK's first woman high commissioner to India is a momentous occasion that signifies progress and inclusivity in diplomatic leadership. Her remarkable background, achievements, and expertise in international affairs position her as a catalyst for stronger UK-India relations. As she embarks on this new role, Cameron carries with her the hopes and aspirations of many, and her tenure promises to be a transformative chapter in the bilateral ties between the UK and India.



16. Recently, which country has overtaken India as the primary importer of Russian crude oil through sea routes?

A.  China

B.  Iran

C.  Bangladesh

D.  Pakistan

Answer: Option A [China]


China's ascent as the primary importer of Russian crude oil through sea routes marks a significant shift in the global trade landscape. Factors such as India's slowdown in imports and the impact of the Ukraine conflict have paved the way for China to take the lead. As these dynamics continue to evolve, it will be intriguing to observe how this shift shapes future trade relationships and influences the global energy market.



17. Recently, which space organization has been directed to establish a time standard for the Moon called Coordinated Lunar Time (LTC)?





Answer: Option D [NASA]


NASA's ambitious endeavor to establish Coordinated Lunar Time (LTC) as a time standard for the Moon is a significant step forward in space exploration. By creating a unified system that accounts for lunar-specific challenges, NASA ensures precise timekeeping and enables successful lunar missions. As we look to the future, LTC will serve as a foundation for further advancements in timekeeping on celestial bodies.



18. Canara Bank recently signed an MoU with which institution for providing financial support to startups?

A.  IIT Madras

B.  IIT Bombay

C.  IIT Delhi

D.  IIT Kanpur

Answer: Option B [IIT Bombay]


The partnership between Canara Bank and SINE at IIT Bombay marks a significant step towards empowering startups in India. By providing financial aid through Canara Bank's Canara Start-Up Scheme and comprehensive support through SINE's incubation and acceleration services, they aim to nurture, guide, and propel startups towards success. This collaboration showcases the commitment of both institutions to foster innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic growth in the country.


19. Recently, who has been selected to be part of Britain’s research team on dementia?

A.  Chaand Nagpaul

B.  Kailash Chand

C.  Ashvini Keshavan

D.  Kamlesh Khunti

Answer: Option C [Ashvini Keshavan]


Dr. Ashvini Keshavan's inclusion in Britain's research team on dementia, ADAPT, marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of understanding and combating this devastating condition. By focusing on the biomarker p-tau217, the team aims to unlock crucial insights into Alzheimer's disease, enabling earlier and more accurate diagnoses. The potential impact of their findings cannot be overstated, as they have the power to transform dementia care and improve the lives of countless individuals and their families.



20. What is the primary objective of ‘CDP-SURAKSHA’ platform, recently seen in news?

A.  To disburse subsidies to horticulture farmers

B.  To create the largest 3D map in universe

C.  To facilitate voter registration processes

D.  To provide real time updates on election results

Answer: Option A [To disburse subsidies to horticulture farmers]


The selection of Dr. Ashvini Keshavan to be part of Britain's research team on dementia marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of understanding and combatting this debilitating condition. Through her expertise and the exploration of p-tau217 as a biomarker, the ADAPT team aims to revolutionize early diagnosis and intervention strategies for Alzheimer's disease. Driven by their collective dedication and pioneering spirit, this research endeavor holds immense potential to shape the future of dementia care and improve the lives of countless individuals. 

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