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April 16, 2024 Current Affairs

1. Where is Mount Etna, the volcano recently producing volcanic vortex rings, located?

A.    Spain

B.    Italy

C.   Greece

D.   Turkey

Answer: Option B


Mount Etna is located on the east coast of Sicily, Italy. As Europe's most active volcano, it has a long and storied history, with eruptions dating back to ancient times. The recent production of volcanic vortex rings has only added to its allure, captivating both scientists and visitors. If you ever find yourself in Sicily, a trip to Mount Etna is a must for an unforgettable experience of natural beauty and volcanic wonder.



2. What distance did Mykolas Alekna achieve in the discus throw to break the men's world record?

A.    74.35 meters

B.    71.39 meters

C.   72.21 meters

D.   74.08 meters

Answer: Option A


Mykolas Alekna's discus throw at the Oklahoma Throws Series meeting in Ramona marked a historic moment in sports. With a distance of 74.35 meters, he surpassed the previous world record held by Jürgen Schult. Mykolas Alekna's achievement not only showcases his exceptional talent but also serves as an inspiration for aspiring athletes worldwide. This record-breaking moment will forever be etched in the annals of sports history.



3. In which state recently first glass skywalk bridge located?

A.    Maharashtra

B.    Kerala

C.   Rajasthan

D.   Uttar Pradesh

Answer: Option D


The first glass skywalk bridge in Uttar Pradesh, located at the Tulsi Waterfall in Chitrakoot, is a true marvel that combines architectural brilliance with the wonders of nature. Offering panoramic views, a thrilling adventure, and promoting eco-tourism, it has quickly become a must-visit destination for nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts alike. So, if you're seeking an unforgettable experience that will leave you in awe, make sure to add this magnificent glass skywalk bridge to your travel bucket list.



4. With which financial institution has India Mortgage Guarantee Corporation (IMGC) partnered to offer mortgage guarantee-backed home loans?

A.    Bank of India

B.    State Bank of India

C.   Indian Bank

D.   Canara Bank

Answer: Option A


The partnership between India Mortgage Guarantee Corporation and Bank of India marks a significant milestone in the home loan sector. By introducing mortgage guarantee-backed home loans, this collaboration aims to provide a much-needed boost to the affordable housing segment. With reduced risk for lenders and increased accessibility for borrowers, the IMGC-BOI partnership paves the way for a brighter future in the realm of home financing in India.



5. What was India's merchandise trade deficit for the fiscal year 2023-24?

A.    $189.55 billion

B.    $410.68 billion

C.   $571.28 billion

D.   $240.2 billion

Answer: Option D


India's merchandise trade deficit for the fiscal year 2023-24 stood at $240.2 billion, marking a significant reduction and reaching an 11-month low. This reduction can be attributed to various factors such as increased exports, import substitution efforts, and the government's focus on domestic production. The decline in trade deficit is a positive development for the Indian economy, contributing to its overall stability and resilience.



6. What was the inflation rate in India's Wholesale Price Index (WPI) for March 2024?

A.    0.94%

B.    0.61%

C.   0.53%

D.   0.21%

Answer: Option C


March 2024's Wholesale Price Index (WPI) in India revealed a 0.53% inflation rate. This rate was driven by price increases across multiple sectors, such as food, electricity, petroleum, machinery, and manufacturing. As the economy navigates through these inflationary pressures, it becomes essential for policymakers, businesses, and consumers to remain vigilant and adapt to these changing dynamics.



7. Who is the Nepali cricketer who smashed six sixes in a single over during the ACC Men's T20I Premier Cup clash against Qatar?

A.    Virendra Kumar

B.    Dipendra Singh

C.   Anil Gautam

D.   Surya Thapa

Answer: Option B


Dipendra Singh Airee's accomplishment of hitting six sixes in an over during the ACC Men's T20I Premier Cup clash against Qatar will forever be etched in the memories of cricket fans around the world. This remarkable achievement not only showcases Airee's immense talent but also highlights the growing prowess of Nepali cricket on the international stage. As Airee continues to shine, we eagerly anticipate witnessing his future endeavors and the impact he will make on the sport.



8. By what percentage did LIC increase its equity stake in Hindustan Unilever?

A.    1%

B.    3%

C.   5%

D.   7%

Answer: Option C


LIC's move to increase its equity stake in Hindustan Unilever by over 5% not only demonstrates their confidence in the company's growth potential but also signifies a strategic decision to strengthen their position in the FMCG sector. This move highlights LIC's proactive approach in adapting to market dynamics and reinforces their commitment to long-term investments.



9. Which Indian state's Nyishi tribe celebrates the Longte festival without animal sacrifice?

A.    Arunachal Pradesh

B.    Assam

C.   Nagaland

D.   Manipur

Answer: Option A


The Longte festival celebrated by the Nyishi tribe in Arunachal Pradesh stands out for its cultural significance and unique customs. By abstaining from animal sacrifices and embracing symbolic decorations, the festival highlights the tribe's reverence for nature and their commitment to non-violence. The Longte festival serves as a powerful reminder of the Nyishi tribe's values, traditions, and their harmonious coexistence with the natural world.



10. Which country did Derek Underwood represent as a legendary cricketer?

A.    Australia

B.    England

C.   New Zealand

D.   South Africa

Answer: Option B


Derek Underwood, the legendary cricketer, represented the country of England throughout his illustrious career. His exceptional skills as a spinner, coupled with his unwavering dedication to the sport, made him an icon in the cricketing world. Underwood's contribution to the English national team and his remarkable achievements will forever be remembered and celebrated in the annals of cricket history.


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