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April 18, 2024 Current Affairs

1. Which company has collaborated with Apple to deploy rooftop solar installations in India?

A.    CleanMax

B.    Tata Power

C.   Adani Green Energy

D.   Suzlon Energy

Answer: Option A


The collaboration between Apple and CleanMax marks a significant milestone in the transition towards a sustainable future. By deploying rooftop solar installations across six industrial sites in India, Apple not only reduces its environmental impact but also supports India's renewable energy objectives. This partnership serves as an inspiring example for other companies to embrace clean energy solutions and contribute to a greener world.



2. Which country has become the first to roll out the Men5CV vaccine targeting five strains of meningitis?

A.    Ethiopia

B.    Kenya

C.   Nigeria

D.   South Africa

Answer: Option C


Nigeria's achievement in rolling out the Men5CV vaccine marks a significant milestone in the fight against meningitis. By targeting five strains, Nigeria sets an example for other countries and serves as a beacon of hope for regions where meningitis poses a severe threat. This initiative aligns with WHO's goals and holds promise in combating this life-threatening disease. With continued efforts and collaboration, we can envision a future where meningitis is no longer a public health crisis.



3. On which date is World Heritage Day observed annually?

A.    April 18

B.    April 20

C.   May 1

D.   June 5

Answer: Option A


World Heritage Day, observed annually on April 18, serves as a powerful reminder of the significance of our cultural heritage. It emphasizes the need for collective efforts in preserving, conserving, and promoting our world's treasures. By celebrating our cultural heritage, we not only enrich our lives but also contribute to fostering a more inclusive and tolerant society. Let us embrace this day as an opportunity to explore, protect, and cherish the diverse cultural wonders that make our world truly remarkable.



4. In which city was the World Future Energy Summit 2024 organized?

A.    Dubai

B.    Abu Dhabi

C.   Riyadh

D.   Doha

Answer: Option B


The World Future Energy Summit 2024 held in Abu Dhabi brought together global leaders, experts, and enthusiasts to address the pressing challenges of climate change and sustainable energy. The summit served as a reminder of the importance of collective action, financial investments, and technological advancements in shaping a greener and more sustainable future. With its focus on renewable energy capacity and financial investments, the summit contributed to the ongoing global efforts to combat climate change and create a more sustainable planet.



5. Who is the author of the memoir titled "Just a Mercenary?: Notes from My Life and Career"?

A.    Raghuram Rajan

B.    Y. V. Reddy

C.   Urjit Patel

D.   Duvvuri Subbarao

Answer: Option D


In his memoir "Just a Mercenary?: Notes from My Life and Career," Duvvuri Subbarao, the former Governor of the RBI, provides a captivating account of his journey and the challenges he faced. From his background to the tensions between the RBI and the government, Subbarao's memoir offers invaluable insights into the intricacies of monetary policy and governance. By sharing his experiences, Subbarao leaves readers with a deeper understanding of the complexities involved in managing a central bank and the importance of maintaining independence in decision-making.



6. Which company's board approved a plan to raise Rs 12,000 crore through the issuance of bonds in 2024-25?

A.    Power Grid

B.    NTPC

C.   Adani Power

D.   Tata Power

Answer: Option A


Power Grid Corporation of India's board-approved plan to raise Rs 12,000 crore through the issuance of bonds in 2024-25 marks a significant milestone in the company's growth trajectory. This strategic move will strengthen Power Grid's financial position, allowing it to undertake crucial projects and contribute to the development of the power sector in India. With its robust infrastructure and visionary approach, Power Grid is set to play a pivotal role in India's journey towards a sustainable and reliable energy future.



7. What organization recently inaugurated the Submersible Platform for Acoustic Characterisation and Evaluation (SPACE) facility in Kulamavu, Idukki, Kerala?

A.    ISRO

B.    DRDO

C.   HAL

D.   Skyroots

Answer: Option B


The DRDO's inauguration of the Submersible Platform for Acoustic Characterisation and Evaluation (SPACE) facility in Kulamavu, Idukki, Kerala, marks a significant milestone in India's naval capabilities. This cutting-edge facility will drive advancements in sonar systems testing and evaluation, ensuring enhanced maritime security. As India continues to prioritize defense research and development, the SPACE facility stands as a testament to the nation's commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in the defense sector. With its potential for collaboration and knowledge-sharing, this facility promises a brighter and more secure future for India's naval forces.



8. Which company did the Adani family invest ₹8,339 crore in, increasing their stake to 70.3%?

A.    India Cement

B.    Reliance Industries

C.   Ambuja Cements

D.   Aditya Birla Group

Answer: Option C


The Adani family's significant investment in Ambuja Cements marks a strategic move that aims to bolster the company's growth trajectory and market position. With their increased stake and the potential for synergies with the Adani Group, Ambuja Cements is poised to thrive in the cement industry. This investment reinforces the Adani Group's commitment to diversifying its portfolio and underscores their confidence in Ambuja Cements' potential.



9. Who is the author of the book "India — the Road to Renaissance: A Vision and an Agenda"?

A.    R. K. Narayan

B.    Amartya Sen

C.   Arundhati Roy

D.   Bhimeswara Challa

Answer: Option D


"India — the Road to Renaissance: A Vision and an Agenda" by Bhimeswara Challa is not just a book; it is a call to action. Through his profound insights and thought-provoking ideas, Challa challenges readers to reimagine India's future and actively contribute to its realization. This book serves as a guiding light, reminding us that the power to shape the destiny of our beloved nation lies within each and every one of us.



10. Which Indian state leads in implementing the Green Credit Programme (GCP) initiated by the central government?

A.    Maharashtra

B.    Madhya Pradesh

C.   Telangana

D.   Chhattisgarh

Answer: Option B


Madhya Pradesh leads the pack in implementing the Green Credit Programme initiated by the central government. Its remarkable performance in meeting and exceeding tree plantation targets sets an inspiring example for other states to follow. The efforts of Madhya Pradesh not only combat climate change but also promote a greener and healthier future for all. With its dedication to environmental sustainability, Madhya Pradesh has rightfully earned its place as a frontrunner in the nation's green initiatives.



11. Recently, which organization has developed Carbon-Carbon (C-C) nozzle for rocket engines?





Answer: Option A


The development of the Carbon-Carbon (C-C) nozzle by ISRO's Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre marks a significant milestone in rocket engine technology. By harnessing the power of advanced materials and innovative design, this breakthrough paves the way for enhanced thrust levels, improved specific impulse, and increased payload capacity. As ISRO continues to push the boundaries of space exploration, we can expect even more remarkable advancements in the future.



12. According to IMF, what is the GDP growth projection of India for FY 2024-25?

A. 5.1%

B. 6.8%

C. 7.1%

D. 4.5%

Answer: Option B


The IMF's revised GDP growth projection of 6.8% for India in FY 2024-25 paints a promising picture for the nation's economy. With a strong focus on domestic demand, a burgeoning working-age population, and outpacing the growth projections of other major economies, India continues to solidify its position as a key player in the global economic landscape. The IMF's optimistic outlook reinforces the belief in India's potential for sustained growth and economic prosperity.



13. Recently, ISRO has decided to achieve debris-free space by which year?

A. 2025

B. 2027

C. 2030

D. 2035

Answer: Option C


ISRO's commitment to achieving a debris-free space environment by 2030 is a testament to their dedication to sustainable space exploration. By setting such an ambitious goal, ISRO aims to inspire and drive global efforts towards cleaner space practices. It is through collaborative actions, innovative technologies, and heightened awareness that we can ensure a safer and more sustainable future for space exploration.



14. What is ‘Gaia-BH3’, recently seen in news?

A. Communication satellite

B. Nuclear ballistic submarine

C. Invasive weed

D. Massive stellar black hole

Answer: Option D


Gaia-BH3 has mesmerized scientists with its unprecedented mass and captivating celestial dance. Through the collaborative efforts of space missions and ground-based observatories, we continue to unlock the secrets of our vast universe. Gaia-BH3 is a testament to the awe-inspiring wonders that await our exploration and understanding.



15. Recently, DRDO organized the first international workshop on ‘Emerging Technologies and Challenges for Exoskeleton’ at which place?

A Bengaluru

B. Chennai

C. Hyderabad

D. Bombay

Answer: Option A


The inaugural international workshop on 'Emerging Technologies and Challenges for Exoskeleton' organized by DRDO in Bengaluru provided valuable insights into the world of exoskeleton technology. From the inauguration by Dr. Samir V Kamat to the technical sessions by experts from prestigious institutions, the workshop showcased the immense potential and challenges associated with exoskeletons. It is evident that exoskeleton technology is poised to revolutionize various sectors, from defense to healthcare and beyond. With collaborative efforts and ongoing research, we can look forward to a future where exoskeletons empower humans and push the boundaries of human capabilities.


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