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April 19, 2023 Current Affairs

1. Which country will chair the Commonwealth group on the reform of financial architecture?

A.    India

B.    USA

C.    Australia

D.    Nigeria

Answer: Option: (A)


Finance ministers from various Commonwealth countries have called for a systemic reform of the global financial architecture to enhance access to development financing for vulnerable countries. The ministers agreed for India to be the chair and Nigeria to be the deputy chair of the Finance Ministers Working Group for a Commonwealth Call for Reform of the Global Financial Architecture.



2. Which country conducted the 'International Aviation Safety Assessment'?

A.   UK

B.   UAE

C.   Fiji

D.   USA

Answer: Option: (D)


The 'International Aviation Safety Assessment' was conducted by the United States of America (USA). This assessment is a program implemented by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) of the USA. It aims to evaluate the civil aviation authorities of other countries and determine their level of compliance with international aviation safety standards. The assessment covers various aspects such as regulations, oversight capabilities, technical expertise, and enforcement. The USA conducts this assessment to ensure the safety and security of international aviation operations and promote global aviation safety standards.


3. Which city's Bihu Performance set a Guinness World Record?

A.   Dibrugarh

B.   Jorhat

C.   Silchar

D.   Guwahati

Answer: Option: (D)


The Bihu Performance in Guwahati set a Guinness World Record. Guwahati, the capital city of the Indian state of Assam, achieved this remarkable feat by hosting the largest Bihu dance performance ever recorded. The city's vibrant cultural scene and enthusiastic participation made it possible to gather a massive number of dancers to create this mesmerizing event. The Guinness World Record recognition is a testament to Guwahati's rich cultural heritage and its commitment to preserving and celebrating traditional arts. This achievement has not only brought pride to the people of Guwahati but also put the city on the global map as a center for cultural excellence.


4. In which city did Science and Technology Minister Dr. Jitendra Singh launch the 'Yuva Portal'?

A.   Bikaner

B.   Dehradun

C.   New Delhi

D.   Patna

Answer: Option: (C)


The launch of the 'Yuva Portal' marks a significant milestone in India's journey towards becoming a global leader in science and technology. By empowering the youth with knowledge, skills, and mentorship, this platform paves the way for a bright future where innovation and scientific excellence thrive. As we embark on this transformative path, let us embrace the power of technology and collaboration to unlock the boundless potential of our nation's youth.



5. Which country has declared the drug 'xylazine' as an emerging threat?

A.   Italy

B.   USA

C.   Japan

D.   Egypt

Answer: Option: (B)


The country that has declared the drug 'xylazine' as an emerging threat is the USA. The Biden administration made this declaration, specifically targeting the combination of xylazine and fentanyl as a significant concern. This move marks the first time any drug has been given the designation of an emerging threat. It highlights the growing concern over the use and abuse of these substances and the potential dangers they pose. The declaration serves as a call to action for increased awareness, prevention, and enforcement efforts to address the growing issue of xylazine and its combination with fentanyl.


6. Which sportsperson's life inspired the biopic '800'?

A.   Ishant Sharma

B.   Amit Mishra

C.   Muttiah Muralitharan

D.   Anil Kumble

Answer: Option: (C)


The sportsperson whose life inspired the biopic '800' is Muttiah Muralitharan. Muralitharan is a former Sri Lankan cricketer and is widely regarded as one of the greatest bowlers in the history of the sport. His unique bowling action and incredible skill made him a dominant force in international cricket. The biopic '800' aims to showcase Muralitharan's journey, struggles, and achievements, providing an inspiring look into the life of this legendary sportsperson.


7. In which state was the 'Oil Jetty Development Project' recently started?

A.   Gujarat

B.   Karnataka

C.   Jharkhand

D.   Maharashtra

Answer: Option: (A)


The 'Oil Jetty Development Project' was recently started in Gujarat. This project aims to enhance the infrastructure for oil transportation and increase the efficiency of oil supply in the state. Gujarat, known for its strategic location and robust maritime infrastructure, offers an ideal setting for such a project. The development of the oil jetty will provide a significant boost to the oil industry in Gujarat, facilitating the smooth movement of oil and contributing to the state's economic growth.


8. Which state is getting ready to launch its biggest travel ferry service?

A.   Kerala

B.   Odisha

C.   Bihar

D.   Goa

Answer: Option: (A)


Kerala is getting ready to launch its biggest travel ferry service. The state is gearing up to provide a new and exciting mode of transportation for travelers. This travel ferry service is poised to offer a convenient and scenic way to explore the beautiful backwaters of Kerala. With its vast network of interconnected canals, rivers, and lakes, Kerala is an ideal location for a travel ferry service. The launch of this service is expected to boost tourism in the state and provide a unique travel experience for both domestic and international visitors. As preparations are underway, Kerala is eagerly anticipating the inauguration of its biggest travel ferry service.


9. Which country is hosting the first-ever 'Global Buddhist Conference'?

A.   India

B.   Iran

C.   Indonesia

D.   Ireland

Answer: Option: (A)

Explanation:The first-ever 'Global Buddhist Conference' is being hosted by India. This conference marks a significant milestone in the world of Buddhism, bringing together Buddhist scholars, practitioners, and enthusiasts from around the globe. India, with its rich Buddhist heritage and historical significance, is an ideal host for this prestigious event. The conference aims to promote dialogue, exchange ideas, and deepen understanding of Buddhist teachings and practices. It provides a platform for participants to explore the core principles of Buddhism, discuss contemporary challenges, and foster unity among diverse Buddhist traditions. As the birthplace of Buddhism, India is honored to organize this landmark conference and contribute to the global dissemination of Buddhist wisdom and values.


10. Where was the DRDO Industry Academia Center of Excellence inaugurated?

A.    IIT Kanpur

B.     IIT Hyderabad

C.     IIT Madras

D.    IIT Roorkee

Answer: Option: (B)


The DRDO Industry Academia Center of Excellence was inaugurated at IIT Hyderabad. This center aims to foster collaboration between the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) and academia, particularly in the field of defense technology development. The inauguration of this center at IIT Hyderabad signifies the commitment to promoting research, innovation, and knowledge exchange in the defense sector. By bringing together the expertise of DRDO and the academic resources of IIT Hyderabad, the center is expected to contribute significantly to advancements in defense technology and strengthen the defense industry in India.


11. Which Indian city will host the 2023 Asian Champions Trophy hockey tournament?

A.   Mumbai

B.   Chennai

C.   Pune

D.   Hyderabad

Answer: Option: (B)


The 2023 Asian Champions Trophy hockey tournament will be hosted by the city of Chennai. This prestigious tournament will bring together top teams from across Asia to compete for the title. Chennai, with its rich sporting heritage and state-of-the-art facilities, is well-equipped to host such a prestigious event. The city's passion for hockey and its ability to organize large-scale sports events make it an ideal choice for hosting the tournament. Players, fans, and spectators can look forward to an exciting and memorable tournament in the vibrant city of Chennai.


12. Which country launched its first Earth observation satellite "Taifa-1"?

A.   Russia

B.   Qatar

C.   Kuwait

D.   Kenya

Answer: Option: (D)


Kenya is the country that launched its first Earth observation satellite "Taifa-1". This satellite marks a significant milestone for Kenya in the field of space technology and observation. With the launch of "Taifa-1", Kenya has joined the league of nations with capabilities to observe and monitor the Earth from space. This achievement showcases Kenya's commitment to advancing its technological capabilities and contributing to the global efforts in Earth observation. The successful launch of "Taifa-1" is a testament to Kenya's growing prowess in space exploration and its dedication to utilizing space technology for the benefit of its citizens and the world at large.


13. Which state's 'Uttaramerur Rock Edict' did the PM mention while discussing democratic history?

A.   Telangana

B.   Jammu & Kashmir

C.   West Bengal

D.   Tamil Nadu

Answer: Option: (D)


The Prime Minister recently mentioned the 'Uttaramerur Rock Edict' while discussing democratic history. This significant artifact is located in the state of Tamil Nadu. The reference to this historical inscription highlights the rich democratic traditions and cultural heritage of Tamil Nadu. The Uttaramerur Rock Edict is an important testament to the democratic governance practices that existed in ancient times. Its mention by the Prime Minister signifies the importance of acknowledging and learning from our historical roots in order to strengthen our present democratic system.


14. In which state was the 'Thawe Festival' organized?

A.   Mizoram

B.   Nagaland

C.   Tripura

D.   Bihar

Answer: Option: (D)


The 'Thawe Festival' was organized in Bihar. This festival, known for its vibrant celebrations and cultural significance, takes place in the state of Bihar. Bihar, located in the eastern part of India, is known for its rich history and diverse traditions. The Thawe Festival is a major event in the region, attracting locals and tourists alike. It showcases the cultural heritage of Bihar and offers a platform for artists, musicians, and performers to showcase their talents. The festival is a time of joy and unity, bringing people from different communities together to celebrate and cherish their shared traditions. Bihar is proud to host this festival, which serves as a reminder of the state's cultural richness and vibrancy.


15. In which state did CII organize the 'Digital Health Summit 2023'?

A.   Chhattisgarh

B.   Goa

C.   Meghalaya

D.   Manipur

Answer: Option: (B)


The 'Digital Health Summit 2023' organized by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) took place in Goa. The event served as a platform for industry leaders, healthcare professionals, and technology experts to discuss and explore the latest advancements in digital health. Goa, known for its picturesque beaches and vibrant culture, provided an ideal setting for this significant gathering. Participants had the opportunity to exchange insights, share best practices, and collaborate on innovative solutions to enhance healthcare delivery through digital technologies. The event was a testament to CII's commitment to fostering the growth and development of the digital health sector in India.


16. In which year did India witness a record of ₹149.5 trillion UPI and card transactions?

A.   2022

B.   2021

C.   2020

D.   2019

Answer: Option: (A)


India witnessed a record of ₹149.5 trillion UPI and card transactions in the year 2022. This marked a significant milestone for the country's digital payment landscape. The surge in UPI and card transactions highlights the increasing adoption of digital payment methods by individuals and businesses across India. The convenience, speed, and security offered by these modes of payment have contributed to their popularity. As India continues to embrace the digital revolution, it is expected that the volume and value of UPI and card transactions will continue to rise in the coming years.


17. Which state/UT does the recently G.I. tagged 'Cumbum Panneer Thratchai' grapes belong to?

A.    Gujarat

B.     Rajasthan

C.     Tamil Nadu

D.    West Bengal

Answer: Option: (C)


The recently G.I. tagged 'Cumbum Panneer Thratchai' grapes belong to Tamil Nadu. This state/UT has been recognized as the origin of these grapes, which have received the Geographical Indication (G.I.) tag. The G.I. tag is an important recognition that highlights the unique qualities and characteristics of a product, and it helps protect the reputation and quality of the product. Tamil Nadu is known for its diverse and rich agricultural produce, and the 'Cumbum Panneer Thratchai' grapes are a testament to the state's agricultural expertise and commitment to quality.


18. How many medals did India win in the Asian Wrestling Championship 2023?

A.   14

B.   13

C.   12

D.   11

Answer: Option: (A)


India won a total of 14 medals in the Asian Wrestling Championship 2023. The Indian wrestling team performed exceptionally well, securing 14 medals in various weight categories. This remarkable achievement highlights the talent and dedication of the Indian wrestlers. Their hard work and rigorous training paid off, as they showcased their skills and emerged victorious in one of the most prestigious wrestling tournaments in Asia. The Indian team's success in the Asian Wrestling Championship 2023 is a testament to their determination and commitment to the sport. These 14 medals serve as a proud moment for India and a source of inspiration for young wrestlers across the country.


19. Which state government has renamed Bhavanapadu Port in Srikakulam?

A.   Uttar Pradesh

B.   Andhra Pradesh

C.   Madhya Pradesh

D.   Himachal Pradesh

Answer: Option: (B)


The government of Andhra Pradesh has renamed Bhavanapadu Port in Srikakulam. The state government made this decision to honor the local culture and heritage of the region. The port, previously known as Bhavanapadu Port, will now be referred to by its new name, which is yet to be announced. This renaming is expected to bring more recognition and development to the port, attracting investments and boosting economic growth in the area. The government's decision reflects its commitment to the overall development of the state and its dedication to preserving and promoting its cultural identity.


20. According to the news released in April 2023, which country has emerged as the world's largest 'narco-state' due to its heavy reliance on the production and export of the banned illicit drug, Captagon?

A.   Spain

B.   Syberia

C.   Syria

D.   Sudan

Answer: Option: (C)


According to the news released in April 2023, the country that has emerged as the world's largest 'narco-state' due to its heavy reliance on the production and export of the banned illicit drug, Captagon, is Syria.


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