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April 21, 2023 Current Affairs

1. Which state has become the first to prepare a DNA database for the identification of unidentified dead bodies?

A.   Himachal Pradesh

B.   Madhya Pradesh

C.   Uttar Pradesh

D.   Arunachal Pradesh

Answer: Option: (A)


In a groundbreaking move, Himachal Pradesh has emerged as the first state in India to establish a comprehensive DNA database dedicated to the identification of unidentified dead bodies. This revolutionary initiative marks a significant step forward in forensic science and promises to bring closure to countless families who have lost loved ones.


2. According to 'The State of World Population Report, 2023' by the United Nations Population Fund, which country is the world's most populous country?

A.   India

B.   China

C.   Russia

D.   Australia

Answer: Option: (A)


In the realm of global population dynamics, it is fascinating to uncover which country holds the title of being the most populous. According to 'The State of World Population Report, 2023' by the United Nations Population Fund, we will delve into the question of which country rightfully claims this distinction. Join us on this exploration as we unravel the answer and shed light on the factors that contribute to its population size.


3. Which country is to replace Indonesia as the host of the FIFA U-20 World Cup?

A.   Austria

B.   Ghana

C.   Iran

D.   Argentina

Answer: Option: (D)


In a surprising turn of events, FIFA has recently announced that Argentina will be taking over as the host country for the FIFA U-20 World Cup, replacing Indonesia. This decision has sparked curiosity and excitement among football fans around the world.


4. On which date is World Liver Day 2023 observed across the world?

A.   January 19

B.   March 19

C.   April 19

D.   June 19

Answer: Option: (C)


World Liver Day 2023, observed on April 19, serves as a powerful reminder for individuals to prioritize liver health. By raising awareness and promoting preventive measures, we can collectively work towards reducing the burden of liver diseases worldwide. Remember to take care of your liver and spread the message of liver health in your community.


5. Which state's High Court did Justice Tarlok Singh Chauhan get appointed as the acting Chief Justice?

A.   Uttarakhand

B.   Uttar Pradesh

C.   Himachal Pradesh

D.   West Bengal

Answer: Option: (C)


Justice Tarlok Singh Chauhan's appointment as the acting Chief Justice of a state High Court is a momentous event in the legal sphere. Through this blog post, we have examined the background, appointment process, and implications of this significant development. As the legal system evolves and progresses, appointments of this nature play a vital role in promoting justice and upholding the rule of law.


6. Which city's Senate appointed Rowan Wilson as the state's first black chief judge?

A.   Denver

B.   New York

C.   Boston

D.   Dallas

Answer: Option: (B)


The appointment of Rowan Wilson as the state's first black chief judge by the New York Senate marks a significant milestone in the city's history. This momentous decision not only highlights the progress made in breaking barriers but also serves as a beacon of hope for future generations.


7. Which city used the highest number of digital transactions in 2022?

A.   Bengaluru

B.   Mumbai

C.   Lucknow

D.   Hyderabad

Answer: Option: (A)


while all the cities mentioned—Bengaluru, Mumbai, Lucknow, and Hyderabad—have made significant progress in digital transactions, the city that used the highest number of digital transactions in 2022 is Bengaluru. With its robust IT infrastructure, tech-savvy population, and entrepreneurial spirit, Bengaluru has established itself as a frontrunner in India's digital revolution.


8. Which state government will organize the 'Kisan Sampark Abhiyan' in Gram Panchayats?

A.   Andhra Pradesh

B.   Jammu & Kashmir

C.   West Bengal

D.   Tamil Nadu

Answer: Option: (B)


In a significant initiative to support and connect with farmers, the government of Jammu & Kashmir has announced the organization of the 'Kisan Sampark Abhiyan' in Gram Panchayats. This proactive campaign aims to foster direct communication between the state government and the farming community. Let's delve deeper into the details of this empowering initiative.


9. Which state ranked first in person-days generation for the fourth year?

A.   Goa

B.   Bihar

C.   Rajasthan

D.   Manipur

Answer: Option: (C)


Rajasthan's consistent top ranking in person-days generation highlights its remarkable achievements in fostering employment and economic growth. The state's diverse economy, government initiatives, and thriving tourism industry have collectively propelled Rajasthan to the forefront of person-days generation. As we continue to witness its progress, Rajasthan serves as an inspiring example for other states to emulate.


10. In which state did the Saurashtra Tamil Sangamam begin with great zeal and enthusiasm?

A.   Rajasthan

B.   Kerala

C.   Odisha

D.   Gujarat

Answer: Option: (D)


The Saurashtra Tamil Sangamam in Gujarat marked the beginning of an annual celebration that brings together Tamil communities in a vibrant and captivating event. Through cultural showcases, workshops, and community engagement, this celebration serves as a testament to the enduring spirit of Tamil culture and its ability to thrive even beyond its traditional boundaries.


11. On which date is Chinese Language Day 2023 observed?

A.   April 18

B.   April 20

C.   April 21

D.   April 22

Answer: Option: (B)


Chinese Language Day, observed on April 20, is a special occasion that celebrates the Chinese language and its cultural significance. It promotes linguistic diversity and encourages intercultural dialogue. By commemorating the legacy of Cangjie, Chinese Language Day serves as a reminder of the rich history and ongoing importance of the Chinese language in our global society.


12. Which organization is to launch Singapore's TeLEOS-2 satellite on April 22?





Answer: Option: (B)


In the vast realm of space exploration, advancements in satellite technology continue to captivate our curiosity. One such exciting development is the upcoming launch of Singapore's TeLEOS-2 satellite.


13. In which state has the 'PTP-NER scheme' been launched recently for the marketing and logistic development of tribal products?

A.   Telangana

B.   Mizoram

C.   Manipur

D.   Meghalaya

Answer: Option: (C)


In a significant move towards the development and promotion of tribal products, the 'PTP-NER scheme' has recently been launched in Manipur. This scheme aims to enhance the marketing and logistics infrastructure for tribal goods, bringing their unique craftsmanship and cultural heritage to the forefront. Let us delve deeper into the details of this initiative and its implications for the tribal communities of Manipur.


14. Which state has bagged the National Award for Fasal Bima Yojana?

A.   Bihar

B.   Karnataka

C.   Nagaland

D.   Goa

Answer: Option: (B)


In the realm of agricultural insurance schemes, the Fasal Bima Yojana stands as a crucial initiative aimed at safeguarding farmers' interests. Recognizing the efforts of states in implementing this scheme, the National Award for Fasal Bima Yojana serves as a prestigious honor.


15. For how many crores did the Union Cabinet give a nod to the National Quantum Mission (NQM)?

A.   6,003

B.   6,001

C.   6,000

D.   5,009

Answer: Option: (A)


The field of quantum technology has been rapidly advancing, pushing the boundaries of what was once considered impossible. In a groundbreaking move, the Union Cabinet has recently given its approval for the National Quantum Mission (NQM), paving the way for significant developments in this cutting-edge domain.


16. Who has been selected for the Malcolm Adiseshiah Award?

A.   Naveen Jindal

B.   Utsa Patnaik

C.   Adi Godrej

D.   Vidhi Nehwal

Answer: Option: (B)


The Malcolm Adiseshiah Award, a distinguished honor in the field of social sciences, has been announced for the year 2023. This highly coveted award recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to the betterment of society through their scholarly work, research, and activism.


17. Which country launched the Fengyun-3 satellite?

A.   Chile

B.   Cyprus

C.   China

D.   Cuba

Answer: Option: (C)


In the vast realm of space exploration, countries around the world strive to reach new heights and unravel the mysteries of the universe. One such significant endeavor was the launch of the Fengyun-3 satellite.


18. On which Raising Day did Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers Ltd (GRSE), a Mini Ratna company celebrate?

A.   61st

B.   62nd

C.   63rd

D.   64th

Answer: Option: (D)


Garden Reach Shipbuilders and Engineers Ltd (GRSE), a Mini Ratna company, recently celebrated a momentous occasion - its Raising Day. This special day marked the company's journey of innovation, dedication, and achievements in the shipbuilding and engineering industry.


19. Which state assembly passed a resolution urging the Centre to extend the quota for Dalit Christians?

A.   Maharashtra

B.   Jammu & Kashmir

C.   Tamil Nadu

D.   West Bengal

Answer: Option: (C)


The issue of reservation for Dalit Christians has been a topic of debate and discussion in various state assemblies. In a recent development, the Tamil Nadu assembly took a significant step by passing a resolution urging the Centre to extend the quota for Dalit Christians. This move has sparked both support and criticism, raising important questions about social justice and equality.


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