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April 22, 2024 Current Affairs

1. What substance, alleged to cause cancer in the long term, led to the banning of certain spice powders in Hong Kong and Singapore?

A.    Ethylene oxide

B.    Sodium chloride

C.   Calcium carbonate

D.   Potassium sorbate

Answer: Option A


The banning of certain spice powders in Hong Kong and Singapore was a direct response to the alleged presence of ethylene oxide at levels exceeding permissible limits. Ethylene oxide, a substance known to pose long-term health risks, including cancer, necessitated these regulatory actions. As consumers, it is crucial to stay informed and support measures aimed at ensuring the safety and well-being of all.



2. Where have archaeologists recently uncovered significant megalithic monuments, an Iron Age megalithic site, and rock art sites?

A.    Karnataka

B.    Tamil Nadu

C.   Maharashtra

D.   Telangana

Answer: Option D


The recent archaeological discoveries in Telangana, including the abundance of megalithic monuments, the exceptional Iron Age site at Ooragutta, and the captivating rock art at Damaratogu, highlight the state's rich ancient heritage. These findings not only contribute to our understanding of the past but also emphasize the need for continued exploration, research, and preservation efforts in Telangana. By protecting and studying these archaeological sites, we can ensure that the legacy of our ancestors remains intact for generations to come.



3. When is International Mother Earth Day celebrated in 2024?

A.    April 22

B.    April 23

C.   April 24

D.   April 21

Answer: Option A


International Mother Earth Day, celebrated annually on April 22nd, is a reminder of our responsibility to protect and nurture our planet. The theme for Earth Day 2024, "Planet vs. Plastics," emphasizes the need to address plastic pollution and its detrimental impact. By commemorating this day, individuals and communities worldwide join hands to advocate for a healthier and more sustainable planet. Let us all take part in this global movement and work towards a greener future.



4. Which country recently launched the "First International Rainbow Tourism Conference" to promote LGBT-friendly tourism?

A.    Bhutan

B.    Nepal

C.   Sri Lanka

D.   Maldives

Answer: Option B


Nepal's 1st International Rainbow Tourism Conference has marked a significant milestone in the country's journey towards promoting LGBT-friendly tourism. Through legal advancements, cultural acceptance, and initiatives like this conference, Nepal is positioning itself as a leading destination for LGBT travelers. By embracing diversity and inclusivity, Nepal is not only attracting visitors from the LGBT community but also setting an example for other countries to follow. With its breathtaking landscapes and rich cultural heritage, Nepal invites everyone to explore its wonders and experience the warmth of its hospitality.



5. Who recently made history as the youngest-ever challenger in the World Chess Championship?

A.    Gukesh

B.    Rameshbabu Praggnanandhaa

C.   Harikrishna

D.   Aravindh Chithambaram

Answer: Option A


Indian chess prodigy Dommaraju Gukesh has carved his name in the annals of chess history, etching a path that future generations will aspire to follow. His remarkable journey from a young chess enthusiast to the youngest-ever challenger in the World Chess Championship is a testament to his exceptional talent, unwavering dedication, and the unyielding support of his family and mentors. Gukesh's triumph at the FIDE Candidates tournament has not only solidified his position as a formidable contender for the world chess crown but has also ignited a renewed sense of passion and inspiration within the chess community. As we witness Gukesh's extraordinary journey unfold, we eagerly await the next chapter in his quest for chess greatness.



6. What was the name of the mega exercise conducted by the Indian Navy along the East Coast to test maritime preparedness?

A.    Pralay Abhyas

B.    Varuna

C.   Poorvi Leher


Answer: Option C


The 'Poorvi Leher' mega exercise conducted by the Indian Navy along the East Coast was a resounding success. Through this exercise, the Navy validated its procedures, assessed its preparedness, and showcased its operational readiness. Poorvi Leher emphasized the significance of joint operations, interoperability, and combat training in maintaining a strong maritime defense. By conducting such exercises, the Indian Navy reaffirms its commitment to safeguarding the nation's maritime security.



7. Who has been honoured with the prestigious 'Aryabhatta Award' for their contributions to astronautics?

A.    G Satheesh Reddy

B.    Pavuluri Subba Rao

C.   Rajagopalachari

D.   Avinash Chander

Answer: Option B


Pavuluri Subba Rao's remarkable journey, entrepreneurial success, and significant contributions to the Indian space program have earned him the well-deserved 'Aryabhatta Award.' His pioneering work through Ananth Technologies has revolutionized the way India approaches space exploration, paving the way for further advancements and achievements. Rao's story serves as an inspiration to all those who dream of making a difference in the field of astronautics, reminding us that with passion, determination, and innovation, the sky is not the limit, but just the beginning.



8. Who secured India's first Paris Olympics quota in rowing?

A.    Ravi Singh

B.    Neha Gupta

C.   Manisha Patel

D.   Balraj Panwar

Answer: Option D


Balraj Panwar's historic feat of securing India's first Paris Olympics quota in rowing is a moment of immense pride and joy. His unwavering dedication, passion, and remarkable performances have etched his name in the annals of Indian sports history. Balraj Panwar serves as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring athletes, proving that dreams can be turned into reality with hard work, perseverance, and the right mindset. As India eagerly awaits the Paris Olympics, the nation will rally behind Balraj Panwar, cheering him on as he competes on the grandest stage of them all.



9. Where was the new species of clouded tiger cat discovered?

A.    India

B.    Brazil

C.   Australia

D.   Indonesia

Answer: Option B


The new species of clouded tiger cat, Leopardus pardinoides, has emerged as a symbol of nature's enduring mysteries. Its discovery in the dense rainforests of Brazil has not only deepened our understanding of the clouded tiger cat lineage but also highlighted the importance of preserving its habitat. As we marvel at the wonders nature has to offer, let us remember our responsibility to protect and conserve these invaluable ecosystems for future generations.



10. Which country tested the Pyoljji-1-2 anti-aircraft missile and the Hwasal-1 Ra-3 strategic cruise missile, escalating tensions in the region?

A.    South Korea

B.    United States

C.   North Korea

D.   Iran

Answer: Option C


North Korea's recent tests of advanced missiles, including the Pyoljji-1-2 anti-aircraft missile and the Hwasal-1 Ra-3 strategic cruise missile, have heightened tensions in the region. South Korea and the United States, among other nations, have responded by strengthening their defense capabilities and increasing military cooperation. It is imperative for diplomatic efforts to continue in order to de-escalate the situation and ensure the stability of the region.


11. India recently signed an agreement with which country to operate a large research hub in New Delhi?

A.  Russia

B.  China

C.  Japan

D.  Indonesia

Answer: Option A [Russia]


The Higher School of Economics in Russia and the University of Delhi signed a strategic cooperation agreement, establishing a joint research hub. New Delhi hosted the Indo-Russian Education Summit, a landmark event in bilateral relations, with 60 Russian universities participating from various regions. The summit aims to enhance educational ties and foster collaboration between India and Russia, marking a significant milestone in their partnership.


12. Recently, which country has tested the Pyoljji-1-2 anti-aircraft missile?

A.  Ukraine

B.  Iran

C.  North Korea

D.  Egypt

Answer: Option C [North Korea]


On April 20, 2024, North Korea announced testing of Pyoljji-1-2 anti-aircraft and Hwasal-1 Ra-3 super large strategic cruise missiles in the West Sea of Korea. Conducted a day earlier, this test escalated tensions with South Korea and the USA. The Hwasal-1 Ra-3, capable of carrying nuclear warheads, underwent a power test. This follows a February 2024 test, and adds to recent missile tests, including a solid-fuel hypersonic missile, heightening regional tensions.


13. Capri city, recently seen in news, is located in which country?

A.  Iraq

B.  France

C.  Italy

D.  Russia

Answer: Option C [Italy]


The G-7 foreign ministers convened in Capri, Italy from April 17-19, 2024, led by Italian Foreign Minister Antonio Tajani. Amid Iran’s attack on Israel and ongoing conflicts in Gaza and Ukraine, they issued three communiques condemning Iran’s actions and pledging sanctions. Representatives from EU joined. The ministers urged de-escalation and called upon Iran and Israel to prevent further conflict. Italy, as G7 chair, hosted the crucial diplomatic gathering.


14. Recently, who has been appointed as the Director General of the National Security Guard (NSG)?

A.  Nayi Pankaj Kumar

B.  Suresh Chand Yadav

C.  Gajender Singh

D.  Nalin Prabhat

Answer: Option D [Nalin Prabhat]


Nalin Prabhat, a senior IPS officer, has been named Director General of India’s National Security Guard (NSG), responsible for counter-terrorism and counter-hijack operations. Serving as Additional Director General of the CRPF in Jammu and Kashmir, he belongs to the 1992 IPS batch of Andhra Pradesh cadre. Appointed by the Appointments Committee of the Cabinet until August 31, 2028, he succeeds Daljit Singh Chaudhary, who held additional charge of the NSG.


15. Nagorno-Karabakh Region, recently seen in the news, is located in which mountainous region?

A.  South Caucasus Range

B.  Sayans Range

C.  Verkhoyansk Range

D.  Chersky Range

Answer: Option A [South Caucasus Range]


Russian peacekeepers are withdrawing from Nagorno-Karabakh after Azerbaijan regained control from Armenian separatists. Nagorno-Karabakh, also Artsakh, is a mountainous region in the South Caucasus, claimed by both Azerbaijan and Armenia since 1917. Although internationally recognized as part of Azerbaijan, it’s predominantly inhabited by ethnic Armenians with their own government. Both Armenians and Azerbaijanis have historical and religious ties to the region, leading to ongoing tension.


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