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April 27, 2024 Current Affairs

1. Which country's scientists developed next-generation sodium batteries with fast charging capabilities?

A.    Japan

B.    South Korea

C.   China

D.   United States

Answer: Option B


The next-generation sodium batteries developed by scientists from South Korea have opened up new horizons in the field of energy storage. With their fast charging capabilities and potential applications in electric vehicles and consumer electronics, these batteries have the power to transform various industries and contribute to a more sustainable future. As we move forward, it is essential to continue supporting research and innovation in this field, driving us closer to a cleaner and more efficient energy landscape.



2. When is World Veterinary Day observed in 2024?

A.    April 27

B.    April 29

C.   May 1

D.   June 5

Answer: Option A


World Veterinary Day 2024, observed on April 27, stands as a testament to the essential role of veterinarians in society. The theme "Veterinarians are Essential Health Workers" highlights the invaluable contributions they make to public health and animal welfare. On this day, let us recognize and appreciate the dedication, expertise, and tireless efforts of veterinarians worldwide. Their unwavering commitment to safeguarding the health of animals and humans alike deserves our utmost admiration and gratitude.



3. In which year did the Chipko Movement, a landmark environmental movement, begin in Uttarakhand?

A.    1960

B.    1973

C.   1985

D.   1992

Answer: Option B


The Chipko Movement stands as a testament to the power of grassroots activism and the potential for change when individuals unite to protect the environment. Its legacy reverberates through time, reminding us of the urgent need to safeguard our natural resources and promote sustainable practices. Today, as we face unprecedented environmental challenges, the spirit of the Chipko Movement continues to inspire and guide us towards a more ecologically conscious and harmonious future.



4. Which company has partnered with FIFA as its exclusive energy partner until 2027?

A.    Shell

B.    BP

C.   TotalEnergies

D.   Aramco

Answer: Option D


Aramco's partnership with FIFA as its exclusive energy partner until 2027 marks a significant milestone for both entities. This collaboration not only allows Aramco to showcase its commitment to sustainable energy practices but also enables the leveraging of football as a force for positive societal impact. As we eagerly anticipate the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2026 and FIFA Women's World Cup 2027, Aramco's association with FIFA promises an exciting future for the world of football and sustainable energy solutions.



5. Which volcano is reported to erupt $6,000 worth of gold dust daily?

A.    Mount Vinson

B.    Mount Melbourne

C.   Mount Erebus

D.   Mount Terror

Answer: Option C


Mount Erebus, the active volcano in Antarctica, astounds us with its daily eruption of gold dust. The release of gold flecks into the atmosphere has not only fascinated scientists but has also contributed to valuable geological studies in the region. The unique phenomenon of Mount Erebus reminds us of the endless wonders that our planet holds, waiting to be explored.



6. Which country launched the Shenzhou-18 mission to the Tiangong space station?

A.    Russia

B.    South Korea

C.   Japan

D.   China

Answer: Option D


China's launch of the Shenzhou-18 mission to the Tiangong space station marks a momentous leap forward in its space program. This mission not only demonstrates China's remarkable achievements in space exploration but also highlights its commitment to scientific research and technological advancement. As China continues to push the boundaries of human knowledge, we can only await with anticipation the discoveries and breakthroughs that lie ahead.



7. What is the GDP growth rate for India in FY25 projected by NIPFP?

A.    6.8%

B.    7%

C.   7.1%

D.   7.2%

Answer: Option C


The National Institute of Public Finance and Policy forecasts a GDP growth rate of 7.1% for India in the fiscal year 2024-2025. This projection reflects the institute's emphasis on fiscal discipline, tax buoyancy, and compression of revenue expenditure. As stakeholders navigate through economic landscapes, NIPFP's forecast provides valuable insights into India's economic prospects, aiding decision-making and planning for the future.



8. Which port has been approved by the Indian government to operate as the nation's inaugural transhipment hub?

A.    Jawaharlal Nehru Port

B.    Vizhinjam Port

C.   Chennai Port

D.   Mumbai Port

Answer: Option B


The Indian government's approval of Adani's Vizhinjam Port as the nation's first transhipment hub marks an important milestone for India's maritime sector. This decision not only reduces reliance on foreign ports but also opens up new opportunities for trade, economic growth, and infrastructure development. As Vizhinjam Port takes on its role as India's inaugural transhipment hub, it sets the stage for a brighter and more prosperous future for the country's trade and economy.



9. Who has been appointed as the ambassador for the upcoming ICC Women's T20 World Cup Qualifier?

A.    Sana Mir

B.    Mithali Raj

C.   Ellyse Perry

D.   Meg Lanning

Answer: Option A


Sana Mir's appointment as the ambassador for the ICC Women's T20 World Cup Qualifier is a testament to her remarkable career and her unwavering commitment to the sport. It signifies the ICC's dedication to promoting women's cricket and providing equal opportunities for players from all backgrounds. As the cricketing world eagerly awaits the upcoming tournament, let us celebrate Sana Mir's appointment and look forward to witnessing the incredible talent that will be on display during the ICC Women's T20 World Cup Qualifier.



10. Who has been appointed as the Executive Chairman of Coromandel International?

A.    Vellayan

A.    M.M. Venkatachalam

B.    Arun Alagappan

C.   Vishnu Priyan

Answer: Option C


The appointment of Arun Alagappan as the Executive Chairman of Coromandel International marks the beginning of an exciting new era for the company. With his visionary leadership, strategic shifts, and a focus on continuity, Alagappan is poised to lead Coromandel International towards a future of innovation, sustainability, and success.



11. When is International Delegate’s Day celebrated annually?

A.    April 25

B.    May 25

C.   March 25

D.   June 25

Answer: Option A


Delegate's Day, celebrated annually on April 25, holds great significance in recognizing the vital role of delegates in shaping the world through multilateralism and global cooperation. It commemorates the historic gathering in San Francisco in 1945, where delegates came together to establish the United Nations. Through their dedication and efforts, delegates continue to foster dialogue, build bridges, and address global challenges. Let us remember their contributions and strive for a more united and peaceful world.



12. Indian Historical Records Commission (IHRC), which was seen in the news, is functioning under which ministry?

A. Ministry of Culture

B. Ministry of Home Affairs

C. Ministry of Defence

D. Ministry of Power

Answer: Option A


he Indian Historical Records Commission (IHRC) holds a crucial position as an advisory body on archival matters in India. Operating under the Ministry of Culture, IHRC plays a vital role in record management, historical research, and fostering collaboration among stakeholders. With its new logo and motto, IHRC strives to continue preserving and promoting India's rich historical heritage, ensuring its availability for generations to come.



13. What is the theme of ‘World Intellectual Property Day 2024’?

A. Women and IP: Accelerating innovation and creativity

B. IP and the SDGs: Building our common future with innovation and creativity

C. IP and Youth Innovating for a Better Future

D. Taking your ideas to the market

Answer: Option B


World Intellectual Property Day 2024, with its theme 'IP and the SDGs: Building our common future with innovation and creativity', highlights the vital role that IP plays in fostering sustainable development. By protecting and promoting innovation and creativity, IP contributes to the achievement of the SDGs, addressing global challenges and building a better future for all. Let us celebrate and recognize the power of IP in driving positive change and shaping our common future.



14. Recently, who was elected as the Chairman of the Athletes Commission of the Wrestling Federation of India (WFI)?

A. Deepak Punia

B. KD Jadhav

C. Narsingh Yadav

D. Yogeshwar Dutt

Answer: Option 0


Narsingh Yadav's appointment as the Chairman of the Athletes Commission of the Wrestling Federation of India is a positive development for Indian wrestling. With his vast experience and passion for the sport, Yadav is well-equipped to lead the commission and address the grievances of wrestlers. This step not only fulfills the requirements set by UWW but also signifies the federation's dedication to fostering a supportive and inclusive environment for athletes. As Narsingh Yadav takes on this new role, the future of Indian wrestling appears brighter than ever.



15. Recently, where was the 12th International Meeting of High Ranking Officials Responsible for Security Matters held?

A. France, Paris

B. St. Petersburg, Russia

C. London, United Kingdom

D. New Delhi, India

Answer: Option B


The 12th International Meeting of High Ranking Officials Responsible for Security Matters, held in St. Petersburg, Russia, brought together influential figures in the field of security. Through in-depth discussions on various topics, the meeting highlighted the importance of international collaboration in addressing global security challenges. As we move forward, the outcomes of this event will undoubtedly shape the future of security strategies and contribute to a safer world.



16. Which country recently passed Foreign Aid Bill to provide military aid to Ukraine?

A. India

B. Iran



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Answer: Option D


The United States' recent passage of the Foreign Aid Bill reflects its commitment to supporting Ukraine militarily. This decision comes at a critical juncture, with implications for regional stability and global geopolitics. As the bill takes effect, it remains to be seen how this increased military aid will shape the dynamics between the involved nations and impact the ongoing situation in Ukraine.


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