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April 8, 2024 Current Affairs

1. From where was the new generation ballistic missile Agni-Prime successfully flight-tested?

A.   Kerala

B.   Odisha

C.   Tamil Nadu

D.   Maharashtra

Answer: Option B


The successful test launch of Agni-Prime from Odisha's Dr APJ Abdul Kalam Island showcases India's remarkable advancements in military technology and strategic capabilities. Developed by DRDO, Agni-Prime represents a new era in ballistic missile technology, with its lightweight design and advanced features. This achievement underscores India's commitment to strengthening its defense capabilities and maintaining regional security. As India continues to push boundaries in missile development, it paves the way for a safer and more secure future.



2. Which Indian state is proactively assessing and mitigating Glacial Lake Outburst Flood (GLOF) risks in the Himalayas?

A.   Himachal Pradesh

B.   Sikkim

C.   Arunachal Pradesh

D.   Uttarakhand

Answer: Option D


Uttarakhand's proactive approach in assessing and mitigating GLOF risks sets an example for other regions in the Himalayas. By monitoring high-risk glacial lakes, employing advanced early warning systems, and engaging local communities, Uttarakhand strives to mitigate the impact of potential GLOFs and prevent disasters in the region. Their efforts serve as a testament to the importance of proactive measures in safeguarding vulnerable areas from the threats posed by climate change and glacial instability.



3. What is India assisting Nepal, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Mauritius with as part of the United Nations' initiative?

A.   Advanced medical facilities

B.   Cybersecurity measures

C.   Early warning weather systems

D.   Educational infrastructure

Answer: Option C


India's collaboration with Nepal, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Mauritius in setting up early warning weather systems highlights the nation's commitment to regional cooperation in disaster management. By sharing expertise and resources, India assists these countries in improving their disaster preparedness and response capabilities. The establishment of these systems plays a vital role in safeguarding lives, minimizing damage, and building resilience in the face of natural disasters.



4. Which country has decided to end captive breeding of lions due to concerns over trophy hunting and the use of lion bones in traditional Chinese medicine?

A.   South Africa

B.   Kenya

C.   Tanzania

D.   Zimbabwe

Answer: Option A


South Africa's decision to end captive breeding of lions is a significant milestone in wildlife conservation efforts. By addressing the concerns surrounding trophy hunting and the use of lion bones in traditional Chinese medicine, South Africa demonstrates its commitment to protecting these majestic creatures. This decision sets an example for other countries and encourages a shift towards more ethical and sustainable wildlife practices.



5. Which town is famous for its sitar and tanpura craftsmanship?

A.   Karjat

B.   Ratnagiri

C.   Miraj

D.   Alibag

Answer: Option C


Miraj, with its rich cultural heritage and dedication to craftsmanship, stands as a beacon for sitar and tanpura production. The town's artisans have perfected the art of creating these melodic masterpieces, earning international acclaim and recognition. Through their passion and expertise, Miraj continues to flourish as a hub of musical artistry, captivating the hearts and ears of music enthusiasts worldwide



6. Where was the Indian Coast Guard Aquatic Centre inaugurated by Director General Rakesh Pal?

A.   Tamil Nadu

B.   Andhra Pradesh

C.   Puducherry

D.   Gujarat

Answer: Option A


The inauguration of the Indian Coast Guard Aquatic Centre in Tamil Nadu marks a momentous occasion in the realm of maritime safety and security. This state-of-the-art facility, equipped with advanced infrastructure and cutting-edge training programs, will undoubtedly bolster the operational readiness of the Indian Coast Guard. With its far-reaching benefits for the region, the Aquatic Centre stands as a testament to the organization's unwavering commitment to protecting our coastal waters and ensuring the safety of our maritime borders. 


7. Who has been appointed as the new CEO of Wipro?

A.   Thierry Delaporte

B.   Srinivas Pallia

C.   Abhay Bhadra

D.   Rishad Premji

Answer: Option B


Srinivas Pallia's appointment as the new CEO and Managing Director of Wipro marks an exciting chapter in the company's journey. With his extensive career at Wipro, leadership experience, academic qualifications, and executive training, Pallia embodies the qualities necessary to guide Wipro towards continued success. As stakeholders eagerly anticipate the future under his leadership, there is no doubt that Wipro is in capable hands.



8. When is World Health Day celebrated?

A.   April 7

B.   April 1

C.   April 8

D.   January 12

Answer: Option A


World Health Day is celebrated on April 7th to commemorate the founding date of the World Health Organization and to promote awareness about global health issues and the right to access quality healthcare. By fostering engagement and advocacy, this observance plays a vital role in driving positive change and advancing the well-being of individuals and communities worldwide.



9. Which organization won the 15th CIDC Vishwakarma Award for the Barauni – Guwahati Natural Gas Pipeline project?





Answer: Option B


GAIL's victory in winning the 15th CIDC Vishwakarma Award for its Barauni – Guwahati Natural Gas Pipeline project is a testament to its exceptional achievements and contributions. This project not only connects North-East India to the National Gas Grid but also promotes sustainable energy sources and drives economic growth in the region. GAIL's dedication to excellence and innovation continues to shape the future of the natural gas sector in India and contribute to the nation's progress.



10.  Which Indian state launched the 'Booth Raabta' website for election information?

A.   Maharashtra

B.   Gujarat

C.   Punjab

D.   Haryana

Answer: Option C


The introduction of the 'Booth Raabta' website in Punjab's Malerkotla district is a commendable effort towards strengthening democracy. By providing comprehensive election-related information, fostering transparency, and promoting active citizen engagement, this initiative sets an inspiring example for other regions to follow. As citizens, let's make the most of this resource and actively participate in the democratic process to shape the future of our nation.



11. Who dominated the Japanese Grand Prix in the 2024 season?

A.   Max Verstappen

B.   Sergio Perez

C.   Carlos Sainz

D.   Lando Norris

Answer: Option A


Max Verstappen emerged as the clear victor in the Japanese Grand Prix of the 2024 season. His remarkable display of skill, coupled with Sergio Perez's unwavering support, solidified Red Bull's dominance on the track. Verstappen's masterful control of his car allowed him to secure a well-deserved victory, leaving fans and fellow competitors in awe of his talent.



12. Where was the coastal security exercise Sagar Kavach 01/24 conducted in 2024?

A.   Andaman Islands

B.   Nicobar Islands

C.   Diu and Daman

D.   Lakshadweep Islands

Answer: Option D


The coastal security exercise Sagar Kavach 01/24 took place in the waters surrounding the scenic Lakshadweep Islands. This exercise brought together multiple maritime security agencies, emphasizing collaborative efforts and readiness to safeguard the coastal areas. By evaluating and validating the coastal security mechanism, India showcased its commitment to ensuring the protection of its borders and maritime interests. 


13. Which country has joined forces with the United States to enhance AI safety?

A.   India

B.   Britain

C.   China

D.   Japan

Answer: Option B


The collaboration between the United States and Britain to enhance AI safety marks a significant milestone in the global AI landscape. With their joint efforts, these nations aim to tackle the risks associated with advanced AI models, focusing on national security and societal well-being. Through the Memorandum of Understanding, they have set a precedent for international cooperation in addressing the challenges posed by AI. As the world moves forward in the AI era, such collaborations will play a pivotal role in shaping a safe and responsible AI-powered future.



14. According to the 2022 World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) report, which country had the highest percentage of doping offenders?

A.   Russia

B.   United States

C.   India

D.   Italy

Answer: Option C


According to the 2022 WADA report, India claims the unfortunate title of having the highest percentage of doping offenders. This revelation should serve as a wake-up call to the Indian sports community and authorities. It is crucial for India to take immediate and decisive action by investing in research infrastructure, implementing effective education programs, and promoting ethical coaching practices. By doing so, India can pave the way for a cleaner and more competitive sporting landscape.



15. Which institution has partnered with KarmaLife to offer micro-loans for gig workers?

A.   Fintech Platform

B.   Onion Life Private Limited

C.   Asian Bank


Answer: Option D


SIDBI's collaboration with KarmaLife marks a significant milestone in the world of gig economy financing. With their combined efforts, gig workers now have a reliable and accessible platform to obtain micro-loans. This partnership not only addresses the financial challenges faced by gig workers but also paves the way for financial inclusion and empowerment. By embracing technology and fostering innovation, SIDBI and KarmaLife are revolutionizing the lending landscape and propelling the gig economy forward.

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