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August 28, 2023 Current Affairs

1.Which Indian state possesses the largest number of minor irrigation schemes, according to the Ministry of Jal Shakti report?

A.   Maharashtra

B.   Madhya Pradesh

C.   Tamil Nadu

D.   Uttar Pradesh

Answer: Option D


The Ministry of Jal Shakti's report has unraveled the mystery surrounding the Indian state with the largest number of minor irrigation schemes. Uttar Pradesh emerges as the frontrunner, showcasing its dedication to harnessing water resources for agricultural prosperity. However, let us not forget the commendable endeavors of Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and Tamil Nadu, as they continue to play integral roles in shaping India's irrigation landscape. The journey to ensure water security and sustainable agricultural practices is an ongoing one, and these states serve as beacons of inspiration for others to follow suit.


2.When is the G20 Summit scheduled to take place in Delhi in 2023?

A.   September 6th and 7th

B.   September 9th and 10th

C.   September 12th and 14th

D.   September 11th and 12th

Answer: Option B


The G20 Summit in Delhi is a highly anticipated event that will shape global economic policies and address pressing issues. Scheduled for September 9th and 10th, 2023, this summit brings together leaders from around the world to foster cooperation, discuss economic recovery, and tackle challenges such as climate change. As the international community eagerly awaits this gathering, hopes are high for meaningful discussions, collaborative solutions, and a brighter future for all.


3.In which of the following events did Indian badminton player HS Prannoy win a bronze medal in 2023?

A.   Thomas Cup

B.   BWF World Badminton Championships

C.   Uber Cup

D.   Sudirman Cup

Answer: Option B


HS Prannoy's bronze medal win at the BWF World Badminton Championships 2023 is a testament to his skill, dedication, and perseverance. His journey to success serves as an inspiration to aspiring badminton players worldwide. With his remarkable achievement, Prannoy has not only brought glory to himself but also to the nation of India, solidifying his place among the badminton greats.


4.What was the profession of Yevgeny Prigozhin, who was killed in a plane crash recently?

A.   Mercenary leader

B.   Social Activist

C.   Politician

D.   Business tycoon

Answer: Option A


Yevgeny Prigozhin's life was one marked by ambition, determination, and controversy. As a mercenary leader, he left an undeniable imprint on the realm of armed rebellion, challenging established powers and captivating the imagination of many. While his story may have ended abruptly, his legacy will continue to intrigue and inspire generations to come.


5.What is the name of the multilateral military exercise that the Indian Air Force (IAF) is set to host in the upcoming year (2024)?

A.   Agni Shakti

B.   Vayu Shakti

C.   Jal Shakti

D.   Tarang Shakti

Answer: Option D


In the realm of global security and defense cooperation, Tarang Shakti stands as a testament to India's commitment to fostering regional stability and promoting international partnerships. Through this multilateral military exercise, the Indian Air Force aims to strengthen operational capabilities, enhance interoperability, and reinforce bonds with friendly nations. Tarang Shakti holds the promise of not only fostering military excellence but also building lasting diplomatic ties that will contribute to a safer and more secure world.


6.Where did China and Bhutan hold their first meeting of the Joint Technical Team on the Delimitation of the China-Bhutan Boundary?

A.   Kathmandu

B.   Thimphu

C.   New Delhi

D.   Beijing

Answer: Option D


The first meeting of the Joint Technical Team on the Delimitation of the China-Bhutan Boundary in Beijing represents a significant step forward in the efforts to resolve the longstanding boundary dispute between the two nations. By establishing a framework for boundary delimitation and fostering mutual understanding, China and Bhutan have shown their commitment to finding a peaceful and amicable solution. As the delimitation process progresses, it is hoped that this positive momentum will continue, leading to a mutually beneficial outcome that enhances regional stability and cooperation.


7.The Reserve Bank of India has granted its approval for the amalgamation of which of the following banks with The Jalgaon Peoples Co-operative Bank?

A.   Cosmos Co-operative Bank

B.   Saraswat Co-operative Bank

C.   Akola Merchant Co-operative Bank

D.   TJSB Co-operative Bank

Answer: Option C


The approval of the amalgamation between Akola Merchant Co-operative Bank and The Jalgaon Peoples Co-operative Bank marks a significant milestone in the co-operative banking sector. This strategic move not only strengthens the banking system but also enhances the value proposition for customers. By combining their strengths and resources, the amalgamated entity aims to deliver superior banking services, drive financial inclusion, and contribute to the economic growth of the regions they serve. As the banking landscape continues to evolve, such amalgamations pave the way for a more robust and resilient banking sector in India.


8.In which of the following countries did Air- Force Exercise BRIGHT STAR-23 took place?

A.   Egypt

B.   India

C.   Russia

D.   China

Answer: Option A


Exercise BRIGHT STAR-23, taking place at Cairo (West) Air Base in Egypt, is an extraordinary endeavor that brings together military forces from various nations. With its focus on jointness, interoperability, and operational readiness, this exercise serves as a testament to the commitment of participating nations towards enhancing regional security and fostering international cooperation. The inclusion of the Indian Air Force contingent adds a new chapter to the exercise's history, highlighting the growing partnerships and mutual learning opportunities. Through Exercise BRIGHT STAR-23, participating nations strive to achieve a higher level of preparedness and strengthen the bonds that unite them in the pursuit of global peace and security.


9.Who has been selected as the brand ambassador for Tata Capital recently?

A.   M.S. Dhoni

B.   Virat Kohli

C.   Rohit Sharma

D.   Shubman Gill

Answer: Option D


Tata Capital's selection of Shubman Gill as its brand ambassador marks an exciting chapter for both the financial services entity and the young cricketer. Gill's exceptional talent, coupled with Tata Capital's brand values, creates a promising partnership that resonates with the target audience and reinforces the company's commitment to trust, reliability, and innovation.


10.What was the profession of Dev Kohli, who recently passed away at the age of 80?

A.   Actor

B.   Politician

C.   Scientist

D.   Lyricist and poet

Answer: Option D


In the realm of music and cinema, Dev Kohli's name will forever be etched in golden letters. As we bid farewell to this legendary lyricist and poet, let us remember and cherish the melodies he gifted us. Dev Kohli's words will continue to touch hearts and souls, reminding us of the magic that lies within the realm of poetry.


11.What percentage of reservation in government jobs did the Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister announce for women?

A.   25%

B.   35%

C.   50%

D.   60%

Answer: Option B


The Madhya Pradesh government's decision to introduce a 35% reservation for women in government jobs is a commendable step towards women's empowerment and gender equality. This policy will not only provide a level playing field for women but also contribute to the overall progress and development of the state. By breaking barriers and challenging stereotypes, Madhya Pradesh sets an example for the rest of the nation to follow, fostering a more inclusive and equitable society.


12.Who won the Dutch Grand Prix for the third consecutive year?

A.   Max Verstappen

B.   Sebastian Vettel

C.   Fernando Alonso

D.   Lewis Hamilton

Answer: Option A


In a remarkable display of skill, determination, and resilience, Max Verstappen secured an unprecedented third consecutive victory at the Dutch Grand Prix. This astounding accomplishment solidifies his status as one of the brightest stars in Formula One. Verstappen's unwavering focus, masterful strategy, and the unwavering support of his home crowd propelled him to this historic triumph. As the Dutch Grand Prix comes to a close, we can only marvel at the incredible talent and dedication exhibited by Verstappen, leaving us eagerly anticipating future races where he will undoubtedly continue to shine.


13.Which of the following banks in collaboration with Mastercard Center and Frontier Markets, has introduced a transformative initiative named She Leads Bharat: Udyam?

A.   Jio Payments Bank

B.   NSDL Payments Bank

C.   Airtel Payments Bank

D.   India Post Payments Bank

Answer: Option C


She Leads Bharat: Udyam is a game-changing initiative that strives to empower women entrepreneurs and uplift their small businesses. By providing them with opportunities to learn, grow, and access vital resources, this revolutionary program is set to transform the entrepreneurial landscape in India. As the initiative gains momentum, we can expect to witness a surge of successful women-led businesses driving economic progress and social change.


14.Who clinched the gold medal in the Men's singles category at the 2023 BWF World Championships?

A.   Kang Min-hyuk

B.   Kunlavut Vitidsarn

C.   An Se-young

D.   Chen Qingchen

Answer: Option B


The 2023 BWF World Championships witnessed an extraordinary display of talent, skill, and sportsmanship in the Men's singles category. Kunlavut Vitidsarn's journey to the gold medal serves as a testament to the resilience and dedication required to excel in the world of professional badminton. His remarkable performance will be remembered as a defining moment in the history of the sport. Congratulations to Kunlavut Vitidsarn on his well-deserved victory!


15.How many districts did Assam have before the creation of the four new ones recently?

A.   28

B.   31

C.   35

D.   39

Answer: Option B


The creation of four new districts in Assam marks a significant milestone in the state's development journey. It reflects the government's commitment to decentralization, improved governance, and enhanced service delivery. By bringing governance closer to the people and addressing their specific needs, Assam is poised to witness accelerated development and progress. The reinstatement of these districts is indeed a bold step forward for the state.


16.What is the minimum price per metric tonne for Basmati rice required for export according to the Union government's recent decision?

A.   $1,000

B.   $1,100

C.   $1,200

D.   $1,300

Answer: Option C


The Union government's recent decision to set a minimum price per metric tonne for Basmati rice export is a significant step towards ensuring the quality and reputation of Indian Basmati rice. By implementing additional safeguards and encouraging the production of high-quality rice, this decision aims to benefit both farmers and the Basmati rice market as a whole.


17.According to the survey by Plum (insurance provider platform), what percentage of India's senior citizen population lacks health insurance coverage?

A.   98%

B.   17%

C.   85%

D.   45%

Answer: Option A


The Plum survey results reveal a distressing reality: 98% of India's senior citizen population lacks health insurance coverage. This calls for immediate attention and action to ensure the well-being of our elderly citizens. By addressing this issue, we can strive towards a society where every senior citizen has access to the healthcare they need and deserve.


18.In which of the following states was the 'Manav Sampada Portal' launched for instilling transparency and accountability in the functioning of officers?

A.   Bihar

B.   Uttar Pradesh

C.   Madhya Pradesh

D.   Rajasthan

Answer: Option B


The launch of the Manav Sampada Portal in Uttar Pradesh marks a significant milestone in the quest for transparency and accountability in government functioning. By digitizing administrative processes and leveraging advanced technologies, the portal has revolutionized the way officers and employees operate. As other states and countries observe its success, the Manav Sampada Portal stands as a shining example of how technology can transform governance and serve citizens better.


19.What is the name of the Ministry of Home Affairs project which aims at finding missing children, and rescuing and rehabilitating them?

A.   Operation Bright

B.   Operation Bachao

C.   Operation Muskaan

D.   Operation Beti

Answer: Option C


Operation Muskaan stands as a beacon of hope for missing children and their families. Through its diligent efforts, countless lives have been saved, and a strong message has been sent to perpetrators of child exploitation. However, the battle is far from over. It is crucial that we continue supporting initiatives like Operation Muskaan, raising awareness, and working together to secure a safer future for our children.


20.What is the name of the newly launched App by the government that aims to address Illegal coal mining in India?

A.   Khanan Suraksha

B.   Khanan Sathi

C.   Khanan Prahari

D.   Khanan Jankari

Answer: Option C


The Khanan Prahari App has emerged as a powerful tool in the fight against illegal coal mining in India. By harnessing the collective efforts of citizens and government agencies, this innovative solution has the potential to significantly reduce the prevalence of illegal mining activities. It not only safeguards the environment but also protects the economic interests of the nation. With the Khanan Prahari App, India takes a bold step towards a sustainable and responsible mining industry.


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