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December 22, 2023 Current Affairs

1. What is the primary objective of the memorandum of understanding (MoU) signed between ArSRLM and SBI?

A.   Facilitate agricultural development in Arunachal Pradesh

B.   To offer extensive banking services to self-help groups

C.   Enhance rural education infrastructure

D.   Promote industrial growth in the state

Answer: Option B


The strategic alliance between ArSRLM and SBI, as symbolized by the signing of the MoU, marks a significant milestone in the journey towards financial empowerment in Arunachal Pradesh. By offering extensive banking services to self-help groups, this partnership promises to uplift rural communities, promote entrepreneurship, and strengthen financial inclusion. In the coming years, the impact of this collaboration is expected to be far-reaching, transforming lives and driving sustainable development in the state.


2. Who secured a decisive victory with 40 votes to become the new Chief of the Wrestling Federation of India (WFI) in the recent elections?

A.   Anita Sheoran

B.   Brij Bhushan

C.   Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh

D.   Sanjay Singh

Answer: Option D


Sanjay Singh's triumph in the Wrestling Federation of India elections marks a significant turning point for Indian wrestling. With his experience, dedication, and clear vision, he is poised to lead the sport towards a brighter future. As wrestling enthusiasts, we eagerly await the positive changes and advancements that Sanjay Singh's leadership will bring to the Wrestling Federation of India.


3. Until when has LIC been granted an extension to achieve the 25% Minimum Public Shareholding (MPS) rule, as per the one-time exemption by the Ministry of Finance?

A.   May 2025

B.   May 2028

C.   May 2030

D.   May 2032

Answer: Option D


The journey of LIC towards achieving the 25% Minimum Public Shareholding rule has been marked by careful considerations and strategic planning. The extension granted until May 2032 acknowledges the unique circumstances of LIC while ensuring a gradual transition towards greater public ownership. As LIC continues its efforts, it remains committed to upholding transparency, market integrity, and delivering value to its stakeholders.


4. On which date does the nation observe National Mathematics Day (NMD) to honour the brilliance of mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan?

A.   December 12

B.   December 22

C.   November 22

D.   January 22

Answer: Option B


National Mathematics Day, observed on December 22, is a day of celebration and remembrance, dedicated to the exceptional mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan. Through his remarkable contributions to mathematics, Ramanujan inspired countless individuals and revolutionized the field. Let us commemorate this day and strive to keep the spirit of Ramanujan alive by embracing the beauty of mathematics and its infinite possibilities.


5. Which ministry unveiled the National Geoscience Data Repository (NGDR) Portal, aimed at transforming access to essential geoscience data?

A.   Ministry of Space

B.   Ministry Of Mines

C.   Ministry of Science and Technology

D.   Ministry of Environment

Answer: Option B


The launch of the National Geoscience Data Repository (NGDR) Portal by the Ministry of Mines marks a significant milestone in the domain of geoscience research and data accessibility. This innovative platform not only brings together a diverse range of geoscience data but also fosters collaboration and innovation. As we embrace this new era of geoscience data exploration, we can anticipate transformative advancements in research, industry, and sustainable development.


6. Which company received the National Energy Conservation Award 2023 for its commitment to energy-efficient innovations, particularly in the Most Energy Efficient Appliance of the Year 2023 category?

A.   Bajaj Electricals Ltd.

B.   Orient Electric Ltd.

C.   Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd.

D.   Havells India Ltd.

Answer: Option C


Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd. truly deserves the National Energy Conservation Award 2023 for its unwavering dedication to energy-efficient innovations. Their remarkable achievements in developing cutting-edge appliances that prioritize sustainability and energy conservation set a standard for the industry. CGCEL's recognition in the "Most Energy Efficient Appliance of the Year 2023" category further solidifies their position as a leader in the field. Through their efforts, they inspire other companies and individuals to prioritize energy efficiency and contribute to a greener future.


7. Who has been honoured with the "CMD of the Year" award at the 13th PSE Excellence Awards in the Mini-Ratna category for the second straight year?

A.   Pradip Kumar Das

B.   Sunil Gupta

C.   Ananya Sharma

D.   Rajesh Patel

Answer: Option A


Pradip Kumar Das is a true visionary and a trailblazer in the renewable energy sector. His exceptional leadership and significant contributions have made a lasting impact on the industry. Through his relentless pursuit of sustainable development, he has transformed the renewable energy landscape and set new benchmarks for success. Pradip Kumar Das' recognition as the "CMD of the Year" at the 13th PSE Excellence Awards is a testament to his remarkable achievements and serves as an inspiration for aspiring leaders in the field.


8. What authority does the Telecommunications Bill, of 2023, grant to the government in the interest of national security?

A.   Regulate telecom tariffs

B.   Control telecom services permanently

C.   Temporarily assume control of telecom services for national security purposes

D.   Restrict international telecom partnerships

Answer: Option C


the Telecommunications Bill of 2023 grants the government the power to temporarily assume control of telecom services for national security purposes. This provision, approved by the Lok Sabha, strikes a delicate balance between protecting national security and maintaining the smooth functioning of the telecommunications industry. It is an important step towards ensuring the safety and integrity of our communication networks in an increasingly interconnected world.


9. Who unveiled the G20 report titled 'A Green and Sustainable Growth Agenda for the Global Economy' in New Delhi?

A.   Bhupender Yadav

B.   Amitabh Kant

C.   Suman Bery

D.   Kapil Kapoor

Answer: Option A


The unveiling of the G20 report titled 'A Green and Sustainable Growth Agenda for the Global Economy' in New Delhi marks a significant step towards a greener and more sustainable future. With its emphasis on environmental concerns, labor and employment perspectives, and tackling climate change, this report serves as a comprehensive guide for policymakers and stakeholders. It is a reminder of the collective responsibility we share in building a better, more sustainable world.


10. Who has received the RBI's approval for re-appointment as the Executive Director of ICICI Bank, with the term extended from December 23, 2023, to December 22, 2025?

A.   Sandeep Batra

B.   Vikram Sharma

C.   Preeti Gupta

D.   Rajesh Kapoor

Answer: Option A


Sandeep Batra's re-appointment as the Executive Director of ICICI Bank signifies the trust and confidence placed in his leadership abilities. This decision by the RBI reflects the stability and continuity that ICICI Bank aims to maintain in its management team. With Batra at the helm, ICICI Bank is well-positioned to navigate the evolving banking landscape and pursue its growth ambitions. We look forward to witnessing the bank's continued success under his guidance.





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