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December 28, 2023 Current Affairs

1. What is the name of the scheme under which the Union Women and Child Development Ministry plans to set up 17,000 creches within Anganwadi centres across India?

A.   Samarthya

B.   Shakti Sadan

C.   Palna

D.   Anganwadi Plus

Answer: Option C


The Palna scheme stands as a beacon of hope for the betterment of children and women across India. By establishing 17,000 creches within Anganwadi centres, it aims to provide a nurturing and secure environment for children while empowering working parents, particularly women. Through its comprehensive implementation strategies and partnerships, the Palna scheme is set to create a positive and transformative impact on the lives of countless families. It is a testament to the government's commitment to fostering inclusive growth and ensuring a brighter future for the nation.



2. With which country did India sign crucial agreements for the construction of power-generating units at the Kudankulam nuclear plant?

A.   United States of America

B.   Russia

C.   United Kingdom

D.   France

Answer: Option B


The collaboration between India and Russia for the expansion of power-generating units at the Kudankulam nuclear plant marks a momentous achievement. This partnership not only strengthens the energy security of India but also paves the way for technological advancements and knowledge transfer. As construction progresses, the Kudankulam nuclear plant will continue to be a shining example of fruitful international cooperation in the field of nuclear energy.


3. Which country conducted a flight test of the indigenously developed guided multi-launch rocket system Fatah-II?

A.   Iran

B.   China

C.   Pakistan

D.   India

Answer: Option C


The flight test of Pakistan's indigenously developed guided multi-launch rocket system, Fatah-II, signifies a remarkable achievement in the field of missile capabilities. With enhanced range, accuracy, and precision, this technological leap reinforces Pakistan's commitment to national security and showcases its prowess in defense technology. The successful test not only bolsters the country's deterrence capabilities but also elevates its status as a technologically advanced nation. As Pakistan continues to make strides in the defense sector, it stands tall as a beacon of self-reliance and resilience.



4. With which educational institution is Reliance Jio collaborating to launch the Bharat GPT program and a smart TV operating system?

A.   IIT Delhi

B.   IIT Kanpur

C.   IIT Bombay

D.   IIT Madras

Answer: Option C


the strategic collaboration between Reliance Jio and IIT Bombay marks a significant milestone in the television industry. Through the 'Bharat GPT' program and the development of an in-house smart TV operating system, these industry leaders are poised to redefine the television experience for millions of users worldwide. By combining their expertise and resources, Reliance Jio and IIT Bombay are set to shape the future of television, revolutionizing the way we consume content and interact with our devices. Stay tuned for the exciting developments that lie ahead!



5. Which regulatory authority has approved the reverse merger of IDFC Ltd with its banking subsidiary, IDFC First Bank?

A.   RBI



D.   CCI

Answer: Option A


the reverse merger of IDFC Ltd with IDFC First Bank, approved by the RBI, marks a significant step in the evolution of both entities. This strategic move has the potential to transform their operations, enhance their competitiveness, and contribute to the growth and stability of the banking sector. The approval from the RBI serves as a testament to the regulatory authority's confidence in the composite scheme and its potential benefits. As the reverse merger progresses, it will be interesting to observe the outcomes and the broader implications for the banking industry.



6. What was the consolidated balance sheet growth achieved by Indian banks in the fiscal year 2022-23, as per the RBI report?

A.   10.5%

B.   12.2%

C.   15.8%

D.   8.7%

Answer: Option C


the RBI report highlights that Indian banks achieved a remarkable 12.2% consolidated balance sheet growth during the fiscal year 2022-23. This growth showcases the sector's resilience, prudent financial management, and adoption of technology-driven strategies. The impressive performance not only strengthens the financial position of banks but also has positive implications for the overall banking industry. It emphasizes the need for ongoing fortification through robust governance and strategic decision-making, ensuring sustainable growth in the years to come.


7. Which Indian state has recently directed officials to implement the Green Hydrogen Policy-2023 to promote clean energy?

A.   Uttar Pradesh

B.   Maharashtra

C.   Karnataka

D.   Gujarat

Answer: Option A


The implementation of the Green Hydrogen Policy-2023 in Uttar Pradesh marks a significant milestone in the state's journey towards a sustainable and clean energy future. By prioritizing the production and utilization of green hydrogen, Uttar Pradesh aims to reduce carbon emissions, promote clean energy innovation, and position itself as a frontrunner in the green hydrogen sector. This visionary step sets an inspiring example for other states and underscores the importance of embracing renewable energy sources to combat climate change and foster a greener tomorrow.


8. In which state is the LIC (Life Insurance Corporation) opening a new branch office for global expansion?

A.   Goa

B.   Karnataka

C.   Gujarat

D.   Rajasthan

Answer: Option C


LIC's decision to open a new branch office in Gujarat marks a significant milestone in its global expansion and diversification efforts. Gujarat's emergence as a financial hub, combined with its favorable business environment, makes it an ideal destination for LIC's operations. This move will not only unlock new opportunities for LIC but also contribute to Gujarat's overall growth and development. As LIC expands its footprint in Gujarat, it is poised to strengthen its position in the insurance sector and serve a wider customer base.



9. According to the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) forecast, what position will India hold in terms of global economic ranking by 2032?

A.   Second

B.   Third

C.   Fifth

D.   Seventh

Answer: Option B


the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) forecast positions India as the world's third-largest economy by 2032. This projection highlights India's economic growth trajectory, driven by factors such as demographic advantage, technological advancements, and policy reforms. While challenges persist, India's rise presents tremendous opportunities for the country and the world at large. As India progresses towards this milestone, it is crucial to embrace inclusive and sustainable development practices to ensure a prosperous future.


10. Who has recently been approved by the RBI as the part-time Chairman of Kotak Mahindra Bank?

A.   Rakesh Sharma

B.   Uday Kotak

C.   K G Ananthakrishnan

D.   CS Rajan

Answer: Option D


the appointment of CS Rajan as the part-time Chairman of Kotak Mahindra Bank signifies a new era for the institution. With his extensive experience and remarkable leadership skills, Rajan is poised to steer the bank towards greater success. This appointment not only strengthens Kotak Mahindra Bank's position but also highlights the importance of visionary leadership in the financial industry. As we look ahead to the future, it will be intriguing to witness the positive impact Rajan's leadership will have on the bank and the industry as a whole.


11. Who is the revered poet honoured with the renaming of Ayodhya Airport?

A.   Maharishi Valmiki

B.   Tulsidas

C.   Kabir

D.   Surdas

Answer: Option A


The renaming of Ayodhya Airport as "Maharishi Valmiki Airport" is a moment of great pride and reverence for all those who cherish India's cultural heritage. It symbolizes the timeless significance of Maharishi Valmiki's contributions and the eternal wisdom encapsulated in the Ramayana. This act of honoring not only celebrates the poet's legacy but also reaffirms our commitment to preserving and promoting our rich literary traditions for generations to come.


12. Which country has approved a substantial $3.2 billion grant for Intel's $25 billion chip plant?

A.   United States

B.   China

C.   Germany

D.   Israel

Answer: Option D


Israel's approval of a substantial $3.2 billion grant for Intel's $25 billion chip plant marks a monumental milestone for the country's tech sector and the global semiconductor industry. This investment showcases Israel's commitment to technological advancements and economic growth, while also positioning the country as an attractive destination for foreign investments. As the project progresses, the world will closely watch the impact it has on Israel's tech ecosystem and the broader semiconductor landscape.


13. Which project category does INS Imphal belong to among the guided missile destroyers?

A.   Project 14

B.   Project 15

C.   Project 16

D.   Project 17

Answer: Option B


INS Imphal belongs to the Project 15 Bravo Vishakhapatnam class of guided missile destroyers. This class represents a significant leap forward in terms of technological advancements and operational capabilities. With INS Imphal joining the fleet, the Indian Navy's strength and preparedness for any future challenges are further enhanced.


14. Which Indian bank has announced plans to sell its entire 100% stake in its New Zealand subsidiary?

A.   Bank of Baroda

B.   Indian Bank

C.   Punjab National Bank

D.   Bank of India

Answer: Option A


Bank of Baroda's decision to sell its entire 100% stake in Bank of Baroda (New Zealand) has raised eyebrows and triggered discussions within the financial industry. While the exact motivations behind this move remain speculative, it is clear that this decision will have both internal and external implications. As the sale progresses, it will be interesting to observe how Bank of Baroda adjusts its strategic focus and how the New Zealand banking landscape evolves in response to this development.


15. Who has been suspended for one year by the National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA) due to three whereabouts failures?

A.   Sakshi Malik

B.   Geeta Phogat

C.   Vinesh Phogat

D.   Pooja Dhanda

Answer: Option D


The suspension of Pooja Dhanda by NADA for one year due to three whereabouts failures is a significant setback in her career. This incident emphasizes the importance of athletes' compliance with anti-doping measures and the consequences they face for non-compliance. It remains to be seen how Pooja Dhanda will bounce back from this suspension and reclaim her position in the wrestling world.




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