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December 4, 2023 Current Affairs

1. Which organization is implementing the "Gajraj system," an AI-based solution for elephant protection?

A.    Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change

B.    Indian Railways

C.    Wildlife Trust of India

D.    National Tiger Conservation Authority

Answer: Option B


The Gajraj system, implemented by Indian Railways, stands as a remarkable example of utilizing AI technology for wildlife protection. By preventing elephant fatalities on railway tracks, this system showcases a pioneering step in wildlife conservation. With its successful deployment and plans for future expansion, the Gajraj system sets a precedent for other organizations and countries to adopt similar innovative approaches to protect endangered species.



2. Which country's Constitutional Court confirmed the re-election of President Andry Rajoelina?

A.    Mozambique

B.    Mauritius

C.    Madagascar

D.    Malawi

Answer: Option C


The Constitutional Court's confirmation of President Andry Rajoelina's re-election marks a significant moment in Madagascar's political history. As the country moves forward, it faces the challenge of reconciling divergent viewpoints and ensuring inclusive governance. Only time will tell how this decision will shape the future of Madagascar and its democratic journey.



3. On which date is Indian Navy Day observed annually to honor the bravery, dedication, and achievements of the Indian Naval forces?

A.    December 6

B.    December 2

C.    December 4

D.    December 3

Answer: Option C


On December 4th each year, Indian Navy Day stands as a tribute to the brave men and women who have served or continue to serve in the Indian Navy. It is a day to honor their sacrifices, celebrate their achievements, and express gratitude for their unwavering commitment to the nation's security. Let us remember the significance of this day and extend our heartfelt appreciation to the Indian Naval forces for their invaluable service.



4. Who was appointed as the first woman Director General (DG) of the Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education (ICFRE)?

A.    Kanchan Devi

B.    Meera Sharma

C.    Priya Singh

D.    Anjali Patel

Answer: Option A


Kanchan Devi's appointment as the first woman Director General of the Indian Council of Forestry Research and Education (ICFRE) is a milestone worth celebrating. Her remarkable achievement not only signifies progress towards gender equality but also reinforces the importance of diversity in leadership positions. Kanchan Devi's tenure is expected to bring fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and transformative changes to the field of forestry. Let us applaud her trailblazing spirit and wish her the very best in her new role.



5. By what percentage did India successfully reduce its GDP emission intensity between 2005 and 2019, achieving the target 11 years ahead of schedule?

A.    10%

B.    20%

C.    25%

D.    33%

Answer: Option D


 India's reduction of 33% in its GDP emission intensity between 2005 and 2019 illustrates its unwavering commitment to sustainable development and environmental stewardship. By achieving this target 11 years ahead of schedule, India has set a shining example for other nations to follow. Such remarkable progress serves as a testament to the collective efforts required to combat climate change and create a greener, more sustainable future for all.



6. Which country has India resumed importing crude oil from, following the easing of U.S. sanctions?

A.    Iran

B.    Russia

C.    Saudi Arabia

D.    Venezuela

Answer: Option D


 India's resumption of crude oil imports from Venezuela marks a significant shift in its energy strategy. By embracing new possibilities and exploring direct talks, India is not only securing its energy needs but also forging stronger ties with Venezuela. This decision showcases India's ability to adapt and thrive in a dynamic global oil market. As the nation continues to navigate the complex web of international relations, its strategic moves in the energy sector set the stage for a promising future.



7. Which UN Climate Change Conference did India abstain from endorsing the Declaration on Climate and Health?

A.    COP28

B.    COP27

C.    COP26

D.    COP25

Answer: Option A


India's decision to abstain from endorsing the COP28 Declaration on Climate and Health reflects its concerns about the practicality of emission reduction targets in the healthcare sector. With a focus on finding alternative strategies and collaborating with global partners, India aims to strike a balance between climate action and healthcare needs. As COP conferences continue to shape the global environmental agenda, it is crucial to consider the diverse challenges faced by different nations in order to achieve sustainable and inclusive outcomes.



8. Who recently became the third woman from India to achieve the title of Grandmaster in chess?

A.    Sneha Gupta

B.    Vaishali Rameshbabu

C.    Priya Sharma

D.    Nandini Patel

Answer: Option B


Vaishali Rameshbabu's journey to becoming a Grandmaster is a tale of passion, perseverance, and extraordinary talent. Her recent achievement not only solidifies her place among the chess elite but also represents the continued growth and success of Indian chess. With players like Vaishali pushing boundaries and raising the bar, the future of Indian chess looks brighter than ever.


9. Who, as the President of the World Bank, has introduced a strategic initiative to scale up climate financing through securitization, led by the Private Sector Investment Lab (PSIL)?

A.    Christine Lagarde

B.    Ajay Banga

C.    Jim Yong Kim

D.    David Malpass

Answer: Option B


Ajay Banga's strategic initiative to scale up climate financing through securitization, led by the Private Sector Investment Lab (PSIL), marks a pivotal moment in the fight against climate change. By bridging the gap between traditional funding mechanisms and the urgent need for sustainable investments, Banga's visionary approach is transforming the landscape of climate financing. With the world's collective efforts, we can ensure a brighter, greener future for generations to come.



10. In which Indian state was the Hump WWII Museum inaugurated to honor the fallen airmen of the Allied forces during World War II?

A.    Arunachal Pradesh

B.    Assam

C.    Himachal Pradesh

D.    Rajasthan

Answer: Option A


The Hump WWII Museum in Arunachal Pradesh stands as a testament to the unwavering spirit and heroism of the fallen airmen who flew over the treacherous Himalayas during World War II. It serves as a place of remembrance, education, and reflection. The museum not only preserves the memories of the past but also inspires future generations to appreciate the sacrifices made for a better world. Visiting this remarkable institution is a truly humbling experience, reminding us of the indomitable human spirit that shines even in the darkest of times.



11. Where did FITEXPO INDIA 2023, Asia's premier sports, fitness, and wellness expo, take place?

A.    Mumbai

B.    Delhi

C.    Kolkata

D.    Chennai

Answer: Option C


FITEXPO INDIA 2023 in Kolkata proved to be a resounding success, bringing together a diverse community of fitness enthusiasts, industry professionals, and inspiring personalities. The event showcased the latest innovations in sports, fitness, and wellness, while providing a platform for networking, learning, and motivation. FITEXPO INDIA 2023 truly embodied the spirit of health and wellness, leaving a lasting impact on all those who attended.



12.With which energy company has Infosys formed a strategic partnership to promote the adoption of immersion cooling services in data centers?

A.    BP

B.    ExxonMobil

C.    Chevron

D.    Shell

Answer: Option D


 the strategic partnership between Shell and Infosys heralds a new era in data center operations. By combining their respective strengths, these industry leaders are poised to drive the adoption of immersion cooling services on a large scale. This collaboration not only promises enhanced performance and reduced environmental impact but also paves the way for more sustainable and cost-effective data centers. As we move towards a digital future, this partnership stands as a testament to the power of innovation in shaping a greener and more efficient world.


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