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February 10, 2024 Current Affairs

1.Zircon Missile, a supersonic ballistic missile, recently launched by which country?

[A] Russia

[B] Israel

[C] Ukraine

[D] China

Correct Answer: A [Russia]


 The Zircon Missile stands as a testament to Russia's prowess in military technology. Its supersonic speed, stealth capabilities, and precision make it a force to be reckoned with. As it continues to evolve and be integrated into Russia's defense systems, the international community will closely monitor its impact on military dynamics. The Zircon Missile has firmly established Russia's position at the forefront of missile technology, setting a new standard for ballistic missiles worldwide. 


2.Steinernema adamsi, recently seen in the news, belongs to which one of the following species?

[A] Butterfly

[B] Spider

[C] Fish

[D] Nematode

Correct Answer: D [Nematode]


Steinernema adamsi represents a significant breakthrough in the field of pest control. With its natural ability to infect and kill harmful insects while remaining harmless to humans, this nematode species offers a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to conventional pesticides. By harnessing the power of Steinernema adamsi and other beneficial nematodes, we can pave the way towards a greener and more resilient agricultural future. Let us embrace the potential of these mighty nematodes and work towards a harmonious coexistence with nature.



3.Recently, which musician has been honored with the Laxminarayan International Award?

[A] Santhosh Narayanan

[B] Pyarelal Sharma

[C] AR Rahman

[D] V. M. Bhatt

Correct Answer: B [Pyarelal Sharma]


In recognition of his unparalleled talent and immense contributions, Pyarelal Sharma has rightfully been honored with the Laxminarayan International Award. His melodies have touched our hearts, and his music will continue to resonate for generations to come. Pyarelal Sharma's legacy serves as an inspiration to aspiring musicians, reminding us all of the transformative power of music.



4.What is the rank of India in the World Bank’s ‘Logistics Performance Index Report (2023)?

[A] 38th

[B] 36th

[C] 35th

[D] 39th

Correct Answer: A [38th]


India's rank of 38th in the World Bank's Logistics Performance Index Report (2023) signifies the country's steady progress in its logistics capabilities. With a focus on infrastructure development, digitization, policy reforms, and addressing existing challenges, India's logistics sector is poised for further growth and improvement. By leveraging its strengths and embracing opportunities, India can strengthen its position as a global logistics hub.



5.When is the ‘World Pulses Day’ observed every year?

[A] 10 February

[B] 9 February

[C] 8 February

[D] 11 February

Correct Answer: A [10 February]


World Pulses Day serves as a reminder to appreciate the nutritional, environmental, and cultural significance of pulses. By recognizing the immense benefits of these tiny yet mighty superfoods, we can promote sustainable agriculture, improve global food security, and contribute to healthier lifestyles. So, on the 10th of February each year, let's celebrate World Pulses Day with gratitude for the nourishing gifts that pulses offer us all.  


6. Which Indian state aims to establish an AI hub and make the internet a basic right for its citizens?

A.   Karnataka

B.   Maharashtra

C.   Telangana

D.   Tamil Nadu

Answer: Option C


Telangana's ambitious plan to establish an AI hub and ensure internet access as a fundamental right reflects its unwavering commitment to technological innovation and digital inclusivity. By fostering collaboration, attracting investments, and promoting digital literacy, the state is poised to become a global hub for AI and a shining example of how technology can be harnessed for the betterment of society. Telangana's journey towards a technologically advanced future is indeed an inspiration for other regions to follow.



7. Which Indian state's efforts to revive traditional buffalo and bulbul fights during the Magh Bihu festival faced legal challenges?

A.   Bihar

B.   Assam

C.   Gujarat

D.   Rajasthan

Answer: Option B


The Assam government's attempts to revive traditional buffalo and bulbul fights during the Magh Bihu festival have faced significant legal challenges from organizations like PETA. The conflict between cultural preservation and ethical considerations remains unresolved. As Assam moves forward, finding a middle ground that respects both traditions and animal rights will be crucial to strike a balance between the two.



8. What Indian state is initiating the Green Hydrogen Initiative targeting 1 million tonne capacity and 1.2 lakh jobs?

A.   Uttar Pradesh

B.   Maharashtra

C.   Gujarat

D.   Tamil Nadu

Answer: Option A


The Green Hydrogen Initiative in Uttar Pradesh marks a significant step towards a sustainable and eco-friendly future. By aiming for a one million-tonne green hydrogen capacity and creating 120,000 jobs, the state is showcasing its commitment to renewable energy and environmental stewardship. As the project unfolds, it will be fascinating to witness the positive impact it brings not only to Uttar Pradesh but also to the entire nation, setting a benchmark for other states to follow in their pursuit of a greener tomorrow.



9. What was the focus of the conference organized by NADA?

A.   Sports Training Techniques

B.   Sports Nutrition and Performance Enhancement

C.   Sports Psychology and Mental Health

D.   Clean Sports and Anti-Doping

Answer: Option D


the conference organized by NADA focused on the critical theme of clean sports and anti-doping. Through insightful speeches, expert panel discussions, and an emphasis on collaboration, the event served as a catalyst for raising awareness and implementing effective anti-doping measures. NADA's commitment to upholding fair play and integrity in sports shines through, and it is our collective responsibility to support and amplify these efforts. Let us strive for a future where athletes compete on a level playing field, driven by their own talents, dedication, and hard work.



10. Which company has partnered with Embraer on the C-390 Millennium medium transport aircraft in India?

A.   Mahindra

B.   Tata

C.   Adani

D.   Reliance

Answer: Option A


The collaboration between Mahindra and Embraer for the production of the C-390 Millennium medium transport aircraft marks a significant milestone in India's defence modernization journey. This partnership not only strengthens India's self-reliance in the aerospace sector but also bolsters the relationship between India and Brazil. With the combined strengths of Mahindra and Embraer, the C-390 Millennium is set to propel India's defence capabilities to new heights, supporting the nation's quest for a technologically advanced and self-sufficient defence industry.



11. Which organization launched the PACE mission to study oceans and the atmosphere?

A.   ESA




Answer: Option D


The PACE mission, launched by NASA, holds immense potential for unraveling the mysteries of our oceans and atmosphere. By studying microscopic marine organisms, aerosols, clouds, and the overall ocean ecosystem, scientists aim to gain a deeper understanding of climate change dynamics. The data collected by the PACE mission will contribute to more accurate climate models and predictions, assisting in the formulation of informed decisions to safeguard our planet's future.



12. Where was Neeraj Chopra honoured with a commemorative plaque?

A.   Switzerland

B.   France

C.   Italy

D.   Austria

Answer: Option A


The commemorative plaque honoring Neeraj Chopra at Jungfrau's Ice Palace in Switzerland marks a significant moment in the history of Indian sports. It not only celebrates Neeraj's extraordinary achievement but also strengthens the bond between India and Switzerland. This gesture serves as a reminder of the power of sports to bring nations together and inspire generations. Neeraj Chopra's legacy will continue to shine bright, illuminating the path for future athletes to chase their dreams and reach for the stars.



13. Which Northeastern state became the first to reinstate the Old Pension Scheme for its government employees appointed after April 1, 2006?

A.   Assam

B.   Meghalaya

C.   Sikkim

D.   Nagaland

Answer: Option C


Sikkim's decision to reinstate the Old Pension Scheme for government employees appointed after April 1, 2006, sets a remarkable precedent in the Northeastern region. By prioritizing the financial security and welfare of its workforce, the state's Chief Minister, Prem Singh Tamang, has demonstrated visionary leadership. This move not only boosts employee morale but also contributes to the overall economic development of Sikkim. It serves as a shining example for other states to follow, highlighting the importance of valuing and supporting the public servants who dedicate their lives to serving the nation.



14. Which organization approved payment aggregator business to Juspay, Zoho, and Decentro?


B.   RBI



Answer: Option B


 The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) holds the authority to approve payment aggregator businesses in India. The recent approval granted to Juspay, Zoho, and Decentro signifies their compliance with regulatory standards and opens doors for them to operate in India's payments landscape. This pivotal development highlights the importance of regulatory oversight in fostering trust and innovation within the fintech industry.



15. Which country was chosen as the guest of honour at the New Delhi World Book Fair 2024?

A.   Saudi Arabia

B.   United States

C.   United Kingdom

D.   France

Answer: Option A


The selection of Saudi Arabia as the guest of honour at the New Delhi World Book Fair 2024 is a testament to the country's rich literary heritage and its potential to foster cross-cultural understanding. This prestigious title provides a platform for Saudi Arabian authors and publishers to showcase their works and engage with a diverse global audience. Through this celebration of literature, the fair aims to bridge cultural divides and inspire a deeper appreciation for the beauty and diversity of Saudi Arabian literary arts.



16. Which organization has signed a $200 million loan agreement with the Government of India for the Brahmaputra River Project?

A.   World Bank

B.   Asian Development Bank

C.   International Monetary Fund

D.   United Nations Development Programme

Answer: Option B


The signing of the $200 million loan agreement between the Asian Development Bank and the Government of India marks a significant milestone in addressing the flood and riverbank erosion risks along the Brahmaputra River. Through this partnership, the project aims to enhance disaster resilience and empower local communities in Assam. By adopting a multi-faceted approach and engaging with stakeholders at various levels, the Brahmaputra River Project sets a precedent for sustainable and inclusive development in the face of climate change and natural disasters.



17. Who became the first Sri Lankan player to score a double century in One Day Internationals (ODIs)?

A.   Dimuth Karunaratne

B.   Angelo Mathews

C.   Kusal Mendis

D.   Pathum Nissanka

Answer: Option D


Pathum Nissanka's incredible double century in an ODI match against Afghanistan has forever etched his name in Sri Lankan cricketing history. His remarkable talent, unwavering determination, and ability to rise to the occasion make him a true icon in the sport. Nissanka's achievement serves as a reminder that in the world of cricket, records are meant to be broken and dreams can become a reality with sheer dedication. Sri Lankan cricket will forever cherish and celebrate this historic moment, as Nissanka's name will resonate with generations to come.



18. Which company has introduced the "Pure for Sure" initiative to enhance transparency and trust in LPG delivery?

A.   Indane

B.   HP Gas

C.   Bharatgas

D.   Reliance Petroleum

Answer: Option C


Bharatgas' "Pure for Sure" initiative has undoubtedly raised the bar when it comes to transparency and trust in LPG delivery. With tamper-proof seals, QR codes for authentication, delivery notifications, and real-time tracking, Bharatgas has successfully instilled confidence in its consumers. By prioritizing transparency and customer satisfaction, Bharatgas sets an example for other companies in the industry to follow.



19. Who has been appointed as the Non-Executive Chairman of NPCI?

A.   Dilip Asbe

B.   Ajay Kumar Choudhary

C.   Biswamohan Mahapatra

D.   Rama Subramaniam Gandhi

Answer: Option B


The appointment of Ajay Kumar Choudhary as the Non-Executive Chairman of NPCI marks a significant milestone in the organization's journey. With his extensive experience, deep understanding of the financial sector, and strategic vision, Choudhary is poised to lead NPCI towards greater heights. His appointment promises enhanced governance, focus on innovation, and increased collaboration, all of which bode well for NPCI's continued success in revolutionizing the digital payments landscape in India.



20. Which Indian state is set to become the first with 21 airports?

A.   Maharashtra

B.   Karnataka

C.   Uttar Pradesh

D.   Gujarat

Answer: Option C


Uttar Pradesh's ambitious plan to have 21 airports is a testament to the state's commitment to progress and development. This remarkable achievement will not only enhance connectivity but also fuel economic growth, create job opportunities, and boost tourism. As Uttar Pradesh soars to new heights, it sets an inspiring example for other states to follow in the pursuit of comprehensive and sustainable transportation infrastructure.



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