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February 13, 2024 Current Affairs

1. Which institute signed an MoU with IREDA to collaborate on clean energy innovation research and start-up ecosystem development?

A.    IIT Delhi

B.    IIT Bhubaneswar

C.   IIT Madras

D.   IIT Kharagpur

Answer: Option (B)


The collaboration between IREDA and IIT Bhubaneswar marks a significant milestone in the journey towards clean energy innovation and research. Through joint efforts, these institutions aim to catalyze the development of cutting-edge technologies, nurture a vibrant start-up ecosystem, and contribute to India's sustainable energy transition. This partnership holds great promise for a greener and more sustainable future.



2. Which city was recognized as a "Water Warrior" by the Ministry of Jal Shakti for its efforts in water conservation?

A.    Pune

B.    Noida

C.   Bangalore

D.   Chennai

Answer: Option (B)


Noida's recognition as a "Water Warrior" by the Ministry of Jal Shakti is well-deserved. The city's commitment to efficient wastewater treatment, innovative water reuse initiatives, and community engagement showcases its dedication to managing and conserving water resources. Noida serves as an inspiring example for other cities, highlighting the importance of proactive measures in water conservation. As we look towards a more sustainable future, Noida's efforts in water conservation serve as a guiding light for cities around the world.



3. Which country celebrates the festival of Sonam Losar as the New Year for the Tamang community?

A.    Nepal

B.    Bhutan

C.   India

D.   Tibet

Answer: Option (A)


Sonam Losar is celebrated as the New Year for the Tamang community, primarily in Nepal. This vibrant festival showcases the community's rich cultural heritage, fostering unity and preserving their ancestral traditions. Sonam Losar serves as a testament to the Tamang community's deep-rooted connection with their history and identity.



4. In which city was the statue of General Bipin Rawat, India's first Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), unveiled by Defence Minister Rajnath Singh?

A.    New Delhi

B.    Kargil

C.   Nilgiris

D.   Dehradun

Answer: Option (D)


The unveiling of General Bipin Rawat's statue at Tonbridge School in Dehradun marks a momentous occasion in India's military history. This tribute to India's first Chief of Defence Staff not only honors his invaluable contributions but also serves as a source of inspiration for generations to come. General Rawat's visionary leadership and dedication to the nation's defense system will continue to guide and inspire future military leaders. Let us cherish this remarkable event as a reminder of the indomitable spirit that drives our armed forces forward.



5. Which Indian state has declared the Gupteswar forest as its fourth Biodiversity Heritage Site (BHS)?

A.    Kerala

B.    Odisha

C.   Karnataka

D.   Tamil Nadu

Answer: Option (B)


Odisha's declaration of Gupteswar forest as its fourth Biodiversity Heritage Site is a commendable step towards environmental conservation. This recognition not only highlights the ecological significance of Gupteswar forest but also showcases Odisha's dedication to protecting its unique biodiversity. As we celebrate this milestone, let us continue to support and advocate for the preservation of our natural heritage, ensuring a sustainable future for generations to come.



6. When is International Epilepsy Day observed each year?

A.    1st Monday of February

B.    Last Monday of February

C.   2nd Monday of February

D.   3rd Monday of February

Answer: Option (C)


International Epilepsy Day, observed annually on the 2nd Monday of February, holds immense significance in raising awareness about epilepsy and fostering support for individuals living with the condition. By combating stigma, promoting education, and encouraging global collaboration, this day plays a pivotal role in creating a more inclusive and understanding society. Let us stand together, embrace empathy, and work towards a world where individuals with epilepsy can live their lives to the fullest, free from prejudice and barriers.



7. Who secured the 98th spot in ATP's top 100 rankings by winning the ATP Chennai Open Challenger?

A.    Rohan Bopanna

B.    Yuki Bhambri

C.   Divij Sharan

D.   Sumit Nagal

Answer: Option (D)


Sumit Nagal's remarkable journey to secure the 98th spot in ATP's top 100 rankings through his victory at the ATP Chennai Open Challenger is a testament to his unwavering dedication and undeniable skill. This historic achievement not only puts Nagal on the global tennis map but also paves the way for Indian tennis to reach new heights. With his outstanding performance, Nagal has become a role model for aspiring tennis players in India, proving that dreams can indeed become a reality with hard work and determination.




8. Who was the men’s marathon world record holder who tragically passed away in a road accident?

A.    Kelvin Kiptum

B.    Eliud Kipchoge

C.   Gervais Hakizimana

D.   Wilson Kipsang

Answer: Option (A)


Kelvin Kiptum's impact on the world of marathon running will forever be remembered. His remarkable achievements, including his world record-breaking performance, will continue to inspire athletes worldwide. Though his time with us was tragically cut short, Kiptum's legacy will live on, reminding us to pursue our passions with unwavering determination and to never take life for granted.



9. Which company is exploring transitioning its payments service into a third-party payment app (TPAP) to ensure uninterrupted access to the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) for its customers?

A.    One97 Communications

B.    Google

C.   Facebook

D.   Microsoft

Answer: Option (A)


One97 Communications, the parent company of Paytm, is exploring the transition into a third-party payment app (TPAP) to ensure uninterrupted access to the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) for its customers. This strategic move highlights the company's commitment to innovation, user-centricity, and staying at the forefront of the digital payments landscape. As One97 Communications embarks on this transformative journey, the industry eagerly awaits the outcomes and potential ripple effects it may have on the wider digital payment ecosystem.



10. Where was the 7th Indian Ocean Conference held?

A.    New Delhi, India

B.    Jakarta, Indonesia

C.   Perth, Australia

D.   Colombo, Sri Lanka

Answer: Option (C)


The 7th Indian Ocean Conference held in Perth, Australia, successfully brought together stakeholders and experts to discuss and address key challenges and opportunities in the region. With its theme of "Towards a Stable and Sustainable Indian Ocean," the conference emphasized the importance of cooperation, dialogue, and collaborative initiatives. By focusing on maritime security, trade, climate change, and sustainable development, the conference laid the foundation for a brighter future in the Indian Ocean region.



11. When marks the 145th birth anniversary of Sarojini Naidu, celebrated as National Women’s Day?

A.    February 13

B.    March 8

C.   April 15

D.   May 5

Answer: Option (A)


Sarojini Naidu's legacy as a poet, freedom fighter, and advocate for women's rights continues to inspire generations. As we celebrate her 145th birth anniversary on February 13, let us remember the extraordinary journey she undertook and the invaluable contributions she made to society. National Women's Day serves as a tribute to her unwavering spirit and a call to action for achieving a more inclusive and equitable world for women.



12. In which Indian state did the Chief Minister enhance the monthly pension under the Madhu Babu Pension Yojana (MBPY)?

A.    Bihar

B.    West Bengal

C.   Odisha

D.   Tamil Nadu

Answer: Option (C)


The decision to increase the monthly pension under the Madhu Babu Pension Yojana (MBPY) in Odisha is a laudable step towards empowering the vulnerable sections of society. Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik's commitment to social welfare and inclusive growth is commendable, and this enhanced pension scheme will undoubtedly improve the lives of millions of beneficiaries in the state.



13. Where is the 67th All India Police Duty Meet (AIPDM) being hosted by the Railway Protection Force (RPF)?

A.    Mumbai

B.    Lucknow

C.   Delhi

D.   Kolkata

Answer: Option (B)


The 67th All India Police Duty Meet (AIPDM) being hosted by the Railway Protection Force (RPF) in Lucknow is an event of great significance and impact. It serves as a platform for police officers from all over the country to come together, exchange knowledge, and enhance their skills. Through competitions, exhibitions, workshops, and training sessions, the AIPDM plays a vital role in strengthening law enforcement agencies and promoting collaboration among police officers.



14. Which country declared a "national emergency" due to a mysterious oil spill off its coast?

A.    Jamaica

B.    Bahamas

C.   Trinidad & Tobago

D.   Barbados

Answer: Option (C)


Trinidad & Tobago's declaration of a "national emergency" in response to the oil spill off its coast highlights the gravity of the situation and the commitment of the government to address this environmental crisis. With the country's rich biodiversity and economic dependence on coastal resources, the swift and effective containment of the spill is of utmost importance. As the mystery behind the spill unravels, it is crucial for national and international stakeholders to join forces to mitigate the environmental impact, support the affected communities, and prevent such incidents from occurring in the future.



15. What is the urban jobless rate in India for Q3FY24 according to PLFS data analysis?

A.    7.2%

B.    6.8%

C.   6.2%

D.   6.5%

Answer: Option (D)


The urban jobless rate in India for Q3FY24, as per PLFS data analysis, stands at 6.5%. This indicates a positive trend in urban labor markets, with a slight decrease from the previous quarter and a significant improvement from the peak observed during the Covid-affected period in FY22. Understanding the dynamics of the jobless rate is essential for policymakers, economists, and individuals alike, as it provides valuable insights into the economic health and progress of the nation. By staying informed and proactive, we can collectively strive towards fostering a robust and inclusive job market in India.



16. Nazool Land, recently seen in the news, is associated with which state?

[A] Uttarakhand

[B] Himachal Pradesh

[C] Gujarat

[D] Haryana

Correct Answer: A [Uttarakhand ]


Nazool land in Uttarakhand has become a topic of intense debate and conflict. Understanding the historical context, purpose, and recent controversies surrounding this type of land is crucial. It is essential for stakeholders, policymakers, and the public to engage in constructive dialogue to find sustainable solutions that address the concerns and preserve the integrity of Nazool land for the betterment of society.



17. Kawal Tiger Reserve, which was seen in the news, is located in which state?

[A] Maharashtra

[B] Karnataka

[C] Telangana

[D] Kerala

Correct Answer: C [Telangana ]


Kawal Tiger Reserve stands as a testament to the awe-inspiring beauty and importance of preserving our natural heritage. Despite recent challenges, this sanctuary continues to captivate visitors with its breathtaking landscapes, remarkable wildlife, and rich biodiversity. Let us strive to protect and conserve Kawal Tiger Reserve, ensuring its survival for generations to come.



18.‘Dakshin Bharat Sanskritik Kendra’, recently seen in the news, was established in which city of India?

[A] Hyderabad

[B] Chennai

[C] Bengaluru

[D] Kochi

Correct Answer: A [Hyderabad]


The establishment of Dakshin Bharat Sanskritik Kendra in Hyderabad marks a significant milestone in the preservation and promotion of our vibrant cultural heritage. With its commitment to collaboration, research, and artistic enrichment, this cultural hub promises to be a beacon of artistic excellence and a testament to the diversity that defines India's cultural landscape.



19. Recently, UPI payment system has been launched in which two countries?

[A] Sri Lanka and Mauritius

[B] Australia and Egypt

[C] Chile and Peru

[D] Iran and Israel

Correct Answer: A [Sri Lanka and Mauritius]


The launch of Unified Payment Interface (UPI) services in Sri Lanka and Mauritius, along with the introduction of the co-branded RuPay card in Mauritius, signifies a significant step towards enhancing economic ties and connectivity. This collaborative effort between the nations aims to provide convenience to citizens, promote digital transactions, and strengthen bilateral relations. As technology continues to reshape the financial landscape, such initiatives pave the way for a brighter and more connected future.



20. What is ‘Alaskapox’, recently seen in the news?

[A] Bacterial Infection

[B] DNA virus

[C] Fungus

[D] Helminths

Correct Answer: B [DNA virus]


Alaskapox, the enigmatic DNA virus that has recently made headlines, poses a unique challenge to public health. As researchers continue to unravel its mysteries, it is imperative for healthcare professionals, policymakers, and the general public to stay informed about this emerging threat. By understanding the basics, symptoms, transmission, and risks associated with Alaskapox, we can collectively work towards mitigating its impact and protecting our communities.



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