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February 14, 2024 Current Affairs

1. Which state has officially declared Kaji Nemu as its 'State Fruit'?

A.    Kerala

B.    Maharashtra

C.   Karnataka

D.   Assam

Answer: Option (D)


The declaration of Kaji Nemu as Assam's official State Fruit is a significant step towards preserving the cultural heritage and agricultural diversity of the state. This unique variety of lemon, with its exceptional qualities and deep-rooted significance, truly deserves this recognition. As Assam moves forward, it is essential to continue supporting the cultivation and conservation of Kaji Nemu, ensuring its legacy for future generations.



2. Which Indian state recently announced a one-time livelihood cash assistance of ₹1,000 for families covered by the Public Distribution System (PDS)?

A.    Odisha

B.    Karnataka

C.   Tamil Nadu

D.   Gujarat

Answer: Option (A)


The initiatives undertaken by the Odisha government reflect their steadfast dedication to addressing various socio-economic challenges within the state. From providing livelihood cash assistance to introducing schemes promoting entrepreneurship, women's health, and education, the government is taking tangible steps towards empowering lives and livelihoods in Odisha. It is commendable to witness such progressive measures that prioritize the well-being and growth of the people of Odisha.



3. Which country was honoured with the 9th GovTech Prize for its AI-Powered Road Safety Initiative at the World Government Summit 2024?

A.    United States

B.    Japan

C.   India

D.   United Kingdom

Answer: Option (C)


India's AI-powered road safety initiative has undoubtedly set a new benchmark in leveraging technology for the greater good. By harnessing the potential of artificial intelligence, India has not only enhanced government services but also taken significant strides towards ensuring safer roads and protecting lives. This well-deserved recognition at the 9th GovTech Prize highlights the country's commitment to innovation and its dedication to making a positive impact on society.



4. When is World Radio Day celebrated annually?

A.    February 10

B.    February 13

C.   February 16

D.   May 8

Answer: Option (B)


World Radio Day, celebrated annually on February 13th, serves as a reminder of the enduring significance of radio in our lives. It is a day to recognize the power of this medium to reach remote communities, amplify the voices of the vulnerable, and foster connections among people. As we celebrate World Radio Day, let us appreciate the role of radio in shaping our world and acknowledge its potential to drive positive change.



5. Which company recently surpassed the ₹20-lakh crore market capitalization mark, becoming the first on Indian stock exchanges to do so?

A.    Tata Motors

B.    Infosys

C.   Reliance Industries

D.   HDFC Bank

Answer: Option (C)


Reliance Industries' achievement of surpassing the ₹20-lakh crore market capitalization mark is a testament to the company's unwavering commitment to excellence, diversification, strategic partnerships, and favorable market conditions. RIL's stellar performance across its business divisions has not only propelled its growth but has also solidified its position as a pioneer in the Indian corporate landscape. As RIL continues to innovate and expand its footprint, it will be fascinating to witness the company's future achievements and the impact it will have on the Indian economy.



6. Which organization unveiled the GROW Initiative for Agroforestry Development aimed at revitalizing India's wastelands?

A.    Ministry of Agriculture

B.    NITI Aayog

C.   Indian Council of Agricultural Research

D.   Forest Survey of India

Answer: Option (B)


The GROW Initiative for Agroforestry Development, spearheaded by NITI Aayog, is a significant step towards transforming India's wastelands into thriving agroforestry zones. By embracing advanced technologies, engaging stakeholders, and promoting sustainable practices, this initiative holds the promise of not only revitalizing the environment but also uplifting the lives of rural communities. Through the GROW Initiative, India is poised to harness the untapped potential of its wastelands and create a greener, more prosperous future.



7. Where was the National Conference on APAAR: One Nation One Student ID Card inaugurated by Dharmendra Pradhan held?

A.    Mumbai

B.    Kolkata

C.   Bangalore

D.   New Delhi

Answer: Option (D)


The National Conference on APAAR: One Nation One Student ID Card, inaugurated in New Delhi by Dharmendra Pradhan, marks a significant milestone in the education sector. The adoption of the APAAR ID system as a universal student identification document has the potential to revolutionize the way students access educational resources, services, and opportunities. By streamlining administrative processes and fostering collaboration among educational stakeholders, the APAAR ID system aims to create a more inclusive, efficient, and student-centric learning environment. With the government's commitment and the collective efforts of educational institutions and policymakers, the APAAR ID system is poised to make a lasting impact on the education landscape in India.



8. Who was the nation's oldest Test cricketer who recently passed away at the age of 95?

A.    Dattajirao Gaekwad

B.    D. Gopinath

C.   Chandrakant Patankar

D.   M. J. Gopalan

Answer: Option (A)


In the passing of Dattajirao Gaekwad, the cricketing world bids farewell to a true legend. His life and career serve as a testament to the power of cricket to unite, inspire, and transcend boundaries. Gaekwad's remarkable journey will continue to inspire cricketers and fans alike, reminding us that the spirit of the game lives on, imprinted in the hearts of those who play it with passion and reverence.



9. With which institution does the Uttar Pradesh government plan to collaborate for enhanced disaster management?

A.    IIT Bombay

B.    IIT Kanpur

C.   IIT Delhi

D.   IIT Roorkee

Answer: Option (D)


The collaboration between the Uttar Pradesh government and IIT Roorkee marks a significant step towards strengthening disaster management efforts in the state. Through specialized training, research, and infrastructure development, this partnership aims to minimize casualties and improve preparedness. By leveraging the expertise of IIT Roorkee, Uttar Pradesh is well-positioned to mitigate the impact of disasters and safeguard its citizens.



10. Who has been elected as the President of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) for the term 2024-25?

A.    CA. Ranjeet Kumar Agarwal

B.    CA. Charanjot Singh Nanda

C.   CA. Nirmal Jain

D.   CA. Kumar Mangalam Birla

Answer: Option (A)


CA. Ranjeet Kumar Agarwal's election as the President of ICAI for the term 2024-25 marks a significant moment for the institute. With his vast experience and visionary leadership, CA. Agarwal is poised to steer ICAI towards continued growth and success. His focus on professional development, advocacy, and building upon past achievements will undoubtedly shape the future of the accountancy profession in India. We congratulate CA. Ranjeet Kumar Agarwal on his election and wish him the very best in his endeavors.



11. Which state recently passed a bill banning hookah parlours?

A.    Kerala

B.    Telangana

C.   Gujarat

D.   Rajasthan

Answer: Option (B)


The recent bill passed by the Telangana Legislative Assembly banning hookah parlours sends a clear message about the state's commitment to protecting public health. By taking this bold step, Telangana joins the league of states that recognize the dangers of hookah smoking and take proactive measures to address them. It is a significant milestone in the ongoing battle against the misconceptions surrounding hookah smoking and the associated health hazards.



12. When is Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Day observed?

A.    January 1

B.    February 14

C.   March 8

D.   April 22

Answer: Option (B)


Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Day is observed annually on February 14, symbolically coinciding with Valentine's Day. This special day reminds us of the importance of standing together, raising awareness, and supporting those affected by congenital heart defects. Let us unite our hearts in compassion and work towards a brighter future for all.



13.What is Brumation, recently seen in the news?

[A] A type of reptilian hibernation during warmer months

[B] A period of dormancy in reptiles that usually happens during colder months

[C] A term for the active and alert state of reptiles during hunting

[D] A process where reptiles shed their skin to adapt to environmental changes

Correct Answer: B [A period of dormancy in reptiles that usually happens during colder months]


brumation is a vital survival strategy employed by reptiles during colder months. This period of dormancy allows reptiles to conserve energy, endure scarce resources, and adapt to challenging environmental conditions. Through behavioral changes and metabolic adaptations, reptiles navigate the dormant world of brumation, emerging resilient and ready for the warmer seasons.



14.Bor Tiger Reserve, recently seen in the news, is located in which state?

[A] Maharashtra

[B] Gujarat

[C] Rajasthan

[D] Karnataka

Correct Answer: A [Maharashtra]


The Bor Tiger Reserve in Maharashtra stands as a testament to the nation's commitment to preserving its natural heritage. From its diverse wildlife to its captivating landscapes, this sanctuary is a true haven for nature enthusiasts. As we bid farewell to this virtual exploration, let us remember the importance of safeguarding such pristine environments for generations to come. The Bor Tiger Reserve beckons, awaiting your visit to witness the magic it holds within its boundaries.



15.GROW report and portal, recently seen in the news, is launched by which one of the following?

[A] Ministry of Agriculture

[B] Council of Scientific and Industrial Research

[C] NITI Aayog

[D] Ministry of Textiles

Correct Answer: C [NITI Aayog]


NITI Aayog's GROW initiative represents a significant leap towards sustainable land management and agroforestry restoration in India. By utilizing advanced technologies and providing universal access to data, GROW empowers stakeholders in making informed decisions for land rejuvenation. As we move towards the vision of restoring 26 million hectares of degraded land by 2030, GROW stands as a pioneering example of how innovation and environmental stewardship can go hand in hand.



16.Madhu Babu Pension Yojana (MBPY), recently seen in the news, is associated with which state?

[A] Odisha

[B] Bihar

[C] Mizoram

[D] Haryana

Correct Answer: A [Odisha ]


The Madhu Babu Pension Yojana stands as a formidable program that exemplifies the Odisha government's commitment to social welfare. By providing increased support and expanding the coverage, CM Naveen Patnaik and his administration have taken a significant step towards uplifting marginalized communities. The tangible impact of MBPY in improving the lives of beneficiaries and fostering inclusivity cannot be overstated. It serves as a shining example for other states to follow, demonstrating the transformative power of comprehensive social security initiatives.



17.Where was the first council meeting of the Global Biodiversity Framework Fund (GBFF) held?

[A] United States

[B] United Kingdom

[C] Russia

[D] India

Correct Answer: A [United States]


The inaugural meeting of the Global Biodiversity Framework Fund (GBFF) in Washington DC, United States, marked a significant milestone in global efforts to address biodiversity loss. The financial commitments, project approvals, collaborative agenda, and strengthened partnerships showcased the collective determination to protect and restore our planet's precious biodiversity. As we move forward, it is paramount that we continue to prioritize and invest in initiatives that safeguard the rich tapestry of life on Earth. The GBFF sets a promising precedent for international cooperation and serves as a beacon of hope for a more sustainable future.



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