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February 15, 2024 Current Affairs

1. What was India's Wholesale Price Index (WPI) in January?

A.    0.27%

B.    1.00%

C.   1.85%

D.   1.38%

Answer: Option (A)


India's Wholesale Price Index (WPI) recorded a modest growth of 0.27% in January, reflecting a positive trajectory for wholesale inflation. The decline in prices of food articles and manufacturing products contributed to this moderation. While this trend is encouraging for the economy, it is crucial to remain vigilant and adapt to changing dynamics to sustain this positive momentum.



2. For what achievement was Havildar Varinder Singh awarded the Vishisht Seva Medal?

A.    Leading a humanitarian mission

B.    Developing Multipurpose Octocopter

C.   Establishing a new military outpost

D.   Negotiating a trade agreement

Answer: Option (B)


Havildar Varinder Singh's achievement in developing the Multipurpose Octocopter showcases his remarkable technical expertise and dedication to advancing military technology. This cutting-edge drone system, with its versatility and innovative features, has the potential to revolutionize military operations. The recognition of Havildar Varinder Singh with the Vishisht Seva Medal serves as a testament to the importance of innovation in the armed forces and its profound impact on enhancing operational capabilities.



3. Which country's embassy collaborated with NITI Aayog to release a report titled 'LNG as a Transportation Fuel in Medium and Heavy Commercial Vehicles'?

A.    Netherlands

B.    United States

C.   United Kingdom

D.   Norway

Answer: Option (A)


The report titled 'LNG as a Transportation Fuel in Medium and Heavy Commercial Vehicles' serves as a comprehensive guide to unlocking the potential of LNG in the transportation sector. The collaboration between NITI Aayog and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands sets an inspiring example of international cooperation for sustainable development. As we embrace the possibilities offered by LNG, we move closer to a greener and more sustainable future for our commercial transportation systems.



4. Which organization recently unveiled the MilkyWay tablet in India?

A.    Samsung

B.    Epic Foundation

C.   Apple

D.   Microsoft

Answer: Option (B)


In a world where knowledge is key, the Epic Foundation's MilkyWay tablet emerges as a game-changer in the realm of education. With its innovative features, tailored content, and potential for widespread impact, this device has the power to shape a brighter future for students across India. As the MilkyWay tablet takes its first steps into classrooms, the stage is set for a new era of learning, where technology meets education to unlock limitless possibilities.



5. In which state is the "Kanya Sumangala Yojana" scheme being implemented with an increased grant of Rs. 25,000 per beneficiary?

A.    Bihar

B.    Uttar Pradesh

C.   Rajasthan

D.   Madhya Pradesh

Answer: Option (B)


The "Kanya Sumangala Yojana" with its increased grant of Rs. 25,000 per beneficiary in Uttar Pradesh is a significant step towards empowering daughters and promoting equality. This initiative not only provides financial support to families but also encourages the education and overall development of girls in the state. By investing in the future of young girls, UP is paving the way for a more inclusive and prosperous society.



6. According to the Delhi High Court order, what age range is permitted for female to undergo surrogacy under the Surrogacy (Regulation) Act, 2021?

A.    Age 18 to 35

B.    Age 20 to 40

C.   Age 25 to 45

D.   Age 23 to 50

Answer: Option (D)


The Delhi High Court has provided clarity on the age range permitted for female surrogacy under the Surrogacy (Regulation) Act, 2021. The age range of 23 to 50 has been deemed acceptable, considering the physical well-being of the surrogate mother and the best interests of the child. This order marks an important milestone in the ongoing discourse surrounding surrogacy laws in India. As society continues to evolve, it is crucial to strike a balance between individual rights and the greater welfare of all involved parties.



7. Which country's instant payment platform, AANI, was linked with India's UPI through MoUs?

A.    UAE

B.    Qatar

C.   UK

D.   Myanmar

Answer: Option (A)


The linking of India's UPI and UAE's AANI through MoUs marks a significant milestone in the journey towards seamless cross-border transactions. This collaborative effort between two dynamic nations paves the way for enhanced financial connectivity, empowering individuals, businesses, and fostering stronger economic ties. As we witness the convergence of technology, finance, and international relations, this partnership sets a precedent for future collaborations and reinforces the importance of digital payment platforms in shaping the global economy.



8. To which country did Union Sports Minister Anurag Singh Thakur hand over the Chess Olympiad Torch?

A.    Greece

B.    Hungary

C.   Russia

D.   United States

Answer: Option (B)


The Chess Olympiad Torch handover to Budapest, Hungary by Union Sports Minister Anurag Singh Thakur signifies the upcoming 45th edition of this esteemed event. It is an occasion to celebrate chess as an intellectual sport and recognize Hungary's historical significance in the world of chess. As the torch ignites the spirit of competition, chess enthusiasts from around the globe eagerly await the tournament in Budapest, where strategic minds will clash, and champions will be crowned.



9. On which date is International Childhood Cancer Day observed?

A.    February 15

B.    March 10

C.   February 5

D.   May 20

Answer: Option (A)


International Childhood Cancer Day, observed annually on February 15th, stands as a powerful reminder of the battles fought by children and adolescents facing cancer. It calls upon individuals, organizations, and communities to collectively support affected families and work towards improving the quality of life for young patients. Let us honor their strength, raise awareness, and continue to advocate for enhanced support systems. Together, we can make a difference in the lives of these brave warriors.



10. In which year was the electoral bonds scheme introduced in India?

A.    2016

B.    2014

C.   2018

D.   2015

Answer: Option (C)


The Electoral Bonds Scheme introduced in India in 2018 has brought about a significant transformation in political donation reporting and handling. While it aimed to increase transparency and accountability, it has also faced criticism and legal challenges. The journey of electoral bonds is an ongoing one, with continuous debates and discussions shaping its future. As India continues its democratic journey, the electoral bonds scheme remains a crucial aspect of the country's political funding landscape.



11. Which country is set to launch its first luxury train, the Dream of the Desert?

A.    Egypt

B.    Turkey

C.   Saudi Arabia

D.   United Arab Emirates

Answer: Option (C)


The Dream of the Desert, Saudi Arabia's first luxury train, is not merely a mode of transportation but a gateway to a world of wonders. With its launch, the kingdom aims to enthrall visitors with its rich history, breathtaking landscapes, and warm hospitality. As passengers embark on this extraordinary journey, they will be captivated by the beauty of Saudi Arabia and create memories that will last a lifetime.



12. Through which platform did the Ministry of Defence achieve a total order value milestone of ₹1 Lakh Crore?

A.    eBay

B.    Udaan

C.   eProcurement

D.   GeM

Answer: Option (D)


The Ministry of Defence's achievement of a ₹1 Lakh Crore procurement milestone through the GeM platform is a testament to the transformative power of technology in revolutionizing traditional processes. GeM has not only facilitated efficient spending and procurement practices but has also promoted fairness, transparency, and the growth of MSEs. As the ministry continues its journey towards modernization and digitalization, GeM will undoubtedly remain a crucial ally, empowering the defence sector and contributing to the nation's economic development.



13. Which company increased its stake in SBI Cards & Payments Services Limited on February 9, 2024?

A.    HDFC Asset Management Co. Ltd

B.    UTI Asset Management Co. Ltd

C.   Aditya Birla Sun Life Insurance Co. Ltd

D.   Life Insurance Corporation of India

Answer: Option (D)


LIC's decision to increase its stake in SBI Cards & Payments Services Limited showcases its belief in the future prospects of the company. This move not only solidifies LIC's position in the financial industry but also reflects the potential for growth and collaboration within the sector. As the partnership between LIC and SBI Cards strengthens, it will be interesting to observe the future developments and benefits that arise from this increased ownership.



14. Which specific article of the Indian Constitution was cited as violated in the Supreme Court's ruling on the electoral bonds scheme?

A.    Article 21

B.    Article 12

C.   Article 19

D.   Article 17

Answer: Option (C)


The Supreme Court's ruling on the electoral bonds scheme, citing it as violative of Article 19(1)(a), has ignited a significant debate on the need for transparency in political funding. While supporters and critics continue to voice their opinions, this verdict highlights the importance of striking a delicate balance between privacy and accountability. The future holds the promise of more refined political financing mechanisms that promote transparency and uphold the democratic spirit envisioned by the Indian Constitution.



15. How many nations are part of the International Energy Agency (IEA)?

A.    15 nations

B.    24 nations

C.   31 nations

D.   42 nations

Answer: Option (C)


The International Energy Agency (IEA) consists of 31 member nations. These countries collaborate to ensure energy security, foster economic growth, and promote sustainable development. India's engagement with IEA member countries highlights its commitment to playing an active role in shaping the global energy landscape.



16. Which Indian state's police force became the first to utilize drones for dispersing tear gas?

A.    Maharashtra

B.    Uttar Pradesh

C.   Punjab

D.   Haryana

Answer: Option (D)


The Haryana Police's pioneering implementation of tear gas drones marks a significant milestone in the evolution of law enforcement tactics in India. By harnessing the power of drone technology, they have set a precedent for other states to follow. Tear gas drones offer improved crowd control capabilities, enhanced public safety, and minimized risks for both law enforcement personnel and the general public. As we move forward, it is exciting to envision how this innovative use of drones will shape the future of policing in India and beyond.



17. Where did the Prime Minister announce the opening of a new CBSE office during the 'Ahlan Modi' diaspora event?

A.    Abu Dhabi

B.    Sharjah

C.   Dubai

D.   Ras Al Khaimah

Answer: Option (C)


The Prime Minister's announcement of a new CBSE office in Dubai during the 'Ahlan Modi' diaspora event in Abu Dhabi marks a significant milestone in strengthening educational ties between India and the UAE. This initiative showcases the commitment to providing quality education to Indian students residing in the UAE and streamlining their educational journey. With the establishment of this new office, Indian students can look forward to enhanced educational opportunities, seamless transitions between schools, and a stronger connection to their cultural heritage. The future is bright for Indian students in the UAE, as this collaboration paves the way for a promising and prosperous educational journey.



18. Who has been appointed as the new Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of SBICAPS?

A.    Rajay Kumar Sinha

B.    Virendra Bansal

C.   Jayanta Bhattacharya

D.   Deepak Kumar Lalla

Answer: Option (B)


Virendra Bansal's appointment as the new Managing Director and CEO of SBICAPS marks a significant milestone for the organization. With his leadership at the helm, SBICAPS is poised for a new chapter of growth, innovation, and success. As Bansal takes charge, the investment banking landscape can expect exciting developments and a renewed commitment to excellence from SBICAPS.



19. Who has assumed the role of Chairman & Managing Director of IRCTC?

A.    Mr. Sanjay Kumar Jain

B.    Mr. Ajit Kumar

C.   Mr. Lokiah Ravikumar

D.   Mr. K.K. Mishra

Answer: Option (A)


Mr. Sanjay Kumar Jain has assumed the pivotal role of Chairman & Managing Director of IRCTC. With his vast experience, leadership acumen, and a vision for the future, he is well-positioned to lead IRCTC into a new era of excellence. As passengers and stakeholders, we can look forward to exciting developments and improvements under his guidance.



20. When is National World Hippo Day celebrated annually?

A.    January 15

B.    March 15

C.   April 15

D.   February 15

Answer: Option (D)


National World Hippo Day, celebrated annually on February 15th, is a significant occasion that highlights the challenges faced by hippos and promotes conservation efforts to protect these endangered animals. By raising awareness and fostering a sense of responsibility towards their well-being, we can collectively contribute to ensuring a brighter future for hippos and the preservation of their natural habitats.



21.What is the primary objective of the ‘e-Jagriti Portal’, recently mentioned in the news?

[A] To facilitate consumer dispute redressal

[B] To promote awareness about agricultural crops

[C] To offer loans to small businesses

[D] To provide health facilities to remote areas

Correct Answer: A [To facilitate consumer dispute redressal]


The e-Jagriti Portal is a significant step towards transforming the consumer dispute redressal landscape. With its user-friendly interface, AI-driven features, and integration of various grievance platforms, it aims to expedite the resolution of consumer court cases and ensure a fair and efficient process. As the portal continues to evolve and adapt, it holds the potential to strengthen consumer protection, promote awareness, and foster trust between consumers and businesses. resolution.



22.What is ‘Cuscuta dodder’, recently seen in the news?

[A] Invasive weed

[B] Fish

[C] Virus

[D] Spider

Correct Answer: A [Invasive weed]


The invasion of Cuscuta dodder, an invasive weed, threatens the delicate balance of the Chengalpet forests and Vedanthangal Bird Sanctuary in Tamil Nadu. As this parasitic vine continues to spread, it poses a severe risk to both the local ecology and the habitats of migratory birds. Additionally, the agricultural sector faces challenges in mitigating the impact of Cuscuta dodder on crop yields. It is crucial to raise awareness about this invasive weed and implement effective strategies to control its spread, preserving the natural beauty and ecological health of these invaluable ecosystems.



23.Recently, which country won the 9th GovTech Prize for AI Powered Government Services at the World Government Summit 2024?


[B] India

[C] Qatar

[D] Turkey

Correct Answer: B [India]


India's triumph at the 9th GovTech Prize showcases the nation's unwavering dedication to leveraging technology for the betterment of its citizens. Through the remarkable project iRASTE, the Ministry for Road Transport and Highways has redefined the landscape of government services, setting a benchmark for others to follow. This achievement serves as a testament to India's commitment to innovation and its ability to harness the power of artificial intelligence to drive progress in the public sector.



24.Which state government has officially declared kaji nemu (Citrus limon) as the state fruit?

[A] Nagaland

[B] Manipur

[C] Assam

[D] Sikkim

Correct Answer: C [Assam]


the declaration of Kaji Nemu as the official 'State Fruit' by the Assam government is a step towards preserving and honoring the cultural heritage and nutritional value of this tangy delight. This zesty jewel, with its distinctive characteristics and versatility, truly represents the essence of Assamese cuisine and traditions. So, the next time you savor the tang of a lemon, take a moment to appreciate the vibrant heritage encapsulated within the Kaji Nemu of Assam.



25.Nua-O scholarship program, recently seen in the news, is associated with which state?

[A] Gujarat

[B] Andhra Pradesh

[C] Odisha

[D] Bihar

Correct Answer: C [Odisha ]


The Nua-O scholarship program in Odisha is a commendable initiative by the state government to empower students and promote higher education. By bridging the financial gap, it opens doors of opportunity for countless deserving individuals. As the program continues to grow and evolve, it has the potential to shape a brighter and more prosperous future for the youth of Odisha. 


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