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February 18, 2024 Current Affairs

1. What is the pioneering treatment for cancer recently approved in India?

A.    CAR-T cell therapy

B.    Radiation therapy

C.   Chemotherapy

D.   Immunotherapy

Answer: Option (A)


CAR-T cell therapy represents a pioneering treatment for cancer recently approved in India. This personalized approach harnesses the power of the patient's own immune system to target and eliminate cancer cells. With its remarkable mechanism, potential for durable responses, and individualized treatment approach, CAR-T cell therapy is poised to revolutionize cancer treatment. However, careful consideration of potential side effects and ongoing research and development are essential to unlocking the full potential of this groundbreaking therapy.



2. Which organization collaborated with AIIMS to launch the Smart Payment Card for cashless transactions?

A.    Canara Bank

B.    State Bank of India

C.   Indian Bank

D.   Union Bank of India

Answer: Option (B)


The collaboration between AIIMS and SBI to launch the Smart Payment Card marks a significant milestone in the healthcare industry. By embracing cashless transactions, AIIMS has prioritized the well-being and convenience of its patients. This innovative solution not only enhances safety and efficiency but also sets a precedent for other healthcare institutions to follow suit. With AIIMS and SBI leading the way, we can expect a future where cashless transactions become the norm, revolutionizing the healthcare landscape.



3. Which Indian state is set to launch the country's first Helicopter Emergency Service (HEMS)?

A.    Himachal Pradesh

B.    Jammu and Kashmir

C.   Arunachal Pradesh

D.   Uttarakhand

Answer: Option (D)


The launch of Uttarakhand's Helicopter Emergency Service (HEMS) marks a monumental milestone in the realm of emergency medical services in India. By swiftly transporting accident victims and patients from remote and hilly regions to AIIMS in Rishikesh, this initiative will undoubtedly save countless lives. Project 'Sanjeevani' serves as a shining example of innovation and collaboration, setting the stage for the future of emergency healthcare in the country.



4. Which state will benefit from the establishment of the first mega-scale integrated EV project by JSW Group?

A.    Gujarat

B.    Maharashtra

C.   Karnataka

D.   Odisha

Answer: Option (D)


While Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Karnataka also exhibit potential for the establishment of mega-scale integrated EV projects, Odisha stands out as the ideal state for JSW Group's initiative. Its strategic location, government support, thriving industrial ecosystem, and abundance of renewable energy sources make Odisha a perfect fit for the project. With these factors in mind, it is evident that Odisha will benefit significantly from the establishment of the first mega-scale integrated EV project by JSW Group.



5. How long does the Indian Productivity Week last, commencing with National Productivity Day?

A.    February 12 to 18

B.    January 1 to 7

C.   March 15 to 21

D.   April 5 to 11

Answer: Option (A)


The Indian Productivity Week, commencing with National Productivity Day on February 12 and spanning until February 18, is a significant event that showcases India's commitment to advancing productivity. Through a series of activities, sector-specific focus, and collaborative initiatives, this week serves as a catalyst for economic development. By embracing innovation, knowledge sharing, and collaboration, India continues to pave the way towards a more productive and prosperous future.



6. In which location will the three-day Nagi Bird Festival take place?

A.    Patna

B.    Jamui

C.   Gaya

D.   Bhagalpur

Answer: Option (B)


The three-day Nagi Bird Festival in Jamui, Bihar, is a celebration of birds, nature, and community. Through its various activities and events, the festival not only showcases the mesmerizing avian diversity of the region but also fosters a sense of responsibility towards bird conservation. By promoting tourism in Jamui and raising awareness about the importance of preserving bird habitats, this festival paves the way for a sustainable and harmonious coexistence between humans and birds.



7. Which Indian state recently approved a bill to ban 'magical healing' practices?

A.    Bihar

B.    Assam

C.   Kerala

D.   Gujarat

Answer: Option (B)


The approval of the Assam Healing (Prevention of Evil) Practices Bill, 2024, marks a significant step forward in protecting individuals from fraudulent magical healing practices. By implementing strict regulations, promoting public awareness, and encouraging collaboration between healers and healthcare professionals, Assam sets an example for other states to follow. This decisive action reaffirms the government's commitment to safeguarding the well-being of its citizens and ensuring access to reliable and ethical healthcare practices.



8. Which organization's Unified Shared Service Centre (USSC) won the first prize at the 9th Global Procurement Summit 2024?

A.    NTPC

B.    BHEL


D.   IOC

Answer: Option (A)


NTPC's USSC's remarkable achievement of winning the first prize at the 9th Global Procurement Summit 2024 is a testament to their unwavering commitment to excellence. Through strategic initiatives, technological advancements, collaboration, and standardization, NTPC's USSC has set a new benchmark in procurement practices. This accolade not only recognizes their outstanding efforts but also positions NTPC as a global leader in the energy sector. Congratulations to NTPC's USSC for this well-deserved recognition!



9. Which company's CEO, Arvind Krishna, recently joined the Board of Directors of the US-India Strategic Partnership Forum (USISPF)?

A.    Microsoft

B.    Google

C.   Amazon

D.   IBM

Answer: Option (D)


Arvind Krishna's appointment to the Board of Directors of the US-India Strategic Partnership Forum (USISPF) marks a significant milestone for both IBM and the technology industry. It highlights Krishna's exceptional leadership and expertise, while also strengthening IBM's global influence and its commitment to driving market transitions. As we move forward, it will be intriguing to witness the impact of this partnership on the evolving technology landscape and the potential benefits it may bring to both the United States and India.



10. With which e-learning platform did the Andhra Pradesh government partner for higher education courses?

A.    edX

B.    Coursera

C.   Udemy

D.   Khan Academy

Answer: Option (A)


The Andhra Pradesh government's partnership with edX demonstrates its commitment to revolutionizing higher education. By leveraging the power of e-learning, students in Andhra Pradesh are now equipped with a vast selection of world-class courses. This collaboration not only expands educational opportunities but also sets a precedent for innovation and inclusivity in the realm of online education. With the foundation laid by this partnership, the future of higher education in Andhra Pradesh shines brighter than ever before.



11. What was the primary profession of Usha Kiran Khan, who recently passed away at the age of 78?

A.    Activist

B.    Actor

C.   Singer

D.   Writer

Answer: Option (D)


Usha Kiran Khan's recent passing marks the end of an era for the literary world. Her exceptional talent, unwavering dedication, and unique perspective have forever etched her name in the annals of Hindi and Maithili literature. As we reflect on her life and work, let us celebrate her legacy by cherishing her writings, sharing her stories, and inspiring future generations to embrace the transformative power of the written word.



12. Where is the world's first air taxi service set to be launched according to agreements signed at the World Government Summit 2024?

A.    New York

B.    Dubai

C.   Tokyo

D.   London

Answer: Option (B)


Dubai's ambitious plans for the world's first air taxi service demonstrate its unwavering commitment to innovation and pushing the boundaries of transportation. By embracing this revolutionary concept, Dubai is set to transform the way we commute, offering a glimpse into a future where flying taxis are an integral part of urban mobility. With the agreements signed and launch plans underway, the countdown has begun for the world to witness the dawn of a new era in transportation.



13. Where was the 14th Global Immigration Summit organized?

A.    Mumbai

B.    Kolkata

C.   Bengaluru

D.   New Delhi

Answer: Option (D)


The 14th Global Immigration Summit in New Delhi proved to be a significant milestone in the realm of immigration. With experts from around the world coming together to discuss and analyze immigration programs, attendees gained valuable insights and built connections that will shape their future endeavors. The summit showcased the importance of international collaboration and knowledge-sharing in navigating the ever-evolving landscape of global immigration.



14. What slogan is associated with the Farmers' Protest march demanding various reforms, including a legal guarantee to MSP for all crops and full debt waiver for farmers?

A.    Delhi Chalo

B.    Bharat Mata ki Jai

C.   Jai Kisan

D.   Krishi Suraksha

Answer: Option (A)


The Farmers' Protest march demanding various reforms, including a legal guarantee to MSP for all crops and full debt waiver for farmers, has found its voice in the powerful slogan "Delhi Chalo." This slogan encapsulates the determination, unity, and unwavering spirit of the farmers as they strive for a brighter future. By marching towards Delhi, they aim to create lasting change and bring attention to the urgent needs of the agricultural community. As the protests continue, the slogan "Delhi Chalo" continues to resonate as a symbol of hope and resilience.



15. Which country's port received the first trial cargo vessels from the Maia Inland Port in India?

A.    Indonesia

B.    Sri Lanka

C.   Bangladesh

D.   Myanmar

Answer: Option (C)


The first trial cargo vessels between Maia Inland Port and Sultanganj Port mark a significant milestone in the collaborative efforts between India and Bangladesh. This successful endeavor paves the way for enhanced trade connectivity, economic growth, and regional development. As these two countries continue to strengthen their ties, the future holds promising opportunities for increased trade volumes and mutually beneficial partnerships.



16. Which country is currently experiencing the weather phenomenon known as the Pineapple Express Storm?

A.    Brazil

B.    Australia

C.   India

D.   United States

Answer: Option (D)


The United States, specifically California, is currently experiencing the weather phenomenon known as the Pineapple Express Storm. This atmospheric river phenomenon, originating from the tropical waters near the Hawaiian Islands, brings copious amounts of moisture and heavy rainfall upon landfall. As we continue to witness the impacts of the Pineapple Express, it is crucial to understand and prepare for the potential consequences it may bring.



17. Which company has won the order for setting up Haryana's first ultra-supercritical power plant?

A.    Tata Power

B.    Adani Power


D.   Reliance Power

Answer: Option (C)


BHEL's triumph in securing the order for establishing Haryana's inaugural ultra-supercritical thermal power plant marks a momentous milestone in the state's power infrastructure. The advent of this advanced technology will not only propel Haryana towards a greener and more sustainable future but also solidify BHEL's position as a key contributor to the state's power sector. As Haryana continues to prioritize progress and innovation, the ultra-supercritical power plant stands as a symbol of the state's commitment to meeting its energy needs while embracing cleaner and more efficient solutions.



18. Which Indian Institute of Technology inaugurated the "SWASTHA" project focused on advanced healthcare using nanoelectronics?

A.    IIT Bombay

B.    IIT Guwahati

C.   IIT Delhi

D.   IIT Madras

Answer: Option (B)


IIT Guwahati's "SWASTHA" project marks a significant milestone in the journey towards advanced healthcare using nanoelectronics. With its focus on innovation, state-of-the-art clean room facilities, and scientific collaboration, this project has the potential to revolutionize diagnostics, treatment, and monitoring in healthcare. By harnessing the power of nanoelectronics, IIT Guwahati is paving the way for a future where precision and efficiency become the norm in healthcare delivery. The "SWASTHA" project underscores the institute's commitment to pushing the boundaries of knowledge and making a lasting impact on society.



19. When is World Human Spirit Day observed?

A.    January 12

B.    February 18

C.   April 13

D.   February 17

Answer: Option (D)


World Human Spirit Day, observed on February 17th, serves as a beautiful reminder to honor and nurture the strength that lies within us. Through reflection, mindfulness, and meditation, we can deepen our connection with our spiritual selves and cultivate a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment. So, on this special day, let us embrace the power of the human spirit and embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth.



20. Which institution has collaborated with AIIMS New Delhi to establish the 'AIIMS Liverpool Collaborative Centre for Translational Research in Head and Neck Cancer - ALHNS'?

A.    University College Dublin

B.    University of Oxford

C.   University of Liverpool

D.   Cambridge University

Answer: Option (C)


The collaboration between AIIMS New Delhi and the University of Liverpool to establish the AIIMS Liverpool Collaborative Centre for Translational Research in Head and Neck Cancer marks a significant milestone in the field of cancer research. By leveraging the strengths of both institutions and fostering translational research, this partnership has the potential to drive groundbreaking discoveries and advancements in personalized cancer treatments. The future looks promising as the collaborative efforts of these institutions pave the way for a brighter and healthier tomorrow.


21.Pandaram land, recently seen in the news, is located in which state/UT?

[A] Lakshadweep

[B] Tamil Nadu

[C] Puducherry

[D] Andhra Pradesh

Correct Answer: A [Lakshadweep ]


The dispute over Pandaram land in Lakshadweep is a complex issue that has garnered attention due to the conflicting claims and concerns of the locals. As the administration asserts government ownership and the community opposes it, the future of these cherished lands remains uncertain. It is crucial for dialogue and understanding to prevail in order to find a fair and respectful resolution to this dispute.



22.Researchers have recently discovered a new species of marine amphipod in which lake of Odisha?

[A] Tampara lake

[B] Kanjia lake

[C] Chilika lake

[D] Sar lake

Correct Answer: C [Chilika lake]


The discovery of a new species of marine amphipod in Chilika Lake is not only a testament to the lake's ecological significance but also a reminder of the countless wonders that remain hidden within our natural world. It highlights the importance of preserving and protecting such unique ecosystems, ensuring the survival of these remarkable creatures for generations to come. As researchers continue to unravel the mysteries of Chilika Lake, we can only marvel at the wonders waiting to be discovered beneath its shimmering surface.



23.Where was the 11th International Puppet Festival inaugurated?

[A] New Delhi

[B] Chandigarh

[C] Bhopal

[D] Chennai

Correct Answer: B [Chandigarh]


The 11th International Puppet Festival in Chandigarh has emerged as a platform for cultural exchange and artistic exploration. Through its vibrant performances, engaging shows for students, and the immersive puppet exhibition, this festival celebrates the timeless allure of puppetry. As the curtains draw to a close, leaving behind a trail of magical memories, one thing is certain - the art of puppetry continues to captivate and inspire audiences of all ages.



24.India signed a Memorandum of Understanding with which country for sharing open-sourced digital public infrastructure?

[A] Colombia

[B] Chile

[C] Brazil

[D] Guyana

Correct Answer: A [Colombia ]


The MoU between India and Colombia for sharing open-sourced digital public infrastructure marks a significant step towards fostering collaboration and innovation in the digital domain. This partnership holds immense potential for both nations to exchange valuable insights, successful digital solutions, and expertise, ultimately contributing to their respective digital transformation journeys. By leveraging India's world-class digital public goods infrastructure and Colombia's determination to embrace technology-driven governance, this collaboration sets the stage for a brighter and more inclusive digital future.



25.Which day is celebrated as Global Tourism Resilience Day?

[A] 17 February

[B] 18 February

[C] 19 February

[D] 20 February

Correct Answer: A [17 February]


Global Tourism Resilience Day (GTRD) is celebrated on February 17th every year. The day was designated by the United Nations in 2023 to highlight the need for tourism development to be more resilient to shocks and emergencies. The initiative focuses on bolstering the tourism sector against various challenges, supporting sustainable development, and promoting economic stability, particularly in developing nations.



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