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February 19, 2024 Current Affairs

1. What type of missile is the SAMAR air defence system?

A.    Anti-Tank Missile

B.    Surface-to-Air Missile

C.   Cruise Missile

D.   Air-to-Surface Missile

Answer: Option (B)


The SAMAR air defense system is a remarkable achievement in indigenous defense technology development. As a Surface-to-Air Missile (SAM), it demonstrates India's advanced capabilities in air defense systems. With its impressive capabilities and commitment to self-reliance, the SAMAR system reinforces the nation's position as a force to be reckoned with in the realm of defense technology.



2. Which country is actively working on developing a nuclear anti-satellite (ASAT) weapon?

A.    United States

B.    China

C.   Russia

D.   India

Answer: Option (C)


Russia's active pursuit of a nuclear anti-satellite (ASAT) weapon marks a significant development in space technology. The potential implications of such weapons on global space security cannot be underestimated. As the international community continues to monitor these advancements, it becomes crucial to foster dialogue and cooperation to prevent an arms race and maintain the peaceful use of space for the benefit of all.



3. Which entity developed India's first indigenous spy satellite set for SpaceX launch?

A.    Tata Advanced Systems Ltd

B.    Indian Space Research Organisation

C.   Bharat Electronics Limited

D.   Hindustan Aeronautics Limited

Answer: Option (A)


Tata Advanced Systems Ltd (TASL) stands at the forefront of India's remarkable achievement in developing its first indigenous spy satellite. This groundbreaking endeavor underscores India's determination to become self-reliant in advanced space technology, reducing dependence on foreign vendors. As the satellite prepares for its launch via SpaceX, India takes a giant leap forward in enhancing national security measures and protecting its interests.



4. According to the Henley Passport Index 2024, how many countries offer visa-free access to Indian citizens?

A.    120 countries

B.    85 countries

C.   62 countries

D.   100 countries

Answer: Option (C)


The Henley Passport Index 2024 reveals that Indian citizens have visa-free access to 62 countries. While this is an improvement, India's slip in ranking to 85th place suggests the need for continuous efforts in enhancing diplomatic ties and visa policies. The index serves as a reminder of the importance of maintaining strong global relations and striving for higher positions to benefit Indian passport holders.



5. What is the objective of the MoU between the Department of Fisheries and ONDC?

A.    Enhance fish production

B.    Establish new fishing zones

C.   Implement stricter fishing regulations

D.   Improve fishermen’s direct market access

Answer: Option (D)


The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the Department of Fisheries and the Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC) signifies a significant step towards transforming India's fisheries industry. Through digital commerce, fishermen will gain direct market access, opening up new opportunities for growth and prosperity. This collaborative effort holds the promise of revolutionizing the way fishermen connect with buyers, streamlining operations, and empowering the fishing community at large. With the objective of improving fishermen's direct market access (Option D), the MoU stands as a testament to the power of technology in driving positive change in the fisheries sector.



6. According to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) report, what was the amount of India's outward foreign direct investment (FDI) commitments in January 2024?

A.    $1.8 billion

B.    $2.05 billion

C.   $2.15 billion

D.   $2.09 billion

Answer: Option (D)


The RBI's report sheds light on the amount of India's outward FDI commitments in January 2024, which amounted to a significant $2.09 billion. This surge indicates the growing global ambitions of Indian businesses, as they expand their presence beyond national boundaries. With a notable increase in outbound FDI commitments, India's role in the international economic landscape continues to strengthen, positioning the nation as a key player in the global market.



7. What is the name of the ancient festival that recently concluded after a millennium-long legacy in Japan?

A.    Lunar New Year Festival

B.    Kokuseki Festival

C.   Sominsai Festival

D.   Cedar Forest Celebration

Answer: Option (C)


The recently concluded Sominsai festival in Japan has left an indelible impression on all who have witnessed its grandeur. From the spirited wrestling matches symbolizing the expulsion of evil to the revered Kokuseki Temple serving as the sacred venue, this millennium-long tradition has stood the test of time. The Sominsai festival is a cultural treasure that allows us to appreciate Japan's rich history and heritage, while also reminding us of the importance of preserving ancient traditions for generations to come.



8. On which date was World Pangolin Day observed in 2024?

A.    February 16

B.    February 18

C.   February 17

D.   February 19

Answer: Option (C)


World Pangolin Day 2024 was an incredible display of unity and dedication towards pangolin conservation. The collaborative efforts of the Andhra Pradesh Forest Department, environmentalists, and the public showcased the urgency in protecting these magnificent creatures. By raising awareness, we can take crucial steps towards preserving pangolin populations and ensuring a brighter future for these remarkable animals.



9. Which country's women's badminton team won the title at the Badminton Asia Team Championships 2024?

A.    India

B.    Thailand

C.   Malaysia

D.   China

Answer: Option (A)


The Indian women's badminton team's historic triumph at the Badminton Asia Team Championships 2024 is a testament to their skill, determination, and teamwork. Led by PV Sindhu, the team overcame formidable opponents and displayed exceptional performances throughout the tournament. The rising star, Anmol Kharb, and the doubles duo Teresa Jolly and Gayatri Gopichand made significant contributions to the team's success. This victory marks a milestone in India's badminton journey and showcases the immense potential of the country's women's badminton team.



10. Who has been appointed as the Non-Executive Part-time Chairman of ICICI Bank?

A.    Mr. Girish Chandra Chaturvedi

B.    Pradeep Kumar Sinha

C.   Sandeep Bakhshi

D.   Arundhati Bhattacharya

Answer: Option (B)


The appointment of Mr. Pradeep Kumar Sinha as the Non-Executive Part-time Chairman of ICICI Bank marks a significant milestone in the bank's leadership transition. With his impressive background and expertise, Mr. Sinha is poised to lead ICICI Bank towards continued success. As the shareholders' approval awaits, the banking industry eagerly anticipates the positive impact of this key appointment.



11. Where is the 60th Munich Security Conference being held, attended by External Affairs Minister Dr. S Jaishankar?

A.    India

B.    United States

C.   United Kingdom

D.   Germany

Answer: Option (D)


The 60th Munich Security Conference, held in Germany, serves as a vital forum for high-level diplomatic engagements. With attendees from across the globe, the conference offers a platform to address pressing security concerns and foster cooperation among nations. As the world faces numerous challenges, this conference stands as a testament to the importance of dialogue, collaboration, and shared efforts in building a safer and more secure future.



12. Which state government launched the 'Swayam' scheme to empower its youth with interest-free loans?

A.    Odisha

B.    Tamil Nadu

C.   Kerala

D.   Andhra Pradesh

Answer: Option (A)


The 'Swayam' scheme launched by the Odisha state government is a testament to their commitment to youth empowerment and economic growth. By providing interest-free loans to eligible individuals, the scheme paves the way for a new era of entrepreneurship in Odisha. Through this initiative, the state aims to create a vibrant ecosystem that nurtures innovation, job creation, and economic prosperity. With 'Swayam,' Odisha is empowering its youth to shape their own destinies and contribute to the development of the state.



13. On which day is World Whale Day typically celebrated?

A.    Third Sunday of February

B.    Second Saturday of March

C.   Fourth Friday of January

D.   Third Monday of February

Answer: Option (A)


World Whale Day, celebrated annually on the third Sunday of February, serves as a reminder of the importance of whale conservation. By raising awareness, celebrating these magnificent creatures, and promoting conservation efforts, we can contribute to the preservation of our oceans and the well-being of whales. Let us come together on this special day to honor and protect these gentle giants.



14. Which Indian state leads in electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure development, boasting the highest number of public charging stations?

A.    Maharashtra

B.    Karnataka

C.   Delhi

D.   Kerala

Answer: Option (B)


When it comes to electric vehicle infrastructure development and the highest number of public charging stations, Karnataka, option (B), shines as the undisputed leader. The state's commitment, initiatives, and future plans outlined in the EV Policy 2023-28 position Karnataka as a frontrunner in fostering sustainable transportation. As India continues its journey towards a greener future, other states can draw inspiration from Karnataka's success and strive to replicate its achievements.



15. Which organizations are collaborating to launch the world's first wooden satellite?

A.    ESA and Roscosmos

B.    NASA and JAXA

C.   ESA and ISRO

D.   SpaceX and Blue Origin

Answer: Option (B)


The collaboration between NASA and JAXA marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of sustainable space exploration. Through the development and launch of the world's first wooden satellite, the LignoSat probe, they are pushing the boundaries of innovation and highlighting the importance of considering environmental impact in all spheres of human activity. This joint effort serves as an inspiration for future missions and reinforces the idea that by working together, we can build a brighter, more sustainable future among the stars.

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