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February 29, 2024 Current Affairs

1. What is the name of the new model introduced by Google DeepMind for generating interactive video games from text or image prompts?

A.   DeepMind AI

B.   Interactive Genie AI

C.   DeepMind Genie AI

D.   Genie AI

Answer: Option D


Genie AI, the latest model introduced by Google DeepMind, has revolutionized the field of interactive video game generation. Through its unique ability to transform text and image prompts into immersive gaming experiences, Genie AI has opened up new possibilities for game developers, storytellers, and artists. This remarkable advancement showcases the power of AI research and its potential to reshape the future of gaming and creative industries.



2. Into which language was Jean-Daniel Baltassat’s "Le Divan de Staline" translated by Pankaj Kumar Chatterjee, winning the Romain Rolland Book Prize 2024?

A.   French

B.   English

C.   Bengali

D.   Russian

Answer: Option C


Pankaj Kumar Chatterjee's remarkable achievement in winning the Romain Rolland Book Prize 2024 for his Bengali translation of Jean-Daniel Baltassat's "Le Divan de Staline" is a testament to the power of language and the art of translation. "Staliner Divan" not only brings the story of Stalin to a wider Bengali audience but also highlights the immense talent and creativity present in Indian literary circles. Chatterjee's translation stands as a shining example of the beauty and significance of preserving and celebrating linguistic diversity.



3. Which company has announced a strategic partnership with Jana Small Finance Bank Limited for digital banking?

A.   MobiKwik

B.   Dvara Money

C.   BharatPe


Answer: Option B


The strategic partnership between Dvara Money and Jana Small Finance Bank Limited is set to redefine digital banking in India. By leveraging their respective strengths, both companies are committed to delivering exceptional services and fostering financial inclusion. As the collaboration progresses, customers can look forward to a future where digital banking is not only convenient but also a catalyst for growth and empowerment.



4. How many states are covered by the pilot project for the "World's Largest Grain Storage Plan in Cooperative Sector"?

A.   11 States

B.   9 States

C.   13 States

D.   15 States

Answer: Option A


The pilot project for the "World's Largest Grain Storage Plan in Cooperative Sector" covers 11 states, marking a significant step towards revolutionizing grain storage and distribution. By integrating PACS godowns into the food grain supply chain, this project enhances food security, fosters economic development, and encourages collaboration among stakeholders. With its potential to create a positive impact on millions of lives, this initiative sets a benchmark for future advancements in the agricultural sector.



5. In which state was the Swaminarayan Institute of Medical Science and Research inaugurated by Amit Shah?

A.   Maharashtra

B.   Uttar Pradesh

C.   Gujarat

D.   Rajasthan

Answer: Option C


The inauguration of the Swaminarayan Institute of Medical Science and Research in Gujarat by Amit Shah signifies a significant milestone in advancing medical education and healthcare services. This institution's establishment highlights the government's commitment to fostering excellence in healthcare and creating a brighter future for medical professionals and patients alike. As this institute begins its journey, it holds the promise of transforming healthcare in the region and making a lasting impact on the lives of many.



6. Which fintech division has received the final approval from RBI as a payment aggregator?

A.   Decentro

B.   Amazon Pay

C.   Juspay

D.   Zoho

Answer: Option B


Amazon Pay's achievement of obtaining the final approval from RBI as a payment aggregator marks a significant milestone in India's fintech landscape. This recognition highlights Amazon Pay's commitment to providing secure and convenient digital payment experiences while empowering merchants and customers alike. As Amazon Pay continues to innovate and expand its offerings, the future of digital payments in India looks brighter than ever before.



7. Who has been appointed as the chairperson and independent director of PayU Payments Private Ltd?

A.   Anirban Mukherjee

B.   Gopika Pant

C.   Renu Sud Karnad

D.   Jairaj Purandare

Answer: Option C


The appointment of Renu Sud Karnad as the chairperson and independent director of PayU Payments Private Ltd marks a significant milestone for the company. Karnad's exceptional accomplishments and extensive experience, particularly her tenure at HDFC Bank, underscore PayU's commitment to leveraging seasoned leadership. As PayU continues to drive innovation and transform the fintech sector, Karnad's strategic guidance and industry knowledge will undoubtedly play a crucial role in shaping the company's future endeavors.



8. In which country did the fertility rate hit a new low of 0.72 in 2023?

A.   South Korea

B.   Japan

C.   China

D.   United States

Answer: Option A


South Korea's fertility rate hitting a new low of 0.72 in 2023 highlights the complex interplay of socio-economic factors on population dynamics. The challenges posed by career advancement concerns and financial burdens contribute to the declining birth rates, raising concerns about the country's future demographic landscape. It is vital for policymakers, communities, and individuals to address these challenges collectively and find innovative solutions to ensure a sustainable future for South Korea.



9. What is the percentage increase in India's weightage in the MSCI Global Standard (Emerging Markets) index since November 2020?

A.   15.2%

B.   18.2%

C.   12.5%

D.   8.8%

Answer: Option B


India's weightage in the MSCI Global Standard (Emerging Markets) index has surged to an all-time high of 18.2%. This increase reflects the positive impact of standardized foreign ownership limits, the sustained domestic equity rally, and the relative underperformance of other emerging markets. As India continues to strengthen its position in the global investment landscape, it presents compelling opportunities for investors seeking exposure to emerging markets.



10. Which country has declared a health emergency due to escalating cases of dengue fever in 2024?

A.   Peru

B.   Brazil

C.   Colombia

D.   Argentina

Answer: Option A


Peru's declaration of a health emergency in response to the escalating cases of dengue fever in 2024 reflects the gravity of the situation. The surge in cases and the potential impact on public health and the economy necessitated decisive action. Through the implementation of proactive measures, international collaborations, and public awareness campaigns, Peru aims to mitigate the crisis and protect its citizens. The battle against dengue fever continues, but with concerted efforts, there is hope for a healthier future.



11. Who assumes charge as Director (Operations) of NTPC Ltd?

A.   Rajesh Sharma

B.   Dillip Kumar Patel

C.   Sanjay Gupta

D.   Ravindra Kumar

Answer: Option D


The appointment of Ravindra Kumar as Director (Operations) of NTPC Ltd marks a significant milestone for the company. With his extensive experience, commitment to excellence, and focus on innovation, Kumar is poised to lead NTPC Ltd towards even greater heights. His appointment reaffirms NTPC Ltd's position as a leader in the power sector and reinforces its dedication to providing reliable and sustainable energy solutions.



12. Which Indian state passed a bill aimed at curbing illegal immigration?

A.   Uttar Pradesh

B.   Punjab

C.   Haryana

D.   Rajasthan

Answer: Option C


The Haryana Assembly's passage of the bill aimed at curbing illegal immigration is a significant step towards addressing this pressing issue. By regulating the activities of unregistered travel agents, the state is taking proactive measures to protect its residents and combat fraudulent practices. This legislative action reflects Haryana's commitment to creating a safer and more secure environment for all its inhabitants.



13. At which location did Dhinidhi Desinghu clock the 'Best India Time' in the girl's 100m Freestyle event?

A.   Philippines

B.   India

C.   China

D.   Japan

Answer: Option A


Dhinidhi Desinghu's exceptional performance at the 11th Asian Group Aquatics Championships will be remembered as a defining moment in Indian swimming history. Her record-breaking swim not only showcased her individual talent but also served as an inspiration for aspiring swimmers across the country. Dhinidhi's determination and dedication remind us that with hard work and passion, anything is possible in the world of sports.



14. Which company has signed a merger deal with Viacom18 Media and The Walt Disney Company to form a joint venture?

A.   Mahendra Group

B.   Tata Group

C.   Sony India

D.   Reliance Industries

Answer: Option D


The merger deal between Reliance Industries, Viacom18 Media, and The Walt Disney Company marks an important milestone in the Indian entertainment and sports industry. With a substantial investment and the integration of key operations, this joint venture is poised to bring about a significant transformation in the way entertainment and sports are consumed and experienced in India. The future looks incredibly promising as this collaboration paves the way for a new era of captivating content, technological advancements, and unparalleled viewer engagement.



15.‘Vantara’ initiative, recently seen in the news, is associated with which one of the following?

[A] Animal Welfare

[B] Climate change

[C] Environmental protection

[D] Historical monuments

Correct Answer: A [Animal Welfare]


Vantara's initiative for animal welfare is a shining example of compassion and dedication. Through the establishment of the sanctuary and their comprehensive care programs, Vantara is making a significant impact on the lives of rescued animals. By providing them with a second chance and an environment where they can heal and thrive, Vantara is actively contributing to the welfare of our animal companions. It is heartening to witness such initiatives that remind us of the importance of coexisting harmoniously with all living beings.


16.Which state government recently planning to introduce a bill to hold rioters responsible for damage to both government and private property?

[A] Bihar

[B] Odisha

[C] Uttarakhand

[D] Madhya Pradesh

Correct Answer: C [Uttarakhand ]


The Uttarakhand Public and Private Property Damage Recovery Bill signifies the state government's commitment to maintaining law and order while protecting public and private assets. By introducing this legislation, Uttarakhand aims to make rioters financially responsible for the damages they cause during protests or strikes. If enacted, this bill will join the ranks of similar laws in Uttar Pradesh and Haryana, setting a strong precedent for other states in India. With the implementation of this bill, Uttarakhand takes a significant step towards ensuring accountability and discouraging destructive behavior. It is a commendable effort to safeguard the interests of the government, private entities, and the public at large.


17.Where was the 2nd State Level Shehri Samridhi Utsav inaugurated?

[A] Kohima

[B] Shillong

[C] Gangtok

[D] Agartala

Correct Answer: D [Agartala]


The 2nd State Level Shehri Samridhi Utsav in Agartala was a resounding success, embodying the vision of empowering urban livelihoods and promoting women's empowerment. Through this grand event, the Tripura Urban Livelihood Mission showcased its dedication to fostering inclusive growth and creating a society where every individual can thrive. The initiatives and schemes unveiled during the event set the stage for a brighter future, where urban dwellers, particularly women, can realize their full potential and contribute to the progress of Tripura.


18.What is the rank of India in the Global Intellectual Property Index 2024?

[A] 42nd

[B] 45th

[C] 44th

[D] 46th

Correct Answer: A [42nd ]


India's 42nd rank in the Global Intellectual Property Index 2024 signifies both progress and room for improvement. With a commitment to enhancing IP frameworks and addressing existing challenges, India has the potential to climb higher in the coming years. The index serves as a reminder of the significance of strong IP systems in driving innovation and supporting creative industries across the globe.


19.Recently, which state government has decided to repeal the Muslim Marriage and Divorce Registration Act, 1935?

[A] Tripura

[B] Assam

[C] Kerala

[D] Uttar Pradesh

Correct Answer: B [Assam]


The repeal of the Assam Muslim Marriage and Divorce Registration Act, 1935, marks a significant shift in the state's approach towards marriage and divorce registrations among the Muslim community. While this decision may bring about temporary challenges, it sets the stage for a more modernized and efficient system. The government's provision of compensation for the affected registrars reflects its commitment to a smooth transition and the well-being of the individuals impacted by this repeal.



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