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February 8, 2024 Current Affairs

1. What is the repo rate set according to the recently published bi-monthly monetary policy by the Reserve Bank of India?

A.   5.5%

B.   6.5%

C.   7%

D.   6.7%

Answer: Option B


The Reserve Bank of India's decision to maintain the repo rate at 6.5 percent in its bi-monthly monetary policy reflects a careful assessment of the prevailing economic conditions. This steady approach aims to provide stability, support growth, and strike a balance amidst evolving financial dynamics. As borrowers and lenders navigate the lending landscape, it is crucial to stay informed about such policy decisions and their potential impact on the overall economy.



2. Which country collaborated with NITI Aayog to release a joint report on LNG adoption in Medium and Heavy Commercial Vehicles (MHCVs)?

A.   Ireland

B.   United States

C.   Netherlands

D.   United Kingdom

Answer: Option C


The collaborative efforts between NITI Aayog and the Kingdom of the Netherlands in releasing the joint report on LNG adoption in MHCVs mark a significant step towards a more sustainable and cleaner future for the transportation sector. By exploring the potential of LNG as a fuel, this partnership aims to drive the adoption of cleaner technologies and reduce the carbon footprint of MHCVs. With a shared vision for energy transition, India and the Netherlands pave the way for international collaborations in creating a greener and more sustainable world.



3. In which city was free bus travel announced for the transgender community?

A.   Mumbai

B.   Delhi

C.   Kolkata

D.   Bangalore

Answer: Option B


The announcement of free bus travel for the transgender community in Delhi marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of equality and social justice. By addressing societal neglect and promoting inclusivity, this initiative aims to uplift and empower the lives of transgender individuals. Through collaboration and ongoing support, it is our hope that this progressive step will inspire other cities and nations to follow suit, creating a world where equal rights are not just a dream but a reality for all.



4. Who, at the age of 83, recently passed away and was a distinguished recipient of the Sahitya Akademi Award for Naar Hyutun Kanzal Wanas?

A.   Amin Kamil

B.   Habba Khatoon

C.   Farooq Nazki

D.   Mahmud Gami

Answer: Option C


In the realm of Kashmiri literature, Farooq Nazki's name will forever be etched as a literary maestro who painted emotions with his words. His ability to capture the essence of Kashmiri culture and evoke deep emotions through his poetry leaves an indelible impression on those who have had the privilege to read his works. As we bid farewell to this literary luminary, we celebrate his life, his contributions, and the lasting impact he has made on Kashmiri literature.



5. Which country is projected to become the primary source of global oil demand growth by 2030 according to the IEA?

A.   India

B.   China

C.   United States

D.   Russia

Answer: Option A


the IEA's projections point to India as the primary driver of global oil demand growth by 2030. With a thriving economy, rapid urbanization, and a government committed to addressing energy challenges, India's rise to prominence is undeniable. As the world grapples with energy transitions and sustainability, understanding the evolving dynamics of oil demand becomes crucial for stakeholders across the globe. India's journey towards becoming the engine of global oil demand growth will undoubtedly shape the future of the energy landscape.



6. In the World Bank’s Logistics Performance Index Report 2023, what is India's ranking among 139 countries?

A.   44th

B.   54th

C.   28th

D.   38th

Answer: Option D


India's rise in the World Bank's Logistics Performance Index Report is a testament to the nation's commitment to transforming its logistics sector. The significant improvement from 44th in 2018 to an impressive 38th in 2023 showcases India's determination to become a global logistics powerhouse. With continued investments, policy reforms, and technological advancements, India is poised to achieve even greater heights in the realm of logistics.


7. Which company recently achieved a record-high market capitalization surpassing ₹15 lakh crore?

A.   Tata Motors

B.   Tata Power

C.   Indian Hotels

D.   Tata Consultancy Services

Answer: Option D


TCS's achievement of surpassing ₹15 lakh crore market capitalization is a testament to the company's excellence, innovation, and unwavering commitment to customer success. As a key contributor to Tata Group's historic ₹30 lakh crore market capitalization, TCS's success is a reflection of its ability to adapt to market dynamics, drive digital transformation, and deliver exceptional value to its clients. With its continued growth trajectory, TCS is poised to shape the future of the IT services industry and contribute significantly to the success of Tata Group as a whole.



8. Who is set to transition into the role of Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Tata Digital?

A.   Praveer Sinha

B.   Harit Nagpal

C.   Naveen Tahilyani

D.   Rishi Srivastava

Answer: Option C


Naveen Tahilyani's appointment as the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director of Tata Digital marks a significant milestone in the company's journey towards e-commerce excellence. With his visionary leadership and rich experience, Tahilyani is set to guide Tata Digital to new heights, transforming the way consumers engage with online shopping. As the company embraces digital innovation and focuses on enhancing its e-commerce operations, the future looks incredibly promising under the stewardship of Naveen Tahilyani.



9. In which Indian state did the Chief Minister announce the establishment of a specialized help desk for overseas youth, particularly students?

A.   Telangana

B.   Maharashtra

C.   Kerala

D.   Karnataka

Answer: Option A


the establishment of Telangana's specialized help desk for overseas youth, particularly students, marks a significant step towards ensuring comprehensive support and addressing safety concerns. With its range of services, collaborations, and focus on promoting academic excellence, the help desk aims to create a nurturing environment for Telangana citizens residing abroad. By doing so, it reinforces the government's commitment to the well-being and success of its youth, wherever they may be.



10. Which country's largest sovereign wealth fund, ADIA, is planning a $4-5 billion investment in India via GIFT City?

A.   Saudi Arabia

B.   UAE

C.   Qatar

D.   Kuwait

Answer: Option B


ADIA's planned $4-5 billion investment in India's GIFT City is a significant development that highlights the growing confidence in India's economic potential. This strategic move by ADIA not only reinforces the importance of GIFT City but also strengthens the economic ties between the UAE and India. As ADIA's investment takes shape, we can expect to see a transformative impact on India's financial landscape, attracting more investors and positioning GIFT City as a global financial powerhouse.



11. In the TomTom Traffic Index 2023, which city is reported to have the slowest traffic?

A.   London

B.   Bengaluru

C.   New York

D.   Tokyo

Answer: Option A


The TomTom Traffic Index 2023 reveals that London holds the unfortunate distinction of having the slowest traffic among all the cities analyzed. However, it's important to recognize that traffic congestion is a global challenge, with cities like Bengaluru close on London's heels. By addressing this issue collectively, implementing efficient transportation systems, and promoting alternative modes of commuting, we can pave the way for smoother and more sustainable urban mobility.



12. Which African country recently adopted the Nagoya Protocol on Access and Benefit Sharing?

A.   South Africa

B.   Kenya

C.   Cameroon

D.   Nigeria

Answer: Option C


Cameroon's recent adoption of the Nagoya Protocol on Access and Benefit Sharing marks a significant milestone in its commitment to biodiversity conservation and the fair utilization of genetic resources. As the country embraces this international agreement, it sets an example for others to follow, reinforcing the importance of equity, sustainability, and the preservation of traditional knowledge. Through its dedication, Cameroon showcases its role as a champion for access and benefit sharing, contributing to the global efforts toward a more equitable and harmonious relationship between humans and nature.



13. On which date is National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day observed annually?

A.   February 1

B.   February 7

C.   February 14

D.   February 21

Answer: Option B


National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day on February 7th serves as a powerful reminder of the ongoing battle against HIV/AIDS within Black communities. By raising awareness, mobilizing efforts, breaking down stigma, and empowering the community, we can work together to prevent new infections, ensure testing and treatment access, and provide care for those affected. Let us stand united in the fight against HIV/AIDS and strive for a future where every individual, regardless of their background, has equal opportunities for health and well-being.



14. Which country held discussions with India to explore new avenues for bilateral defence and strategic cooperation?

A.   Saudi Arabia

B.   Oman

C.   Egypt

D.   United Arab Emirates

Answer: Option A


The discussions held between India and Saudi Arabia in Riyadh mark a significant milestone in their bilateral relations. With a focus on exploring new avenues for defence and strategic cooperation, both nations are poised to strengthen their ties and address mutual security challenges effectively. The potential collaborations in areas like joint military training exercises and intelligence sharing underscore the commitment to enhance interoperability and readiness. As India and Saudi Arabia forge ahead with this partnership, their combined efforts will contribute to regional stability and security.



15. What is the name of the mobile health service providing weekly IVRS messages on maternal & child health, launched by Union Ministers of State for Health and Family Welfare?

A.   Mothercare


C.   Health Link

D.   Kilkari

Answer: Option D


Kilkari has emerged as a powerful mobile health service, providing weekly IVRS messages on maternal and child health. Through its innovative approach, Kilkari has successfully bridged the gap in accessing healthcare information, particularly in remote areas. By empowering women and families with knowledge, Kilkari contributes to improving maternal and child health outcomes, strengthening public health infrastructure, and fostering a healthier future for all. The impact of Kilkari serves as a testament to the potential of mobile health services in transforming healthcare delivery and ensuring the well-being of communities.


16.The term ‘Lupus’, recently seen in the news, is related to which one of the following?

[A] Autoimmune disease

[B] A geological formation

[C] Satellite launched by ISRO

[D] Invasive plant

Correct Answer: A [Autoimmune disease]

lupus is a complex autoimmune disease that affects multiple organs and tissues in the body. While much progress has been made in understanding lupus, there is still much to uncover. By raising awareness, promoting research, and providing support to those living with lupus, we can strive towards better management and improved quality of life for individuals affected by this condition.



17.Deenbandhu Chhotu Ram Thermal Power Plant, recently seen in the news, is located in which country?

[A] Uttarakhand

[B] Haryana

[C] Madhya Pradesh

[D] Gujarat

Correct Answer: B [Haryana]

The Deenbandhu Chhotu Ram Thermal Power Plant is a testament to Haryana's commitment to sustainable and efficient power generation. With its cutting-edge technology, increased capacity, and contribution to the 'Make in India' vision, this power plant sets a remarkable precedent. It is undoubtedly a significant milestone in the state's journey towards a brighter and greener future.ensuring uninterrupted power supply and featuring advanced, smaller-sized components for faster, eco-friendly electricity generation.



18.According to Fitch’s predictions, what is the estimated fiscal deficit for India in FY 25-26?

[A] 5.2%

[B] 5.4%

[C] 5.8%

[D] 5.7%

Correct Answer: B [5.4% ]

Fitch Ratings predicts that India's fiscal deficit for FY 25-26 will likely stand at 5.4%, surpassing the government's target of 5.1%. This forecast underscores the need for diligent fiscal management and consolidation efforts to ensure the nation's economic stability. As India continues to navigate post-pandemic recovery, proactive measures and prudent fiscal policies become imperative to mitigate potential risks and foster sustainable economic growth.



19.Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary (SWL), recently seen in the news, is located in which state?

[A] Mizoram

[B] Manipur

[C] Tripura

[D] Assam

Correct Answer: C [Tripura ]

The Sepahijala Wildlife Sanctuary in Tripura is a treasure trove of natural wonders. Its dedicated conservation efforts, remarkable range of flora and fauna, and breathtaking landscapes make it a must-visit destination for nature enthusiasts. Whether you are captivated by the regal presence of big cats, the vibrant colors of avian inhabitants, or the tranquility of its flora, SWL promises an unforgettable experience. So, pack your bags and embark on an adventure to this sanctuary, where nature's beauty knows no bounds.



20.What is the primary objective of SAMARTH scheme, recently seen in the news?

[A] Providing scholarship to rural students for higher education

[B] Providing assistance to farmers

[C] Providing assistance to the MSMEs

[D] providing comprehensive medical care to children

Correct Answer: C [Providing assistance to the MSMEs]

The SAMARTH scheme emerges as a beacon of hope for MSMEs, providing them with the much-needed assistance and support to thrive in the competitive landscape. Through the establishment of SAMARTH Centers, the scheme aims to foster innovation, promote knowledge exchange, and empower MSMEs to embrace advanced manufacturing practices. By leveraging the power of Industry 4.0 and equipping MSMEs with the necessary skills and resources, the SAMARTH scheme has the potential to revolutionize the Indian Capital Goods Sector and unleash a new era of growth and prosperity.



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