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January 14, 2024 Current Affairs

1. Which Indian states are associated with the traditional folk performance, Gangireddu Melam, performed during the Sankranti harvest festival?

A.   Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh

B.   Telangana and Andhra Pradesh

C.   Maharashtra and Punjab

D.   Tamil Nadu and Kerala

Answer: Option B


Gangireddu Melam, a traditional folk performance celebrated during the Sankranti harvest festival, finds its roots in the vibrant states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. The captivating performances, adorned bulls, rhythmic beats, and cultural significance make Gangireddu Melam an integral part of the festivities in these regions. Celebrating the agricultural abundance and cultural heritage, Gangireddu Melam truly showcases the spirit of Sankranti in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh.



2. Which Indian state launched the 'Paying Guest' scheme to boost tourism experiences?

A.   Uttar Pradesh

B.   Maharashtra

C.   Karnataka

D.   Rajasthan

Answer: Option A


The 'Paying Guest' scheme introduced under 'Navya Ayodhya' holds immense potential for boosting tourism experiences in Uttar Pradesh. By encouraging locals to open their homes as homestays, showcasing Awadhi culinary heritage, creating job opportunities, and fostering community involvement, the scheme aims to provide visitors with an enriching and authentic experience. With an anticipated surge in visitors, Ayodhya and Uttar Pradesh as a whole are poised to witness economic growth and increased cultural exchange. The 'Paying Guest' scheme serves as a commendable initiative that sets an example for other Indian states to follow in their efforts to promote tourism and create sustainable economic opportunities.



3. Which country scientists researched the impact of wind turbines on the activity of forest bats?

A.   Germany

B.   United States

C.   Japan

D.   China

Answer: Option A


The German study on the impact of wind turbines on forest bats has shed light on an important ecological concern. The findings highlight the need for continued research and proactive conservation efforts to ensure the coexistence of wind energy development and the preservation of bat populations. By understanding the intricate relationships between renewable energy sources and wildlife, we can strive for a sustainable future where both human needs and biodiversity are harmoniously balanced.



4. Which country did India sign the Bilateral Haj Agreement 2024 with, emphasizing the well-being of pilgrims and exploring ways for women's participation without a male guardian?

A.   Qatar

B.   Kuwait

C.   Saudi Arabia

D.   Oman

Answer: Option C


The Bilateral Haj Agreement 2024 between India and Saudi Arabia marks a significant milestone in prioritizing the well-being of pilgrims and promoting women's participation without a male guardian. This agreement reflects the commitment of both nations to facilitate a safe, convenient, and inclusive Haj pilgrimage experience for all Indian participants. With the signing of this agreement, India reiterates its dedication to nurturing strong bilateral ties and fostering an environment that allows individuals to practice their faith freely and authentically.



5. In which country is the 19th Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) Summit scheduled to take place?

A.   Nigeria

B.   Uganda

C.   Kenya

D.   Tanzania

Answer: Option B


The 19th Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) Summit in Uganda holds immense importance as it serves as a platform for global cooperation, solidarity, and common goals among developing nations. With its focus on sustainable development, digital partnerships, and health infrastructure collaboration, the summit aims to address crucial challenges and foster a brighter future for all. As the world comes together, we anticipate significant outcomes and fruitful collaborations that will shape our shared destiny.



6. What is the acronym for NASA's robotic lunar rover set to explore the Moon's South Pole?





Answer: Option B


NASA's VIPER rover, Volatiles Investigating Polar Exploration Rover, is set to embark on a remarkable mission to explore the Moon's South Pole. With its ability to analyze lunar ice, map resources, and navigate challenging terrain, VIPER will significantly contribute to our understanding of the lunar environment. As humanity continues to reach for the stars, the exploration of the Moon's mysteries brings us one step closer to unraveling the secrets of the universe.



7. Who has recently assumed the role of the Secretary General of the Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC)?

A.   Indra Mani Pandey

B.   Tenzin Lekphell

C.   M Shahidul Islam

D.   Sumith Nakandala

Answer: Option A


 The appointment of Indra Mani Pandey as the new Secretary General of BIMSTEC ushers in a new chapter for the organization. With his extensive experience, strategic vision, and commitment to regional cooperation, Pandey is poised to lead BIMSTEC towards greater achievements. As member countries unite under the BIMSTEC umbrella, they can look forward to a future of enhanced connectivity, sustainable development, and strengthened economic ties.



8. In which Indian state was the new Atpadi Conservation Reserve declared?

A.   Karnataka

B.   Gujarat

C.   Maharashtra

D.   Madhya Pradesh

Answer: Option C


The declaration of the Atpadi Conservation Reserve in Maharashtra marks a significant milestone in the state's conservation efforts. By protecting the habitats of wolves, deer, foxes, and civets, Maharashtra is actively working towards preserving its rich biodiversity. Through the establishment of corridors and community involvement, the state is fostering a holistic approach to conservation. It is our collective responsibility to support and promote initiatives like the Atpadi Conservation Reserve, as they play a vital role in safeguarding our natural heritage for future generations.



9. In which sport did Rhythm Sangwan secure India's 16th quota place for the 2024 Paris Olympics?

A.   Archery

B.   Swimming

C.   Gymnastics

D.   Shooting

Answer: Option D


Rhythm Sangwan's exceptional performance in the 25m sports pistol category at the Asian Olympic Qualifiers has not only earned her a well-deserved bronze medal but has also secured India's 16th quota place for the 2024 Paris Olympics in the sport of Shooting. This achievement marks a significant milestone for Indian shooting and ensures a larger representation at the upcoming Olympics. Rhythm's journey and success inspire aspiring athletes and serve as a reminder of the limitless possibilities that lie ahead in the world of sports.



10. What percentage of stake did LIC's board approve acquiring in a company promoted by the National Housing Bank (NHB) for residential mortgage-backed securities?

A.   5%

B.   7%

C.   10%

D.   15%

Answer: Option C


LIC's board-approved acquisition of a 10% stake in the company promoted by the National Housing Bank for residential mortgage-backed securities is a pivotal move that highlights LIC's strategic vision and commitment to growth. This decision aligns with LIC's objective of exploring new investment avenues and diversifying its portfolio. By entering the residential mortgage-backed securities market, LIC is poised to tap into the immense potential of the housing sector and contribute to its growth. As LIC takes this bold step, the market awaits the ripple effects and anticipates further developments in this space.



11. In which country did the Indian Navy's P-8I aircraft arrive for Exercise Sea Dragon 24?

A.   UAE

B.   United States of America

C.   United Kingdom

D.   Australia

Answer: Option B


The Indian Navy's P-8I aircraft arriving in Guam for Exercise Sea Dragon 24 marks a significant milestone in strengthening international naval cooperation and enhancing ASW capabilities. This exercise not only allows for the exchange of knowledge and expertise but also showcases the prowess of the P-8I aircraft in maritime surveillance and anti-submarine operations. Such collaborations pave the way for a more secure and cooperative maritime environment.



12. Which ministry is responsible for the Zero Defect Zero Effect (ZED) scheme?

A.   Ministry of MSME

B.   Ministry of Environment

C.   Ministry of Commerce and Industry

D.   Ministry of Finance

Answer: Option A


The Zero Defect Zero Effect (ZED) scheme is a game-changing initiative implemented by the Ministry of MSME. With its focus on quality enhancement, productivity improvement, and environmental sustainability, the ZED scheme empowers MSMEs to compete on a global scale. By embracing this scheme, enterprises can unlock new opportunities, drive economic growth, and contribute to the vision of a self-reliant India. The Ministry of MSME's unwavering commitment to the ZED scheme underscores its dedication towards fostering a culture of excellence and innovation in the MSME sector.



13. Where was 'Indus Food 2024' inaugurated by Union Minister Piyush Goyal?

A.   Mumbai

B.   Bengaluru

C.   Ahmedabad

D.   Noida

Answer: Option D


Indus Food 2024, inaugurated by Union Minister Piyush Goyal at the India Exposition Mart in Greater Noida, proved to be a resounding success in highlighting the potential of India's food industry. The event served as a testament to the rich culinary heritage and diverse range of products that India has to offer. With its focus on global outreach, collaborations, and economic growth, Indus Food 2024 paved the way for a brighter and more prosperous future for the Indian food industry.



14. In collaboration with India, which country signed an agreement for the joint development of a small satellite set to be launched by ISRO in early 2024?

A.   Maldives

B.   Seychelles

C.   Sri Lanka

D.   Mauritius

Answer: Option D


The joint development of a small satellite by India and Mauritius marks a significant milestone in their collaborative journey into space. This agreement not only ensures continued support for ISRO's ground tracking station in Mauritius but also signals the potential for future bilateral space projects. The partnership holds promise for scientific advancements, technology transfer, and strengthened international relations. Together, these two nations are embarking on an extraordinary voyage into the vast expanse of space.



15. Where did Union Minister Gadkari launch 12 National Highway projects totaling 105 km and worth ₹1464 Crore in January 2024?

A.   Kerala

B.   Tamil Nadu

C.   Karnataka

D.   Maharashtra

Answer: Option A


The launch of 12 National Highway projects in Kerala by Union Minister Gadkari marks a significant milestone in the state's road connectivity and infrastructure development. These projects not only improve transportation but also have far-reaching benefits for the overall growth and prosperity of Kerala. With continued focus on infrastructure development, Kerala is poised to become a shining example of efficient connectivity and sustainable progress.



16. In which state is the Paradip fishing harbour situated?

A.   Odisha

B.   Tamil Nadu

C.   Gujarat

D.   Kerala

Answer: Option A


The Paradip fishing harbour, situated in the state of Odisha, stands as a symbol of progress and prosperity. Through its modernization project, it not only enhances the livelihoods of fishermen but also drives economic growth in the region. As we celebrate the transformation of this harbor, let us also remember the importance of preserving our natural resources and embracing sustainable practices for a brighter future.



17. On which date is World Typing Day observed to encourage people to express themselves via written communication?

A.   January 8

B.   March 15

C.   October 5

D.   December 20

Answer: Option A


World Typing Day, observed on January 8th, serves as a reminder of the importance of typing skills and their impact on effective written communication. This annual occasion encourages individuals to hone their typing abilities, empowering them to express their thoughts and ideas more efficiently in the digital world. As we celebrate World Typing Day, let us recognize the value of proficient typing skills and strive to enhance our written communication abilities for a more connected and expressive future.



18. In which Indian state will Wings India 2024, the country's most significant civil aviation event, be held?

A.   Maharashtra

B.   Delhi

C.   Telangana

D.   Karnataka

Answer: Option C


Wings India 2024, hosted at Hyderabad's Begumpet Airport in Telangana, is set to redefine the future of civil aviation. This premier event, organized by the Ministry of Civil Aviation and FICCI, serves as a catalyst for innovation, bringing together industry experts and aviation enthusiasts from around the world. With its captivating showcases and cutting-edge technology, Wings India 2024 promises to be an unforgettable experience for all who attend.



19. Whose upcoming book, "Four Stars to Destiny," provides undisclosed details of high-level decision-making during the 2020 China Border Crisis?

A.   J.J.Singh

B.   Surendra Nath

C.   MM Naravane

D.   Vijay Kumar Singh

Answer: Option C


Four Stars to Destiny" by General MM Naravane is a must-read for anyone seeking a comprehensive understanding of the decision-making process during the 2020 China Border Crisis. With undisclosed details, insights, and personal accounts, this book serves as a valuable resource for military officials, historians, and those interested in geopolitics.



20. Which financial institution launched India's first Growth Liquid exchange-traded fund?

A.   Groww

B.   Zerodha Fund House

C.   HDFC Mutual Fund

D.   ICICI Prudential

Answer: Option B


Zerodha Fund House has introduced India's first Growth Liquid exchange-traded fund, offering investors a low-risk investment option in the short-term debt market. With its emphasis on low credit risk and interest rate risk mitigation, this innovative ETF provides stability and potential returns for a range of investors. As the Indian financial market continues to evolve, the Growth Liquid ETF sets a promising precedent for future investment products.



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