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January 17, 2024 Current Affairs

1. Who achieved a historic milestone by defeating World Champion Ding Liren and surpassing Viswanathan Anand to become India's No.1 Chess Player?

A.   Rameshbabu Praggnanandhaa

B.   Gukesh D

C.   Arjun Erigaisi

D.   P. Harikrishna

Answer: Option A


In the world of chess, where strategy and intellect converge, Rameshbabu Praggnanandhaa has emerged as a shining star. His victory over World Champion Ding Liren and surpassing Viswanathan Anand to become India's No.1 Chess Player signifies a remarkable milestone in his young career. With his talent, dedication, and hunger for success, Praggnanandhaa undoubtedly possesses the potential to make a lasting impact on the global chess stage. As the chess world eagerly watches his journey unfold, it is clear that his name will continue to be etched in the annals of Indian chess history.



2. Which bank has formed a digital co-lending partnership with Clix Capital on the Yubi Co.lend Platform for lending to India's MSME sector?

A.   Karnataka Bank

B.   Indian Overseas Bank

C.   IndusInd Bank

D.   Federal Bank

Answer: Option A


the digital co-lending partnership between Karnataka Bank and Clix Capital on the Yubi Co.lend Platform signifies a significant step towards supporting India's MSME sector. By combining their strengths and leveraging technology, these institutions aim to address the financing needs of MSMEs and foster their growth. As the partnership unfolds, it is expected to make a positive impact on the GDP and employment landscape of the country.



3. Where is Pixxel's state-of-the-art spacecraft manufacturing facility, MegaPixxel, located?

A.   Mumbai

B.   Delhi

C.   Bengaluru

D.   Hyderabad

Answer: Option C


Pixxel's MegaPixxel spacecraft manufacturing facility, located in Bengaluru, is a game-changer for the Indian space industry. With its cutting-edge technologies, streamlined processes, and strategic collaborations, MegaPixxel is set to redefine satellite manufacturing in India and propel the nation's space exploration efforts to new heights. The inauguration of this state-of-the-art facility marks a significant milestone for Pixxel and reinforces Bengaluru's position as a global hub for space technology. With Pixxel at the forefront of innovation, the future of satellite manufacturing looks brighter than ever.



4. On which date was Thiruvalluvar Day celebrated in 2024?

A.   January 14

B.   January 15

C.   January 16

D.   January 17

Answer: Option C


Thiruvalluvar Day holds immense significance in the hearts of Tamil people, as it celebrates the timeless wisdom and literary genius of Thiruvalluvar. Through his masterpiece, the Tirukkural, Thiruvalluvar continues to inspire individuals to lead virtuous lives. This annual celebration not only honors his contributions but also serves as a reminder of the rich cultural heritage of Tamil Nadu.



5. Which region has become the third-largest for Foreign Portfolio Investments (FPIs) in India, surpassing Mauritius?

A.   Luxembourg

B.   Mauritius

C.   United States

D.   United Kingdom

Answer: Option A


Luxembourg's remarkable growth in the FPI market has positioned it as the third-largest region for FPIs in India, outpacing Mauritius. The strengthening of India-Europe ties and collaborations, along with strategic partnerships with initiatives like GIFT City, have propelled Luxembourg to this enviable position. As the investment landscape continues to evolve, Luxembourg's success serves as a testament to the ever-changing dynamics of global investments.



6. In the 2024 Global Firepower Military Strength Rankings, which position did India claim?

A.   Fifth

B.   Second

C.   Fourth

D.   Sixth

Answer: Option C


India's remarkable achievement of securing the fourth position in the 2024 Global Firepower Military Strength Rankings is a testament to its dedication and progress in bolstering its armed forces. With a combination of robust military capabilities, strategic geographic location, and ongoing commitment to defense modernization, India continues to assert itself as a key player on the global stage. As the nation advances further, it will undoubtedly be fascinating to witness its future rankings and evolving military prowess.



7. In which Indian state was the ceremonial distribution of ration cards for over 40 lakh people under the National Food Security Act (NFSA) launched?

A.   Assam

B.   Bihar

C.   Odisha

D.   Maharashtra

Answer: Option A


the ceremonial distribution of ration cards in Assam under the National Food Security Act (NFSA) marks a momentous occasion in the state's journey towards food security. This initiative spearheaded by Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma showcases the government's commitment to uplifting the lives of its citizens. Through equitable distribution and sustained efforts, Assam is setting a remarkable example for other states to follow. Let us celebrate this milestone and continue working towards a hunger-free nation.



8. Which state government partnered with IndoSpace for a Rs 2000 crore investment in industrial real estate?

A.   Karnataka

B.   Tamil Nadu

C.   Gujarat

D.   Maharashtra

Answer: Option B


The partnership between the Tamil Nadu government and IndoSpace, marked by the signing of a Rs 2000 crore MoU, signifies a major milestone in the state's industrial development. This collaboration is expected to catalyze economic growth, create job opportunities, and attract domestic and international investments. As Tamil Nadu focuses on strengthening its industrial infrastructure, it reaffirms its commitment to becoming a thriving hub for industries. With IndoSpace as a strategic partner, the state is well-positioned to unlock its true potential and further propel its economic journey.



9. In which Indian state will the world's first health tech and life sciences-focused Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution (C4IR) be established?

A.   Maharashtra

B.   Telangana

C.   Haryana

D.   Karnataka

Answer: Option B


The world's first health tech and life sciences-focused Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Hyderabad, Telangana, marks a significant milestone in the advancement of healthcare technology. Through strategic collaboration and a clear focus on innovation, this initiative has the potential to revolutionize healthcare and improve the well-being of individuals worldwide. As we embrace the Fourth Industrial Revolution, the establishment of the C4IR serves as a testament to the power of technology in shaping a healthier future for all.



10. According to the Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade (DPIIT) ranking, which states emerged as the 'best performers' in fostering a robust startup ecosystem?

A.   Kerala and Tamil Nadu

B.   Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh

C.   Gujarat and Karnataka

D.   Karnataka and Tamil Nadu

Answer: Option C


The DPIIT ranking has shed light on the states that have excelled in nurturing a robust startup ecosystem. Gujarat and Karnataka, with their visionary policies and unwavering support, have emerged as the 'best performers.' However, it is inspiring to witness the efforts of Kerala, Tamil Nadu, and Himachal Pradesh in creating conducive environments for startups. As India continues to foster innovation and entrepreneurship, these states serve as beacons of inspiration, driving the nation towards a thriving startup ecosystem.



11. In India, the windfall tax on petroleum crude was reduced to how many rupees per tonne, as mentioned in the recent government notification?

A.   Rs.2,000

B.   Rs.1,200

C.   Rs.1,700

D.   Rs.2,300

Answer: Option C


The recent reduction in the windfall tax on petroleum crude in India, from 2,300 rupees per tonne to 1,700 rupees per tonne, carries significant implications for the industry and the economy as a whole. While the exact reasons behind this decision may be multifaceted, it is clear that the government aims to strike a balance between encouraging growth and ensuring a fair contribution from windfall gains. The impacts of this reduction, be it in terms of industry investments or company profitability, are yet to be fully realized. However, it sets the stage for an evolving landscape in the petroleum crude sector, one that warrants continued observation and analysis.



12. In which Indian state does the traditional bull-taming festival "Jallikattu" take place?

A.   Kerala

B.   Karnataka

C.   Andhra Pradesh

D.   Tamil Nadu

Answer: Option D


The traditional bull-taming festival of Jallikattu in Tamil Nadu is a testament to the state's vibrant cultural heritage. It not only showcases the bravery and skills of the participants but also highlights the deep-rooted bond between the people and animals. Despite the challenges it has faced, Jallikattu continues to hold a special place in the hearts of the Tamil Nadu community, captivating spectators and participants alike.



13. Whose birth anniversary does Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti, also known as Prakash Utsav, commemorate?

A.   Guru Nanak

B.   Guru Arjan

C.   Guru Har Rai

D.   Guru Gobind Singh

Answer: Option D


Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti, celebrated as Prakash Utsav, holds great significance for Sikhs worldwide. It is a day to honor the birth anniversary of Guru Gobind Singh Ji, the tenth Sikh Guru, who played a pivotal role in shaping Sikhism. The celebrations of Prakash Utsav highlight the profound impact of Guru Gobind Singh Ji's teachings on Sikh communities, inspiring devotion, courage, and a commitment to righteousness. Through the commemoration of this special day, Sikhs continue to uphold the legacy of Guru Gobind Singh Ji and the principles he stood for.



14. Which Indian state government introduced the Mukhyamantri Mahila Udyamita Abhiyaan (MMUA) scheme for empowering rural women entrepreneurs?

A.   Gujarat

B.   Assam

C.   Rajasthan

D.   Maharashtra

Answer: Option B


The Mukhyamantri Mahila Udyamita Abhiyaan (MMUA) scheme introduced by the Assam government is a significant step towards empowering rural women entrepreneurs. By providing financial support, skill development, and market linkages, the scheme aims to transform these women into self-sustaining micro-entrepreneurs. Through this initiative, the Assam government envisions a brighter future for rural women, where they can thrive in their entrepreneurial endeavors and contribute to the economic growth of the state.



15. What is the theme of the ninth chapter of 'Capsule on Science, Technology and Applied Research' (CAPSTER) inaugurated by Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) Gen Anil Chauhan at the Military Institute of Technology (MIT), Pune?

A.   Advancements in Cybersecurity

B.   Aerospace Innovations

C.   Nanotechnology in Defense

D.   Artificial Intelligence Transforming Warfare

Answer: Option D


Artificial intelligence is undoubtedly transforming warfare, paving the way for more efficient and effective military operations. The integration of AI in command and control systems, robotics, and autonomous systems has revolutionized the battlefield, enhancing situational awareness, decision-making capabilities, and overall operational effectiveness. However, it is crucial to navigate the ethical considerations and challenges associated with AI in warfare to ensure responsible and accountable use. As we move forward, the continued exploration and advancement of AI in defense will shape the future of warfare, redefining the dynamics of modern conflicts.




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