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January 2, 2024 Current Affairs

1. Who has been named President of the Democratic Republic of Congo following the recent election?

A.    Moise Katumbi

B.    Denis Kadima

C.   Felix Tshisekedi

D.   Martin Fayulu

Answer: Option (C)


Felix Tshisekedi's election as the President of the Democratic Republic of Congo marks a significant milestone in the country's history. With his strong mandate and ambitious agenda, Tshisekedi has the potential to lead the DRC towards stability, progress, and prosperity. As the nation looks to the future, all eyes are on Tshisekedi, eager to see how he will shape the destiny of the Democratic Republic of Congo.



2. Who won the women's silver medal at the 2023 World Rapid Chess Championships held in Samarkand, Uzbekistan?

A.    Pia Cramling

B.    Anastasia Bodnaruk

C.   Koneru Humpy

D.   Hou Yifan

Answer: Option (C)


Koneru Humpy's journey at the 2023 World Rapid Chess Championships in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, was nothing short of remarkable. Her tenacity, skill, and unwavering focus propelled her to the women's silver medal, solidifying her position as one of the world's finest chess players. Congratulations to Koneru Humpy for her outstanding achievement!



3. What is the new bulk deposit limit set by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) for large urban cooperative banks (UCBs)?

A.    ₹50 lakhs and above

B.    ₹75 lakhs and above

C.   ₹25 lakhs and above

D.   ₹1 crore and above

Answer: Option (D)


The RBI's decision to raise the bulk deposit limit for large urban cooperative banks is a significant step towards enabling these banks to enhance their financial capabilities and compete in the evolving banking sector. The new limit of ₹1 crore and above presents ample opportunities for Tier 3 and Tier 4 UCBs to attract larger deposits and expand their lending capacity. However, it's crucial for these banks to exercise prudence and maintain effective risk management practices to navigate the potential challenges that come with this change.



4. Who has been appointed as the new Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) of Power Grid Corporation?

A.    Ravindra Kumar Tyagi

B.    Harini Patel

C.   Anil Sharma

D.   Rahul Singhania

Answer: Option (A)


The appointment of Ravindra Kumar Tyagi as the new Chairman and Managing Director of Power Grid Corporation marks a significant milestone in the power sector. With his experience, vision, and determination, Tyagi is well-equipped to steer the organization towards new heights of success. As Power Grid Corporation embraces fresh leadership, the industry eagerly awaits the positive impact and transformative initiatives that lie ahead.



5. Where did the 12th Divya Kala Mela 2023 take place, showcasing the products and craftsmanship of Divyang entrepreneurs and artisans?

A.    Surat

B.    Ahmedabad

C.   Vadodara

D.   Rajkot

Answer: Option (A)


The 12th Divya Kala Mela 2023 in Surat was an extraordinary celebration of art, creativity, and inclusivity. The event not only mesmerized visitors with its vibrant displays but also empowered Divyang entrepreneurs and artisans, fostering a sense of pride and accomplishment. Through this cultural extravaganza, Surat became a melting pot of talent and inspiration. The Divya Kala Mela 2023 will be remembered as a significant milestone in promoting diversity and highlighting the artistic brilliance of Divyang individuals.



6. In the joint military exercise 'Desert Cyclone 2024,' which two nations are collaborating to enhance interoperability?

A.    India and Oman

B.    India and UAE

C.   India and Saudi Arabia

D.   India and Qatar

Answer: Option (B)


'Desert Cyclone 2024' stands as a testament to the commitment of India and the UAE in enhancing interoperability and cooperation in military operations. Through knowledge exchange, skill development, and a focus on urban operations, this joint exercise sets the stage for improved coordination and synchronization. Moreover, it strengthens diplomatic relations and underscores the shared commitment towards regional security. 'Desert Cyclone 2024' not only serves as a significant milestone but also opens doors for future collaborations and mutual growth.



7. On which date is Global Family Day celebrated annually?

A.    December 31

B.    February 14

C.   March 21

D.   January 1

Answer: Option (D)


Global Family Day, celebrated annually on January 1st, holds immense significance as a day that symbolizes our universal commitment to peace, unity, and shared human values. It serves as a reminder to embrace diversity and strengthen family bonds. By fostering a global family where everyone feels included and valued, we create a world that is harmonious, compassionate, and supportive. Celebrate this day with your loved ones, and let us collectively work towards a better tomorrow. Happy Global Family Day!



8. Who has been appointed as the Director General of Fire Service, Civil Defence & Home Guards under the Ministry of Home Affairs?

A.    Rajendra Singh

B.    Sudhanshu Sarangi

C.   Vivek Srivastava

D.   Santosh Kumar Upadhyay

Answer: Option (C)


The appointment of Vivek Srivastava as the Director General of Fire Service, Civil Defence & Home Guards marks a significant step towards bolstering the emergency services in India. With his extensive experience and qualifications, Srivastava is well-positioned to lead and improve the operations of these vital agencies, ensuring the safety and well-being of the nation and its citizens.



9. The Ministry of Mines, Government of India, has entered into a draft exploration and development agreement with a miner from which country for the acquisition and development of lithium blocks?

A.    Australia

B.    Argentina

C.   Chile

D.   Mexico

Answer: Option (B)


The Ministry of Mines, Government of India, has taken a significant step towards acquiring and developing lithium blocks through its draft exploration and development agreement with Argentinian miner CAMYEN. This collaboration holds immense potential for India's pursuit of sustainable energy solutions. With lithium playing a vital role in the transition towards a greener future, this partnership opens doors for a strategic and mutually beneficial relationship between the two nations.



10. Which two companies have partnered with ITC to help Indian tobacco farmers combat climate-related challenges?

A.    Skymet and IBM

B.    Skymet and Accenture

C.   Wipro and Skymet

D.   Microsoft and Skymet

Answer: Option (D)


The strategic partnership between ITC, Microsoft, and Skymet marks a significant milestone in addressing climate-related challenges faced by Indian tobacco farmers. By combining Microsoft's technological prowess with Skymet's weather insights, this collaborative effort aims to create innovative solutions that enable farmers to adapt to climate variability effectively. Through this transformative partnership, Indian tobacco farmers are poised to embrace sustainable practices, secure their livelihoods, and build a resilient agricultural future.



11. What was the primary focus of the 10th phase of Sagar Parikrama?

A.    Cultural exchange and coastal tourism

B.    Welfare of fishing communities and coastal development

C.   Environmental protection and marine conservation

D.   Promoting scientific research and innovation in fisheries

Answer: Option (B)


The 10th phase of Sagar Parikrama, focusing on the welfare of fishing communities and coastal development, holds immense promise for the regions of Andhra Pradesh and Puducherry. By addressing the challenges faced by these communities and promoting sustainable development, this initiative strives to create a brighter future for coastal regions across India. With continued efforts and collaboration, Sagar Parikrama paves the way for enhanced livelihoods and community well-being.



12. The Migration and Mobility Agreement recently approved by the Union Cabinet aims to strengthen cooperation between India and which country?

A.    Italy

B.    France

C.   Germany

D.   Spain

Answer: Option (A)


The Migration and Mobility Agreement between India and Italy marks a significant step towards strengthening bilateral cooperation and fostering people-to-people ties. By addressing irregular migration, promoting collaboration, and facilitating mobility, this agreement opens up new avenues of growth and mutual benefit. As India and Italy work together under the framework of this agreement, they can unlock the vast potential for exchange, innovation, and shared prosperity.



13. Who inaugurated India's first all-girl Sainik School in Vrindavan, Mathura district, Uttar Pradesh?

A.    Rajnath Singh

B.    Shashi Tharoor

C.   Amit Shah

D.   Smriti Irani

Answer: Option (A)


The inauguration of India's first all-girl Sainik School by Defence Minister Rajnath Singh marks a significant milestone in the journey towards women empowerment and gender equality. This groundbreaking initiative provides girls with a platform to excel in diverse fields, breaking down societal barriers and challenging long-standing stereotypes. As we celebrate this momentous occasion, it is a reminder of the progress being made in education and the immense potential that lies within each young girl. With more such initiatives, we can create a future where every girl's dreams are limitless.



14. Which Indian state has launched the K-SMART application to bring all services of local self-government institutions on a unified digital platform?

A.    Maharashtra

B.    Tamil Nadu

C.   Kerala

D.   Karnataka

Answer: Option (C)


The launch of the K-SMART application by the Kerala Government marks a significant milestone in the path towards administrative reformation and digital transformation. By unifying local self-government services on a single platform and incorporating advanced technologies, Kerala is setting a commendable example for other states to emulate. The K-SMART application not only simplifies service delivery but also enhances transparency, efficiency, and citizen empowerment. It is a testament to Kerala's commitment to leveraging technology for the betterment of governance and the welfare of its citizens.



15. In which sport did the Indian teenager Anahat Singh secure victory in the girls' under-19 category at the 2023 Scottish Junior Open in Edinburgh?

A.    Badminton

B.    Squash

C.   Tennis

D.   Table Tennis

Answer: Option (B)


Anahat Singh's victory in the girls' under-19 category at the 2023 Scottish Junior Open squash tournament in Edinburgh is a testament to her dedication, skill, and passion for the sport. Her remarkable journey serves as a reminder that with hard work and determination, dreams can become reality. As Anahat continues to grow and excel, she is bound to leave an indelible mark on the world of squash.

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