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January 22, 2024 Current Affairs

1. In the Indian Constitution, which article outlines the government's annual financial statement, commonly referred to as the budget?

A.   Article 112

B.   Article 150

C.   Article 200

D.   Article 110

Answer: Option A


Article 112 of the Indian Constitution serves as the bedrock for the government's annual financial statement, commonly known as the budget. Its provisions not only facilitate fiscal planning but also enable transparency, accountability, and democratic participation. By understanding the significance of Article 112, we gain a deeper insight into the mechanisms that drive India's economic decision-making process. So, the next time you hear about the Union Budget, remember the constitutional roots embedded in Article 112.



2. In which city did Mansukh Mandaviya lay the foundation stone for a Cancer Hospital and Research Center, initiated by Shree Khodaldham Trust?

A.   Nashik

B.   Rajkot

C.   Surat

D.   Lucknow

Answer: Option B


The foundation stone laying ceremony for Rajkot's Cancer Hospital and Research Center marks a significant milestone in Gujarat's healthcare landscape. Mansukh Mandaviya's unwavering dedication, coupled with the support of Shree Khodaldham Trust, exemplifies the state's commitment to improving cancer care. As the center takes shape, it holds the promise of transforming the lives of countless individuals battling cancer. With enhanced facilities, cutting-edge research, and a compassionate approach, Rajkot's Cancer Hospital and Research Center is poised to make a profound impact on the healthcare sector, not just in Gujarat but across the nation.



3. Which country landed the spacecraft 'Slim' on the Moon, becoming the fifth country to do so?

A.   South Korea

B.   China

C.   Japan

D.   India

Answer: Option C


Japan's Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) accomplished the historic landing of SLIM on the moon, securing its place among the limited group of nations, including the United States, the Soviet Union, India, and China, that have achieved lunar surface landings. This achievement not only highlights Japan's technological prowess but also represents a significant step forward in humanity's continuous quest for knowledge and exploration beyond our home planet.



4. Which electricity distribution company from Uttar Pradesh secured an A+ rating in the recent Consumer Service Rating of Discoms (CSRD) report?

A.   BSES Rajdhani Power Limited

B.   BSES Yamuna Power Limited

C.   Noida Power Company Limited

D.   Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited

Answer: Option C


Noida Power Company Limited's achievement of an A+ rating in the CSRD report highlights their unwavering dedication to exceptional consumer service. Alongside BSES Rajdhani, BSES Yamuna, and Tata Power Delhi Distribution Limited, NPCL has set a new standard in the electricity distribution industry. Through collaborative efforts, innovative strategies, and the adoption of technology, these companies have enhanced service quality and customer satisfaction. As consumers, we can expect continued improvements and a seamless electricity distribution experience in the future.



5. With which country did India sign an MoU on digital public infrastructure collaboration, focusing on sharing successful digital initiatives, capacity-building, and best practices for mutual digital transformation benefits?

A.   Cuba

B.   Brazil

C.   Mexico

D.   Argentina

Answer: Option A


The MoU between India and Cuba on digital public infrastructure collaboration marks a significant milestone in fostering global digital partnerships. Through the exchange of successful digital initiatives, capacity-building efforts, and best practices, both countries can unlock tremendous potential for their digital transformation journeys. This collaboration not only strengthens bilateral ties but also paves the way for a more interconnected and digitally empowered world.



6. Where did Union Ayush Minister Shri Sarbananda Sonowal laid the foundation stone for the 'Ayush Diksha Centre?

A.   Bhubaneswar

B.   Delhi

C.   Guwahati

D.   Chennai

Answer: Option A


The foundation stone laid by Union Ayush Minister, Shri Sarbananda Sonowal, for the 'Ayush Diksha Centre' in Bhubaneswar marks a significant milestone in the advancement of Ayush education and practices. With its focus on empowering Ayurveda professionals, fostering research and development, and spreading awareness about holistic health, the centre promises to reshape the landscape of Ayush in the region. As we eagerly await the completion of this visionary project, let us envision a future where Ayush thrives and touches the lives of millions.



7. In which city were five new galleries inaugurated at the 'Salar Jung Museum'?

A.   Mumbai

B.   Delhi

C.   Kolkata

D.   Hyderabad

Answer: Option D


The inauguration of the five new galleries at the Salar Jung Museum in Hyderabad marks a momentous occasion for art enthusiasts and culture aficionados. With its diverse and captivating collection of sculptures, Bidriware objects, antique lamps, bronze statues, and marble sculptures, the museum has solidified its position as a cultural hub in the city. Visitors will undoubtedly be enthralled by the sheer beauty and historical significance of these newly unveiled galleries. So, whether you are a connoisseur of art or simply seeking inspiration, a visit to the Salar Jung Museum is an absolute must.



8. Where does the 'Gole Mela' festival take place?

A.   Udhampur

B.   Jaipur

C.   Varanasi

D.   Ujjain

Answer: Option A


In the enchanting city of Udhampur, the 'Gole Mela' festival unfolds at the Jagannath Temple, serving as a testament to the unity and harmony among diverse cultures and communities. Through its religious rituals, cultural extravaganza, and joyful family revelry, this festival brings people together, fostering a sense of togetherness and shared heritage. The 'Gole Mela' festival is truly a celebration of life, love, and the vibrant spirit of Udhampur.



9. Who secured a bronze medal at the Grand Prix De France Henri Deglane wrestling tournament in Nice, France?

A.   Sushil Kumar

B.   Bajrang Punia

C.   Ravi Kumar Dahiya

D.   Deepak Punia

Answer: Option C


Ravi Kumar Dahiya's bronze medal at the Grand Prix De France Henri Deglane tournament marks a triumphant return for this extraordinary wrestler. Despite facing injuries and setbacks, he showcased his unwavering determination, skill, and tenacity. This achievement is not only a personal triumph for Ravi Kumar Dahiya but also a moment of pride for his fans and supporters around the world. We eagerly await his future endeavors in the world of wrestling, knowing that he will continue to leave a lasting impact.



10. Who has been approved by the Reserve Bank of India as the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of DCB Bank?

A.   Murali M. Natrajan

B.   Praveen Achuthan Kutty

C.   Arundhati Bhattacharya

D.   Nasser Munjee

Answer: Option B


Praveen Achuthan Kutty's appointment as the Managing Director and CEO of DCB Bank heralds a promising future for the institution. With his extensive experience, strategic acumen, and the backing of the Reserve Bank of India, Praveen Achuthan Kutty is poised to lead DCB Bank towards sustained growth and success. This appointment marks a crucial milestone in the bank's journey, setting the stage for a new era of excellence and innovation.



11. When is the Foundation Day celebrated for Tripura, Manipur, and Meghalaya in 2024?

A.   January 15

B.   January 18

C.   January 20

D.   January 21

Answer: Option D


The Foundation Day celebrations of Tripura, Manipur, and Meghalaya on January 21, 2024, hold immense significance. These celebrations honor the unique history and cultural heritage of these states, while also strengthening the collective identity of India. The festivities and cultural programs serve as a testament to the rich traditions that have shaped these regions. As we look ahead to the grand celebrations, let us take a moment to appreciate the beauty of our diverse nation and the unity it fosters.



12. Which company successfully launched the Ax-3 mission to the International Space Station (ISS) with the first Turkish astronaut onboard?


B.   SpaceX


D.   European Space Agency

Answer: Option B


The successful launch of the Ax-3 mission to the ISS with the first Turkish astronaut onboard marks a significant achievement in space exploration. SpaceX's pivotal role in this mission, along with the inclusion of Alper Gezeravci, highlights the progress made in commercial space travel and international collaboration. As we continue to push the boundaries of human exploration, missions like Ax-3 remind us of the limitless possibilities that lie beyond our planet.



13. Which region's rich traditions are specifically highlighted and preserved at the Mamani Ethnic Food Festival in Purig?

A.   Himachal Pradesh

B.   Uttarakhand

C.   Sikkim

D.   Ladakh

Answer: Option D


The Mamani Ethnic Food Festival in Purig stands as a beacon of Ladakh's cultural heritage. Through its culinary delights, cultural performances, and community participation, the festival encapsulates the essence of Ladakh's traditions. As visitors indulge in the vibrant festivities, they not only savor the flavors of Ladakh but also contribute to the preservation and celebration of this captivating region's rich cultural heritage.



14. Where was the 19th Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) Summit held?

A.   Uganda

B.   India

C.   Egypt

D.   Indonesia

Answer: Option A


The 19th NAM Summit, held in Kampala, Uganda, served as a significant milestone in fostering cooperation and shared global affluence among developing nations. The venue choice highlighted Uganda's commitment to promoting peace, unity, and prosperity on an international scale. As member nations convened, ideas were exchanged, alliances were strengthened, and the spirit of non-alignment was reinvigorated. The summit left a lasting impact, further solidifying the importance of the Non-Aligned Movement in an ever-changing world.



15. Who secured her first women's singles title at the India Open, defeating Chen Yu Fei in a dominant straight-game victory?

A.   Priyanshu Rajawat

B.   Tai Tzu Ying

C.   Prannoy H. S

D.   Kodai Naraoka

Answer: Option B


In a remarkable display of skill and determination, Tai Tzu Ying secured her first women's singles title at the India Open, defeating Chen Yu Fei in a dominant straight-game victory. Her strategic play, exceptional shot-making abilities, and unrivaled control over the game's tempo solidified her status as one of badminton's greatest players. As Tai Tzu Ying continues to push the boundaries of the sport, her triumph in the India Open will forever be etched in the annals of badminton history.



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