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January 28, 2024 Current Affairs

1. Which bank recently raised Rs 5,000 crore through the issuance of 10-year infrastructure bonds?

A.   State Bank of India

B.   ICICI Bank

C.   Punjab National Bank

D.   Bank of Baroda

Answer: Option D


Bank of Baroda's recent Rs 5,000 crore bond issuance for infrastructure projects highlights its commitment to supporting India's development goals. The overwhelming investor response underscores the market's confidence in the bank's financial stability and the potential of the infrastructure sector. As Bank of Baroda continues to play a significant role in the financing of critical projects, it paves the way for accelerated infrastructure growth and a brighter future for India.



2. Which aerospace company is collaborating with Tata to establish a final assembly line for helicopters in India?

A.   Airbus

B.   Boeing

C.   Lockheed Martin

D.   Embraer

Answer: Option A


 the collaboration between Airbus and Tata to establish a final assembly line for helicopters in India marks a significant milestone in the country's aerospace sector. It not only strengthens the nation's manufacturing capabilities but also fosters self-reliance and indigenous growth. With this strategic partnership, India is poised to emerge as a major player in the global helicopter manufacturing market, contributing to the country's technological advancement and economic prosperity.



3. What is the name of Bhavish Aggarwal's AI start-up that recently achieved unicorn status?

A.   TechSphere

B.   Krutrim

C.   NeuralCraft

D.   QuantumMind

Answer: Option B


Krutrim's recent achievement of unicorn status signifies its immense potential to revolutionize the AI landscape. With its cutting-edge technology, industry disruption capabilities, and collaborative approach, Krutrim is well-positioned to spearhead transformative advancements in the AI industry. As we eagerly anticipate the future developments of this remarkable start-up, one thing is certain: Krutrim is set to leave an indelible mark on the world of artificial intelligence.



4. Who recently became the oldest player to claim the No. 1 spot in the men's doubles rankings at the age of 43?

A.   Rohan Bopanna

B.   Leander Paes

C.   Mahesh Bhupathi

D.   Sania Mirza

Answer: Option A


Rohan Bopanna's journey to becoming the oldest player to claim the No. 1 spot in the men's doubles rankings is a testament to his passion, perseverance, and unwavering dedication to the sport of tennis. His remarkable achievements and groundbreaking milestone will be remembered for years to come. Bopanna's success serves as a reminder that age should never be a barrier to reaching the pinnacle of one's chosen field. He has left an indelible mark on the tennis world and continues to inspire tennis enthusiasts worldwide.



5. In which Indian state was the rare golden tiger recently spotted?

A.   Karnataka

B.   Maharashtra

C.   Assam

D.   Kerala

Answer: Option C


The recent sighting of the rare golden tiger in Kaziranga National Park, Assam, has left us in awe of the wonders of nature. This remarkable creature serves as a symbol of the rich wildlife diversity found in the region. It reminds us of the importance of conservation efforts and the need to protect these rare and endangered species for future generations to witness and cherish.

Answer: Option C (Assam)



6. When is International Customs Day observed?

A.   January 26

B.   February 15

C.   March 10

D.   January 28

Answer: Option A


Customs Day, observed on January 26, is a notable occasion that recognizes the invaluable contributions of customs agencies worldwide. From facilitating trade to ensuring security, customs agencies play a pivotal role in the global economy. This day serves as a reminder of the importance of international cooperation and continuous efforts to enhance customs operations globally. Let us celebrate International Customs Day and express our gratitude to the dedicated professionals who work tirelessly to ensure the smooth and secure flow of goods across borders.



7. Which company's subsidiary has recently secured the payment aggregator license from the RBI?

A.   Swiggy

B.   Uber Eats

C.   Zomato

D.   FoodPanda

Answer: Option C


Zomato's subsidiary, Zomato Payments Private Limited, securing the payment aggregator license from the RBI marks a significant milestone in the company's journey. By reducing external dependency on payment apps, Zomato aims to enhance its operational efficiency, improve customer experience, and strengthen its position in the fiercely competitive food delivery market. This move not only benefits Zomato but also promises a more seamless and secure payment experience for its users. With this strategic step, Zomato demonstrates its commitment to innovation and growth in the ever-evolving digital payment landscape.



9. In a recent development, which bank has received approval from the Reserve Bank of India for the Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) to acquire up to 9.99% aggregate holding?

A.   Axis Bank

B.   HDFC Bank

C.   State Bank of India

D.   ICICI Bank

Answer: Option B


The recent approval granted to LIC for acquiring a stake in HDFC Bank marks a significant milestone in the Indian financial landscape. This strategic move presents opportunities for both LIC and HDFC Bank to leverage each other's strengths and drive mutual growth. It reflects LIC's commitment to diversifying its investment portfolio and HDFC Bank's continued pursuit of excellence. As the partnership between these two financial powerhouses unfolds, it will undoubtedly shape the future of the banking industry in India.



10. On which date is the International Day of Clean Energy observed?

A.   January 15

B.   February 2

C.   January 26

D.   March 8

Answer: Option C


The International Day of Clean Energy, observed on January 26, serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of renewable energy in shaping a sustainable future. By embracing clean energy sources such as solar power, wind energy, hydroelectric power, geothermal energy, and bioenergy, we can combat climate change, protect the environment, and create economic opportunities. Let us join hands and work towards a world powered by clean energy, paving the way for a brighter and greener future.



11. Which organization has been appointed as the nodal agency for the Pradhan Mantri Suryoday Yojana, with plans to lend Rs 1,20,000 crore for the installation of rooftop solar panels?

A.   REC

B.   PFC



Answer: Option A


The appointment of REC Ltd as the nodal agency for the Pradhan Mantri Suryoday Yojana marks a significant milestone in India's journey towards clean and sustainable energy. This ambitious initiative will not only facilitate the installation of rooftop solar panels but also pave the way for a greener and brighter future. With CMD Vivek Kumar Dewangan at the helm, REC Ltd is well-equipped to lead this transformative project and empower millions of households with solar energy.



12. Which maritime giant recently unveiled the world’s largest container ship fueled by green methanol?


B.   Maersk

C.   Evergreen

D.   MSC

Answer: Option B


Maersk's unveiling of the Ane Maersk, the world's largest container ship fueled by green methanol, marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of eco-friendly maritime transportation. This remarkable achievement showcases Maersk's commitment to sustainability and serves as an inspiration for the industry to embrace cleaner fuel alternatives. With the Ane Maersk leading the way, we can look forward to a future where green methanol-powered ships dominate our oceans, safeguarding the environment for generations to come.



13. In which U.S. state did Kenneth Smith become the first person to undergo execution by nitrogen gas, departing from the prevalent lethal injection method?

A.   Texas

B.   California

C.   Florida

D.   Alabama

Answer: Option D


the execution of Kenneth Smith by nitrogen gas marked a significant departure from the prevalent lethal injection method in the United States. While this event opens up avenues for further exploration and potential improvements in execution methods, it also raises important ethical questions. The ongoing discourse surrounding capital punishment and the search for more humane methods will undoubtedly continue as society grapples with the complexities of administering the ultimate punishment.


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