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July 15, 2023 Current Affairs

1. What was the annual rate of inflation based on all India WPI recorded in June 2023?

A.    4.4%

B.    4.6%

C.    4.8%

D.    4.12%

Answer: Option (D)


Based on the All India Wholesale Price Index (WPI), the annual rate of inflation in June 2023 witnessed a decline of 4.12 percent. This figure highlights the importance of monitoring economic indicators to gain insights into the wider financial landscape. By understanding the factors influencing inflation and its implications, individuals and businesses can make informed decisions to navigate the ever-changing economic environment.



2. Which meeting of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) Council was organized recently?

A.    45th

B.    47th

C.    50th

D.    52nd

Answer: Option (C)


The 50th GST Council meeting proved to be a significant milestone in shaping India's indirect taxation landscape. The decisions made regarding rules for online gaming, casinos, and horse racing, as well as changes in tax rates on various items, highlight the Council's commitment to adaptability and progress. Businesses and consumers must stay informed and embrace these changes to navigate the evolving taxation framework successfully. The outcomes of this meeting mark another step forward in the journey toward a more efficient and inclusive GST system.



3. Which state has approved the construction of the state's first ultra-supercritical plant of 800 MW?

A.    Chattisgarh

B.    Uttar Pradesh

C.    Himachal Pradesh

D.    Tamil Nadu

Answer: Option (B)


The approval of Uttar Pradesh's first ultra-supercritical plant marks a monumental achievement for the state's power sector. This innovative project, in collaboration with NTPC, will not only boost power generation capabilities but also set new benchmarks in efficiency and sustainability. As Uttar Pradesh embraces cutting-edge technology, it sets an inspiring example for other states to follow. With this milestone, the future of power generation in Uttar Pradesh looks brighter than ever.



4. On which date is World Youth Skills Day observed?

A.    July 14

B.    July 15

C.    July 16

D.    July 17

Answer: Option (B)


World Youth Skills Day, observed on July 15th, serves as a reminder of the crucial role skills development plays in empowering the youth. By promoting awareness, dialogue, and support for youth skills development, this day has become a catalyst for positive change. Let us all join hands in recognizing the potential of our young generation and ensure they are equipped with the skills necessary to shape a brighter future.



5. In which city is India's top table tennis league UTT tournament being organized?

A.    Surat

B.    Noida

C.    Pune

D.    Bikaner

Answer: Option (C)


 India's overall exports in June 2023 stood at a remarkable USD 60.09 Billion, despite a negative growth rate of (-) 13.16 percent compared to the previous year. The export landscape is a complex web of various factors, and it is through comprehensive analysis and understanding that we can gain insights into India's economic prowess on the global stage.



6. Which figure correctly represents India's overall exports in June 2023?

A.    USD 60.09 Billion

B.    USD 30 Billion

C.    USD 40 Million

D.    USD 24 Billion

Answer: Option (A)


The Ultimate Table Tennis (UTT) tournament in Pune is set to captivate audiences with its exhilarating matches, world-class players, and vibrant atmosphere. As fans eagerly await the first serve, the stage is set for an unforgettable sporting spectacle. Whether you're a passionate table tennis enthusiast or simply looking for an exciting sporting event to experience, make sure to mark your calendars and witness the magic of UTT in person.



7. With which country's highest award, the Grand Cross of the Legion of Honour, was PM Modi conferred?

A.    Russia

B.    Oman

C.    France

D.    Denmark

Answer: Option (C)


the conferment of the Grand Cross of the Legion of Honour upon Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a momentous occasion that reflects his exceptional leadership, transformative policies, and India's growing stature globally. This prestigious recognition not only brings pride to the nation but also showcases the strengthening ties between India and France. Prime Minister Modi's visionary approach continues to inspire millions and propel India towards a brighter and prosperous future.



8. How many Laws will be affected by the Indian government's approval of changes to the Jan Vishwas Bill to decriminalize offences?

A.    36

B.    38

C.    40

D.    42

Answer: Option (D)


the Indian government's approval of changes to the Jan Vishwas Bill is set to have a significant impact on Indian legislation. With 42 Acts and 183 provisions being amended, the decriminalization of minor offences aims to bring about a more efficient and fair legal system. While there are potential benefits, it is important to consider the implications and strike a balance between leniency and maintaining law and order. The Jan Vishwas Bill represents an important step towards a more just and effective legal framework in India.



9. Which country recently appointed its first female central bank head?

A.    America

B.    Australia

C.    Pakistan

D.    Norway

Answer: Option (B)


the recent appointment of Michele Bullock as the first female central bank head in Australia marks a significant milestone in the fight for gender equality. This groundbreaking decision showcases the country's commitment to empowering women in leadership roles and promoting diversity within the financial sector. As Michele Bullock assumes her new position at the Reserve Bank of Australia, she paves the way for future generations of women to break barriers and excel in their chosen fields. Let us celebrate this remarkable achievement and continue working towards a more inclusive and equal society.



10. At the G-20 meeting, which country advocated for the responsible use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology?

A.    India

B.    Israel

C.    Canada

D.    Siberia

Answer: Option (A)


India's active advocacy for responsible AI technology at the G-20 meeting demonstrates its commitment to shaping the future of AI in a responsible and ethical manner. By prioritizing collaboration, India aims to foster global dialogue and establish common guidelines to ensure the responsible development and usage of AI technology. As the world continues to embrace the potential of AI, it is imperative that nations work together to strike a balance between innovation and the well-being of humanity.



11. How much crore interim relief did the state of Himachal seek from the Centre?

A.    1,500 crore

B.    2,000 crore

C.    2,500 crore

D.    3,000 crore

Answer: Option (B)


In the face of adversity, Himachal Pradesh stands resilient, determined to rebuild and restore what has been lost. The request for 2,000 crore interim relief from the Centre is a crucial step towards initiating the recovery process. However, it is essential for both the state and central governments to work hand in hand, providing continuous support and resources, to ensure the timely rehabilitation of the affected regions. Himachal Pradesh's journey towards revival may be arduous, but with collective efforts and unwavering determination, the state will undoubtedly rise again.



12. In which month did India's goods exports fall by 22%?

A.    March 2023

B.    April 2023

C.    May 2023

D.    June 2023

Answer: Option (D)


the month of June 2023 witnessed a significant decline of 22% in India's goods exports. Global market dynamics, domestic policies, and trade restrictions all contributed to this downturn. As India navigates the challenges in the ever-evolving global trade landscape, it becomes imperative to address these factors and explore strategies to bolster exports in the future.



13. Which country became the first Arab country to obtain observer status on Asian-Pacific Money Laundering?

A.    Sri Lanka

B.    Greece

C.    UAE

D.    Austria

Answer: Option (C)


the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has made history by becoming the first Arab country to obtain observer status on the Asia-Pacific Group on Money Laundering (APG). This achievement highlights the UAE's commitment to combatting money laundering and its proactive approach to strengthening its financial systems. By actively participating in APG's plenary sessions, the UAE aims to contribute to discussions, collaborate with regional partners, and enhance its own anti-money laundering frameworks. This significant milestone reinforces the UAE's position as a leader in the global fight against financial crimes.



14. Which country's parliament approved a bill to limit the Supreme Court's power?

A.    Italy

B.    India

C.    Iran

D.    Israel

Answer: Option (D)


Israel's parliament adopted a controversial bill that would limit the Supreme Court's oversight powers. Holding 64 of the Knesset's 120 seats, Netanyahu's coalition secured the first of three votes needed to turn the new bill into law.



15. Which country will join Britain in supplying long-range SCALP missiles to Ukraine?

A.    Australia

B.    France

C.    USA

D.    Israel

Answer: Option (B)


Israel's parliament, the Knesset, has approved a bill aimed at limiting the Supreme Court's authority. This decision has ignited fierce debates, reflecting the complex nature of balancing power in democratic societies. The implications of this bill and its potential impact on Israel's legal system and civil liberties remain subjects of intense scrutiny as the legislation progresses. Only time will tell how this power struggle between the branches of government will unfold and shape the future of the Israeli judicial system.



16. Phosphine has recently been discovered in the atmosphere of which planet?

A.    Venus

B.    Mercury

C.    Neptune

D.    Mars

Answer: Option (A)


France's decision to join Britain in supplying SCALP missiles to Ukraine marks a significant step in bolstering Ukraine's defense capabilities. This collaborative effort showcases international solidarity and highlights the importance of standing united against aggression. With the addition of these advanced missiles, Ukraine gains a valuable tool to safeguard its borders and deter potential threats. As tensions persist in the region, such joint initiatives serve as a reminder of the global commitment to maintaining peace and stability.



17. In which city is the world's largest International Temple Convention and Expo organized?

A.    Varanasi

B.    Kashi

C.    Shillong

D.    Guwahati

Answer: Option (A)


The International Temple Convention and Expo in Varanasi is not just a gathering of temple enthusiasts, but a celebration of the rich cultural heritage and spiritual significance that temples hold worldwide. It provides a unique platform for cultural exchange, knowledge sharing, and spiritual exploration. If you are passionate about temples or simply curious about the diverse world of spirituality, this event is a must-visit.



18. With which country has the Indian government signed an agreement to operationalize UPI (Unified Payment Interface)?

A.    France

B.    Switzerland

C.    Sudan

D.    Singapore

Answer: Option (A)


 the agreement between India and France to operationalize UPI marks a significant milestone in the realm of digital payments. This collaboration not only showcases the success of UPI within India but also highlights its potential to transform the global payment landscape. By fostering cross-border transactions, UPI opens up new avenues for seamless financial transactions, benefiting individuals, businesses, and economies alike. As we witness the implementation of UPI in France, we can anticipate a future where international payments are faster, more secure, and more accessible.



19. India will host the ASEAN Countries Conference on Traditional Medicines on July 20, 2023, at Vigyan Bhawan in which city?

A.    Chennai

B.    Mumbai

C.    New Delhi

D.    Ajmer

Answer: Option (C)


India's selection as the host of the ASEAN Countries Conference on Traditional Medicines is a testament to its rich heritage and ongoing efforts in promoting traditional healing practices. This conference serves as a catalyst for collaboration, knowledge exchange, and the integration of traditional medicines into mainstream healthcare systems. As the world looks towards New Delhi on July 20, 2023, the stage is set for a remarkable event that will further strengthen the bond among ASEAN member nations and pave the way for a brighter future in holistic healthcare



20. For how many crore rupees will CarTrade Tech acquire OLX India's auto business?

A.    537 crore

B.    531 crore

C.    520 crore

D.    510 crore

Answer: Option (A)


CarTrade Tech's acquisition of OLX India's auto sales business for a significant sum of Rs. 537 crore is a game-changing move that holds immense potential for both companies. This strategic maneuver is poised to redefine the Indian automotive industry, creating new opportunities and challenges. As the dust settles and the integration process begins, all eyes will be on CarTrade Tech to see how they leverage this acquisition to solidify their position as a dominant player in the market.


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