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July 22, 2023 Current Affairs

1. Which state launched a new scheme called 'Sashakt Mahila Rin Yojna' to empower women economically?

A.    Uttarakhand

B.    Goa

C.   Himachal Pradesh

D.   Karnataka

Answer: Option (C)


In a progressive stride towards gender equality and women empowerment, Himachal Pradesh's Sashakt Mahila Rin Yojna stands as a beacon of hope and progress. By providing collateral-free loans and comprehensive support, this scheme opens doors of opportunity for women, enabling them to realize their potential and contribute meaningfully to society and the economy. As we applaud this initiative, let us hope that it inspires other states to follow suit, creating a future where empowered women thrive.



2. Which state is ranked first among major states in India Innovation Index 2022?

A.    Uttarakhand

B.    Karnataka

C.   Kerala

D.   Odisha

Answer: Option (B)


Innovation lies at the heart of progress and development, and the India Innovation Index 2022 serves as a testament to the incredible potential that exists within our nation. Karnataka's remarkable performance as the top-ranked state among major states highlights its commitment to fostering innovation-driven growth. As the country continues to strive for excellence in various sectors, it is crucial for other states to take inspiration from Karnataka's success story and work towards creating robust innovation ecosystems. Through collective efforts and a shared vision, India can unlock its true potential and emerge as a global innovation powerhouse.



3. On which date is National Broadcasting Day in India marked?

A.    July 21

B.    July 22

C.   July 23

D.   July 24

Answer: Option (C)


National Broadcasting Day on July 23rd serves as a tribute to the timeless medium of radio and its profound influence on our lives. It reminds us of the immense power of communication and the role it plays in shaping society. As we celebrate this day, let us remember the dedicated professionals who have made radio an integral part of our cultural fabric. So, tune in, listen closely, and appreciate the magic of radio on this special day.



4. With which country has India signed a cooperation agreement for collaboration in the steel sector and decarbonisation issues?





Answer: Option (D)


The cooperation agreement between India and Japan in the steel sector and decarbonisation issues represents a significant step towards a more sustainable future. By joining hands and sharing knowledge, these two nations can lead the way in developing innovative solutions for reducing carbon emissions in the steel industry. The impact of this collaboration extends beyond their borders, inspiring global efforts towards a greener and cleaner steel sector. With such partnerships, we move closer to achieving a more sustainable and environmentally conscious world.



5. RBI cancelled the license of which state-based United India Co-operative bank?

A.    Gujarat

B.    Himachal Pradesh

C.   Madhya Pradesh

D.   Uttar Pradesh

Answer: Option (D)


The cancellation of United India Co-operative Bank's license by the RBI serves as a reminder of the crucial role regulatory bodies play in maintaining the integrity and stability of the banking sector. While the immediate impact might be challenging for customers and stakeholders, it is hoped that the RBI's measures will mitigate the adverse effects and provide a smooth transition. As the situation unfolds, it is essential for customers to stay informed and follow the guidance provided by the RBI and other relevant authorities.



6. "Namda," a type of rug, is associated with which state/UT?

A.    Delhi

B.    Odisha

C.   Jammu & Kashmir

D.   Pondicherry

Answer: Option (C)


Namda, the exquisite rug associated with Jammu & Kashmir, is a testament to the rich cultural heritage of the region. Its origins, intricate craftsmanship, and cultural significance make it a true treasure. As we delve into the enchanting world of Namda, we gain a deeper appreciation for the artistry and dedication behind this traditional craft. So next time you come across a Namda rug, remember the stories it holds and the vibrant culture it represents.



7. Which state has recently passed the Minimum Guaranteed Income Bill?

A.    Mizoram

B.    Tripura

C.   Rajasthan

D.   Madhya Pradesh

Answer: Option (C)


The passage of 'The Rajasthan Minimum Guaranteed Income Bill, 2023' marks a significant step towards ensuring economic security and social welfare for the people of Rajasthan. By guaranteeing wages or pensions to the entire adult population, the state is taking a bold stance in addressing poverty and inequality. With effective implementation and monitoring, this policy has the potential to uplift the lives of countless individuals and create a more equitable society.



8. In which city of Madhya Pradesh was the Fourth 'G-20 Employment Working Group meeting' held?

A.    Indore

B.    Bhopal

C.   Gwalior

D.   Jabalpur

Answer: Option (A)


The Fourth 'G-20 Employment Working Group meeting' held in Indore not only highlighted the city's capabilities as a host but also brought numerous benefits to the local economy. Indore's reputation received a significant boost, and the event served as a platform for knowledge exchange and collaborations. As a result, the city witnessed increased interest from investors and businesses, further contributing to its growth and development.



9. In which state did OPPO India set up the first PPP-model Atal Tinkering Lab?

A.    Odisha

B.    Sikkim

C.   Kerala

D.   Nagaland

Answer: Option (C)


The establishment of OPPO India's first PPP-model Atal Tinkering Lab in Kerala marks a significant milestone in the pursuit of fostering innovation and nurturing young talent. Through this collaborative effort, OPPO India and NITI Aayog's Atal Innovation Mission aim to provide students with a platform to explore their creativity, develop critical thinking skills, and unleash their potential. By empowering the youth of Kerala, this initiative paves the way for a brighter future, where innovation thrives and transforms lives.



10. India's GDP Growth forecast cut to how many percent by FICCI Survey?

A.    7%

B.    8%

C.   9%

D.   10%

Answer: Option (A)


The FICCI survey's downward revision of India's GDP growth forecast to 7 percent for FY 2022-23 paints a less optimistic picture of the country's economic recovery. It highlights the challenges posed by the ongoing pandemic, supply chain disruptions, and global uncertainties. Policymakers, industry leaders, and stakeholders must closely monitor the evolving economic landscape and undertake necessary measures to stimulate growth and mitigate the effects of this downward revision.



11. After the desecration of a copy of the Quran, which country ordered the expulsion of Sweden's ambassador?

A.    Iraq

B.    Brazil

C.   Panama

D.   America

Answer: Option (A)


The expulsion of Sweden's ambassador by Iraq in the aftermath of the Quran desecration incident underscores the profound impact that acts of religious insensitivity can have on international relations. It serves as a stark reminder of the importance of respecting diverse beliefs and fostering mutual understanding. As the dust settles, the incident prompts reflection on the critical need for dialogue, empathy, and tolerance in a world that is increasingly interconnected.



12. Indian Navy ships INS Sahyadri and INS Kolkata conducted a bilateral maritime exercise in which city?

A.    Semarang

B.    Solo

C.   Jakarta

D.   Bandung

Answer: Option (C)


The bilateral maritime exercise between INS Sahyadri, INS Kolkata, and the Indonesian Naval Forces in Jakarta showcased the shared commitment towards maritime security and cooperation. The exercise not only tested the naval forces' capabilities but also provided an avenue for cultural exchange and diplomatic engagement. As these bonds between nations grow stronger, the collaborative efforts promise a safer and more secure maritime domain for all.



13. From which country is HAL (Hindustan Aeronautics Limited) set to buy light and medium utility helicopters?

A.    Austria

B.    Argentina

C.   Australia

D.   Afghanistan

Answer: Option (B)


HAL's pursuit of light and medium utility helicopters has led them to explore potential partnerships with various countries. The recent visit of the Argentine Minister to India and the subsequent flight demonstration at HAL's Bengaluru airport have fueled speculation about a collaboration with Argentina. Given Argentina's strong presence in the helicopter industry and HAL's need for reliable helicopters, the answer to the question is Option (B) Argentina. The future holds exciting possibilities as HAL continues its search for the perfect partner to fulfill their helicopter requirements.



14. How many states have successfully implemented the Ground Water Act?

A.    32

B.    21

C.   45

D.   56

Answer: Option (B)


The Ground Water Act has made significant headway in India, with 21 states and union territories successfully implementing its provisions. However, there is still work to be done to ensure its uniform implementation across the entire nation. By addressing the challenges, raising awareness, and fostering collaborative efforts, India can achieve sustainable groundwater management and secure a better future for generations to come.



15. Which space agency has successfully tested the service module propulsion system?

A.    Indian Space Research Organization

B.    China National Space Administration

C.   European Space Agency

D.   National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Answer: Option (A)


The Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) has successfully tested the service module propulsion system for the Gaganyaan Human Spaceflight Mission. This remarkable achievement propels India into the league of nations capable of manned space missions. As ISRO continues to push boundaries and make strides in space exploration, the future looks promising for India's contributions to the field of space science.



16. Which channel has secured the TV Rights for FIFA Women's World Cup 2023 in India?

A.    Zee Tv

B.    DD Sports

C.   SONY Liv

D.   Sports Star

Answer: Option (B)


DD Sports has emerged victorious in securing the TV rights for the FIFA Women's World Cup 2023 in India. As football fever rises, fans can look forward to witnessing the sporting prowess and indomitable spirit of international women footballers through the extensive coverage offered by DD Sports. So mark your calendars, gather your friends and family, and get ready to cheer for your favorite teams as they compete for glory on the grand stage of the FIFA Women's World Cup 2023.



17. Which river has been designated as a Non-Perennial River by the Uttar Pradesh Government?

A.    Gomti

B.    Ganga

C.   Yamuna

D.   Gandak

Answer: Option (A)


The designation of the Gomti River as a non-perennial river by the Uttar Pradesh government highlights the urgent need for conservation and sustainable management of our water resources. It serves as a wake-up call for all stakeholders to come together and take proactive steps towards restoring and preserving this vital lifeline. By addressing the root causes of its degradation and implementing effective measures, we can ensure a brighter future for the Gomti River and its dependent communities.



18. Which bank has become the 2nd most valuable company in India based on market capitalization?

A.    HDFC Bank

B.    SBI


D.   PNB

Answer: Option (A)


HDFC Bank's achievement of becoming the second most valuable company in India based on market capitalization is a testament to its unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Through its journey, HDFC Bank has demonstrated that a customer-centric approach, coupled with a focus on technology and innovation, can propel a bank to new heights. As HDFC Bank continues to push boundaries and redefine banking norms, it is poised to shape the future of the Indian banking industry and contribute to the nation's economic growth.



19. Ranil Wickremesinghe, who made headlines, is the president of which country?

A.    Maldives

B.    Malaysia

C.   Sri Lanka

D.   Canada

Answer: Option (C)


Ranil Wickremesinghe's presidency marks a new era for Sri Lanka. With his extensive political experience, dedication to progress, and vision for a better future, he aspires to lead the nation towards prosperity and unity. As he navigates the challenges ahead, Wickremesinghe's leadership will undoubtedly shape the destiny of Sri Lanka and leave a lasting impact on its people.



20. The Advance Authorization Scheme is implemented and administered by which institution?

A.    ISRO

B.    NASA

C.   SBI


Answer: Option (D)


The Advance Authorization Scheme implemented by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) serves as a catalyst for promoting exports and boosting India's trade competitiveness. By facilitating duty-free import of inputs for export production, this scheme empowers exporters and enhances their global market presence. Through the Advance Authorization Scheme, the DGFT plays a pivotal role in driving economic growth and enabling Indian businesses to thrive on the international stage.



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