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July 24, 2023 Current Affairs

1. Foreign investors pumped in nearly how many crores into Indian equities so far in July 2023?

A.   43,000 crore

B.   44,000 crore

C.   45,000 crore

D.   46,000 crore

Answer: Option (B)


Foreign investors have injected nearly 44,000 crore rupees into Indian equities during the month of July 2023, marking a substantial milestone in the country's financial landscape. This influx of capital not only reflects the confidence of foreign investors in the Indian market but also brings several positive implications for the overall economy. As the Indian equities market continues to attract foreign investments, it is essential for investors and policymakers to harness this momentum and ensure sustainable growth for the benefit of all stakeholders.



2. Who has become the second longest-serving chief minister of a state in India?

A.   Manohar Lal Khattar

B.   Jyoti Basu

C.   Naveen Patnaik

D.   Arvind Kejriwal

Answer: Option (C)


Naveen Patnaik's journey from a political novice to the second longest-serving chief minister in India is nothing short of remarkable. His visionary leadership, unwavering commitment, and transformative policies have made a lasting impact on the state of Odisha. As he continues to serve with dedication and resilience, his legacy will inspire future generations of leaders to work tirelessly for the betterment of the people and the nation.



3. On which date is National Broadcasting Day celebrated?

A.   July 22

B.   July 23

C.   July 24

D.   July 25

Answer: Option (B)


National Broadcasting Day on July 23 is a day of remembrance, gratitude, and celebration. It pays homage to the beginnings of organized radio broadcasting in India and reminds us of the profound impact radio has had on our lives. As we embrace the digital age, let us not forget the enduring power and influence of radio as a medium that continues to connect and inspire us. So, on this special day, tune in, listen, and appreciate the magic of radio.



4. How many women parliamentarians did the Rajya Sabha Chairman nominate to the panel of vice-chairpersons?

A.   2

B.   3

C.   4

D.   5

Answer: Option (C)


The nomination of four women parliamentarians to the panel of vice-chairpersons by the Rajya Sabha Chairman is a remarkable step towards achieving gender parity in politics. It signifies the commitment of the Rajya Sabha towards inclusivity, representation, and empowering women leaders. This decision not only sets a positive precedent but also inspires future generations to actively participate in the political sphere. By embracing diversity and fostering gender equality, we can create a stronger and more inclusive democracy.



5. Shubhankar Sharma, who made headlines, belongs to which game?

A.   Badminton

B.   Golf

C.   Hockey

D.   Cricket

Answer: Option (B)


The answer to the question "Shubhankar Sharma, who made headlines, belongs to which game?" is Option (B) Golf. Shubhankar's remarkable journey from humble beginnings to international recognition showcases his immense talent and dedication to the sport. As he continues to make strides in the world of golf, he leaves an indelible mark on the Indian sporting landscape, inspiring generations to come.



6. The conservative Popular Party of which country has recently won elections?

A.   Haiti

B.   Italy

C.   Spain

D.   Greece

Answer: Option (C)


The conservative Popular Party has triumphed in Spain's general election, although without securing an absolute majority. The electoral outcome sets the stage for negotiations, coalition-building, and the formation of a new government. The path ahead holds both challenges and opportunities as Spain navigates through this political landscape.



7. Which state has approved the Rs 126 crore 'Kharag River Basin Project'?

A.   Odisha

B.   Assam

C.   Sikkim

D.   Karnataka

Answer: Option (A)


The approval of the 'Kharag River Basin Project' by Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik marks a significant milestone in Odisha's journey towards sustainable development. With its focus on water resource management, agriculture, and livelihood enhancement, this project is poised to positively impact the lives of over 20,000 people in Boudh, Bolangir, and Kandhamal districts. By harnessing the potential of the Kharag River, Odisha is taking a giant stride towards a prosperous and resilient future.



8. For the first time, India hosted the global food regulators summit 2023 in which city?

A.   Karnal

B.   Noida

C.   Mumbai

D.   New Delhi

Answer: Option (D)


The Global Food Regulators Summit 2023 in New Delhi marked a significant milestone in India's journey towards becoming a global leader in food safety and regulation. By hosting this prestigious event, India demonstrated its commitment to fostering international cooperation, sharing knowledge, and addressing the challenges faced by the food industry. The summit served as a catalyst for innovative solutions and collaborative initiatives that will shape the future of food safety worldwide.



9. For how many years has the Atal Beemit Vyakti Yojana been extended?

A.   1 year

B.   2 years

C.   3 years

D.   4 years

Answer: Option (B)


the extension of the Atal Beemit Vyakti Yojana for two years signifies the Government's commitment to supporting workers during times of unemployment. With relaxed eligibility conditions and an enhanced rate of relief, the scheme aims to provide much-needed financial assistance and stability to those in need. This extension serves as a beacon of hope and reassurance for individuals facing job loss, offering them a safety net in their time of need.



10. Akira, which made headlines, belongs to which category of cyber threat?

A.   Virus

B.   Ransomware

C.   Software

D.   Spam

Answer: Option (B)


The rise of Akira ransomware serves as a stark reminder of the ever-present cyber threats in our digital world. By understanding its modus operandi and taking proactive measures, we can minimize the risk of falling victim to this malicious software. Stay vigilant, keep your defenses strong, and together we can combat the menace of Akira.



11. Who has been nominated as the first woman to lead the US Navy?

A.   Lisa Franchetti

B.   Angelina

C.   Katherine Beatty

D.   Chrissy Cook

Answer: Option (A)


the nomination of Admiral Lisa Franchetti as the first woman to lead the US Navy is a groundbreaking achievement that signifies progress towards gender equality and diversity in the military. Her remarkable career, accomplishments, and leadership skills make her an exceptional choice for this historic role. As Admiral Franchetti takes the helm, she will undoubtedly inspire countless individuals and pave the way for a more inclusive and diverse future within the US Navy.



12. 'Lavasa', the first private hill station of India, is located in which state?

A.   Bihar

B.   Nagaland

C.   Maharashtra

D.   Odisha

Answer: Option (C)


 Lavasa, located in Maharashtra, stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of nature, adventure, and culture. With its alluring landscapes, exciting activities, and thriving arts scene, Lavasa offers a unique and memorable experience for all who visit. Whether you seek a tranquil escape or an adrenaline-fueled adventure, Lavasa has something to offer. So, pack your bags, embrace the enchantment of Lavasa, and create memories that will last a lifetime.


13. The world-famous 'Rajgir Malmas Fair' started in which state?

A.   Odisha

B.   Goa

C.   Maharashtra

D.   Bihar

Answer: Option (D)


The Rajgir Malmas Fair in Bihar is an extraordinary celebration that showcases the rich cultural heritage and religious fervor of the region. With its origins deeply rooted in tradition, this fair offers a unique opportunity for visitors to immerse themselves in a spiritual and cultural extravaganza. From the vibrant atmosphere and traditional rituals to the holy baths and grand flag-hoisting ceremony, the Rajgir Malmas Fair is an experience that leaves a lasting impression on all who have the fortune to be a part of it. Plan your visit to Rajgir during the Malmas Fair and embark on a journey of spiritual enlightenment and cultural exploration.



14. Which state government has recently unveiled the Semiconductor Policy for the period 2022-2027?

A.   Jharkhand

B.   Nagaland

C.   Tripura

D.   Gujarat

Answer: Option (D)


The unveiling of the Semiconductor Policy (2022-2027) by the Gujarat government marks a significant leap towards establishing Gujarat as a leader in the domestic semiconductor chip manufacturing sector. With a focus on infrastructure development, research and development, skill development, and attracting investments, this policy sets the stage for technological advancements, innovation, and self-reliance in the semiconductor industry. Gujarat's ambitious vision and strategic approach position it as a promising hub for semiconductor chip manufacturing in the coming years.



15. Who won the Hungarian Grand Prix 2023?

A.   Max Verstappen

B.   Lewis Hamilton

C.   Esteban Ocon

D.   Carlos Sainz

Answer: Option (A)


In a race filled with adrenaline, skill, and determination, Max Verstappen emerged as the victor of the Hungarian Grand Prix 2023. His record-breaking 12th consecutive Formula One win solidified his position as one of the sport's greats. However, let us not forget the incredible performances of Lewis Hamilton, Esteban Ocon, and Carlos Sainz, who pushed themselves to the limit and showcased their exceptional talents. The Hungarian Grand Prix once again proved to be a thrilling event that will be remembered in the annals of Formula One history.



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