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June 13, 2023 Current Affairs

1. Which space agency's researchers conducted the 'Fried space food experiment'?

A.    ISRO

B.    ESA

C.    DRDO

D.    NASA

Answer: Option (B)


In the vast realm of space exploration, scientists and researchers constantly push the boundaries of our understanding. One such endeavor was conducted by researchers from the European Space Agency (ESA), who embarked on a unique study known as the 'Fried Space Food Experiment.' This groundbreaking experiment aimed to investigate the effects of microgravity on cooking techniques, specifically focusing on the art of frying.



2. In which city did the Indian Navy commemorate the 130th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi's Satyagraha'?

A.    Durban

B.    Pretoria

C.    Kimberley

D.    Nelspruit

Answer: Option (A)


Mahatma Gandhi's 'Satyagraha' movement holds a significant place in India's history and the fight for independence. Recently, the Indian Navy took a momentous step to commemorate the 130th anniversary of this movement.



3. On which date is International Albinism Awareness Day observed annually?

A.    June 12

B.    June 11

C.    June 13

D.    June 14

Answer: Option (C)


International Albinism Awareness Day, an annual observance held on June 13th, serves as a platform to raise awareness about the genetic skin condition known as Albinism. This day aims to advocate for the rights and well-being of individuals with Albinism, shedding light on their unique challenges and celebrating their strength.



4. Which state has set a target of cultivating paddy using the DSR method on 5 lakh acres of land?

A.    Assam

B.    Punjab

C.    Kerala

D.    Gujarat

Answer: Option (B)


Punjab, known as the breadbasket of India, has set its sights on revolutionizing rice cultivation. With a bold target of cultivating paddy using the direct seeded rice (DSR) method on five lakh acres of land during the current Kharif season, the state aims to enhance agricultural efficiency and sustainability.



5. How many trillion rupees did the Union Government release as the third tranche of tax devolution to states?

A.    1.4 trillion

B.     1.3 trillion

C.     1.2 trillion

D.    1.1 trillion

Answer: Option (C)


The Union Government's recent release of funds as the third tranche of tax devolution to states has sparked significant interest and curiosity.



6. Which state's Police force destroyed 2.2 lakh kg of marijuana in the state after conducting a special drive?

A.    Odisha

B.    Goa

C.    Manipur

D.    Jharkhand

Answer: Option (A)


In a powerful display of dedication and commitment to eradicating illegal drug activities, the Odisha Police force embarked on a monumental mission. With unwavering determination, they successfully destroyed a staggering 2.2 lakh kg of marijuana, marking a significant milestone in the state's battle against drug trafficking.



7. In which state was the first-ever national conference of tribal writers held?

A.    Rajasthan

B.    Gujarat

C.    Jammu & Kashmir

D.    Meghalaya

Answer: Option (C)


In the vibrant landscape of Indian literature, a significant event recently unfolded, captivating the attention of literary enthusiasts. The first-ever national conference of tribal writers emerged as a groundbreaking platform, fostering the rich cultural heritage and literary contributions of tribal communities.



8. In the past two years, how many 'anti-India' sites and YouTube news channels has the Indian Government banned?

A.    129

B.    150

C.    300

D.    230

Answer: Option (B)


In the fast-paced digital era, governments worldwide face the challenge of regulating online content. The Indian Government is no exception, taking proactive measures to combat 'anti-India' sentiment propagated through various platforms. In the past two years, the government has made significant efforts to address this issue.



9. In which country did the final match of the FIH Pro League 2023, where India emerged victorious against Argentina, take place?

A.    Scotland

B.    Netherlands

C.    New Zealand

D.    Germany

Answer: Option (B)


The FIH Pro League 2023, an exhilarating international field hockey tournament, reached its pinnacle with a final match that kept fans on the edge of their seats.



10. To which state does the 'Kari Ishad Mango', which recently received a GI tag, belong?

A.    Kerala

B.    Sikkim

C.    Karnataka

D.    Bihar

Answer: Option (C)


The world of fruits is filled with delightful surprises, and one such treasure is the Kari Ishad Mango. This beloved fruit, recently bestowed with a Geographical Indication (GI) tag, has its roots firmly planted in the enchanting state of Karnataka. Join us as we embark on a journey to discover the origins, characteristics, and significance of this delectable mango variety.



11. Which state has implemented a reward system to report illegal waste dumping on roads?

A.    Kerala

B.    Nagaland

C.    Chattisgarh

D.    Haryana

Answer: Option (A)


Illegal waste dumping on roads has become a pressing issue in many parts of the world. In an effort to tackle this problem, the government of Kerala, a state in India, has implemented a unique reward system.



12. Which state has launched the 'Integrated Water Resources Action Plan-2023-25'?

A.    Haryana

B.    Rajasthan

C.    Maharashtra

D.    Chhattisgarh

Answer: Option (A)


Water, the elixir of life, is a precious resource that demands careful management and conservation. In a step towards sustainable water management, Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar recently launched the biennial Integrated Water Resources Action Plan (2023-25). This visionary initiative aims to tackle the pressing challenges of water depletion and waterlogging in the state.



13. Which country has emerged as the global leader in digital payments for the year 2022?

A.    China

B.    USA

C.    Sweden

D.    India

Answer: Option (D)


In the realm of digital payments, one country has risen above the rest, asserting its dominance on the global stage. With both the value and volume of transactions skyrocketing, India has emerged as the undisputed leader in digital payments for the year 2022.



14. Which state plans to present GI-tagged Gulabi Meenakari handicrafts to G20 delegates?

A.    Madhya Pradesh

B.    Uttar Pradesh

C.    Arunachal Pradesh

D.    Andhra Pradesh

Answer: Option (B)


Uttar Pradesh, known for its vibrant cultural heritage, is set to make a remarkable gesture by presenting GI-tagged Gulabi Meenakari handicrafts to the esteemed delegates attending the G20 summit. This initiative aims to not only highlight the state's rich artistic traditions but also foster cultural exchange and appreciation among nations.



15. Which airport has introduced the DigiYatra facility?

A.    Chennai International Airport

B.    Rajiv Gandhi International Airport

C.    Indira Gandhi International Airport

D.    Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport

Answer: Option (C)


In the ever-evolving world of travel, airports strive to enhance the travel experience for passengers. The Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGI) is leading the way by introducing a revolutionary facility called DigiYatra. This blogpost dives into the details of this innovative offering and explores how it is transforming the way we travel.



16. The 'Nutri Garden Project' is associated with which state/UT?

A.    Jammu & Kashmir

B.    Karnataka

C.    Pondicherry

D.    Lakshadweep

Answer: Option (D)


In the captivating archipelago of Lakshadweep, a remarkable initiative known as the Nutri Garden Project has taken root. This innovative project, associated with Lakshadweep, aims to promote nutrition and well-being through the art of gardening. With an emphasis on sustainable practices and community engagement, the Nutri Garden Project has captured the attention of Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself. Let's delve into the various aspects of this groundbreaking endeavor.



17. Between India and which country does the joint military exercise 'Ekuverin' take place?

A.    France

B.    Russia

C.    Maldives

D.    Indonesia

Answer: Option (C)


In the realm of military cooperation and strengthening bilateral ties, joint military exercises play a pivotal role. One such exercise, 'Ekuverin', holds significance between India and another country. Let's delve into this fascinating collaboration and explore the details surrounding it.



18. Which state/UT recently released the 'District Good Governance Index (DGGI)'?

A.    Tamil Nadu

B.    Assam

C.    Pondicherry

D.    Jammu & Kashmir

Answer: Option (D)


In a significant move towards promoting good governance, Jammu & Kashmir recently unveiled the 'District Good Governance Index (DGGI).' This innovative initiative aims to assess and enhance governance practices at the district level.


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