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June 2, 2023 Current Affairs

1. Which state government has launched the 'Mo Ghara' housing scheme?

A.    Jharkhand

B.    Karnataka

C.    Odisha

D.    Bihar

Answer: Option (C)


the 'Mo Ghara' housing scheme launched by the Odisha state government has emerged as a significant step towards ensuring affordable housing for its residents. With its key features, inclusive eligibility criteria, and streamlined implementation, the scheme has proven to be a game-changer for countless individuals and families. By providing safe and affordable housing, the government has not only improved living conditions but also empowered communities. The 'Mo Ghara' housing scheme stands as a shining example of the state's commitment to the welfare and upliftment of its citizens.



2. Which state government has approved the gender-inclusive tourism policy 'Aai'?

A.    Manipur

B.    Maharashtra

C.    Sikkim

D.    Odisha

Answer: Option (B)


In a significant step towards empowering women in the tourism sector, the Maharashtra cabinet recently approved the Gender Inclusive Tourism Policy 'Aai'. This groundbreaking initiative, implemented under the Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav, aims to foster gender inclusivity, promote women's participation, and create a safe and welcoming environment for tourists in Maharashtra. Let's delve deeper into the details of this pioneering policy and its implications.



3. Which country has reduced its policy rates to combat inflation and stimulate economic recovery?

A.    Switzerland

B.    Singapore

C.    Sri Lanka

D.    Russia

Answer: Option (C)


Sri Lanka has reduced its policy rates as part of its strategy to combat inflation and stimulate economic recovery. This step highlights the country's commitment to addressing economic challenges and fostering sustainable growth. By carefully managing the policy rate reduction, Sri Lanka aims to strike a balance between boosting economic activity and ensuring long-term stability. As the nation continues on its path of economic recovery, the policy rate reduction serves as a vital tool in navigating the complex landscape of inflation and fostering a resilient economy.



4. According to the provisional estimate by the Statistics Ministry, what was India's GDP growth rate for the fiscal year 2022-23?

A.    6.4%

B.    6.6%

C.    7.0%

D.    7.2%

Answer: Option (D)


The provisional estimate by the Statistics Ministry reveals that India's GDP growth rate for the fiscal year 2022-23 is projected to be 7.2%. This optimistic figure signifies the potential for economic expansion and development in the country. However, it is essential to remember that this estimate is subject to change as more data becomes available. Monitoring the actual growth rate will provide a clearer picture of India's economic trajectory in the coming months.



5. Which state government has made 'life-saving jackets' mandatory for Shikara boats in Dal and Nigeen Lakes?

A.    Gujarat

B.    Uttarakhand

C.    Jammu & Kashmir

D.    Maharashtra

Answer: Option (C)


In a significant move towards enhancing safety measures on the picturesque Dal and Nigeen Lakes, the Jammu & Kashmir government has recently announced the mandatory use of 'life-saving jackets' for Shikara boats. This decision aims to prioritize the well-being of both tourists and locals who enjoy the serene beauty of these lakes. Let's delve deeper into this new regulation and its implications.



6. By which year does BPCL aim to achieve its net zero targets by developing a diesel-ethanol blend to reduce emissions?

A.    2025

B.    2030

C.    2035

D.    2040

Answer: Option (D)


In the pursuit of a greener future, Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) has taken significant steps towards reducing emissions and achieving net zero targets. One of their key initiatives involves the development of a diesel-ethanol blend, which plays a crucial role in their sustainable practices.



7. Which country is the winning team of the NSCCAVA Women's Volleyball Challenge Cup 2023 held in Nepal?

A.    France

B.    Israel

C.    Kenya

D.    India

Answer: Option (D)


The NSCCAVA Women's Volleyball Challenge Cup 2023 held in Nepal was an exhilarating tournament filled with intense matches and remarkable displays of skill. Four teams from different countries participated in the competition, each vying for the coveted championship title.



8. What is the approved investment amount for India's world's largest food storage scheme in the Cooperative Sector?

A.    2 lakh crore

B.    1.7 lakh crore

C.    1 lakh crore

D.    1.5 lakh crore

Answer: Option (C)


In a significant move to boost India's food grain storage capacity, the government has given the green light to a groundbreaking scheme worth Rs 1 lakh crore. This visionary initiative aims to revolutionize the cooperative sector and address the pressing need for efficient food storage.



9. Which state government initiated the 'Artificial Intelligence for Youth' programs in the state?

A.    Odisha

B.    Tripura

C.    Uttar Pradesh

D.    Himachal Pradesh

Answer: Option (A)


In a groundbreaking move towards technological advancement, Odisha Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik recently launched the 'Odisha for Artificial Intelligence' and 'Artificial Intelligence for Youth' initiatives. This visionary step by the state government aims to revolutionize the landscape of education and empower the younger generation with the transformative potential of artificial intelligence (AI). In collaboration with renowned tech firm Intel, Odisha is set to pave the way for a brighter and more technologically-driven future.



10. What is the percentage of India's GDP growth in the January to March 2023 quarter?

A.    6.1%

B.    6.2%

C.    6.3%

D.    6.4%

Answer: Option (A)


India's GDP growth rate for the first quarter of 2023 stands at an impressive 6.1%. This figure highlights the country's resilience and progress, despite the various challenges faced. By staying informed about economic indicators like GDP growth, we can gain valuable insights into the overall health and trajectory of India's economy.



11. Which state has achieved 100 percent household coverage of banking services through the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY)?

A.    Tripura

B.    Telangana

C.    Mizoram

D.    Nagaland

Answer: Option (B)


The state of Telangana has emerged as a frontrunner in achieving 100 percent household coverage of banking services through the PMJDY initiative. Its proactive approach, combined with effective implementation strategies, has paved the way for financial inclusion and empowerment. The success story of Telangana serves as an inspiration for other states to prioritize and expedite efforts towards achieving comprehensive banking coverage, ultimately leading to a more inclusive and prosperous nation.



12. In which Indian state is the 'India-European Union Global Gateway' conference scheduled to be organized?

A.    Meghalaya

B.    Assam

C.    Mizoram

D.    Uttarakhand

Answer: Option (A)


The 'India-European Union Global Gateway' conference is a highly anticipated event that aims to foster stronger ties between India and the European Union. Organized jointly by the Ministry of External Affairs, the Delegation of the European Union to India, and the Asian Association, this conference is set to take place in the beautiful Indian state of Meghalaya.



13. The new Liberation War Gallery was inaugurated at the Indian Cultural Centre in which city?

A.    Shillong

B.    Bikaner

C.    Jaipur

D.    Dhaka

Answer: Option (D)


In a remarkable celebration of history and valor, the new Liberation War Gallery was recently inaugurated at the Indian Cultural Centre in Dhaka. This gallery stands as a testament to the indomitable spirit of the people during the 1971 Liberation War. Let us embark on a journey through this immersive exhibition that pays homage to the heroes who fought for freedom.



14. In which city did India and Vietnam hold their 3rd Maritime Security Dialogue?

A.    Chennai

B.    New Delhi

C.    Dehradun

D.    Ahmedabad

Answer: Option (B)

Explanation:In the ever-evolving landscape of international relations, maritime security plays a crucial role in ensuring the safety and stability of nations. Recently, India and Vietnam convened their 3rd Maritime Security Dialogue, a significant event that brought together key stakeholders from both countries.


15. Atal Bhujal Yojana (Atal Jal), which has been extended for two more years until December 2025, was launched in which year?

A.    2017

B.    2018

C.    2019

D.    2020

Answer: Option (C)


Water scarcity and the need for efficient water management have become critical issues in today's world. In response to this challenge, the Indian government launched the Atal Bhujal Yojana (Atal Jal) in 2019. This ambitious initiative, extended until December 2025, aims to address the pressing issues of groundwater depletion and promote sustainable water resource management across the country.



16. Which state has officially renamed Ahmednagar city as ‘Ahilyanagar’?

A.    Maharashtra

B.    Rajasthan

C.    Uttar Pradesh

D.    West Bengal

Answer: Option (A)


In a significant move, the state of Maharashtra has recently renamed Ahmednagar city as 'Ahilyanagar'. This decision, made by Chief Minister Eknath Shinde, aims to honor the remarkable legacy of the 18th-century Maratha queen Ahilyabai Holkar. Let's delve into the details of this historic renaming and explore the significance it holds for the people of Maharashtra.



17. Which bank has appointed Ashwani Kumar as its new Managing Director and CEO?

A.    Yes Bank

B.    UCO Bank

C.    HDFC Bank

D.    ICICI Bank

Answer: Option (B)


In recent news, the banking sector witnessed a significant leadership change as Ashwani Kumar was appointed as the new Managing Director and CEO of UCO Bank. This move comes as a replacement for Soma Sankara Prasad, whose term has come to an end. Let's delve into the details of this appointment and explore the implications it may have on the bank and its stakeholders.



18. Which state established an expert panel to review the reservation formula?

A.    Assam

B.    Manipur

C.    Haryana

D.    Meghalaya

Answer: Option (D)


Meghalaya, a state known for its rich culture and breathtaking landscapes, has recently taken a significant step towards addressing the demands of the Voice of the People's Party (VPP). In response to their concerns, the state government has announced the establishment of an expert committee to review Meghalaya's reservation policy.



19. Which state Government launched the Namo Shetkari Mahasanman Yojana?

A.    Maharashtra

B.    Sikkim

C.    Karnataka

D.    Kerala

Answer: Option (A)


The Namo Shetkari Mahasanman Yojana launched by the Maharashtra government has emerged as a game-changer for farmers in the state. By focusing on fair prices, financial assistance, and comprehensive support programs, this scheme has empowered farmers and transformed the agricultural landscape of Maharashtra. It serves as an exemplary model for other states to follow, emphasizing the importance of uplifting the farming community and ensuring their prosperity.



20. Who has been appointed as the Managing Director of SECI?

A.    Ajay Yadav

B.    Kapil Maheshwari

C.    Sandeep Sherawat

D.    Anil Sharma

Answer: Option (A)


In the realm of renewable energy, advancements and strategic appointments are constantly shaping the industry landscape. One such significant development is the recent appointment of a new Managing Director for the Solar Energy Corporation of India Limited (SECI).


21. Which country implemented a ban on domestic flights for short routes that can be covered by train?

A.   Russia

B.   France

C.   Egypt

D.   Singapore

Answer: Option (B)


France's ban on domestic flights for short routes is a commendable step towards a greener future. By prioritizing sustainable alternatives like high-speed rail, the country showcases its commitment to reducing carbon emissions and combating climate change. While challenges may arise, this ban serves as a powerful example for other countries to consider similar measures in their pursuit of a more sustainable and environmentally conscious transportation system.



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