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June 21, 2023 Current Affairs

1. Which bank is set to approve an aid package worth 700 million for the crisis-hit Sri Lanka?

A.    State Bank of India

B.    Reserve Bank of India

C.    Asian Development Bank

D.    World Bank

Answer: Option (D)


In the wake of the ongoing crisis in Sri Lanka, financial aid has become a pressing need for the country's recovery. Among various potential sources, one bank stands out as a key player in approving a substantial aid package worth 700 million.



2. On which date is World Sickle Cell Awareness Day observed annually?

A.    June 17

B.    June 18

C.    June 19

D.    June 20

Answer: Option (C)


World Sickle Cell Awareness Day, observed annually on June 19th, serves as a crucial platform to shed light on the impact of sickle cell disease (SCD) globally. This day is dedicated to raising awareness about the challenges faced by individuals, families, and communities affected by SCD.



3. Which state does the ABADHA scheme belong to?

A.    Haryana

B.    Odisha

C.    Bihar

D.    Jharkhand

Answer: Option (B)


The ABADHA scheme has been making waves in Odisha as a transformative initiative aimed at enhancing the state's infrastructure.



4. In which city was the National Legislators' Conference Bharat (NLC Bharat) officially inaugurated by Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla?

A.    Ahmedabad

B.    Chandigarh

C.    Mumbai

D.    Jaipur

Answer: Option (C)


The National Legislators' Conference Bharat (NLC Bharat) recently witnessed an auspicious inauguration in one of India's bustling cities. Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla graced the occasion with his presence, marking the commencement of this significant event.



5. What is India's rank in the Gender Gap Report 2023?

A.    122

B.    127

C.    137

D.    148

Answer: Option (B)


The Gender Gap Report 2023 is a comprehensive assessment of gender parity across nations.



6. From 1st July, how many footwear products require a mandatory license according to the Bureau of Indian Standards?

A.    22

B.    23

C.    24

D.    25

Answer: Option (C)


In a move to ensure quality and consumer safety, the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has recently implemented mandatory licensing for a specific range of footwear products. Starting from 1st July, a total of 24 footwear products now require a valid license to be sold in the market.



7. Who has made history by becoming the first Muslim female federal judge in US history?

A.    Nusrat Chowdhury

B.    Aisha Ahmed

C.    Zara Khan

D.    Fatima Ali

Answer: Option (A)


In a historic moment that celebrates diversity and progress, Nusrat Chowdhury has shattered glass ceilings and made history as the first Muslim female federal judge in the United States. Her confirmation by the Senate marks a significant milestone in the journey towards a more inclusive and representative judiciary system. Let's delve into the remarkable achievements and inspiring journey of Nusrat Chowdhury.



8. In which city was the CREDAI Garden-People's Park inaugurated?

A.    Patna

B.    Surat

C.    Ahmedabad

D.    Chennai

Answer: Option (C)


Ahmedabad, a city known for its rich culture and historical significance, witnessed a momentous event on the auspicious occasion of the Jagannath Rath Yatra. It was none other than the Union Home Minister and Minister of Cooperation, Shri Amit Shah, who graced the city with his presence and inaugurated various development works. One of the notable highlights of this event was the inauguration of the CREDAI Garden-People's Park, an exciting addition to the city's landscape.



9. In which country has Petteri Orpo been elected as the new Prime Minister?

A.    Oman

B.    America

C.    Greece

D.    Finland

Answer: Option (D)


In a recent political development, Petteri Orpo, the leader of the conservative party in Finland, has been elected as the country's prime minister by the parliament. This unexpected turn of events has sparked interest and curiosity both within Finland and on the international stage.



10. Between which two space agencies is the Transonic Truss-Braced Wing collaboration?

A.    NASA and ISRO

B.    NASA and ESA

C.    NASA and Boeing

D.    Boeing and ISRO

Answer: Option (A)


In the realm of aviation, groundbreaking collaborations often pave the way for remarkable advancements. One such collaboration that has captured the attention of industry experts and enthusiasts alike is the partnership between NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) and ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation). This dynamic alliance aims to revolutionize the aviation industry through the development of an eco-friendly Boeing plane, featuring the innovative Transonic Truss-Braced Wing design.



11. In April 2023, how many lakh new employees were added to the Employees' State Insurance Corporation (ESIC)?

A.    17.68 lakh

B.    17.70 lakh

C.    17.80 lakh

D.    17.88 lakh

Answer: Option (B)


The Employees' State Insurance Corporation (ESIC) plays a crucial role in providing social security benefits to employees across various sectors. In April 2023, the ESIC witnessed significant growth, with a substantial increase in the number of new employees joining its ranks.



12. Which state is set to host the two-day G-20 Labour Engagement summit?

A.    Uttarakhand

B.    Rajasthan

C.    Bihar

D.    Gujarat

Answer: Option (C)


The state of Bihar is gearing up to host the highly anticipated two-day G-20 Labour Engagement summit. Set to take place on 22nd and 23rd June, this landmark event will be held in the capital city of Patna. Organized by the Arts and Culture Department of Bihar, the summit is expected to attract approximately 180 delegates representing various G20 member countries.



13. Which country has made history as the first foreign government to promote their country through yoga?

A.    Oman

B.    Australia

C.    America

D.    Russia

Answer: Option (A)


In a groundbreaking move, Oman has emerged as the first foreign government to promote their country through yoga. This unique initiative, spearheaded by the Indian Embassy in the Sultanate of Oman, has garnered attention and appreciation worldwide. On the eve of the International Day of Yoga 2023, an innovative video titled 'Soulful Yoga, Serene Oman' was unveiled, showcasing the beauty of Oman and the transformative power of yoga.



14. Which country returned the remains of Indigenous Maori and Moriori people to New Zealand?

A.    France

B.    Germany

C.    Russia

D.    Egypt

Answer: Option (B)


In a significant step towards reconciliation and honoring Indigenous cultures, Germany has taken a commendable initiative by returning the remains of 95 Indigenous New Zealanders, along with numerous artifacts and cultural treasures, back to their homeland. This act of repatriation not only acknowledges the historical injustices faced by Maori and Moriori people but also paves the way for healing and strengthening cultural connections.



15. In which international city is the highly sensitive conference named "The Ukraine Recovery Conference 2023" taking place?

A.    Paris

B.    London

C.    New York

D.    Sydney

Answer: Option (B)


The Ukraine Recovery Conference 2023 is a significant international event focused on the reconstruction and revitalization of Ukraine.



16. For how many years has the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI) banned India Infoline Ltd (IIFL) Securities from onboarding any new clients?

A.    One

B.    Two

C.    Three

D.    Four

Answer: Option (B)


In the world of finance, regulatory bodies play a crucial role in maintaining transparency and safeguarding investor interests. One such entity is the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI). In recent news, SEBI has imposed a ban on India Infoline Ltd (IIFL) Securities from onboarding new clients. Let's delve deeper into this development and explore the details surrounding the ban.




17. Which profession does Magdalena Abakanowicz, who made recent news, belong to?

A.    Artist

B.    Singer

C.    Scientist

D.    Doctor

Answer: Option (A)


Magdalena Abakanowicz, an artist whose name has recently made headlines, belongs to the profession of sculpture and artistry. Born in Poland in 1930, her life and work have been greatly influenced by the turbulent era of World War II. As we celebrate her 93rd birth anniversary, let us delve into the remarkable journey and unique contributions of this extraordinary artist.



18. On which date is the International Day of Celebration for the Solstice observed?

A.    June 18

B.    June 19

C.    June 20

D.    June 21

Answer: Option (D)


The International Day of Celebration for the Solstice is an annual event that embraces the magic of the sun's journey across the sky. On this day, people from around the world come together to honor and appreciate the significance of the solstice.



19. Which country's economic crisis has worsened with a dollar crunch, leading to a halt in food imports?

A.    Pakistan

B.    Afghanistan

C.    Russia

D.    Sri Lanka

Answer: Option (A)


Pakistan, a country facing a severe economic crisis, is currently grappling with a shortage of dollars that has had a profound impact on its economy. One of the dire consequences of this crisis is the complete halt in the import of essential food and beverages, creating a significant challenge for the nation.



20. Which country reopened its embassy to restore diplomatic ties with the United Arab Emirates (UAE)?

A.    Kuwait

B.    Qatar

C.    Mali

D.    Nigeria

Answer: Option (B)


In a significant development, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Qatar recently made headlines by reopening their embassies in Abu Dhabi and Doha, respectively. After years of strained relations and severed diplomatic ties, this move marks a pivotal moment in the history of the two nations. Let's delve into the details of this diplomatic breakthrough and its implications.



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