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June 3, 2023 Current Affairs

1. Who has become the first female NCC cadet in India to complete the advanced mountaineering course?

A.    Neha Singh

B.    Shalini Singh

C.    Meenakshi Katwar

D.    Ravesha Bhusan

Answer: Option (B)


In the realm of mountaineering, where challenges are numerous and achievements are hard-earned, one name stands out with exceptional prowess. Shalini Singh, a determined and resilient individual, has etched her name in history as the first female NCC cadet in India to successfully complete the advanced mountaineering course. This remarkable feat, accomplished in the breathtaking Himalayan region of Uttarkashi, Uttarakhand, symbolizes the triumph of courage, determination, and breaking gender barriers.



2. Which state government has launched a 15-day mega registration drive for MSMEs?

A.    Meghalaya

B.    Uttar Pradesh

C.    Assam

D.    Kerala

Answer: Option (B)


The Uttar Pradesh government has taken a significant step towards supporting the growth and development of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) by launching a 15-day mega registration drive. This campaign aims to facilitate and promote the registration of MSMEs across all 75 districts of the state.



3. With which country has the USA signed a trade deal aimed at deepening economic relations?

A.    Ecuador

B.    Brunei

C.    Taiwan

D.    Denmark

Answer: Option (C)


In a move to enhance economic ties and foster closer relations, the United States and Taiwan have recently signed a significant trade deal. This development has not only grabbed attention on the global stage but has also sparked concerns and warnings from China.



4. How many railway stations are scheduled to be upgraded under the Amrit Bharat Station Scheme?

A.    1,645

B.    1,180

C.    1,275

D.    1,200

Answer: Option (C)


The Amrit Bharat Station Scheme has been making waves in India's railway infrastructure development. With a focus on upgrading railway stations, this scheme aims to enhance passenger experience and improve overall connectivity.


5. Which team did India defeat to win the Men's Hockey Junior Asia Cup title?

A.    Pakistan

B.    Kenya

C.    Zimbabwe

D.    Australia

Answer: Option (A)


In the heart of an intense battle, India's young and talented hockey team showcased their skills and determination, ultimately securing a remarkable victory in the Men's Hockey Junior Asia Cup. The tournament witnessed fierce competition among several nations, but it was India's gripping final match against their arch-rivals, Pakistan, that left spectators on the edge of their seats.



6. In which country has the annual inflation rate reached a record 37.97%?

A.    India

B.    Sri Lanka

C.    Pakistan

D.    Bangladesh

Answer: Option (C)


Inflation is a critical economic indicator that affects the daily lives of individuals and the overall stability of a country's economy. In recent times, one particular country has been grappling with a staggering annual inflation rate.  


7. Which state has waived charges for the first 100 units of electricity for all households?

A.    Jammu & Kashmir

B.    West Bengal

C.    Nagaland

D.    Rajasthan

Answer: Option (D)


In a commendable move towards social welfare and economic relief, Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot recently made a significant announcement. The state government has decided to waive charges for the first 100 units of electricity for all households, irrespective of their monthly consumption. This groundbreaking initiative aims to alleviate financial burdens and provide much-needed relief to the people of Rajasthan.



8. How many crore registrations has the Disha Mobile App received since its launch three years ago?

A.    1.15 crore

B.    1.17 crore

C.    1.16 crore

D.    1.14 crore

Answer: Option (B)


Since its inception three years ago, the Disha Mobile App has been making waves in Andhra Pradesh. With its user-friendly interface and innovative features, it has garnered an impressive number of registrations.



9. In which Indian city will a regional office of the Universal Postal Union be opened?

A.    Haiderpur

B.    New Delhi

C.    Hyderabad

D.    Gurugram

Answer: Option (B)


In a significant development, the Universal Postal Union (UPU) has recently finalized an agreement to establish a regional office in New Delhi. This new office holds great promise for the region as it aims to provide development cooperation and technical assistance. Let's delve deeper into this exciting development and explore the potential impact it can have.



10. In which state was the medium-range ballistic missile Agni-1 successfully test-fired?

A.    Goa

B.    Odisha

C.    Rajasthan

D.    Arunachal Pradesh

Answer: Option (B)


In a significant development, the Strategic Forces Command achieved a momentous feat by successfully test-firing the medium-range ballistic missile Agni-1. This remarkable achievement took place in the picturesque APJ Abdul Kalam Island, located in the coastal state of Odisha. The test launch not only showcases the prowess of India's defense capabilities but also emphasizes the nation's commitment to maintaining a robust and effective strategic deterrence.



11. Which state completed 10 years of its formation on June 02?

A.    Punjab

B.    Gujarat

C.    Telangana

D.    Tamil Nadu

Answer: Option (C)


In a land of diverse cultures and rich heritage, Telangana emerged as India's 28th state on June 2, 2014. This significant milestone marked the completion of 10 years of its formation, a journey that has been filled with growth, development, and a celebration of Telangana's unique identity. Let's delve into the fascinating story of Telangana's formation and the progress it has achieved over the past decade.



12. Which IIT has entered into a partnership with HCL Tech for collaboration in the field of petroleum engineering?

A.    IIT Delhi

B.    IIT Kanpur

C.    IIT Mumbai

D.    IIT Kharagpur

Answer: Option (D)


In a significant step towards fostering innovation and advancements in the field of petroleum engineering, IIT Kharagpur and HCL Tech have recently entered into a collaborative partnership. This Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology and the renowned technology company aims to drive research, development, and knowledge exchange in the domains of petroleum engineering and earth sciences.



13. Which country has approved the proposal for the establishment of a Truth and Reconciliation Mechanism?

A.    Canada

B.    Malaysia

C.    Fiji

D.    Sri Lanka

Answer: Option (D)


In the quest for justice, healing, and reconciliation, countries around the world have sought various mechanisms to address past atrocities and promote national unity. One such mechanism is a Truth and Reconciliation Commission, which provides a platform for victims and perpetrators to share their experiences, acknowledge the truth, and work towards a collective healing process.



14. The rail company Alstom, which will manufacture 100 aluminium-bodied Vande Bharat trains, belongs to which country?

A.    Germany

B.    France

C.    Russia

D.    Haiti

Answer: Option (B)


In the realm of innovative transportation solutions, Alstom has emerged as a prominent player. With a keen focus on revolutionizing rail travel, this French company has recently secured a significant contract to manufacture and maintain 100 aluminium-bodied Vande Bharat trains. Let's delve into the details of this remarkable feat and explore the impact it will have on the future of rail transportation.



15. In which language has the University of Edinburgh and the Indian consulate in the UK collaborated to create the first open-access course?

A.    Bengali

B.    Punjabi

C.    Gujarati

D.    Hindi

Answer: Option (D)


In a groundbreaking initiative, the Climate Change Institute of the prestigious University of Edinburgh has joined hands with the Consulate General of India in Edinburgh, Scotland, to launch an innovative open-access course. This course, a first of its kind, aims to bridge language barriers and make valuable knowledge accessible to a wider audience.



16. With which IIT Research Park and Incubation Cell has the Reserve Bank Innovation Hub partnered to launch voice banking solutions aimed at eliminating language barriers?

A.    IIT Kanpur

B.    IIT Mumbai

C.    IIT Madras

D.    IIT Roorkee

Answer: Option (C)


In a groundbreaking collaboration, the Reserve Bank Innovation Hub has teamed up with the esteemed IIT Madras Research Park and Incubation Cell to launch voice banking solutions. This innovative endeavor aims to tackle the language barriers that often hinder access to financial services, particularly for illiterate and visually impaired individuals. By leveraging the power of technology and human-centered design, the partnership seeks to revolutionize the way banking services are accessed and utilized.



17. Which country has recently launched the 'Shenzhou-16' Mission?

A.    Russia

B.    China

C.    France

D.    Germany

Answer: Option (B)


the answer to the question, "Which country has recently launched the 'Shenzhou-16' Mission?" is Option (B) China. This remarkable mission showcases China's dedication to advancing space exploration, expanding scientific knowledge, and fostering international collaboration. As we eagerly await the outcomes of the 'Shenzhou-16' Mission, we can marvel at the incredible achievements that humanity continues to accomplish in our quest to unravel the mysteries of the universe.



18. In which country has a submarine mud volcano recently been discovered?

A.    Nepal

B.    Chile

C.    Norway

D.    Denmark

Answer: Option (C)


In the depths of the Barents Sea, a fascinating discovery has captivated the scientific community. A submarine mud volcano has recently been identified near Bear Island, an intriguing location nestled within the Norwegian Svalbard archipelago.



19. Which country does Celeste Saulo, the first female Secretary-General of the World Meteorological Organization, belong to?

A.    Albania

B.    Argentina

C.    Angola

D.    America

Answer: Option (B)


The appointment of Celeste Saulo as the first female Secretary-General of the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) marks a significant milestone in the field of meteorology and climate science. With her expertise and passion for addressing climate change and extreme weather conditions, Saulo brings a fresh perspective to global efforts in understanding and mitigating the impacts of these phenomena.



20. Who has assumed the position of Managing Director (additional charge) at Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Ltd (MRPL)?

A.    Manjeet Kataria

B.    Aman Mishra

C.    Sanjay Verma

D.    Manju Malik

Answer: Option (C)


In the latest development at Mangalore Refinery and Petrochemicals Ltd (MRPL), a significant change in leadership has taken place. Sanjay Verma has assumed the position of Managing Director (additional charge) at MRPL, bringing with him a wealth of experience and expertise in the industry. This blog post will delve into the details of this appointment and shed light on Verma's background and responsibilities within the company.


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