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June 5, 2024 Current Affairs

1. Which company unveiled the Rubin AI chip platform?

A.    Intel

B.    AMD

C.   Nvidia

D.   Qualcomm

Answer: Option C


Nvidia announced the forthcoming Rubin AI chip platform, slated for release in 2026. This next-generation AI chip platform, consisting of GPUs, CPUs, and networking processors, aims to revolutionize AI capabilities and reinforce Nvidia's position as a key player in the AI development landscape.



2. What is the main purpose of ISRO's PraVaHa software?

A.    Satellite Communication

B.    Weather Forecasting

C.   Aerodynamic Analysis

D.   Space Exploration

Answer: Option C


ISRO's PraVaHa software, developed at the Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre (VSSC), is specifically designed for aerodynamic design and analysis for various aerospace vehicles. It utilizes Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) to simulate internal and external flows, aiding in shaping the structure and thermal protection systems of vehicles such as launch vehicles, and winged, and non-winged re-entry vehicles.



3. What is the main purpose of the PAKSAT MM1 satellite launched by Pakistan with China's assistance?

A.    Internet connectivity and communication

B.    Agricultural development

C.   Weather forecasting

D.   Defence Technology

Answer: Option C


The primary objective of the PAKSAT MM1 satellite launched by Pakistan with China's assistance is to enhance internet connectivity and communication services across the country. This satellite aims to improve various communication channels, including internet facilities, television broadcasts, cellular phone services, and broadband connectivity, thereby contributing to the advancement of digital infrastructure and communication networks.



4. Who has been honoured with the Hindi Sahitya Bharati Award?

A.    Kabir Singh

B.    Tapan Bandopadhyay

C.   Bratya Basu

D.   Krishna Prakash

Answer: Option D


Krishna Prakash, renowned for leading Mumbai Police's special counterterrorism team, Force One, has been honoured with the prestigious Hindi Sahitya Bharati Award. This award recognizes his contributions and achievements, including his leadership role in counterterrorism efforts and his initiatives to promote cultural and literary endeavours.



5. Which bank has approved the dilution of its stake in Canara HSBC Life Insurance through an IPO?

A.    Canara Bank

B.    Punjab National Bank

C.   HSBC Bank

D.   Oriental Bank of Commerce

Answer: Option B


Punjab National Bank (PNB) has decided to dilute 10% of its 23% stake in Canara HSBC Life Insurance through an initial public offering (IPO). This strategic move aims to unlock value from its investment in the life insurance joint venture. PNB's approval signifies its intent to leverage the capital market to optimize its stake in the company, potentially leading to increased liquidity and shareholder value.



6. When is the International Day for the Fight against Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing celebrated?

A.    January 1

B.    March 15

C.   May 10

D.   June 5

Answer: Option D


The International Day for the Fight against Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated Fishing is celebrated annually on June 5th. This day aims to raise awareness about the significant challenges posed by illegal fishing activities and promote efforts to ensure the sustainability of global fisheries.



7. In which country did the KAZA 2024 Heads of State Summit take place?

A.    Angola

B.    Zambia

C.   Botswana

D.   Namibia

Answer: Option B


The KAZA 2024 Heads of State Summit concluded in the Zambian resort town of Livingstone. Leaders from the five member countries attended the summit, which focused on discussing wildlife product trade and conservation efforts in the region.



8. Which automotive company is issuing the world's first EV battery passport?

A.    Toyota

B.    BMW

C.   Tesla

D.   Volvo

Answer: Option D


Volvo Cars has announced the debut of the world’s first EV battery passport, meticulously documenting the lineage of raw materials, components, recycled content, and carbon footprint for its forthcoming flagship EX90 SUV. This initiative aims to increase awareness and transparency around electric vehicles and is being introduced ahead of EU regulations.



9. In which Indian state did the government launch a Rs 10,000-crore project funded by the World Bank to combat air pollution?

A.    Haryana

B.    Maharashtra

C.   Uttar Pradesh

D.   Rajasthan

Answer: Option A


The Haryana government announced the launch of a Rs 10,000-crore project funded by the World Bank to combat air pollution in the state. This initiative, known as the Haryana Clean Air Project for Sustainable Development, aims to address air pollution issues in districts of the National Capital Region (NCR) and enhance monitoring infrastructure while promoting cleaner transportation and industry practices.



10. Which institution unveiled the innovative fire rescue drone?

A.    IIT Bombay

B.    IIT Dharwad

C.   IIT Madras

D.   IIT Delhi

Answer: Option B


The innovative fire rescue drone was unveiled by a group of teachers and students at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Dharwad. Directed by Profs. Sudheer Siddapureddy and Ameer Mulla, with funding from the TiHAN Foundation, IIT Hyderabad, the drone was showcased during a workshop on Drone design and autonomous navigation in fire rescue organized by IIT Dharwad.



11. With which bank has Adani One launched co-branded credit cards?

A.    HDFC Bank

B.    Axis Bank

C.   ICICI Bank

D.   State Bank of India

Answer: Option C


Adani One, in collaboration with ICICI Bank, has introduced two variants of co-branded credit cards. These cards offer cardholders up to 7% Adani reward points on purchases made within the Adani ecosystem, including various services and spending at Adani-managed facilities.



12. When is World Environment Day observed annually?

A.    June 5

B.    July 1

C.   August 15

D.   September 22

Answer: Option A


World Environment Day is observed annually on June 5th, as a global event to raise awareness and promote action towards environmental protection. Established by the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) in 1972, this day serves as a platform to highlight pressing ecological issues faced by our planet and foster sustainable practices. It aims to mobilize individuals, communities, and organizations to make positive changes and address environmental challenges for a sustainable future.



13. Recently, NASA collaborated with which space agency to develop a standardized time system for the moon?





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Answer: Option B

Explanation:NASA and the European Space Agency (ESA) are collaborating to create a standardized lunar time system for the Artemis program, which aims to return humans to the moon. This initiative addresses the need for unified timekeeping to coordinate international and private lunar missions. With upcoming missions from China, India, and private companies, a common lunar time system is essential for successful operation and coordination.



14. Which space organization recently developed Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software named ‘PraVaHa’?





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Answer: Option A

Explanation:The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) developed PraVaHa, a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software, at the Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre. Parallel RANS Solver for Aerospace Vehicle Aero-thermo-dynamic Analysis (PraVaHa) simulates airflow for launch vehicles, crucial for designing their shape, structure, and thermal protection systems. It is used in the Gaganyaan program for analyzing human-rated launch vehicles. Currently, it simulates airflow for perfect and real gas conditions, with ongoing validations for chemical reactions in scramjet vehicles.



15. Department of Higher Education recently signed an MoU with which organization for creating the Digital Library Platform, Rashtriya e-Pustakalaya?

A. Central Board of Secondary Education

B. National Book Trust

C. National Library Association

D. Ministry of Culture

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Answer: Option B


The Department of School Education and the National Book Trust signed an MoU in New Delhi to create the Rashtriya e-Pustakalaya, a 24/7 Digital Library Platform. Secretary K. Sanjay Murthy highlighted its potential to enhance book accessibility and address library reach issues in many states. He anticipates that in 2-3 years, the platform will feature over 10,000 books in more than 100 languages.



16. Recently, where was the U.S.-led Indo Pacific Economic Framework ministerial meeting held?

A. Vietnam

B. Mexico

C. Singapore

D. Malaysia

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Answer: Option C


The US-led Indo-Pacific Economic Framework is convening a ministerial meeting in Singapore. The gathering includes major firms participating in a “Clean Economy” investor forum aimed at enhancing infrastructure and climate investments across the region.



17. Recently, Halla Tomasdottir has been elected as the President of which country?

A. Iceland

B. Ireland

C. Italy

D. Greece

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Answer: Option A

Explanation:Halla Tomasdottir has been elected as Iceland’s seventh President and will take office on 1 August 2024, succeeding Guana Johannesson. The presidential election, held on 1 June 2024, saw Tomasdottir win with 34.3% of the votes, defeating former Prime Minister Katrin Jakobsdottir (25.2%). Iceland’s president serves a largely ceremonial role in its parliamentary democracy, with real executive power held by the Prime Minister.

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