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June 8, 2024 Current Affairs

1. What alliance was launched during the Bio International Convention 2024?

A.    Pharmaceutical Coalition

B.    Drug Supply Chain Consortium

C.   Global Medicine Initiative

D.   Biopharmaceutical Alliance

Answer: Option D


At the Bio International Convention 2024 in San Diego, India, the United States, South Korea, Japan, and the European Union came together to establish the Biopharmaceutical Alliance. The primary goal of this alliance is to tackle worldwide drug supply chain interruptions by harmonizing policies, regulations, and research and development initiatives across member nations, with the aim of creating a robust and enduring biopharmaceutical supply chain.



2. Who is set to be sworn in as Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister on June 12?

A.    Y. S. Jaganmohan Reddy

B.    K. Chandrasekhar Rao

C.   Nara Lokesh

D.   N. Chandrababu Naidu

Answer: Option D


Following a ten-year break, N. Chandrababu Naidu, the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) leader, is set to resume the role of Chief Minister in Andhra Pradesh. The inauguration is planned for June 12 at Kesarapalli IT Park near Gannavaram Airport, with detailed preparations underway for the occasion.



3. Who won the gold medal in the men's 10-meter air pistol event at the ISSF World Cup in Munich?

A.    Robin Walter

B.    Sarabjot Singh

C.   Shuaihang Bu

D.   Sift Kaur Samra

Answer: Option B


Sarabjot Singh created history by clinching India’s inaugural medal at the ISSF World Cup in Munich, claiming the gold in the men’s 10-meter air pistol discipline with a remarkable display. This accomplishment further solidifies his track record in the ISSF World Cup, cementing his status as a prominent figure in the realm of shooting sports.



4. Which company plans to invest over $1 billion in wind energy projects in Sri Lanka?

A.    Tata

B.    Reliance

C.   Birla

D.   Adani

Answer: Option D


Adani Group has revealed plans to invest more than $1 billion in wind energy projects in Sri Lanka. The investment will focus on developing wind farms in Mannar and Pooneryn, along with additional funding for electricity transmission infrastructure.



5. Which country unveiled the 700-metre pedestrian ‘Bridge of National Unity’?

A.    Slovakia

B.    Czech Republic

C.   Hungary

D.   Austria

Answer: Option C


In the eastern Hungarian city of Satoraljaujhely, the 700-meter pedestrian ‘Bridge of National Unity’ was revealed, linking two adjacent hills. This bridge, opened on June 4, is designed to attract tourists and is anticipated to enhance tourism in northeastern Hungary. It represents national unity and was constructed at a cost of four billion HUF, funded from the national budget without any European Union contributions.



6. When was World Oceans Day observed in 2024?

A.    June 5

B.    June 8

C.   June 12

D.   June 15

Answer: Option B


June 8 marked the observation of World Oceans Day 2024, highlighting the vital role of our oceans in supporting life on our planet. This yearly occasion, established by the United Nations General Assembly, seeks to promote understanding of ocean preservation and the deep interrelation between mankind and marine environments.



7. Who has launched the global hackathon HaRBInger 2024?

A.    World Bank

B.    International Monetary Fund

C.   Reserve Bank of India

D.   European Central Bank

Answer: Option C


HaRBInger 2024, the third global hackathon by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), aims to create cutting-edge tech solutions for real-time detection and prevention of financial fraud. The initiative is part of RBI's dedication to protecting the financial system's integrity by leveraging technology to anticipate and combat fraudulent activities.



8. Who is the renowned wildlife field biologist and conservationist?

A.    A.J.T. Johnsingh

B.    David Attenborough

C.   Jane Goodall

D.   Steve Irwin

Answer: Option A


Renowned worldwide for his work in wildlife conservation, A.J.T. Johnsingh passed away at 78. Over the course of many years, he dedicated himself to safeguarding elephants and arranging global conferences. Johnsingh's lasting legacy extends beyond his scientific achievements to his guidance of aspiring conservationists, making a lasting impression on India's biodiversity conservation initiatives.



9. Where did the inaugural meeting of the India-Qatar Joint Task Force on Investment take place?

A.    New Delhi

B.    Mumbai

C.   Doha

D.   Riyadh

Answer: Option A


The first meeting of the Joint Task Force on Investment (JTFI) between India and Qatar took place in New Delhi, marking a crucial advancement in boosting investment collaboration between the two countries. Led by representatives from both nations, the meeting sought to investigate investment prospects in different sectors and reinforce bilateral economic relations.



10. What was the overall voter turnout recorded in the General Elections 2024?

A.    70.25%

B.    65.79%

C.   75.42%

D.   60.18%

Answer: Option B


According to the Election Commission, the General Elections 2024 saw a voter turnout of 65.79% at polling stations. This figure represents the percentage of votes cast using electronic voting machines nationwide over the seven-phase election period from April 26 to June 1.



11. On which date was World Brain Tumour Day observed in 2024?

A.    June 5

B.    June 6

C.   June 8

D.   June 10

Answer: Option C


On June 8, 2024, World Brain Tumour Day was commemorated to increase awareness about the consequences of brain tumours and the significance of timely detection and treatment. This global initiative aims to inform individuals about the indications and effects of brain tumours, promote research endeavors, and offer aid to individuals impacted by this ailment.



12. Who are the beneficiaries of the Tele MANAS cell established through the collaboration of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare and the Ministry of Defence?

A.    Armed Forces personnel

B.    Medical Professionals

C.   Health Workers

D.   Children

Answer: Option A


Established through a partnership between the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) and the Ministry of Defence (MoD), the Tele MANAS Cell is dedicated to meeting the mental health needs of armed forces personnel and their families. This program offers tailored tele-mental health services to promptly and effectively support the specific mental health needs of armed forces beneficiaries, ultimately improving their holistic well-being.



13. What is the theme for ‘World Food Safety Day 2024’?

A. Prepare for the unexpected

B. Food Standards Save Lives

C. Safer food, better health

D. Safe food today for a healthy tomorrow

Answer: Option A


World Food Safety Day is observed on June 7th to increase awareness of food safety and encourage efforts to mitigate foodborne hazards. Launched by the UN in 2016 and backed by FAO and WHO, it highlights the significance of secure and healthy food for everyone. Formally designated on August 3, 2020, this occasion underscores the pivotal role of food safety in worldwide health. The theme for this year has been announced as: Food safety: Prepare for the unexpected.



14. Which regulatory body recently launched ‘Saarthi 2.O’ mobile app for investors?





Answer: Option B


'Saarthi 2.0', a mobile application introduced by the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), assists investors in handling their finances. The app simplifies intricate financial terms, provides financial calculators for making well-informed choices, and features educational sections on KYC, mutual funds, ETFs, and stock trading. Additionally, it offers investor assistance through grievance resolution and Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) platforms, along with video resources on personal financial planning.



15. NPCI International Payments Ltd (NIPL) recently joined hands with which South American country to enable UPI payments?

A. Brazil

B. Argentina

C. Peru

D. Chile

Answer: Option C


Peru's central bank (BCRP) has collaborated with the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) to develop a payment system similar to UPI in Peru. This move positions Peru as the inaugural South American nation to embrace NPCI's technology, facilitating immediate transactions between individuals and businesses. The primary goal of this endeavor is to enhance digital payment services for Peru's significant unbanked population.



16. What is the name of the Russian cosmonaut, who recently became the first person to spend 1000 days in space?

A. Yelena Kondakova

B. Nikolai Chub

C. Yuri Gagarin

D. Oleg Kononenko

Answer: Option D


Oleg Kononenko, a cosmonaut from Roscosmos, achieved a milestone by completing 1,000 days in space. He embarked on his most recent mission to the International Space Station (ISS) on September 15, 2023, alongside NASA astronaut Loral O'Hara and Nikolai Chub. With a career as a cosmonaut starting in 1996, Kononenko, who is an aviation mechanical engineer, has led four Soyuz missions. His remarkable accomplishments underscore his commitment to space exploration, backed by the unwavering support of his family throughout numerous significant events in space.



17. Recently, India launched Biopharmaceutical Alliance with which countries?

A. US, Japan and South Korea

B. China, Russia and Nepal

C. UK, Russia and Israel

D. Australia, China and UK

Answer: Option A


A Biopharmaceuticals Alliance has been established by India, the US, South Korea, Japan, and the EU. The inaugural meeting took place in San Diego at the Bio International Convention 2024. Biopharmaceuticals, which are sourced from living organisms, are projected to make up half of all upcoming medical treatments. The primary goal of the alliance is to avert medication shortages similar to those experienced during the COVID-19 crisis by broadening and outlining the pharmaceutical supply network, thus creating a robust and enduring system.


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