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March 01, 2024 Current Affairs

1.Recently, Election Commission of India started the ‘Mera Pehla Vote Desh Ke Liye’ campaign with which ministry?

[A] Ministry of Education

[B] Ministry of Home Affairs

[C] Ministry of Corporate Affairs

[D] Ministry of Defence

Correct Answer: A [Ministry of Education]


The 'Mera Pehla Vote Desh Ke Liye' campaign, initiated by the Ministry of Education in collaboration with the Election Commission of India, marks a significant step towards empowering the youth and fostering universal enlightened participation in elections. By engaging and encouraging first-time voters, the campaign aims to create a generation of responsible and active citizens who understand the value of their vote. Through nationwide reach, impactful collaborations, and inspiring initiatives, this campaign paves the way for a brighter and more democratic future for our nation.


2.Kulasekarapattinam Spaceport, recently seen in the news, is located in which state?

[A] Karnataka

[B] Tamil Nadu

[C] Maharashtra

[D] Gujarat

Correct Answer: B [Tamil Nadu]


The Kulasekarapattinam Spaceport in Tamil Nadu is a groundbreaking addition to India's space infrastructure. Its focus on Small Satellite Launch Vehicles, state-of-the-art facilities, strategic location, and cost-effective launch trajectory make it a pivotal asset for the nation's space exploration efforts. With this impressive spaceport, India is poised to embark on new frontiers, unlocking the potential for groundbreaking scientific discoveries and technological advancements.


3.What is ‘BioTRIG’, recently seen in the news?

[A] Waste management technology

[B] Method used for environmental conservation

[C] Tank cleaning robot

[D] Technique to remove pest from crop

Correct Answer: A [Waste management technology]


BioTRIG is revolutionizing waste management by offering a sustainable and environmentally friendly solution. By employing pyrolysis, it combats indoor air pollution, enhances soil health, and generates clean power. This technology holds immense potential not only for rural India but also for addressing waste management challenges worldwide. With BioTRIG, we can pave the way towards a cleaner, healthier, and more sustainable future.


4.Recently, which South American country has declared a health emergency due to the rising cases of dengue fever?

[A] Chile

[B] Peru

[C] Argentina

[D] Bolivia

Correct Answer: B [Peru]


Peru's declaration of a health emergency in response to the rising cases of dengue fever showcases the government's commitment to addressing public health challenges. By activating emergency measures, intensifying vector control, and seeking international support, Peru is taking decisive action to combat the outbreak. With these efforts, it is hoped that the situation will be brought under control, leading to improved public health outcomes in the country.


5.Recently, the National Institute of Ayurveda (NIA) signed an agreement with which country to promote Ayurveda & Thai traditional medicine?

[A] Singapore

[B] Vietnam

[C] Thailand

[D] Japan

Correct Answer: C [Thailand]


The alliance between the National Institute of Ayurveda and the Department of Thai Traditional and Alternative Medicine is a significant step towards uniting ancient healing traditions. By sharing their knowledge and resources, India and Thailand can collectively enrich their respective practices and promote cultural understanding. This collaboration not only benefits practitioners and researchers but also opens new doors for individuals seeking alternative approaches to healthcare. The NIA's commitment to international collaborations demonstrates its dedication to preserving and elevating traditional healing systems, ensuring their relevance in the modern world.



6. What was the focus of the 'Poshan Utsav' organized by the Ministry of Women and Child Development?

A.    Education

B.    Healthcare

C.   Nutrition

D.   Environment

Answer: Option C


The 'Poshan Utsav: Celebrating Nutrition' organized by the Ministry of Women and Child Development successfully emphasized the importance of nutrition and its role in combating malnutrition. Through its multidimensional approach, the event effectively promoted good nutrition practices, educated the public, and showcased India's achievements in this field. It is crucial to continue such initiatives and sustain efforts to ensure a healthier and nourished future for all.



7. Which river's flow into Pakistan has been halted by the completion of the Shahpur-Kandi barrage?

A.    Ravi River

B.    Indus River

C.   Chenab River

D.   Jhelum River

Answer: Option A


The completion of the Shahpur-Kandi barrage has marked a significant development in regional water dynamics. The flow of the Ravi River into Pakistan has been halted, altering the course of history for the affected regions. While challenges exist, the barrage also presents opportunities for enhanced irrigation and livelihoods. The Shahpur-Kandi barrage stands as a testament to human ingenuity, shaping the flow of rivers and impacting the lives of those who depend on them.



8. Which platform is being used for the digitization of the Urban Frame Survey (UFS) by the National Sample Survey Office (NSSO) and the National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC)?

A.    Bhuvan Platform

B.    Google Earth

C.   ArcGIS

D.   Sentinel Hub

Answer: Option A


The digitization of the Urban Frame Survey (UFS) through the Bhuvan Platform marks a significant milestone in the modernization of data collection methods. By leveraging advanced Geo ICT tools and techniques, the NSSO and NRSC are poised to enhance the accuracy, efficiency, and accessibility of urban data. The Bhuvan Platform's robust capabilities and user-friendly interface make it an ideal choice for this transformative initiative. As the UFS moves forward into the digital era, the Bhuvan Platform will continue to play a pivotal role in shaping evidence-based urban planning and policy formulation.



9. Which entity developed and constructed India's first hydrogen fuel cell ferry?

Mumbai Port Trust

Cochin Shipyard

Chennai Port Trust

Kolkata Port Trust

Answer: Option B


The development and construction of India's first hydrogen fuel cell ferry by Cochin Shipyard mark a significant stride in indigenous maritime technology. This groundbreaking initiative not only showcases the potential of hydrogen technology but also positions India as a global leader in green energy adoption. With zero emissions, reduced noise pollution, and enhanced energy efficiency, this ferry represents a beacon of hope for a sustainable future. As India continues its journey towards net-zero emissions, projects like these serve as a reminder of the nation's commitment to environmental sustainability and a greener tomorrow.



10. Which state government has unveiled a fully-funded universal life insurance plan?

A.    Nagaland

B.    Assam

C.   Manipur

D.   Meghalaya

Answer: Option A


The Nagaland government's unveiling of a fully-funded universal life insurance plan is a remarkable step towards ensuring the financial security and well-being of its citizens. By recognizing the need for protection against unforeseen circumstances, the government has demonstrated its commitment to citizen welfare. This initiative not only provides a safety net for families in times of distress but also promotes a sense of security and stability within the community. With this pioneering program, Nagaland sets a shining example for other states to follow, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing the financial security of its residents.



11. Where is the 'Tawi Festival' scheduled to take place for four days starting March 1, 2024?

A.    Srinagar

B.    Ladakh

C.   Jammu

D.   Pahalgam

Answer: Option C


The 'Tawi Festival' in Jammu is a vibrant celebration that not only highlights the cultural richness and artistic talents of the region but also promotes economic empowerment for Women Self-Help Groups. As visitors immerse themselves in the festivities, they get a glimpse into the diverse heritage of Jammu and Kashmir, leaving them with cherished memories and a deeper appreciation for the vibrant traditions of the land.



12. In which country is Agalega Island located?

A.    Indonesia

B.    Sri Lanka

C.   Maldives

D.   Mauritius

Answer: Option D


Agalega Island stands as a hidden gem in Mauritius, offering an enchanting escape for those seeking tranquility and natural beauty. The recent infrastructure projects, inaugurated by the Prime Ministers of India and Mauritius, exemplify the strong bilateral relationship between the two nations. As Agalega Island continues to develop and flourish, it holds the promise of becoming a thriving destination that showcases the harmonious collaboration between India and Mauritius.



13. Which Indian state hosts the largest population of leopards according to the report?

A.    Maharashtra

B.    Madhya Pradesh

C.   Karnataka

D.   Tamil Nadu

Answer: Option B


Madhya Pradesh has rightfully earned its reputation as the state hosting the largest leopard population in India. The state's commitment to preserving and protecting its natural habitats, especially its tiger reserves, has played a pivotal role in ensuring the continued growth and survival of these magnificent creatures. As we celebrate the remarkable wildlife of Madhya Pradesh, let us also recognize the importance of conservation efforts in safeguarding their future.



14. Who has been appointed as the new Director General of the National Security Guard (NSG)?

A.    T.R.Kakkar

B.    Anup Kumar Singh

C.   M A Ganapathy

D.   Daljit Singh Chaudhary

Answer: Option D


The appointment of Daljit Singh Chaudhary as the new Director General of the National Security Guard (NSG) marks a significant step towards bolstering India's security framework. His extensive experience, leadership capabilities, and track record in handling critical security operations make him a suitable candidate for this crucial role. With Chaudhary at the helm, the NSG is expected to strengthen its capabilities in countering terrorism and safeguarding the nation.



15. With which state does the partnership between India Post Payments Bank (IPPB) and Hindustan Zinc aim to boost financial inclusion?

A.    Uttar Pradesh

B.    Rajasthan

C.   Madhya Pradesh

D.   Gujarat

Answer: Option B


The collaboration between India Post Payments Bank and Hindustan Zinc marks a significant step towards enhancing financial inclusion in rural Rajasthan. By leveraging the strengths of both entities, this partnership aims to empower over 3.5 lakh beneficiaries, enabling them to access vital financial services and participate actively in the economic growth of the region. Through this joint effort, rural Rajasthan is poised to witness a positive transformation, where financial barriers are dismantled, and opportunities for prosperity are unlocked.



16. When is Zero Discrimination Day observed annually?

A.    February 14

B.    April 1

C.   March 1

D.   May 15

Answer: Option C


Zero Discrimination Day serves as an important reminder that everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect, regardless of their differences. By observing and actively participating in this annual event, we can contribute to the collective effort of building a more inclusive and equitable society. Let us embrace diversity, challenge discrimination, and strive for a world where zero discrimination is not just a day but a way of life.



17. Which country's parliament has passed the Human Sexual Rights and Family Values Bill, a controversial anti-LGBTQ legislation?

A.    Nigeria

B.    Ghana

C.   Kenya

D.   South Africa

Answer: Option B


Ghana's approval of the Human Sexual Rights and Family Values Bill has stirred up a storm of controversy and raised serious concerns about the protection of LGBTQ rights in the country. While proponents argue for the preservation of traditional values, opponents fear the detrimental impact on human rights and the well-being of LGBTQ individuals. The ongoing debate surrounding this legislation reflects the broader struggle for equality and acceptance faced by LGBTQ communities worldwide.



18. What air defence system was successfully tested by DRDO in February 2024?


B.    Trishul


D.   Prithvi

Answer: Option C


DRDO's successful test of VSHORADS marks a significant milestone in India's air defense capabilities. This very short-range air defense system, designed as a MANPAD, showcases advanced technologies, portability, and the ability to neutralize low-altitude aerial threats effectively. As India continues to invest in cutting-edge defense systems, VSHORADS stands tall as a testament to the nation's commitment to protecting its skies.



19. Which Indian state government has introduced the 'One Time Scheme' (OTS) across all urban local bodies (ULBs)?



Tamil Nadu


Answer: Option D


Telangana's 'One Time Scheme' (OTS) is undoubtedly a game-changer for property owners burdened with arrears interest on their property tax payments. The substantial waiver of 90% on the accrued arrears interest provides much-needed relief and encourages individuals to clear their dues. Through this initiative, the Telangana government showcases its commitment to easing the financial stress faced by property owners and promoting better compliance with property tax regulations. So, if you are a property owner in Telangana struggling with arrears interest, the OTS is your chance to find solace and regain control over your finances.



20. When is World Seagrass Day celebrated annually?

A.    March 1

B.    May 22

C.   June 1

D.   April 15

Answer: Option A


World Seagrass Day, celebrated annually on March 1, serves as a reminder of the crucial role that seagrass plays in marine ecosystems. By understanding and appreciating the importance of seagrass, we can work towards its conservation and take steps to mitigate the threats it faces. Let us come together to protect and preserve these underwater gardens, ensuring a sustainable future for our oceans and the countless species that depend on seagrass habitats.


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