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March 04, 2024 Current Affairs

1. What type of insurance broker license did Policybazaar Insurance Brokers receive approval for from IRDAI?

A.    Life Insurance

B.    General Insurance

C.   Composite Insurance

D.   Health Insurance

Answer: Option C


Policybazaar Insurance Brokers' approval to transition to a composite insurance broker by IRDAI marks a significant milestone for the company. This expansion of offerings allows Policybazaar to cater to a wider range of insurance needs, offering customers a comprehensive suite of insurance solutions. As Policybazaar continues to innovate and evolve, it remains committed to providing customers with reliable and convenient access to the insurance products they require. With the backing of IRDAI, Policybazaar is well-positioned to shape the future of the insurance industry in India.



2. Where is the new naval base INS Jatayu commissioned by the Indian Navy?

A.    Andaman Islands

B.    Minicoy Island

C.   Nicobar Islands

D.   Kavaratti Island

Answer: Option B


The commissioning of INS Jatayu on Minicoy Island marks a significant milestone in India's efforts to strengthen maritime security. With its strategic location and focus on anti-piracy and anti-narcotics operations, this new naval base will play a pivotal role in safeguarding India's coastal and maritime interests in the Western Arabian Sea. As the Indian Navy continues to bolster its security infrastructure, INS Jatayu stands as a testament to the nation's commitment to maintaining a safe and secure maritime domain.



3. When is National Safety Day celebrated each year?

A.    March 1

B.    February 28

C.   March 5

D.   March 4

Answer: Option D


National Safety Day, celebrated on March 4th, serves as a powerful reminder to prioritize safety and precautionary measures in our lives. Through National Safety Week, the impact is extended, promoting safety awareness and education across various sectors. Let us embrace a culture of safety, not just on this day, but every day, ensuring the well-being of ourselves and those around us. Stay safe!



4. Who is the first woman sniper of the BSF?

A.    Sanjukta Parashar

B.    Merin Joseph

C.   Suman Kumari

D.   Subhashini Sankaran

Answer: Option C


Suman Kumari's journey to become the first woman sniper of the BSF is a testament to her indomitable spirit and the limitless potential of women in the armed forces. Her achievement not only breaks barriers but also inspires future generations to dream big and strive for excellence. Suman Kumari's name will forever be etched in history, serving as a beacon of hope and empowerment for women in the security forces.



5. Which bank launched the Smart Choice Gold Loan targeted towards aspirational customers?


B.    Axis Bank

C.   State Bank of India

D.   Kotak Mahindra Bank

Answer: Option D


Kotak Mahindra Bank's Smart Choice Gold Loan is a commendable offering aimed at aspirational customers. With its competitive interest rates, zero processing fees, same-day disbursement, flexible repayment options, and minimal documentation requirements, this product stands out in the market. Aspirational customers seeking convenient and flexible loan options can confidently choose the Smart Choice Gold Loan from Kotak Mahindra Bank.



6. Which country recently announced a successful test fire of Yars intercontinental ballistic nuclear missile?

A.    China

B.    Russia

C.   United States

D.   France

Answer: Option B


Russia's recent successful test fire of the Yars intercontinental ballistic nuclear missile marks a significant milestone in their defense capabilities. With its extended range, MIRV capability, and technological advancements, the Yars system strengthens Russia's strategic position in the global arena. As the international community reflects on this development, it is crucial to prioritize diplomatic efforts and arms control agreements to foster trust and maintain a stable global security environment.



7. Where was the Chapchar Kut festival celebrated?

A.    Mizoram

B.    Manipur

C.   Nagaland

D.   Tripura

Answer: Option A


The Chapchar Kut festival in Mizoram is a truly captivating celebration that showcases the state's vibrant cultural heritage. With its grand festivities, rich customs, and the spirit of gratitude and togetherness, the festival has become an integral part of the Mizo identity. So, if you ever find yourself in Mizoram during this time of the year, don't miss the opportunity to witness the Chapchar Kut festival and be enchanted by its allure.



8. What is the name of India's first ASTDS Tug inaugurated by Sarbananda Sonowal?

Sea Voyager

Ocean Grace

Harbor Majesty

Coastal Spirit

Answer: Option B


Inaugurating "Ocean Grace" marks a significant milestone for India's maritime industry. This first-of-its-kind ASTDS Tug, developed under the Atmanirbhar Bharat initiative, demonstrates India's commitment to self-reliance and indigenous manufacturing. The remarkable features and technological advancements of "Ocean Grace" not only enhance operational efficiency but also establish India's position as a formidable player in the global maritime sector. With this inauguration, India charts a course towards a self-sufficient and prosperous future in maritime technology and infrastructure.



9. When is World Hearing Day observed?

A.    March 3

B.    February 28

C.   April 1

D.   May 5

Answer: Option A


World Hearing Day on March 3rd provides a global platform to advocate for hearing health, raise awareness, and promote inclusive practices. By changing mindsets and making ear and hearing care a priority, we can work towards creating a world where everyone can enjoy the benefits of good hearing. Let us join hands and support this important cause, ensuring that no one is left behind in the journey towards better hearing health.



10. With which bank has Flipkart partnered to introduce its UPI services, Flipkart UPI?

A.    HDFC Bank

B.    ICICI Bank

C.   Axis Bank

D.   State Bank of India

Answer: Option C


Flipkart's partnership with Axis Bank to introduce Flipkart UPI services marks a crucial milestone in India's digital payment landscape. This collaboration not only enhances the payment experience for Flipkart users but also contributes to the country's journey towards a cashless economy. With the integration of Axis Bank's UPI services, Flipkart UPI is set to revolutionize the way people transact on the platform, making it easier, quicker, and more secure than ever before.



11. Where was the new species of Amazon Anaconda discovered?

A.    Ecuador’s rainforest

B.    Brazil's grasslands

C.   Colombia's mountains

D.   Peru's desert

Answer: Option A


The rainforests of Ecuador have once again proven to be a treasure trove of biodiversity. The discovery of Eunectes Akiyama, a new species of Amazon Anaconda, sheds light on the immense diversity hidden within these dense jungles. The journey to uncovering this remarkable creature serves as a testament to the boundless wonders that await us in the natural world.



12. Where will the Indian Navy commission the MH 60R Seahawk helicopter?

A.    INS Vikrant

B.    INS Viraat

C.    INS Garuda

D.    INS Vela

Answer: Option C


The commissioning of the MH 60R Seahawk helicopter at INS Garuda in Kochi is a momentous occasion for the Indian Navy. This step forward in defense modernization signifies a significant enhancement of India's maritime capabilities. The Seahawks squadron, equipped with advanced technology and weaponry, strengthens India's defense posture and reinforces its commitment to safeguarding its waters. As the Indian Navy continues to evolve and adapt to emerging challenges, the MH 60R Seahawk helicopter stands as a symbol of its determination to protect and secure the nation's interests.



13. Which state government announced the launch of the Indiramma Housing Scheme?

A.    Telangana

B.    Maharashtra

C.   Gujarat

D.   Karnataka

Answer: Option A


The Indiramma Housing Scheme heralds a new era of social welfare and inclusive development in Telangana. By addressing the housing needs of the economically disadvantaged, this scheme not only provides shelter but also offers hope, dignity, and a pathway to a brighter future. It is a testament to the government's commitment to uplifting the most vulnerable sections of society and fostering an inclusive society for all.



14. In which state was the recently unearthed Neolithic child burial site discovered?

A.    Kerala

B.    Karnataka

C.   Andhra Pradesh

D.   Tamil Nadu

Answer: Option D


The recent unearthing of the Neolithic child burial site in Tamil Nadu represents a significant milestone in archaeological exploration. This remarkable discovery, led by researchers from the University of Madras, not only unravels burial practices but also opens a gateway to understanding the cultural heritage of the region. As preservation efforts continue and further research unfolds, we can expect to gain deeper insights into our ancestors' lives and the rich tapestry of ancient Tamil Nadu.



15. Who has Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) teamed up with as the brand ambassador for their Premium Petrol 'Speed'?

A.    PV Sindhu

B.    Neeraj Chopra

C.   P.T. Usha

D.   Virat Kohli

Answer: Option B


The partnership between Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) and Neeraj Chopra as the brand ambassador for their Premium Petrol 'Speed' is a strategic move that combines the champion's influence with the exceptional performance of the fuel variant. This collaboration not only strengthens BPCL's brand visibility but also instills consumer trust in the high-performance qualities of their products. As Chopra continues to inspire the nation with his sporting achievements, BPCL aims to fuel the aspirations of consumers through their Premium Petrol 'Speed', making every journey a powerful and memorable experience.



16. Yars Missile, recently seen in the news, is an intercontinental ballistic missile developed by which country?

A. Russia

B. China

C. Israel

D. India

Correct Answer: A

The RS-24 Yars missile, developed by Russia, represents a remarkable leap forward in intercontinental ballistic missile technology. Its range, MIRV capabilities, and strategic significance showcase Russia's commitment to maintaining its position as a formidable force in the realm of military defense. As the world witnesses the unveiling of this technological marvel, its impact on global dynamics and future warfare cannot be understated.



17. What is ‘MH 60R Seahawk’, recently seen in the news?

A. Nuclear-powered submarine

B. Maritime variant of the Blackhawk helicopter

C. Amphibious assault ship

D. Stealth Attack Craft

Correct Answer: B

The commissioning of the MH 60R Seahawk marks a significant milestone for the Indian Navy. With its diverse roles, advanced capabilities, and robust performance in Indian conditions, this maritime variant of the Blackhawk helicopter elevates the Navy's maritime power to new heights. As it takes to the skies, the MH 60R Seahawk will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in safeguarding our seas and ensuring the nation's security.



18. ‘ADITI scheme’, recently seen in the news, is associated with which sector?

A. Defence sector

B. Health sector

C. Education Sector

D. Financial sector

Correct Answer: A

The launch of the ADITI scheme marks a significant milestone in the defence sector's journey towards innovation and technological advancement. With its focus on empowering startups, fostering youth innovation, and addressing the Armed Forces' needs, ADITI has the potential to revolutionize the defence technology landscape. As the scheme progresses and collaborations between startups and the defence sector flourish, we can anticipate remarkable breakthroughs and advancements that will shape the future of our nation's security.



19. Recently, which ministry has been honored with the award for Best Performance in Accounts during the Financial Year 2023-24?

A. Ministry of Finance

B. Ministry of Commerce and Industry

C. Ministry of Information & Broadcasting

D. Ministry of Corporate Affairs

Correct Answer: C

he Ministry of Information & Broadcasting's award for Best Performance in Accounts is a testament to their commitment to financial discipline, transparency, and accountability. Led by Chief Controller of Accounts Ajay S. Singh, the ministry has showcased exceptional efficiency and diligence in their accounting practices. This recognition serves as a motivation for other ministries to follow suit and strive for excellence in managing their financial records. The achievement highlights the importance of maintaining meticulousness, accuracy, and transparency in financial transactions, ultimately contributing to the overall progress of the country.



20. Indiramma Housing Scheme, recently seen in the news, is associated with which state?

A. Karnataka

B. Tamil Nadu

C. Kerala

D. Telangana

Correct Answer: D

The Indiramma Housing Scheme stands as a beacon of hope and progress in Telangana. By providing housing solutions to both landowners and the homeless, this initiative not only addresses the issue of homelessness but also empowers the economically disadvantaged to achieve stability and prosperity. As the scheme commences on March 11, it is a testament to Telangana's commitment towards inclusive growth and social welfare.


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