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March 16, 2024 Current Affairs

1. How many states currently have access to Ethanol 100 fuel?

A.   Nine states

B.   Five states

C.   Ten states

D.   Seven states

Answer: Option B


Ethanol 100 fuel is currently accessible in five states of India: Maharashtra, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, New Delhi, and Tamil Nadu. The availability of this biofuel in these states signifies a strategic shift towards cleaner emissions and sustainability in automotive fuels. By expanding the reach of Ethanol 100, these states contribute to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and pollutants, aligning with global efforts to combat climate change and improve air quality. With the continued focus on sustainable practices, it is hopeful that more states will follow suit and embrace this greener alternative in the near future.



2. With which institution has Max India Ltd's subsidiary, Antara Assisted Care Services Limited, partnered for senior citizen care solutions?

A.   IIM Bangalore

B.   IIM Ahmedabad

C.   IIM Kolkata

D.   IIT Delhi

Answer: Option D


The partnership between Antara Assisted Care Services Limited and IIT Delhi marks a significant milestone in the realm of senior citizen care. With a shared vision and a commitment to excellence, these two institutions are poised to revolutionize the way we approach elderly care in India. By placing seniors' needs at the forefront and leveraging the power of innovation, Antara and IIT Delhi are paving the way for a brighter and more fulfilling future for our aging population.



3. Where is the newly constructed Nausena Bhawan, the headquarters of the Indian Navy, located?

A.   Mumbai

B.   Kolkata

C.   Delhi

D.   Chennai

Answer: Option C


The construction of Nausena Bhawan in Delhi Cantonment marks a significant milestone for the Indian Navy. This new headquarters serves as a testament to the Navy's commitment to excellence, centralization of operations, and enhanced coordination. With its state-of-the-art facilities and strategic location, Nausena Bhawan positions the Indian Navy for even greater achievements in the future.


4. On which date is National Vaccination Day celebrated?

A.    March 16

B.     March 15

C.     March 17

D.    March 18

Answer: Option A


National Vaccination Day, celebrated on March 16th, serves as a vital reminder of the critical role vaccines play in safeguarding public health. By raising awareness, promoting vaccination, and fostering collaborative efforts, this observance contributes to a healthier and safer world. Let us embrace this opportunity to prioritize our well-being and encourage others to do the same. Remember, getting vaccinated not only protects ourselves but also contributes to the collective immunity of our communities.



5. What is the new name given to Ahmednagar district in Maharashtra?

A.   Ahirnagar

B.   Ahilya Nagar

C.   Aheri Nagar

D.   Ahana Nagar

Answer: Option B


The renaming of Ahmednagar district as Ahilya Nagar is not merely a change in nomenclature. It symbolizes the recognition of Ahilyabai Holkar's contributions and the preservation of historical heritage. This decision by the Maharashtra Cabinet highlights the significance of honoring influential figures from the past. Ahilya Nagar stands as a testament to the rich history and cultural heritage of the region.



6. Which country unveiled the world's first-ever 3D-printed mosque?

A.   United Arab Emirates

B.   Qatar

C.   Kuwait

D.   Saudi Arabia

Answer: Option D


The unveiling of Saudi Arabia's world-first 3D-printed mosque marks a groundbreaking moment in architectural history. By seamlessly blending tradition and innovation, the kingdom has showcased its commitment to pushing boundaries and embracing sustainable practices. This extraordinary project serves as a testament to the limitless possibilities of 3D printing technology in shaping the future of architecture.



7. Who was awarded the PV Narasimha Rao Memorial Award for philanthropy work?

A.   Ratan Tata

B.   Anand Ambani

C.   Azim Premji

D.   Anand Mahindra

Answer: Option A


Ratan Tata's remarkable philanthropic journey and unwavering commitment to social welfare make him a deserving recipient of the PV Narasimha Rao Memorial Award. Through his visionary leadership and dedication, Tata has not only transformed the business landscape but also touched countless lives through impactful initiatives. His exemplary contributions serve as a shining example for individuals and businesses alike, reminding us of the immense power of philanthropy in creating a better world.



8. Who is the new Chairman and Managing Director (CMD) of Northern Coalfields Limited (NCL)?

A.   Ashok Kumar

B.   Rajesh Sharma

C.   B Sairam

D.   Anil Gupta

Answer: Option C


The appointment of B Sairam as the new Chairman and Managing Director of Northern Coalfields Limited (NCL) marks a significant milestone for the organization. With his extensive experience, academic achievements, and visionary leadership, Sairam is poised to lead NCL into a new era of growth and success. We look forward to witnessing the positive impact he will undoubtedly bring to the coal sector.



9. In the V-Dem (Varieties of Democracy) report, which rank did India secure among 179 countries?

A.   164

B.   124

C.   144

D.   104

Answer: Option D


The V-Dem report's findings rank India as 104th among 179 countries, highlighting its position as a top ten autocratiser and its transition towards "electoral autocracy" since 2018. This ranking underscores the need for concerted efforts to safeguard and strengthen India's democratic foundations. It is crucial for all stakeholders to come together and work towards ensuring a vibrant and inclusive democracy for the nation's future.


10. How many phases will the Lok Sabha Elections 2024 be held in?

A.   5 Phases

B.   6 Phases

C.   7 Phases

D.   8 Phases

Answer: Option C


The Lok Sabha Elections 2024 will be held in 7 phases, spanning from April 19 to June 1, 2024. This strategic decision ensures a well-organized and systematic electoral process, taking into account regional dynamics and logistical considerations. By adopting a staggered approach, the Election Commission aims to conduct free and fair elections, encourage maximum voter participation, and uphold the spirit of democracy in the country.



11. Who is the newly appointed Election Commissioner of India?

A.   Sukhbir Singh Sandhu

B.   Ramesh Kumar

C.   Amitabh Kant

D.   Ragupathi Venkatesh

Answer: Option A


Sukhbir Singh Sandhu's appointment as the Election Commissioner of India marks a new chapter in ensuring the integrity of the electoral process. With his remarkable career trajectory and dedication to public service, Sandhu is poised to make a significant impact in his role. As India continues its democratic journey, Sandhu's expertise and leadership will serve as a guiding light in upholding the principles of democracy and fair elections.



12. How many jails have been certified as 'Eat Right Campus' by the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI)?

A.   50 jails

B.   100 jails

C.   150 jails

D.   200 jails

Answer: Option B


The Eat Right Campus certification program has revolutionized the way correctional facilities approach food practices in India. With nearly 100 certified jails, the FSSAI has made significant progress in its mission to provide safe, healthy, and sustainable meals to inmates. This initiative not only improves the well-being of prisoners but also sets a benchmark for food safety and hygiene standards within the correctional system of the country.



13. Which Indian state is responsible for the majority of seizures in the illegal trade of shark body parts?

A.   Karnataka

B.   Gujarat

C.   Kerala

D.   Tamil Nadu

Answer: Option D


Tamil Nadu's overwhelming involvement in the illegal trade of shark body parts is a cause for alarm. It highlights the urgent need for stricter regulations, improved law enforcement, and enhanced monitoring mechanisms to combat this illicit trade. Preserving marine biodiversity and ensuring the sustainability of shark populations require collective efforts, both at the state and national levels.



14. Which country has tested a laser weapon capable of hitting a coin from a kilometre away?

A.   United Kingdom

B.   United States

C.   China

D.   Russia

Answer: Option A


The United Kingdom's successful testing of the DragonFire Laser Directed Energy Weapon marks a significant milestone in defense technology. With its precision targeting, cost-effectiveness, and potential to revolutionize modern warfare, laser weapons have the ability to reshape the battlefield. The United Kingdom's innovative approach to defense capabilities demonstrates its commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in the realm of national security.



15.Recently, Prime Minister of India inaugurated the first Oil Palm Processing Mill under Mission Palm Oil in which state?

[A] Arunachal Pradesh

[B] Assam

[C] Karnataka

[D] Maharashtra

Correct Answer: A [Arunachal Pradesh]


The inauguration of the first Oil Palm Processing Mill in Arunachal Pradesh marks a significant step towards achieving the goals set by the National Mission for Edible Oils – Oil Palm. With a focus on boosting oil palm cultivation and crude palm oil production, this mission aims to reduce India's dependence on edible oil imports and promote self-sufficiency. The success of the mission relies on the collective efforts of various stakeholders and holds the potential to transform the agricultural landscape of the North East and Andaman-Nicobar Islands.


16.Recently, where was the India’s first indoor athletics and aquatic centre inaugurated?

[A] Bhubaneswar

[B] Chennai

[C] New Delhi

[D] Jaipur

Correct Answer: A [Bhubaneswar]


The inauguration of India's first indoor athletics and aquatic centre in Bhubaneswar signifies a significant leap forward for the country's sporting landscape. This state-of-the-art facility, with its top-notch amenities and world-class infrastructure, is set to become a beacon of excellence for athletes nationwide. As it hosts national and international events, it will not only propel Indian sports to new heights but also inspire generations to come. The future of Indian athletics shines brighter than ever before.


17.Recently, India’s Numaligarh Refinery Limited (NRL) inaugurated its first international office in which country?

[A] Bangladesh

[B] Myanmar

[C] Bhutan

[D] Nepal

Correct Answer: A [Bangladesh]


The inauguration of Numaligarh Refinery Limited's overseas liaison office in Dhaka, Bangladesh signifies a new chapter in India-Bangladesh relations. This move highlights the commitment towards deepening collaboration in the energy sector and strengthening bilateral trade ties. With the Friendship Pipeline Project as a shining example, this venture holds immense potential for economic growth, employment generation, and sustainable development. NRL's international venture sets the stage for enhanced cooperation between the two nations, fostering a brighter future built on shared aspirations and mutual progress.


18.Recently, who among the following has been selected as the new election commissioner?

[A] Gyanesh Kumar and Sukhbir Singh Sandhu

[B] Arun Goel and Anup Chandra Pandey

[C] Sukumar Sen and RK Trivedi

[D] KVK Sundaram and SL Shakdhar

Correct Answer: A [Gyanesh Kumar and Sukhbir Singh Sandhu]


The appointment of Gyanesh Kumar and Sukhbir Singh Sandhu as the new Election Commissioners has generated controversy due to concerns raised by the Opposition. The transparency and fairness of the selection process have been called into question. It is imperative that the concerns raised are addressed, and the Election Commission continues to uphold its reputation for integrity and impartiality.


19.What is the rank of India in the Global Human Development Index, according to UNDP’s latest report?

[A] 133

[B] 134

[C] 145

[D] 140

Correct Answer: B [134]


India's current rank of 134th in the Global Human Development Index signifies the country's progress in key areas such as health, education, and standard of living. The HDI acts as a comprehensive measure that goes beyond economic metrics, emphasizing the holistic well-being of its people. India's upward trajectory in the rankings highlights the strides made in various sectors, while also emphasizing the importance of continued efforts towards comprehensive development.




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