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March 20, 2024 Current Affairs

1. Which country hosted the summit "Warns of AI Risks To Democracy"?

A.   India

B.   Australia

C.   South Korea

D.   Japan

Answer: Option C


The summit on AI risks to democracy, hosted by South Korea, served as a vital reminder of the challenges we face in the digital age. As AI continues to evolve, so must our efforts to protect democratic principles. The discussions and insights shared during the summit shed light on the urgent need for proactive measures to counter AI-based threats. By fostering collaboration and raising awareness, we can build a future where technology and democracy coexist harmoniously, ensuring a fair and transparent society for all.



2. What is the reported amount of India's outward foreign direct investment (FDI) in February 2024?

A.   $2.82 Billion

B.   $3.47 Billion

C.   $2.18 Billion

D.   $1.71 Billion

Answer: Option B


India's outward FDI has witnessed a substantial leap, with the reported amount reaching an impressive $3.47 billion in February 2024. This surge indicates a growing trend of Indian companies venturing into international markets, solidifying their presence, and exploring new avenues for growth. As India continues to embrace globalization and foster an investor-friendly environment, the nation's outward FDI is expected to continue its upward trajectory, contributing to India's economic development and global influence.



3. What is the name of the app developed by VSSC to aid Gaganyaan astronauts with technical assistance, health monitoring, and mission management?





Answer: Option C


The VSSC-developed SAKHI app is undeniably a game-changer when it comes to aiding Gaganyaan astronauts. With its technical assistance, health monitoring capabilities, and mission management features, SAKHI serves as a lifeline for the crew, ensuring their well-being, efficiency, and success in the challenging environment of space. As India advances further in space exploration, the SAKHI app stands as a testament to the country's commitment to innovation and the welfare of its astronauts.



4. Which country recently conducted its first-ever '2+2' defence and foreign ministerial dialogue with India in 2024?

A.   Brazil

B.   Russia

C.   Australia

D.   Japan

Answer: Option A


The inaugural '2+2' defence and foreign ministerial dialogue between India and Brazil marks a significant milestone in their bilateral relations. The discussions focused on expanding cooperation in key areas such as energy, critical minerals, technology, and counter-terrorism. This dialogue reflects the growing strategic partnership between the two countries and sets the stage for further collaboration in the future. As India and Brazil continue to strengthen their bonds, the world eagerly awaits the positive outcomes and shared achievements that will emerge from this newfound synergy.



5. According to the World Happiness Report, which country has been named the happiest for the seventh consecutive year?

A.   Denmark

B.   Iceland

C.   Finland

D.   Sweden

Answer: Option C


Finland's consistent reign as the happiest country in the world is a testament to its commitment to the well-being of its citizens. Factors such as high life satisfaction, strong social support systems, and a sense of freedom all contribute to Finland's remarkable happiness rankings. As other nations strive to improve their own levels of happiness, Finland's success serves as an inspiring example of the positive impact that a holistic approach to well-being can have on an entire nation.



6. Which Indian state is home to the Bugun tribe and the Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary?

A.   Assam

B.   Meghalaya

C.   Manipur

D.   Arunachal Pradesh

Answer: Option D


Arunachal Pradesh, specifically the region inhabited by the Bugun tribe and the Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary, is a testament to the importance of environmental conservation and the coexistence of indigenous communities with their natural surroundings. The Bugun tribe's commitment to preserving the sanctuary and protecting the Bugun Liocichla bird is truly remarkable. It is through such efforts that we can ensure the preservation of our planet's invaluable biodiversity for future generations.



7. Which state is set to adopt the Trinetra app 2.0 for transforming policing?

A.   Maharashtra

B.   Uttar Pradesh

C.   Karnataka

D.   Tamil Nadu

Answer: Option B


The adoption of the Trinetra app 2.0 marks a significant milestone in the transformation of policing in Uttar Pradesh. By leveraging the power of technology, the police force is taking proactive steps towards creating a safer and more secure environment for its citizens. With digitized records, real-time crime updates, and enhanced collaboration, the Trinetra app 2.0 is set to revolutionize crime prevention and investigation efforts in the state. As Uttar Pradesh embraces this advanced digital platform, it paves the way for other states to follow suit and embark on their own journey towards modernized and efficient policing.



8. Which bank has partnered with the Indian Olympic Association for the Paris Olympics 2024?

A.   YES Bank

B.   HDFC Bank


D.   Axis Bank

Answer: Option A


The partnership between YES Bank and the Indian Olympic Association for the Paris Olympics 2024 is a significant step towards empowering and uplifting Team India. Through innovative initiatives like the 'Milkar Jitayengey' campaign and the introduction of exclusive banking products, YES Bank is not only providing financial support but also fostering a sense of national pride and unity. As India's Olympic athletes gear up for the ultimate sporting extravaganza, YES Bank stands firmly by their side, reaffirming their commitment to the growth and development of sports in the country.



9. Which space startup is preparing to launch India’s second privately developed rocket?

A.   Skyroot Aerospace

B.   SpaceX

C.   Blue Origin

D.   Agnikul Cosmos

Answer: Option D


The emergence of Agnikul Cosmos as a prominent space startup in India signifies the country's growing prowess in the global aerospace industry. With its groundbreaking rocket technology, Agnikul Cosmos is poised to revolutionize space access and inspire a new generation of innovators in India. As Agnibaan SOrTeD prepares for its historic launch, the future of private space exploration in India looks brighter than ever.



10. Which region recently passed stringent legislation expanding government powers to suppress dissent and imposing life sentences for treason or insurrection?

A.   China

B.   Hong Kong

C.   Taiwan

D.   Singapore

Answer: Option B


Hong Kong's recent passage of Article 23 legislation has raised significant concerns about civil liberties, freedom of expression, and the potential for abuse of power. While the legislation aims to protect national security, its impact on dissent and democratic values cannot be understated. The events surrounding Article 23 legislation have prompted a critical examination of Hong Kong's autonomy and its relationship with the central government. Only time will tell how these developments will shape the future of Hong Kong and its people.



11. Which city topped the global list of most polluted cities according to the World Air Quality Report 2023?

A.   Begusarai

B.   Guwahati

C.   Delhi

D.   Mullanpur

Answer: Option A


Begusarai's unfortunate distinction as the most polluted city globally, as revealed by the World Air Quality Report 2023, highlights the gravity of the air pollution crisis in India. The staggering number of polluted cities in the country necessitates immediate action to safeguard the health and well-being of its citizens. It is imperative for governments, communities, and individuals to work together to combat air pollution and create a cleaner and healthier future for all.



12. Who has been awarded the 33rd Saraswati Samman for the year 2023?

A.   Dharmaraj

B.   Harivansh Rai

C.   Prabha Varma

D.   Sivasankari

Answer: Option C


Prabha Varma's well-deserved win of the 33rd Saraswati Samman for his novel in verse, 'Roudra Sathwikam,' marks a significant milestone in Indian literature. His exceptional work showcases the power of words to evoke emotions, provoke thoughts, and transcend linguistic boundaries. As we celebrate his achievement, let us also acknowledge the enduring impact of the Saraswati Samman in fostering literary excellence and preserving the rich tapestry of Indian literature.



13. Who has been elected as the new leader of the Welsh Labour Party, becoming the first Black leader of a European country?

A.   Boris Johnson

B.   Vaughan Gething

C.   Nicola Sturgeon

D.   Keir Starmer

Answer: Option B


Vaughan Gething's election as the new leader of the Welsh Labour Party is a historic moment, marking him as the first Black leader of a European country. This significant achievement not only paves the way for greater representation but also sends a powerful message about the importance of diversity and inclusivity in politics. Vaughan Gething's journey to leadership serves as an inspiration to individuals from all backgrounds, reminding us that change is possible and that progress is being made towards a more inclusive political landscape.



14. When is World Sparrow Day celebrated annually?

A.   March 20

B.   April 15

C.   March 21

D.   June 10

Answer: Option A


World Sparrow Day, celebrated on March 20th, serves as a poignant reminder of the declining population of house sparrows and the importance of their conservation. By understanding the challenges they face and taking proactive steps, each of us can contribute to the preservation of these beautiful birds. Let us come together to ensure a future where the cheerful chirping of house sparrows fills our neighborhoods once more.



15. Who has been given the additional charge as the in-charge governor of Telangana?

A.   ESL Narasimhan

B.   Anandiben Patel

C.   R N Ravi

D.   CP Radhakrishnan

Answer: Option D


The appointment of CP Radhakrishnan as the in-charge governor of Telangana marks a significant moment in the state's governance. With his wealth of experience and leadership qualities, he is well-equipped to navigate the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. As Telangana embraces this new chapter, all eyes will be on CP Radhakrishnan as he assumes his duties and works towards the progress and prosperity of the state.



16. Recently, Genetic rescue has been proposed to conserve the tiger population of which national park?

A. Ranthambore National Park

B. Vansda National Park

C. Mukundara National Park

D. Chandoli National Park

Answer: Option: A


Genetic rescue presents a potential solution for conserving the tiger population of Ranthambore National Park. By introducing new genetic variation through migration, genetic rescue aims to enhance the genetic diversity and long-term viability of the population. However, careful planning, scientific analysis, and ethical considerations are imperative to ensure the success and sustainability of such conservation efforts.


17. World Air Quality Report 2023, recently seen in the news, is published by which organization?

A. World Health Organization

B. Swiss organisation IQAir

C. United Nations Environment Programme

D. United Nations Development Programme

Answer: Option: B


The World Air Quality Report 2023, published by IQAir, exposes the alarming state of global air quality. Delhi's designation as the most polluted capital, India's ranking, and the prevalence of polluted cities within the country all serve as a reminder of the urgent action needed to combat air pollution. It is imperative that governments, organizations, and individuals come together to address this pressing issue, ensuring cleaner air for our present and future generations.


18. Developing Countries Trading Scheme (DCTS), recently seen in the news, is associated with which country?



C. India

D. Malaysia

Answer: Option: A


The Developing Countries Trading Scheme (DCTS) is an important trade initiative introduced by the UK Government. With its aim to integrate developing nations into the global economy, the DCTS fosters trade partnerships, strengthens supply chains, and offers preferential trading terms. By providing duty concessions on shipments to the UK, this scheme empowers developing countries and contributes to a more inclusive and prosperous global trading system.


19. Mission 414 campaign, recently seen in the news, is launched in which state?

A. Uttar Pradesh

B. Himachal Pradesh

C. Rajasthan

D. Tamil Nadu

Answer: Option: B


Mission 414 in Himachal Pradesh presents a significant step towards boosting voter turnout and promoting inclusive participation in the democratic process. By targeting specific polling stations and implementing well-thought-out strategies, the Election Commission of India aims to bring about a positive change in the electoral landscape. Through ground-level outreach and efforts to empower women voters, Mission 414 sets an example for other states to follow in their quest for higher voter participation.


20. E-crop, a crop simulation model-based device, was developed by which one of the following institute?

A. Central Plantation Crops Research Institute, Kasargod

B. Central Tuber Crops Research Institute, Kerala

C. Central Island Agricultural Research Institute, Port Blair

D. National Rice Research Institute, Cuttack

Answer: Option: B


The development of E-Crop by the Central Tuber Crops Research Institute (CTCRI), Kerala, marks a significant milestone in modern agriculture. This crop simulation model-based device, coupled with the "krihi kruthya" app, empowers farmers to make informed decisions, optimize resource management, and achieve enhanced crop yields. As technology continues to evolve, innovations like E-Crop pave the way for a sustainable and prosperous future in agriculture.




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