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May 13, 2024 Current Affairs

1. Which country does mountaineer Kami Rita Sherpa belong to?

A.    Bhutan

B.    United States

C.   India

D.   Nepal

Answer: Option D


Mountaineer Kami Rita Sherpa, the record holder for the most ascents of Mount Everest, proudly belongs to Nepal. His extraordinary achievements have not only left an indelible mark on the mountaineering community but have also contributed to showcasing Nepal's rich mountaineering heritage to the world. Kami Rita Sherpa's passion and dedication continue to inspire climbers globally, symbolizing the triumph of human determination in the face of nature's grandeur.



2. When is the International Day of Plant Health observed?

A.    May 8

B.    May 10

C.   May 12

D.   May 15

Answer: Option C


The International Day of Plant Health, observed on May 12, serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of protecting plant health for the well-being of humanity and the planet. By prioritizing plant health, we can prevent hunger, promote economic development, and safeguard biodiversity. Let us join hands in cultivating awareness and taking proactive measures to ensure the health and vitality of our plants and ecosystems.



3. Which drone is being inducted by the Indian Army to enhance surveillance capabilities?

A.    Drishti-8

B.    Drishti-10

C.   Drishti-12

D.   Drishti-15

Answer: Option B


The Indian Army's induction of the Drishti-10 drone marks a significant milestone in enhancing surveillance capabilities along the Pakistan border. With its advanced features, long endurance, and strategic positioning at the Bathinda base, this state-of-the-art UAV provides the Indian Army with an invaluable asset for real-time monitoring and situational awareness. Moreover, this development aligns with India's 'Make in India' initiative, showcasing the nation's prowess in indigenous manufacturing and technology innovation. As the Drishti-10 drone takes flight, it reinforces the Indian Army's commitment to safeguarding national security and ensuring a safer tomorrow.



4. With which country is India collaborating on shark and ray research in the Arabian Sea?

A.    UAE

B.    Maladives

C.   Qatar

D.   Oman

Answer: Option D


The collaboration between India and Oman in shark and ray research in the Arabian Sea represents a significant step forward in understanding and conserving these magnificent creatures. Through joint initiatives, such as workshops, knowledge sharing, and research activities, this partnership strives to enhance our knowledge, raise awareness, and develop effective conservation strategies. By combining their expertise, India and Oman are paving the way for a brighter future for sharks and rays in the Arabian Sea.



5. What is the primary affected organ in Kawasaki disease?

A.    Kidneys

B.    Heart

C.   Lungs

D.   Liver

Answer: Option B


The primary affected organ in Kawasaki disease is undeniably the heart. The inflammation of the coronary arteries poses significant risks to the cardiovascular system, emphasizing the importance of early diagnosis and effective treatment strategies. By raising awareness about this unique disease and its specific organ involvement, we aim to foster a better understanding of Kawasaki disease among both medical professionals and the general public.



6. Which company's insurance arms is Hinduja Group's IIHL acquiring?

A.    Tata Capital

B.    Aditya Birla Capital

C.   Reliance Capital

D.   Bajaj Capital

Answer: Option C


The approval granted by IRDAI for Hinduja Group's IIHL to acquire Reliance Capital's insurance arms marks a significant milestone in the insurance sector. This game-changing move not only strengthens IIHL's market position but also sets the stage for enhanced offerings and customer-centric solutions. As IIHL takes over the reins of Reliance General Insurance and Reliance Nippon Life Insurance, the industry eagerly anticipates the positive impact this acquisition will have on the insurance landscape, benefiting both policyholders and stakeholders alike.



7. On which date is International Nurses Day observed?

A.    May 12

B.    May 6

C.   May 20

D.   May 30

Answer: Option A


International Nurses Day, observed on May 12th, is a momentous occasion that honors the exceptional contributions of nurses worldwide. This day serves as a reminder of Florence Nightingale's legacy and recognizes the vital role nurses play in healthcare. As we celebrate International Nurses Day, let us express our heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to these remarkable individuals who selflessly dedicate themselves to the well-being of others. Their compassion, expertise, and unwavering commitment make a profound difference in the lives of countless patients and their families. May we continue to support and uplift nurses, ensuring they receive the recognition and resources they deserve.



8. According to the World Migration Report 2024, what is cited as a significant factor leading to internal displacement for millions of people?

A.    Political conflicts

B.    Economic opportunities

C.   War conflicts

D.   Climate change

Answer: Option D


The World Migration Report 2024 identifies climate change as a significant factor leading to internal displacement for millions of people. The projected numbers are alarming, indicating the scale of the challenge we face. It is crucial for the international community to prioritize climate action, implement adaptation measures, and provide support to those affected by internal displacement due to climate change.



9. Where did the 5th Joint Group of Customs (JGC) meeting between India and Bhutan take place?

A.    Kolkata

B.    Guwahati

C.   Ladakh

D.   Thimphu

Answer: Option C


The 5th Joint Group of Customs meeting between India and Bhutan took place in the enchanting region of Ladakh. This meeting served as a platform to discuss and address various bilateral issues, including trade infrastructure development, customs processes, and capacity building. The choice of Ladakh as the venue highlights its strategic importance in enhancing connectivity and trade relations between these two nations. It is through such meetings that India and Bhutan continue to strengthen their bond and pave the way for a prosperous future.



10. Who has been elected as the Chairman of IFFCO?

A.    Dileep Sanghani

B.    Balvir Singh

C.   Ramniwas Garwal

D.   Simachal Padhy

Answer: Option A


The election of Dileep Sanghani as Chairman of IFFCO marks a new chapter in the organization's journey. His appointment symbolizes the commitment of IFFCO to democratic values and the empowerment of farmers. With Sanghani at the helm, IFFCO is poised to embark on a path of progress, bringing positive changes to the lives of countless farmers. This milestone reaffirms IFFCO's status as a leading cooperative institution, dedicated to the welfare of its members and the agricultural community as a whole.



11. How was Surjit Patar primarily known in the literary world?

A.    Novelist and playwright

B.    Poet and writer

C.   Journalist and editor

D.   Critic and translator

Answer: Option B


Surjit Patar's legacy in the literary world lies in his remarkable contributions as a poet and writer. His poetry touched the hearts of many, while his prose brought forth a deeper understanding of the human condition. Patar's unwavering dedication to promoting the Punjabi language and culture further solidifies his place as a luminary in the literary landscape. Though he may have left this world, his words will continue to inspire generations to come.



12. Who is set to assume the role of chairman at Tata Electronics?

A.    N Chandrasekaran

B.    Banmali Agrawala

C.   Randhir Thakur

D.   Srinivas Satya

Answer: Option A


N Chandrasekaran's appointment as the chairman of Tata Electronics showcases Tata Group's commitment to its semiconductor business. With his visionary leadership, coupled with the collective expertise of individuals like Randhir Thakur and Srinivas Satya, Tata Electronics is poised to navigate the future of the semiconductor industry with confidence and success.


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