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May 16, 2024 Current Affairs

1. What is the target public shareholding percentage LIC needs to achieve by May 16, 2027, as per Sebi's extension?

A.    10%

B.    5%

C.   8%

D.   12%

Answer: Option A


Sebi's extension for LIC to meet the minimum public shareholding requirement sets a target of 10% by May 16, 2027. This provides LIC with the necessary time to strategically increase its public shareholding from the current 3.5%. The stock market's positive reaction reflects optimism regarding LIC's ability to achieve the target. As LIC progresses towards meeting this requirement, it will navigate divestment challenges while maintaining stability and investor trust.



2. Which organization established the International Day of Light?

A.    WHO




Answer: Option C


The International Day of Light, established by UNESCO, serves as a beacon of appreciation for light's remarkable impact on our world. By commemorating the first successful operation of the laser, this observance prompts us to reflect on the multifaceted role light plays in our lives. From its artistic and cultural significance to its invaluable contributions in education, medicine, and sustainable development, light continues to shape our present and inspire our future. So, let us embrace this day of celebration and illumination, and recognize the power of light in transforming our world.



3. When was the Transplantation of Human Organs & Tissues Act (THOTA) enacted in India?

A.    1994

B.    2000

C.   2010

D.   2015

Answer: Option A


The Transplantation of Human Organs & Tissues Act (THOTA) enacted in 1994 marked a significant milestone in India's healthcare history. By introducing comprehensive regulations and promoting ethical practices, THOTA has transformed the landscape of organ transplantation in the country. This legislation stands as a testament to the government's commitment to ensuring the well-being of its citizens and fostering a culture of altruism and compassion.



4. In which country has PhonePe launched UPI payments?

A.    Sri Lanka

B.    Bangladesh

C.   Nepal

D.   Maldives

Answer: Option A


The launch of PhonePe's UPI payments in Sri Lanka marks a significant milestone in the realm of digital transactions. This collaboration with LankaPay opens up doors to a new era of convenience, security, and seamless financial transactions for Indian tourists and business travelers. With UPI payments at LankaPay QR merchants, the worries of carrying cash or dealing with currency exchange are now a thing of the past. PhonePe's innovative solution not only simplifies transactions but also contributes to the growth of the tourism and business sectors between India and Sri Lanka.



5. What did the Indian Air Force recently test in Agra as part of "Project BHISHM"?

A.    Rescue Helicopter

B.    Drone Ambulance

C.   Portable Hospital

D.   Emergency Shelter

Answer: Option C


In the realm of emergency medical aid, the Indian Air Force's Project BHISHM and its portable hospital stand as a beacon of hope. This groundbreaking initiative showcases the dedication and commitment towards revolutionizing emergency healthcare. The BHISHM portable hospital's swift setup, advanced technologies, and comprehensive care capabilities make it a game-changer in saving lives during critical situations. As we move towards a future where rapid response is paramount, the BHISHM portable hospital serves as a shining example of innovation and efficiency in emergency medical services.



6. What organization introduced its latest large language model (LLM) called GPT-4o?

A.    OpenAI

B.    Google

C.   Microsoft

D.   Facebook

Answer: Option A


OpenAI's GPT-4o has set a new benchmark for AI models with its exceptional speed, efficiency, and multimodal capabilities. By integrating text, audio, and image inputs, it unlocks new possibilities for human-computer interactions. From healthcare to finance, education to entertainment, the applications of GPT-4o are virtually limitless. However, as we embrace this AI revolution, it is essential to navigate the ethical challenges and ensure responsible development and deployment of such powerful technologies.



7. Which Indian footballer recently announced his retirement from international football?

A.    Bhaichung Bhutia

B.    Gurpreet Singh Sandhu

C.   Sandesh Jhingan

D.   Sunil Chhetri

Answer: Option D


As Sunil Chhetri prepares to bid farewell to international football, we celebrate the extraordinary journey of an exceptional athlete. His dedication, skill, and unwavering commitment to the sport have not only elevated Indian football but have also inspired countless individuals to dream big. Sunil Chhetri's retirement marks the end of an era, but his impact will continue to resonate within the hearts of football enthusiasts for generations to come. Thank you, Sunil Chhetri, for the memories and for being a true legend of the game.



8. Who has been appointed as NASA's Chief Artificial Intelligence (AI) Officer?

A.    Bill Nelson

B.    David Salvagnini

C.   Joe Acaba

D.   Thomas Keith Glennan

Answer: Option B


David Salvagnini's appointment as NASA's Chief Artificial Intelligence (AI) Officer signifies the agency's dedication to leveraging AI technology for the benefit of space exploration and scientific research. By responsibly utilizing AI and embracing its advancements, NASA remains at the forefront of innovation, paving the way for exciting discoveries and pushing the boundaries of human knowledge.



9. Who was awarded the Sahitya Akademi Fellowship?

A.    Salman Rushdie

B.    Arundhati Roy

C.   Chetan Bhagat

D.   Ruskin Bond

Answer: Option D


Ruskin Bond's literary contributions have left an indelible mark on the world of literature. His writings have enthralled readers across generations, and his ability to effortlessly transport us into the realms of nature and human emotions is unparalleled. The Sahitya Akademi Fellowship bestowed upon him is a testament to his immense talent and his profound impact on the literary landscape. Let us celebrate this literary legend and continue to be inspired by his timeless works.



10. On which date is the International Day of Living Together in Peace observed annually?

A.    April 16

B.    May 16

C.   June 16

D.   July 16

Answer: Option B


The International Day of Living Together in Peace on May 16 serves as a powerful reminder of our collective responsibility to promote peace and unity. By fostering dialogue, understanding, and compassion, we can overcome conflicts and work towards building a harmonious global community. Let us embrace this day as an opportunity to take action, inspire change, and create a world where peace prevails.



11. On which date is Sikkim Statehood Day celebrated?

A.    April 14

B.    May 19

C.   August 15

D.   May 16

Answer: Option D


Sikkim Statehood Day, celebrated on May 16th, is a momentous occasion that commemorates the integration of Sikkim into the Indian Union. This historic event marked the end of the monarchy and the full participation of Sikkim in the democratic processes of India. It is a day filled with pride, unity, and celebration for the people of Sikkim. As we observe Sikkim Statehood Day, let us cherish the remarkable journey of this beautiful state and its people towards progress, development, and unity.



12. Where was the World Hydrogen Summit 2024 held?

A.    India

B.    Netherlands

C.   Germany

D.   Japan

Answer: Option B


The World Hydrogen Summit 2024 held in Rotterdam, Netherlands, provided a remarkable forum for exploring the potential of hydrogen as a clean energy source. The Indian Pavilion showcased India's commitment to green hydrogen initiatives, highlighting the National Green Hydrogen Mission and efforts to create a sustainable hydrogen ecosystem. This event demonstrated the importance of international collaboration in shaping a greener and more sustainable future.



13.Manika Batra, recently seen in the news, is associated with which sports?

A. Table Tennis

B. Badminton

C. Football

D. Chess

Answer: Option A


Manika Batra's journey from a young table tennis enthusiast to a global sensation is a testament to her exceptional talent and unwavering dedication. Breaking records, winning medals, and inspiring millions, she has become a symbol of excellence in Indian sports. As she continues to shine on the global stage, Manika Batra's impact on the world of table tennis will be felt for years to come.



14. IndiaSkills Competition 2024, the country’s biggest skilling program, recently started at which place?

A. Hyderabad

B. Kolkata

C. New Delhi

D. Chennai

Answer: Option C


The IndiaSkills Competition 2024 is an exceptional platform that celebrates the remarkable talent and skills of India's youth. With its extensive reach, diverse skill categories, and enthusiastic participation, the event showcases the nation's commitment to fostering skill development and empowering the next generation. As the competition continues to unfold and talented individuals mesmerize the audience with their expertise, we witness the immense potential and capabilities of India's youth. Let us applaud their dedication, hard work, and passion as they shape the future of our nation.



15. Recently, where was the second round of the India-US dialogue on Africa held?

A. California

B. Washington DC

C. New Delhi

D. Varanasi

Answer: Option B


he second round of the India-US Dialogue on Africa, held in Washington DC, proved to be a significant step towards strengthening collaboration and addressing developmental challenges in the African continent. Through this dialogue, India and the US are actively working together to contribute to Africa's growth and prosperity. The outcomes of this dialogue will undoubtedly pave the way for enhanced cooperation and mutually beneficial initiatives in the future.



16. Recently, the government of India has announced humanitarian assistance worth $ 1 million to which country?

A. Rwanda

B. Somalia

C. Kenya

D. Uganda

Answer: Option C


India's commitment to extending a helping hand to Kenya in the wake of devastating floods is a testament to the spirit of global solidarity. The $1 million humanitarian aid package, encompassing essential supplies and critical medical assistance, reflects India's unwavering support for countries facing challenging times. This act of compassion not only strengthens the bond between India and Kenya but also serves as an inspiring example for nations across the globe.



17. Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre (I4C), recently seen in news, is operated under which ministry?

A. Ministry of Defence

B. Ministry of Power

C. Ministry of Home Affairs

D. Ministry of Urban Development

Answer: Option C


The Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Centre (I4C) serves as a crucial pillar in India's cybersecurity landscape. Under the Ministry of Home Affairs, the I4C plays a pivotal role in combating cyber threats and protecting citizens from various forms of cybercrimes. Through coordination, collaboration, and the use of innovative technologies, the I4C is determined to create a safer digital environment for all. With its comprehensive approach, the I4C demonstrates the government's commitment to staying ahead in the ever-evolving realm of cybersecurity.


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