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May 18, 2023 Current Affairs

1. Which country recently reported the first polio death of 2023?

A.    Siberia

B.    Russia

C.    Pakistan

D.    Afghanistan

Answer: Option (D)


Polio, a highly infectious viral disease, continues to pose a threat to global health efforts. Recently, a concerning development surfaced as Afghanistan reported its first polio-related death of 2023.



2. In which sport has the practice of giving "soft signals" been abolished recently?

A.    Football

B.    Cricket

C.    Basketball

D.    Tennis

Answer: Option (B)


Cricket, known for its rich traditions and complex rules, is constantly evolving to ensure fair play and accurate decision-making. In a recent development, the International Cricket Council (ICC) has made a groundbreaking decision to abolish the practice of "soft signals."


3. Which country's police recently launched a traffic campaign called "Stay in your lane" to address road lane violations?

A.   Uganda

B.   USA

C.   UAE

D.   Ukraine

Answer: Option (C)


Traffic violations and road safety are global concerns that affect communities worldwide. In an effort to address road lane violations, the Sharjah Police in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) launched a traffic campaign called "Stay in your lane" in May.



4. When is International Museum Day celebrated?

A.   May 18

B.   May 17

C.   May 16

D.   May 15

Answer: Option (A)


Traffic violations and road safety are global concerns that affect communities worldwide. In an effort to address road lane violations, the Sharjah Police in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) launched a traffic campaign called "Stay in your lane" in May.



5. In which state did the Indian Army’s Gajraj Corps conduct the Joint Flood Relief Exercise 'Jal Rahat'?

A.   Assam

B.   Sikkim

C.   Goa

D.   Kerala

Answer: Option (A)


Natural disasters like floods often pose significant challenges to communities, requiring efficient coordination and swift action from various agencies. The Gajraj Corps of the Indian Army recently conducted a joint flood relief exercise called 'Jal Rahat' in the state of Assam.



6. How many tap water connections have been provided under the Jal Jeevan Mission?

A.   11 Crore

B.   12 Crore

C.   13 Crore

D.   14 Crore

Answer: Option (B)


The Jal Jeevan Mission, a groundbreaking initiative launched by the Government of India, has been making remarkable strides in providing tap water connections to millions of households across the country.



7. Which Indian film recently received the 'Best Film Award' at the UK Asian Film Festival-2023?

A.   Pathaan

B.   Baahubali 2 The Conclusion

C.   Bhagwan Bharose

D.   RRR

Answer: Option (C)


The pulsating world of Indian cinema is known for its captivating narratives, brilliant performances, and awe-inspiring visuals. Each year, film enthusiasts eagerly await the recognition and accolades that celebrate exceptional creations within the industry.



8. Which portfolio has been assigned to Union Minister Kiren Rijiju?

A.   Ministry of Earth Sciences

B.   Ministry of Law and Justice

C.   Ministry of Finance

D.   Ministry of Transport and Communication

Answer: Option (A)


In the ever-changing landscape of Indian politics, Union Minister Kiren Rijiju has been entrusted with a new portfolio. Previously serving as the Union Law Minister, Rijiju now embarks on a new journey as the head of the Ministry of Earth Sciences.



9. Which cyclone recently moved southeast of Diego Garcia?

A.   Fabien

B.   Mocha

C.   Derva

D.   Gracia

Answer: Option (A)


Tropical cyclones are natural phenomena that can wreak havoc in coastal areas. In recent news, the cyclone that moved southeast of Diego Garcia has captured attention due to its intensity and potential impact.



10. With which country has the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) signed an MoU?

A.   Maldives

B.   Spain

C.   Japan

D.   Singapore

Answer: Option (A)


In a move to foster cooperation and strengthen professional ties, the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) recently signed a significant Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with The Chartered Accountants of the Maldives (CA Maldives). This landmark agreement marks a new era of collaboration between the accounting bodies of both countries, paving the way for mutual growth and development in the field of accountancy. Let's delve deeper into the details of this MoU and its implications.



11. Who has become the highest-ranking South Asian woman in the New York Police Department (NYPD)?

A.   Pratima Bhullar

B.   Rekha Maldonado

C.   Reheja Khan

D.   Rivisha Patel

Answer: Option (A)


In a historic feat, Captain Pratima Bhullar Maldonado, a woman of Indian origin, has shattered glass ceilings and emerged as the highest-ranking South Asian woman in the esteemed New York Police Department (NYPD). Her remarkable journey and accomplishments serve as an inspiration to many, highlighting the power of determination, dedication, and breaking barriers.



12. With which bank has Zomato partnered to introduce its own unified payments interface (UPI) offering called Zomato UPI?

A.   HDFC Bank

B.   ICICI Bank

C.   BoB

D.   Yes Bank

Answer: Option (B)


In a significant move towards enhancing their user experience, Zomato, the renowned food and grocery delivery company, has recently teamed up with ICICI Bank to introduce Zomato UPI. This collaboration aims to revolutionize the way customers make payments for their orders, providing a seamless and convenient transaction experience. Let's delve deeper into this exciting partnership and explore the benefits it brings to Zomato users.



13. At what amount did METRO sell India Cash & Carry to Reliance Retail?

A.   2,673 Crore

B.   2,870 Crore

C.   2,539 Crore

D.   2,850 Crore

Answer: Option (D)


In a significant move that has sent ripples through the retail industry, METRO AG recently made headlines by selling its Indian cash and carry business to Reliance Retail. The deal, valued at a staggering amount, has sparked intrigue and speculation among industry insiders and observers.



14. What is the correct full form of C-PACE, recently established by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs?

A.   Centre for Processing Accelerated Corporate Experience

B.   Centre for Processing Accelerated Corporate Exit

C.   Centre for Power Accelerated Corporate Exit

D.   Centre for Power Automated Corporate Exit

Answer: Option (B)


In a recent move by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), a new initiative called C-PACE, which stands for Centre for Processing Accelerated Corporate Exit, has been established.



15. In which state did Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami inaugurate the National Homoeopathic Convention 'Homeocon 2023'?

A.   Uttarakhand

B.   Maharashtra

C.   Telangana

D.   Odisha

Answer: Option (A)


In a remarkable event that showcased the growing importance of alternative medicine, Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami recently inaugurated the highly anticipated National Homoeopathic Convention 'Homeocon 2023' in the serene state of Uttarakhand. This convention, which drew together renowned experts, practitioners, and enthusiasts from across the country, served as a platform to discuss and explore the advancements, potentials, and healing capabilities of homeopathy. Let us delve into the significance and highlights of this momentous event.



16. Which edition of the Cannes Film Festival is taking place in May 2023?

A.   75th

B.   76th

C.   77th

D.   78th

Answer: Option (B)


The 76th edition of the Cannes Film Festival is set to be a cinematic extravaganza, bringing together the best of international cinema under one roof. From its grand opening ceremony to the carefully curated film lineup, this edition promises to be a celebration of artistic excellence and creativity. Whether you are a filmmaker, a cinephile, or simply someone who appreciates the magic of cinema, the Cannes Film Festival is an event not to be missed.



17. From which country does Kami Rita Sherpa, who climbed Mount Everest for the 27th time, belong?

A.   Nepal

B.   Bhutan

C.   Australia

D.   Sudan

Answer: Option (A)


Mount Everest, the majestic peak that has captivated explorers and adventurers for centuries, recently witnessed an extraordinary feat. Kami Rita Sherpa, a seasoned climber hailing from a remarkable country, accomplished a staggering 27th ascent to the summit of Mount Everest.



18. Which number of All India Pension Adalat will be inaugurated in Delhi?

A.   2nd

B.   3rd

C.   10th

D.   8th

Answer: Option (D)


In a significant step towards addressing pension-related issues, the 8th All India Pension Adalat is set to be inaugurated in Delhi on May 17th. Led by Dr Jitendra Singh, the Union Minister, this initiative organized by the Department of Pension and Pensioners' Welfare seeks to provide a platform for resolving long-standing pension cases. Let's delve into the details of this much-anticipated event and its significance.



19. On which date is World AIDS Vaccine Day observed?

A.   May 19

B.   May 18

C.   May 17

D.   May 16

Answer: Option (B)


On May 18 every year, people around the world observe World AIDS Vaccine Day. This significant day serves as a reminder of the ongoing battle against HIV and the importance of finding an effective vaccine.



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