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May 19, 2023 Current Affairs

1. Which country is hosting the 6th Indian Ocean Conference (IOC)?

A.   Bahamas

B.   Bangladesh

C.   Benin

D.   Bahrain

Answer: Option (B)


The Indian Ocean Conference (IOC) is an esteemed event that brings together key stakeholders from countries surrounding the Indian Ocean to discuss and address pertinent issues.


2. According to a new report, which country's e-waste generation per person tripled over the last two decades?

A.   Ukraine

B.   Cuba

C.   Canada

D.   Italy

Answer: Option (C)


In today's technologically advanced world, electronic devices have become an integral part of our lives. However, with the rapid advancement of technology comes a pressing concern: the generation of electronic waste, commonly known as e-waste.


3. Ki Rajanarayanan, who passed away in Puducherry, was associated with which profession?

A.   Politician

B.   Doctor

C.   Director

D.   Writer

Answer: Option (D)


Ki Rajanarayanan, a renowned Tamil writer, whose literary contributions have left an indelible mark in the world of literature, bid farewell to this mortal realm at the age of 98 in Puducherry. With his profound storytelling and evocative narratives, Rajanarayanan captivated readers and earned accolades throughout his illustrious career.


4. In which city was the SCO Startup Forum 2023 organized?

A.   Hyderabad

B.   Jodhpur

C.   Pune

D.   New Delhi

Answer: Option (D)


The third edition of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) Startup Forum held in New Delhi was an extraordinary event that brought together innovative minds from various countries. After two successful virtual editions, this year marked the first-ever physical gathering of the forum.



5. In which city will Union Minister Sarbananda Sonowal inaugurate the two-day National Ayush Mission Conclave?

A.   Shillong

B.   Noida

C.   Lucknow

D.   New Delhi

Answer: Option (D)


The National Ayush Mission Conclave in New Delhi is a much-awaited event that brings together the Ayush community to discuss, learn, and collaborate. With its focus on traditional systems of medicine and healthcare, the conclave plays a crucial role in advancing the field of Ayush. By fostering dialogue and sharing knowledge, this event contributes to the overall growth and development of the Ayush sector in India and beyond.


6. What is the estimated value in crores of the 350 tunnels that the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) plans to build?

A.   1 lakh crore

B.   2 lakh crore

C.   3 lakh crore

D.   4 lakh crore

Answer: Option (A)


In a bold move towards infrastructure development and connectivity enhancement, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has set its sights on constructing an impressive network of 350 tunnels. These tunnels, spanning across diverse terrains and regions, promise to revolutionize transportation in our country. However, one question looms large: what is the estimated value in crores of the 350 tunnels that the MoRTH plans to build? Let's delve into this topic and uncover the answer.




7. Which city became the first Indian city to measure the UN's SDGs process?

A.   Bhopal

B.   Indore

C.   Chandigarh

D.   Haridwar

Answer: Option (A)


In a remarkable feat, the city of Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh has taken a significant step towards sustainable development. It has become the first city in India to adopt the localization of the United Nations-mandated sustainable development goals (SDGs). This groundbreaking initiative aims to align Bhopal's efforts with the global sustainability agenda and showcase the city's commitment towards achieving the SDGs.



8. Which cricketer holds the distinction of scoring a century in Test, ODIs, T20Is, and the Indian Premier League in a calendar year?

A.   M S Dhoni

B.   Virat Kohli

C.   Shubman Gill

D.   Arjun Tendulkar

Answer: Option (C)


In the world of cricket, achieving a century in Test matches, ODIs, T20Is, and the IPL in a calendar year is a rare and exceptional feat. Shubman Gill, with his extraordinary talent and unwavering determination, etched his name in the annals of cricketing history. His ability to adapt to different formats, perform under pressure, and consistently deliver outstanding performances is a testament to his skill and potential. As he continues to evolve and grow as a cricketer, it's safe to say that Shubman Gill's journey has only just begun.


9. In which country does the world's oldest tree exist?

A.   Cuba

B.   Brazil

C.   Chile

D.   Russia

Answer: Option (C)


In the vast realm of nature's wonders, hidden gems await discovery. Among these treasures stands a living testament to time itself - the world's oldest tree. Journey with us as we unravel the captivating story of the ancient Patagonian cypress, affectionately known as the "Great Grandfather."


10. Which of the following states announced a new scheme named 'Mukhyamantri Sikho Kamao Yojana' (Chief Minister Learn and Earn Scheme) to provide opportunities to learn skills for unemployed youths of the state?

A.   Kerala

B.   Madhya Pradesh

C.   Maharashtra

D.   Chhattisgarh

Answer: Option (B)


In a bid to tackle unemployment and equip the youth with essential skills, the State Cabinet of Madhya Pradesh (MP) recently unveiled a groundbreaking scheme named 'Mukhyamantri Sikho Kamao Yojana' (Chief Minister Learn and Earn Scheme). This visionary initiative aims to provide ample opportunities for the unemployed youths of the state to learn valuable skills while earning a livelihood. Let's delve into the details of this transformative scheme and its potential impact on the future of Madhya Pradesh.


11. By which year did Amazon Web Services announce a $12.7 billion investment in India's cloud infrastructure?

A.   2029

B.   2030

C.   2031

D.   2032

Answer: Option (B)


In a move that promises to reshape India's cloud infrastructure landscape, Amazon Web Services (AWS) recently made a groundbreaking announcement. With a commitment to invest a staggering $12.7 billion, AWS aims to address the soaring demand for cloud services in India. This article will delve into the details of this significant investment, its implications for the country, and the potential it holds for the future.


12. In which country did the Supreme Court rule that internet companies cannot be held accountable for the content posted on their sites?

A.   United Kingdom

B.   United States of America

C.   Uganda

D.   UAE

Answer: Option (B)


In a groundbreaking decision, the Supreme Court of the United States has recently ruled on a critical matter concerning internet liability. This ruling has far-reaching implications for internet companies and how they handle the content posted on their platforms.


13. Which state Chief Minister launched the State dashboard and CM dashboard?

A.   Odisha

B.   Assam

C.   Sikkim

D.   Jharkhand

Answer: Option (A)


In a significant move towards data-driven governance, the Chief Minister of Odisha, Naveen Patnaik, recently unveiled the State Dashboard and CM Dashboard. These innovative platforms aim to revolutionize the monitoring and evaluation of government schemes, enabling evidence-based decision-making and ensuring effective implementation.


14. The Union Cabinet cleared a revised production-linked incentive (PLI) scheme for IT hardware with an outlay of how many crores?

A.   15,000

B.   16,000

C.   17,000

D.   18,000

Answer: Option (C)


The Union Cabinet recently made a significant move by clearing a revised production-linked incentive (PLI) scheme for IT hardware. This scheme, with an impressive outlay of ₹17,000 crores, aims to ramp up the production of IT hardware in the country.


15. Chaman Lal Gupta, who passed away in Jammu, belonged to which profession?

A.   Singer

B.   Teacher

C.   Leader

D.   Writer

Answer: Option (C)


Chaman Lal Gupta, a prominent figure in Indian politics and a respected leader, recently passed away in Jammu at the age of 87. With a long and distinguished career in the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and as a former Union Minister, Gupta's contributions to society and his legacy as a leader deserve to be remembered and celebrated.


16. In which city will Prime Minister Modi inaugurate the International Museum Expo 2023?

A.   New Delhi

B.   Jaipur

C.   Dehradun

D.   Kanpur

Answer: Option (A)


the International Museum Expo 2023 will be inaugurated in the vibrant city of New Delhi. With its rich cultural heritage, iconic landmarks, and a thriving art scene, New Delhi is the perfect host for this grand event. Art enthusiasts, history buffs, and cultural explorers from around the globe can look forward to a truly unforgettable experience in India's capital city.


17. The United Kingdom announced a ban on _____ diamonds and metals ahead of the G7 meeting in Japan.

A.   American

B.   Russian

C.   Chinese

D.   Indian

Answer: Option (B)


The United Kingdom recently made a significant announcement that sent shockwaves through the international community. In preparation for the highly anticipated G7 meeting in Japan, the UK took a bold step by imposing a ban on Russian diamonds and metals. This unexpected move has far-reaching implications and demands closer examination to understand the motivations and consequences behind it.


18. Which city is hosting the 5th Edition of the Global Ayurveda Festival?

A.   Thiruvananthapuram

B.   Bhuvneshwar

C.   Mumbai

D.   Patna

Answer: Option (A)


Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala, is gearing up to host the much-awaited 5th Global Ayurveda Festival (GAF 2023). This grand event, scheduled from December 1 to 5, promises to be a captivating showcase of Ayurveda's potential in addressing health challenges. With a focus on providing a platform for global networking of Ayurveda practitioners and stakeholders, the festival is set to create ripples in the world of alternative medicine.


19. Recently, the government has decided to form how many new Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) in the cooperative sector?

A.   1,200

B.   1,500

C.   1,000

D.   1,100

Answer: Option (D)


In a significant move to promote the cooperative sector and boost agricultural productivity, the government has recently announced the allocation of 1,100 new Farmer Producer Organizations (FPOs) to the National Cooperative Development Corporation (NCDC). This decision holds immense promise for the farming community and is aimed at enhancing their collective bargaining power, fostering economic growth, and ensuring sustainable development in the agricultural sector.



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