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May 19, 2024 Current Affairs

1. In which country was the world's tallest competitive swimming pool opened?

A.    Nepal

B.    Maldives

C.   Bhutan

D.   India

Answer: Option C


Bhutan's achievement in opening the world's tallest competitive swimming pool is a testament to the country's dedication to sports, recreation, and community development. This remarkable facility not only showcases Bhutan's engineering prowess but also opens up new opportunities for athletes and enthusiasts alike. With its breathtaking location and positive impact on the local community, this swimming pool stands tall as a symbol of Bhutan's commitment to excellence in sports and its harmonious integration with nature.



2. Which country signed an agreement with India on visa exemption for diplomatic and official passports?

A.    Italy

B.    Greece

C.   Bulgaria

D.   Moldova

Answer: Option D


The visa exemption agreement between Moldova and India marks a significant milestone in their diplomatic relationship. By allowing visa-free travel for diplomatic and official passport holders, the agreement strengthens ties and promotes closer collaboration between the two nations. It is a positive step towards fostering mutual understanding, cultural exchange, and economic cooperation. With such agreements in place, Moldova and India are set to embark on a journey of deeper diplomatic engagement and fruitful partnership.



3. Which institution secured the top position among Indian higher education institutions in a recent ranking?

A.    IIT Bombay

B.    IIM Ahmedabad

C.   IIT Madras

D.   IISc Bengaluru

Answer: Option B


The recent ranking by the Center for World University Rankings has shed light on the exceptional performance of Indian higher education institutions. IIM Ahmedabad's triumph as the top-ranked institution highlights its dedication to academic excellence and global competitiveness. Additionally, the rankings of IIT Bombay, IIT Madras, and IISc Bengaluru underscore the strength and diversity of India's educational landscape. As these institutions continue to soar on the international stage, they inspire future generations and pave the way for a brighter future in higher education.



4. On which date is National Endangered Species Day observed?

A.    April 22

B.    May 17

C.   June 5

D.   July 11

Answer: Option B


National Endangered Species Day, observed on May 17th, serves as a powerful reminder of our responsibility to protect and conserve endangered species. By understanding the importance of biodiversity and the threats faced by vulnerable species, we can take meaningful action to preserve our planet's rich natural heritage for future generations. Let us come together, raise awareness, and be the voice for those who cannot speak for themselves.



5. Who has been appointed as the first woman police Director General of Police (DGP) in Meghalaya?

A.    LR Bishnoi

B.    Meera Borah

C.   Idashisha Nongrang

D.   Bhaskar Jyoti Mahanta

Answer: Option C


Idashisha Nongrang's appointment as Meghalaya's first woman DGP is a groundbreaking development that deserves celebration. Her trailblazing journey, coupled with her impressive credentials, showcases the progressive nature of the state. Nongrang's ascent to this influential position not only sets an example for future generations but also paves the way for more inclusive and diverse leadership within the law enforcement sector. Congratulations to Idashisha Nongrang on this exceptional achievement!



6. On which date is National Dengue Day observed?

A.    May 16

B.    May 12

C.   May 20

D.   May 17

Answer: Option A


National Dengue Day on May 16 serves as a reminder of the ongoing battle against dengue fever. By raising awareness, promoting prevention strategies, and fostering community engagement, we can collectively work towards reducing the burden of this disease. Let us unite in our efforts to combat dengue and create a healthier and safer environment for all.



7. What was the urban unemployment rate in India during the January- March 2024 period?

A.    6.1%

B.    6.8%

C.   6.7%

D.   8.5%

Answer: Option C


The urban unemployment rate in India during the January-March 2024 period was 6.7%, according to the findings of the Periodic Labour Force Survey (PLFS). This indicates a slight improvement compared to the previous year. However, it is crucial to continue monitoring and addressing unemployment challenges to ensure sustainable and inclusive growth in urban areas.



8. Which state is home to India's highest tunnel, recognized by the International Book of Honour?

A.    Arunachal Pradesh

B.    Himachal Pradesh

C.   Uttarakhand

D.   Jammu and Kashmir

Answer: Option A


The Sela Tunnel in Arunachal Pradesh stands tall as India's highest tunnel, captivating travelers with its grandeur and functionality. Its inauguration by Prime Minister Narendra Modi marked a significant milestone in the country's infrastructure development. As we traverse through the Sela Tunnel, we not only witness an engineering marvel but also embark on a journey through the awe-inspiring beauty of Arunachal Pradesh.



9. What was commemorated by the release of a special Rs 250 coin by Defence Secretary Giridhar Aramane?

A.    Indian Coast Guard

B.    Ministry of Defence

C.   Defence Research and Development Organisation

D.   MDL Shipyard

Answer: Option D


The release of the special Rs 250 coin by Defence Secretary Giridhar Aramane serves as a fitting tribute to Mazagon Dock Limited's remarkable journey of 250 years. MDL's evolution from a humble dry dock to a premier shipyard has been instrumental in strengthening India's defense capabilities. As we celebrate this milestone, let us acknowledge the invaluable contributions of MDL to our nation's security and maritime heritage. Cheers to 250 years of shipbuilding excellence!



10. Who has been appointed as the CEO of Wipro's APMEA Strategic Market Unit?

A.    Vinay Firake

B.    Srini Pallia

C.   Anis Chenchah

D.   Malay Joshi

Answer: Option A


The appointment of Vinay Firake as the CEO of Wipro's APMEA SMU marks a pivotal moment in the company's journey. With his extensive experience and a clear vision for the future, Firake is well positioned to steer Wipro towards continued success in the dynamic APMEA markets. As Wipro undergoes this leadership transition, the company remains poised to embrace change, drive innovation, and deliver value to its clients and stakeholders.



11. Where is Tripura's first international cricket stadium set to be ready by 2025?

A.    Agartala

B.    Narsingarh

C.   Udaipur

D.   Dharmanagar

Answer: Option B


The countdown has begun for the grand inauguration of Tripura's first international cricket stadium in Narsingarh. This historic milestone, achieved through the collaboration between the BCCI and TCA, will put Tripura on the cricketing map like never before. With its impressive seating capacity, top-notch facilities, and scenic location, the stadium is poised to become a symbol of sporting excellence in the region. As cricket enthusiasts eagerly await the opening day, the stadium stands ready to witness memorable matches, roaring crowds, and the rise of new cricketing heroes.



12. Which country was declared the host of the Women’s World Cup 2027?

A. Brazil

B. India

C. Australia

D. South Africa

Answer: Option A


In a historic moment for women's football, Brazil emerged victorious as the host of the Women's World Cup 2027. With purpose-built stadiums, strong commercial support, and a compelling bid, Brazil's selection promises an extraordinary tournament that will captivate fans worldwide. As we eagerly await the kickoff, let us celebrate this significant milestone for women's sports and look forward to the remarkable spectacle that lies ahead.



13. According to a recent report released by the NOAA, how much of the world’s coral reefs have bleached in the past year?

A. 55%

B. 60%

C. 70%

D. 80%

Answer: Option B


The NOAA report reveals a distressing reality: 60% of the world's coral reefs have undergone bleaching in the past year. This unprecedented event signifies the urgency to address the underlying causes of coral bleaching and take immediate action to mitigate its impacts. It is not only the responsibility of scientists, policymakers, and environmental organizations but also a call to individual action. Together, we can strive to preserve and protect these fragile underwater ecosystems for generations to come.



14. Recently, where was the ‘India’s Progressive Path in the Administration of Criminal Justice System’ conference held?

A. Chennai

B. New Delhi

C. Guwahati

D. Bhopal

Answer: Option C


The 'India's Progressive Path in the Administration of Criminal Justice System' conference held in Guwahati shed light on the significant reforms taking place within the Indian criminal justice system. With the imminent implementation of the Bharatiya Nyaya Sanhita, Bharatiya Nagarik Suraksha Sanhita, and Bharatiya Sakshya Adhiniyam, India is poised to witness a transformative shift in its legal framework. These new laws promise to uphold the principles of justice, transparency, and citizen protection, ultimately ensuring a more efficient and effective administration of criminal justice throughout the nation.



15. Recently, the International Finance Corporation (IFC) has provided $500 million loan to which bank for providing microloans to women in rural areas?

A. HDFC bank

B. Axis bank

C. ICICI bank

D. UCO bank

Answer: Option A


The International Finance Corporation's loan to HDFC Bank marks a significant milestone in the journey towards empowering women in rural areas. By providing access to microloans, the loan aims to uplift women borrowers involved in SHGs and JLGs, enabling them to pursue sustainable livelihood initiatives. This initiative not only transforms individual lives but also contributes to the overall economic growth and development of rural communities. With HDFC Bank's expertise and the IFC's support, this loan is set to create a lasting impact, breaking barriers and paving the way for a more inclusive and equitable society.



16. What is ‘Dyson Sphere’, recently seen in the news?

A. A new space telescope

B. A hypothetical engineering project to harness a star’s energy

C. A fleet of solar-powered satellites

D. A black hole theory

Answer: Option B


The concept of a Dyson Sphere represents a fascinating idea of harnessing a star's energy through a hypothetical megastructure. While no concrete evidence of these structures has been found so far, the international scientific community continues to explore new methods and technologies to detect potential signs of Dyson spheres. As we delve deeper into the mysteries of the universe, the search for these awe-inspiring structures serves as a reminder of humanity's curiosity and quest for knowledge.


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