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May 2, 2024 Current Affairs

1. What is the primary objective of China's Chang’e-6 lunar probe mission?

A.    Gather samples from the Moon

B.    Explore the far side of the Moon

C.   Communicate via relay satellite

D.   Explore the far side of the Mars

Answer: Option A


China's Chang’e-6 lunar probe mission represents a remarkable milestone in space exploration. With its primary objective of gathering samples from the Moon, this mission holds the promise of unlocking the mysteries of lunar evolution and the inner solar system. The scientific insights gained from the analysis of these samples will undoubtedly shape our understanding of the Moon's history and pave the way for future lunar explorations.



2. Which institution was awarded a patent for its cost-effective inverter?

A.    IIT Delhi

B.    IIT Bombay

C.   IIT Patna

D.   IIT Kanpur

Answer: Option C


IIT Patna's recently patented inverter represents a remarkable milestone in the realm of portable power solutions. The integration of the battery and inverter into a single unit not only promotes clean energy practices but also enhances durability and self-reliance. This innovative design stands as a testament to IIT Patna's commitment to sustainable solutions and their contribution to the renewable energy sector. With their groundbreaking invention, IIT Patna paves the way for a greener and more energy-efficient future.



3. With which country has India renewed an agreement to train 1500 officers?

A.    Sri Lanka

B.    Bangladesh

C.   Nepal

D.   Bhutan

Answer: Option B


The renewal of the agreement between India and Bangladesh to train 1500 officers from 2025 to 2030 reflects the strong bilateral ties and collaborative efforts between the two countries. This initiative not only underscores the commitment to capacity building for civil servants but also symbolizes the shared vision of India and Bangladesh for fostering professional development. As the training programs unfold in the coming years, it is expected that the relationship between India and Bangladesh will further strengthen, laying the foundation for a prosperous and mutually beneficial future.



4. Where was India's first Constitution Park inaugurated?

A.    Delhi

B.    Chennai

C.   Pune

D.   Kolkata

Answer: Option C


India's first Constitution Park in Pune stands as a beacon of constitutional awareness and civic responsibility. It symbolizes the collective efforts of the Indian Army and the Punit Balan Group to educate citizens about their rights and duties. By fostering a deeper understanding of the Constitution, this park aims to propel India forward on the path of progress. As Lt. Gen. Ajai Kumar Singh rightly stated during the inauguration, it is through the fulfillment of our constitutional duties that we can drive India towards development by 2047. Let us cherish this remarkable initiative and strive to uphold the principles of our Constitution for a brighter future.



5. Which organization is investing Rs 5,215 crore in renewable energy for 1 GW capacity in India?

A.    Shell Corporation

B.    Bharat Petroleum Corporation

C.   Hindustan Petroleum Corporation

D.   Indian Oil Corporation

Answer: Option D


Indian Oil Corporation's investment of Rs 5,215 crore in renewable energy for 1 GW capacity marks a significant milestone in India's transition towards a sustainable future. By diversifying its energy portfolio and embracing solar, wind, and hybrid projects, IOC is setting a commendable example for other organizations. This proactive step aligns with India's clean energy goals and reinforces IOC's commitment to environmental stewardship. With such initiatives, IOC paves the way for a greener and more sustainable energy sector in India.



6. Which city has been ranked as the most polluted city globally according to IQAir?

A.    New Delhi

B.    Chiang Mai

C.   Kathmandu

D.   Hanoi

Answer: Option C


Kathmandu's ranking as the most polluted city globally is a stark reminder of the pressing environmental challenges faced by cities worldwide. The situation calls for immediate action to mitigate the adverse effects of air pollution. It is not only the responsibility of the government but also of every citizen to contribute towards cleaner air and a healthier future. Let us join hands in taking the necessary steps to safeguard our environment and create a sustainable world for generations to come.



7. What was the record-high GST revenue collection in April 2024?

A.    Rs 2.05 lakh crore

B.    Rs 2.10 lakh crore

C.   Rs 2.15 lakh crore

D.   Rs 2.20 lakh crore

Answer: Option B


April 2024 witnessed a significant milestone in India's revenue collection with the GST reaching an all-time high of Rs 2.10 lakh crore. This feat, driven by factors such as domestic transaction growth and improved compliance measures, showcases the nation's economic strength and resilience. The record-breaking figures not only reinforce fiscal stability but also pave the way for enhanced investments in critical sectors. As India continues to stride forward, this achievement serves as a testament to its potential and determination to achieve new heights.



8. Who was honoured for her outstanding contribution to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)?

A.    Bina Modi

B.    Jagadhesh Sharma

C.   Kiren Reddy

D.   KK Singh

Answer: Option A


Dr. Bina Modi's outstanding contribution to Corporate Social Responsibility is a shining example for others to follow. Her unwavering commitment to social empowerment, particularly in the realms of education and upliftment of vulnerable communities, has transformed countless lives. As we celebrate her achievements, let us be inspired by her passion, resilience, and vision, and strive to create a better world for all.



9. Which country engaged in talks with India to enhance trade cooperation?

A.    Sri Lanka

B.    Bangladesh

C.   Nepal

D.   Maldives

Answer: Option D


The recent discussions between India and Maldives to enhance trade cooperation reflect the growing economic partnership between the two nations. Trade volumes exceeding $500 million in 2022 highlight the significance of their trade relations. With India emerging as Maldives' largest trade partner in 2023, there is immense potential for further collaboration and mutual benefits. The focus on various sectors, investment opportunities, and improved connectivity sets the stage for a stronger and more prosperous relationship between India and Maldives in the years to come.



10. When is World Tuna Day observed annually?

A.    May 2

B.    April 30

C.   June 5

D.   July 15

Answer: Option A


World Tuna Day, observed annually on May 2nd, reminds us of the critical need for tuna conservation. By understanding the significance of tuna in our ecosystems and adopting sustainable fishing practices, we can protect these magnificent creatures and preserve the delicate balance of our oceans. Let us join hands, spread awareness, and take action to ensure a brighter future for tuna and marine life as a whole.



11. Where is the 46th Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting (ATCM 46) set to be hosted?

A.    Jamnagar

B.    Mumbai

C.   Chennai

D.   Kochi

Answer: Option D


The 46th Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting (ATCM 46) holds immense importance as it convenes in the beautiful city of Kochi, India. This meeting not only showcases India's commitment to Antarctica but also provides an opportunity for global collaboration in the realms of scientific research and environmental protection. As the delegates gather in Kochi, the spirit of international cooperation and dedication to Antarctica's preservation will undoubtedly shine through.



12. Where is Bhimtal Lake located?

A.    Nainital

B.    Uttarakhand

C.   Himachal Pradesh

D.   Rajasthan

Answer: Option B


Bhimtal Lake, located in Uttarakhand, captivates visitors with its stunning natural beauty, diverse wildlife, and intriguing history. Whether you seek tranquility amidst nature or wish to immerse yourself in the legends of the past, Bhimtal Lake offers an unforgettable experience. Plan your visit to this serene gem and let its allure leave an indelible mark on your heart.



13. SMART (Supersonic Missile Assisted Release of Torpedo) system, recently seen in news, is developed by which organization?



C. Ministry of Earth Sciences


Answer: Option A


The SMART (Supersonic Missile Assisted Release of Torpedo) system developed by the Defense Research and Development Organization (DRDO) is a game-changer in the field of defense technology. With its extended range, enhanced accuracy, and versatility, the SMART system holds immense potential for naval forces worldwide. As we look to the future, the SMART system will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in safeguarding national interests and maintaining global security.



14. What is the theme of ‘International Labour Day 2024’?

A. Ensuring safety and health at work in a changing climate

B. All labor that uplifts humanity has dignity and importance

C. Universal Social Protection to End Child Labor

D. Resilient Recovery

Answer: Option A


International Labour Day 2024 focuses on the critical need to ensure safety and health at work amidst the challenges posed by a changing climate. This theme highlights the ongoing struggles faced by workers across the globe and emphasizes the collective responsibility of employers, governments, and society at large to create secure and sustainable workplaces. As we commemorate this day, let us strive to uplift humanity by safeguarding the well-being of those who contribute to the progress and prosperity of our societies.



15. Recently, which Indian company recently signed an MoU with Norwegian firm to implement floating solar power technology in India?





Answer: Option B


The collaboration between NHPC and Ocean Sun represents a significant stride in India's renewable energy journey. By embracing floating solar power technology, NHPC reinforces its commitment to sustainable development and diversification into emerging sectors. The joint ventures resulting from this partnership have the potential to revolutionize India's solar power landscape, contributing to the country's clean energy goals. With the power of innovation and collaboration, NHPC and Ocean Sun are poised to make a lasting impact in the field of renewable energy in India.



16. Recently, India and Croatia conducted the 11th session of Foreign Office Consultations at which place?

A. Chennai

B. Hyderabad

C. Zagreb

D. New Delhi

Answer: Option D


The 11th Foreign Office Consultations between India and Croatia in New Delhi marked an important milestone in strengthening bilateral relations. The discussions encompassed a wide range of areas, emphasizing the need for collaboration in trade, defense, science, tourism, and culture. The session highlighted the shared commitment to enhancing international cooperation and the timely conclusion of the India-EU Free Trade Agreement. As India and Croatia move forward, these consultations pave the way for deeper engagement and mutual growth.



17. Ruang volcano, recently seen in the news due to eruption, is located in which country?

A. Malaysia

B. Indonesia

C. Chile

D. Ecuador

Answer: Option B


The recent eruptions of Mount Ruang in Indonesia have captured the world's attention and highlighted the power and unpredictability of nature. The ongoing monitoring efforts by Indonesia's volcanology agency and the swift evacuation measures have been crucial in safeguarding lives. As scientists continue to study and understand the behavior of volcanoes like Mount Ruang, we are reminded of the awe-inspiring forces that shape our planet.


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