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May 21, 2024 Current Affairs

1. Who became the first Indian space tourist aboard Blue Origin's New Shepard spacecraft?

A.    Ed Dwight

B.    Gopi Thotakura

C.   Mason Angel

D.   Raja Chari

Answer: Option B


Gopi Thotakura's historic journey as the first Indian space tourist aboard Blue Origin's New Shepard spacecraft marks a significant milestone in the realm of space exploration. His courage, determination, and entrepreneurial spirit have paved the way for future generations to dream big and reach for the stars. As space tourism continues to evolve, we can only anticipate more remarkable journeys like Thotakura's, where the boundaries of exploration are pushed, and the wonders of the cosmos become accessible to all.



2. What percentage increase in student enrollment under the Scheduled Caste (SC) category was reported from 2014 to 2022?

A.    51%

B.    65.2%

C.   44%

D.   42.3%

Answer: Option C


The National Commission for Backward Classes (NCBC) reported a commendable 44% increase in student enrollment under the Scheduled Caste (SC) category from 2014 to 2022. This growth demonstrates the positive impact of government reservation policies, which aim to provide educational opportunities for marginalized communities. It is a significant milestone in the journey towards a more inclusive and equitable society.



3. Who passed away at the age of 88 and was a former chairman of ICICI Bank?

A.    N Vaghul

B.    K.V. Kamath

C.   Raghuram Rajan

D.   Chanda Kochhar

Answer: Option A


The passing of N Vaghul is a tremendous loss for the Indian banking industry. His visionary leadership and commitment to excellence have left an indelible mark on the financial sector. Through his transformative initiatives, Vaghul shaped the future of banking in India and inspired generations of bankers. His legacy will continue to inspire and guide the industry towards greater heights.



4. Which bank led PSU banks in business growth during FY24?

A.    Bank of Maharashtra

B.    State Bank of India

C.   Bank of India

D.   Canara Bank

Answer: Option A


Bank of Maharashtra emerged as a frontrunner among public sector banks in terms of business growth during FY24. Its impressive rise in total business and exceptional growth in low-cost CASA deposits showcase the bank's strategic advantage and effective cost management strategies. Bank of Maharashtra's performance serves as a testament to its commitment to delivering value to its customers and stakeholders. With its continued focus on innovation and sustainable growth, Bank of Maharashtra is poised to maintain its position as a leader in the banking industry.



5. In which country did Elon Musk launch the Starlink service?

A.    Malaysia

B.    Philippines

C.   Thailand

D.   Indonesia

Answer: Option D


Elon Musk's launch of the Starlink service in Indonesia marks a significant milestone in the country's journey towards digital inclusion. By connecting remote areas and empowering communities, Starlink has the potential to transform lives and unlock new opportunities. As the constellation of satellites continues to expand and technology evolves, the future looks brighter than ever for Indonesia and its pursuit of connectivity for all.



6. In which Indian state did the Federation Cup 2024 Athletics Meet take place?

A.    Karnataka

B.    Odisha

C.   Maharashtra

D.   Tamil Nadu

Answer: Option B


The Federation Cup 2024 Athletics Meet held in Bhubaneswar, Odisha was a resounding success. From Neeraj Chopra's gold medal victory to the overall display of talent and sportsmanship, this event showcased the immense potential and passion for athletics in India. Bhubaneswar proved to be an excellent host, providing a platform for athletes to shine and inspiring the next generation of sports enthusiasts. The Federation Cup 2024 Athletics Meet will undoubtedly be remembered as a landmark event in Indian sports history.



7. In which event did Deepthi Jeevanji win the gold medal at the World Para Athletics Championships 2024?

A.    100m

B.    200m

C.   400m

D.   800m

Answer: Option C


Deepthi Jeevanji's gold medal triumph in the women's T20 400m event at the World Para Athletics Championships 2024 will forever be etched in the annals of sporting history. Her exceptional talent, unwavering dedication, and record-breaking performance have not only brought honor to her nation but have also inspired countless individuals worldwide. Deepthi Jeevanji's remarkable journey serves as a testament to the indomitable human spirit and the limitless possibilities that exist when one dares to dream big.



8. When is the World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development celebrated?

A.    May 20

B.    May 21

C.   May 22

D.   May 23

Answer: Option B


The World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development, celebrated on May 21st, serves as a reminder of the significance of embracing cultural diversity in our globalized world. By promoting dialogue and understanding, we can overcome barriers, foster sustainable development, and work towards a harmonious future. Let us join hands on this day and every day to celebrate cultural diversity and build a world where differences are cherished and celebrated.



9. Who received the first stamp commemorating 200 years of Indian Origin Tamils in Sri Lanka?

A.    Senthil Thondaman

B.    Raja Guru

C.   Krishnan

D.   Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Answer: Option D


The unveiling of the first stamp commemorating 200 years of Indian Origin Tamils in Sri Lanka, with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar as the honoree, marks a significant milestone in recognizing and honoring the contributions of the IOT community. This commemorative stamp serves as a testament to the deep-rooted history and shared heritage between India and Sri Lanka. It stands as a reminder of the cultural diversity that enriches our world, fostering unity and appreciation for the contributions of every community.



10. Who has been elected as the President of the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) for the term 2024-25?

A.    Rajiv Memani

B.    R Mukundan

C.   R Dinesh

D.   Sanjiv Puri

Answer: Option D


Sanjiv Puri's election as the President of CII ushers in a new era of leadership and promises a brighter future for Indian businesses. With his vast experience and unwavering commitment, Puri is well-positioned to steer the CII towards sustainable growth, innovation, and inclusive development. As India's business landscape continues to evolve, Puri's presidency will undoubtedly leave a lasting impact on the Confederation of Indian Industry and the nation as a whole.



11. Which Indian state unveiled the "DRIMS" platform for Disaster Management?

A.    Bihar

B.    Assam

C.   Gujarat

D.   Kerala

Answer: Option B


The introduction of the Disaster Reporting and Information Management System (DRIMS) in Assam signifies a pivotal moment in the state's disaster management capabilities. By embracing technology and streamlining reporting, data management, and relief coordination, DRIMS has the potential to save countless lives and minimize the impact of disasters. Assam's proactive approach towards strengthening disaster management sets an exemplary precedent for other states to follow.



12. When is National Anti-Terrorism Day celebrated in India?

A.    May 21

B.    June 15

C.   July 4

D.   August 10

Answer: Option A


National Anti-Terrorism Day, observed on May 21, is a solemn occasion that reminds us of the sacrifices made by leaders like Rajiv Gandhi and the need to combat terrorism. It serves as a call to action, urging individuals and communities to stand united against this global threat. By promoting peace, unity, and harmony, we can create a world where every citizen can live without fear. Let us remember Rajiv Gandhi's legacy and continue working towards a safer and more peaceful future.



13. Where was the significant bleaching event among sea anemones documented, marking the first observed instance of sea anemone bleaching in India?

A.    Kochi, Kerala

B.    Kavaratti Island

C.   Andaman and Nicobar Islands

D.   Agatti Island

Answer: Option D


The significant bleaching event among sea anemones off Agatti Island marks a crucial milestone in understanding the vulnerability of marine ecosystems in India. As we reflect on this event, it becomes evident that urgent action is needed to protect our oceans and the diverse species that call them home. By fostering a collective commitment to conservation and sustainable practices, we can work towards preserving the beauty and ecological balance of our underwater world.



14. When is International Tea Day celebrated in 2024?

A.    May 21

B.    May 22

C.   May 20

D.   May 23

Answer: Option A


International Tea Day is a global celebration that honors the cultural significance and economic importance of tea. On May 21, 2024, tea lovers worldwide will unite to commemorate this special day. Whether you enjoy a cup of tea in solitude or participate in community events, take a moment to appreciate the rich history, cultural traditions, and economic impact of tea. Happy International Tea Day!



15. Archaeologists recently discovered the first evidence of rock art in which city of Karnataka?

A. Mangaluru

B. Bengaluru

C. Shivamogga

D. Udupi

Answer: Option A


The recent discovery of rock art in Mangaluru has opened a window into the ancient world. These footprints on a natural stone boulder provide a glimpse into the lives and artistic expressions of the people who lived here centuries ago. As archaeologists continue to study and interpret this fascinating find, we can only imagine the untold stories and secrets that lie hidden beneath the surface of this coastal city.



16. What is the theme of ‘World Bee Day 2024’?

A. Bee engaged – Build Back Better for Bees

B. Bee Engaged: Celebrating the diversity of bees

C. Bee Engaged with Youth

D. Bee Engaged in Pollinator-Friendly Agricultural Production

Answer: Option C


World Bee Day 2024, with its theme of "Bee Engaged with Youth," emphasizes the essential role young individuals play in bee conservation. By educating and involving the next generation, we can cultivate a deep understanding of the significance of bees and inspire long-term commitment to their protection. Let us embrace this opportunity to empower youth, build a sustainable future, and ensure the well-being of these vital pollinators.



17. Ebrahim Raisi, who recently passed away in helicopter crash, was the President of which country?

A. Vietnam

B. Egypt

C. Iraq

D. Iran

Answer: Option D


Ebrahim Raisi's untimely demise has left a void in Iranian politics and raised questions about the country's future leadership. As a prominent figure who served as the President of Iran, his policies, aspirations, and potential succession to Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei garnered attention both domestically and internationally. The legacy of Ebrahim Raisi will be remembered as a significant chapter in Iran's political history.



18. Nikhat Zareen, who recently won gold medal at Elorda Cup 2024, belongs to which sports?

A. Wrestling

B. Boxing

C. Chess

D. Badminton

Answer: Option B


Nikhat Zareen's victory in boxing at Elorda Cup 2024 stands as a testament to her unwavering dedication, perseverance, and exceptional talent. Her triumph not only brings glory to India but also inspires aspiring boxers worldwide. It is a reminder that hard work, passion, and a relentless pursuit of excellence can lead to remarkable achievements. Nikhat Zareen's name will forever be etched in the annals of boxing history, serving as an inspiration to future generations of athletes.



19. Recently, William Lai Ching-Te has become new President of which country?

A. Philippines

B. Taiwan

C. Thailand

D. Indonesia

Answer: Option B


The appointment of William Lai Ching-Te as the new President of Taiwan marks a significant milestone in the nation's political landscape. With his inauguration, Taiwan is poised to tackle various challenges and seize opportunities for growth. As the world watches, President Lai's leadership will shape Taiwan's path forward, ensuring that the nation remains steadfast in its commitment to democracy, sovereignty, and progress.


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