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May 22, 2024 Current Affairs

1. In the 2024 WEF Travel & Tourism Development Index, what position did India achieve?

A.    18th

B.    26th

C.   39th

D.   54th

Answer: Option C


India's rise to the 39th position in the 2024 WEF Travel & Tourism Development Index is a testament to the country's relentless efforts in enhancing its tourism industry. The factors driving this achievement, including price competitiveness, robust resources, and sustainability initiatives, have played a significant role in India's progress. As India continues to showcase its vibrant culture and breathtaking destinations, it is poised to further elevate its position in the global tourism landscape.



2. Who has been appointed as the Vice-Chairman of the International Aluminium Institute?

A.    John Slaven

B.    David Miller

C.   Sarah Johnson

D.   Michael Smith

Answer: Option A


John Slaven's appointment as Vice-Chairman of the International Aluminium Institute is a significant milestone for both him and the aluminum industry. With his expertise and leadership, Slaven will spearhead global initiatives to promote sustainability, advocate for the industry's interests, and drive the sector towards a zero-carbon future. This appointment reinforces the industry's commitment to environmental stewardship and sets the stage for a more sustainable and responsible aluminum industry.



3. Which company manufactures the R21/Matrix-M malaria vaccine?

A.    Serum Institute of India

B.    Novavax

C.   Bharat BioTech

D.   Cadila Pharmaceuticals Ltd

Answer: Option A


The R21/Matrix-M malaria vaccine, manufactured and scaled up by the Serum Institute of India, represents a groundbreaking advancement in the fight against malaria. Through collaboration, innovation, and the integration of Novavax's adjuvant technology, this vaccine has shown immense promise in preventing this deadly disease. As we continue to battle malaria, the efforts of companies like SII and their commitment to public health are truly commendable.



4. Which country has been awarded the hosting rights for the 2027 Women's World Cup football?

A.    Germany

B.    Netherlands

C.   Belgium

D.   Brazil

Answer: Option D


Brazil's successful bid to host the 2027 Women's World Cup is a historic moment that will shape the future of women's football in South America. This milestone achievement not only highlights Brazil's rich footballing heritage but also signifies the growing recognition and support for women's football in the region. As Brazil prepares to welcome the world, the 2027 Women's World Cup promises to be a celebration of sportsmanship, diversity, and empowerment. Let us eagerly await this momentous event and witness the extraordinary feats of women's football on Brazilian soil.



5. When is the International Day for Biological Diversity celebrated?

A.    May 22

B.    May 29

C.   May 20

D.   May 25

Answer: Option A


The International Day for Biological Diversity, celebrated annually on May 22, serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of biodiversity. It encourages us to take collective action to protect and preserve our planet's rich and diverse ecosystems. By recognizing the significance of biodiversity and aligning our efforts with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, we can work towards a more sustainable and harmonious relationship with nature.



6. Where was the Artara'24 Fine Arts Exhibition and Competition held?

A.    London

B.    New Delhi

C.   Dubai

D.   Singapore

Answer: Option C


The Artara'24 Fine Arts Exhibition and Competition held in Dubai at the Al Jalila Cultural Center was a remarkable celebration of artistic expression, cultural diversity, and emerging talents. Through its thoughtfully curated collection of artworks, the event showcased the vibrant artistic landscape of Indian artists residing in Dubai. It not only provided a platform for them to shine but also fostered a sense of community and artistic growth. The Artara'24 Exhibition and Competition will undoubtedly continue to inspire and nurture the next generation of artistic talents in the years to come.



7. With whom has Tata Motors partnered to enhance dealer financing options?

A.    Tata Capital

B.    HDFC Bank

C.   ICICI Bank

D.   Bajaj Finance

Answer: Option D


The collaboration between Tata Motors and Bajaj Finance marks a significant milestone in enhancing dealer financing options. By leveraging the expertise and market presence of both entities, this partnership is set to revolutionize how authorized passenger and electric vehicle dealers access and utilize financial resources. With a streamlined financing process and unwavering support, Tata Motors and Bajaj Finance are paving the way for a brighter future for their authorized dealers in the competitive automotive landscape.



8. Where is AstraZeneca building a pioneering $1.5 billion manufacturing plant to produce advanced cancer-fighting drugs?

A.    Switzerland

B.    Singapore

C.   United States

D.   United Kingdom

Answer: Option B


AstraZeneca's decision to build a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant in Singapore marks a significant milestone in the advancement of cancer treatment. With its focus on antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs), this facility will contribute to the development of groundbreaking therapies for patients in need. Singapore's thriving ecosystem, renowned for its complex manufacturing capabilities, provides an ideal backdrop for AstraZeneca's ambitious endeavor. This investment not only strengthens AstraZeneca's global supply chain but also reinforces Singapore's position as a leading destination for cutting-edge pharmaceutical ventures.



9. In which year did the Supreme Court make a ruling regarding medical professionals' liability under the Consumer Protection Act?

A.    1986

B.    1995

C.   2019

D.   2022

Answer: Option B


The Supreme Court ruling in 1995, in the case of Indian Medical Association vs V P Shantha, marked a significant milestone in defining medical professionals' liability under the Consumer Protection Act. This ruling established that medical professionals could be sued in consumer courts for providing faulty service, as defined by the act. It not only emphasized the importance of maintaining high standards of care but also empowered consumers to seek redressal in cases of medical negligence. This ruling continues to shape the legal landscape and serves as a reminder of the crucial balance between medical practice and consumer protection.



10. Who won the gold medal in the women's F51 club throw event at the World Para Athletic Championships?

A.    Bhavina Patel

B.    Aruna Tanwar

C.   Ekta Bhayan

D.   Prachi Yadav

Answer: Option C


Undoubtedly, Ekta Bhayan's gold medal win in the women's F51 club throw event at the World Para Athletic Championships is a testament to her exceptional talent, determination, and hard work. Through her achievements, she continues to inspire and pave the way for aspiring para athletes worldwide. Ekta Bhayan's name will forever be etched in the history of para athletics as a true champion.



11. Who has been appointed as the new Chief of Measurement Science & Analytics at BARC India?

A.    Dr Derrick Gray

B.    Dr Bikramjit Chaudhuri

C.   Dr Ramanujan Srinivasan

D.   Dr Neha Sharma

Answer: Option B


The appointment of Dr Bikramjit Chaudhuri as the new Chief of Measurement Science & Analytics at BARC India marks an exciting chapter in the organization's journey. With his extensive expertise, visionary leadership, and collaborative approach, he is poised to drive innovation and bring about transformative changes in the measurement and analytics landscape. BARC India can look forward to a future of enhanced measurement capabilities under Dr Chaudhuri's guidance.



12. Recently, the United States has conducted a subcritical nuclear test at which place?

A. Nevada

B. Colorado

C. Maryland

D. Alaska

Answer: Option A


The recent subcritical nuclear test conducted by the United States took place in Nevada. This test contributes to ongoing research on the safety and effectiveness of nuclear warheads without resorting to explosive nuclear tests. By understanding the location, objectives, and implications of such tests, we gain insight into the complex world of nuclear research and development. The pursuit of knowledge and data in this field remains crucial for maintaining a secure and reliable nuclear deterrent.



13. Recently, who has won 2024 Italian Open title in the women’s category?

A. Y. Putintseva

B. Iga Swiatek

C. C. Gauff

D. Aryna Sabalenka

Answer: Option B


Iga Swiatek's triumph at the 2024 Italian Open in the women's category was a testament to her unparalleled talent and relentless pursuit of excellence. With her incredible performance in the final and her overall dominance throughout the tournament, Swiatek proved once again why she is a force to be reckoned with in the world of tennis. As she adds another Italian Open title to her growing list of achievements, we can only anticipate what the future holds for this remarkable athlete.



14. Which day is observed as National Anti-Terrorism Day annually?

A. 20 May

B. 21 May

C. 22 May

D. 23 May

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Answer: Option B


National Anti-Terrorism Day, observed annually on May 21st, is a poignant reminder of the sacrifices made in the fight against terrorism. It stands as a testament to India's unwavering commitment to peace, unity, and security. As citizens, it is our collective responsibility to contribute towards a safer world by rejecting divisive forces and embracing harmony. Let us remember the lives lost and work together towards a future free from the horrors of terrorism.



15. Recently, which Indian created history by becoming the first Indian space tourist?

A. Ashutosh Sharma

B. Gopi Thotakura

C. Akhilesh Gupta

D. Balram Bhargava

Answer: Option B


Gopi Thotakura's achievement as the first Indian space tourist on Blue Origin's NS-25 mission is a remarkable milestone in India's space exploration journey. His inclusion in the diverse crew of this historic voyage highlights the growing presence and aspirations of individuals from various backgrounds in the realm of space exploration. As space tourism continues to evolve, the accomplishments of individuals like Gopi Thotakura inspire countless others to reach for the stars.



16. R21/Matrix-M vaccine, recently seen in the news, is developed for the prevention of which disease?

A. Dengue

B. Small pox

C. Malaria

D. Mumps

Answer: Option C


he development and deployment of the R21/Matrix-M vaccine represent a remarkable achievement in the fight against malaria. With its cost-effectiveness, approval for children, and licenses in multiple African countries, this vaccine has the potential to revolutionize malaria prevention. As we look towards a future free from the burden of this deadly disease, the R21/Matrix-M vaccine offers hope and renewed determination to protect communities worldwide.


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