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May 28, 2024 Current Affairs

1. In which year was the Financial Intelligence Centre Act enacted in South Africa?

A.    1998

B.    1999

C.   2003

D.   2001

Answer: Option C


The Financial Intelligence Centre Act (FIC Act) of 2003 is an instrumental piece of legislation in South Africa's battle against money laundering and terrorist financing. By establishing a robust regulatory framework, it ensures that financial institutions play an active role in detecting and reporting suspicious transactions. Moreover, the act aligns South Africa with international standards, highlighting the country's commitment to combatting financial crimes. Through its provisions, the FIC Act safeguards the integrity of South Africa's financial system and contributes to a safer and more secure financial landscape.



2. Which company has commissioned India's first green hydrogen plant?

A.    ONGC

B.    GAIL



Answer: Option B


GAIL's commissioning of India's first green hydrogen plant marks a significant step towards a sustainable and cleaner energy future. By embracing green hydrogen, GAIL is leading the way in the energy transition and demonstrating its commitment to environmental stewardship. As India continues to explore alternative energy sources, the commissioning of this plant sets a strong precedent for further advancements in green hydrogen technology. With continued investments and support, green hydrogen has the potential to revolutionize the energy landscape and contribute to a greener, more sustainable planet.



3. Who has been granted a one-year extension as secretary, DDR&D, and chairman, of DRDO?

A.    Rakesh Kumar Singh Bhadauria

B.    Sreenivas Rao

C.   V K Saraswat

D.   Samir V Kamat

Answer: Option D


The grant of a one-year extension to Samir V Kamat as the secretary, DDR&D, and chairman of DRDO is a testament to his commendable achievements and capabilities. With his continued leadership, DRDO can expect to witness further advancements and breakthroughs in the field of defense research and development. This decision reinforces the commitment towards fostering excellence and ensuring the organization's continued growth and success.



4. Climber Purnima Shrestha, who achieved the feat of climbing Mount Everest three times in a season, belongs to which country?

A.    Nepal

B.    Srilanka

C.   India

D.   Bhutan

Answer: Option A


Purnima Shrestha's extraordinary journey of conquering Mount Everest three times in a single season is a testament to her unwavering determination, resilience, and love for the mountains. Hailing from Nepal, she has not only etched her name in the annals of mountaineering history but has also become an inspiration for countless individuals around the world. Purnima Shrestha's story reminds us that with dedication, perseverance, and a deep connection with nature, we can conquer even the highest summits of our dreams.



5. Who has been elected as the chairman of NAFED?

A.    Mohan Kundariya

B.    Jetha Ahir

C.   Jayesh Radadiya

D.   Dileep Sanghani

Answer: Option B


Jetha Ahir's election as the chairman of NAFED is a momentous event that holds great promise for the organization and the agricultural sector as a whole. With his extensive experience, dedication to farmer welfare, and collaborative leadership style, Ahir is primed to lead NAFED into a new era of growth and prosperity. As we eagerly anticipate the positive changes that lie ahead, it is clear that Ahir's appointment has set the stage for a stronger, more vibrant agricultural cooperative that will empower farmers and contribute to the overall development of the nation.



6. Who recently clinched gold at the Asian Gymnastics Championships?

A.    Dipa Karmakar

B.    Kim Son-hyang

C.   Jo Kyong-byol

D.   Pranati Nayak

Answer: Option A


Dipa Karmakar's exceptional journey and recent triumph at the Asian Gymnastics Championships have solidified her status as a trailblazer in the world of gymnastics. Her gold medal win in the women's vault individual final has not only brought immense pride to India but also shattered stereotypes and opened doors for future generations. Dipa's unwavering dedication, perseverance, and indomitable spirit serve as a testament to the heights that can be reached with passion and hard work. As she continues to make waves in the gymnastics world, the future looks brighter than ever for Indian gymnastics.



7. Which state leads in Transmission line additions by State Utilities according to statistics released by the Central Electricity Authority?

A.    Uttar Pradesh

B.    Gujarat

C.   Maharashtra

D.   Tamil Nadu

Answer: Option A


Uttar Pradesh's commendable performance in transmission line additions by state utilities is a testament to their unwavering commitment to progress and development. The achievements of UPPTCL, coupled with the state government's infrastructure development initiatives, have propelled Uttar Pradesh to the forefront of power transmission infrastructure. As the state continues to power progress and fuel growth, it sets a shining example for other states to emulate. Uttar Pradesh has truly emerged as a leader in the realm of transmission line additions, paving the way for a brighter future.



8. Which country is partnering with Reliance Jio and Tech Mahindra to improve its 4G and 5G infrastructure?

A.    Kenya

B.    Liberia

C.   Senegal

D.   Ghana

Answer: Option D


The strategic collaboration between Ghana, Reliance Jio, Tech Mahindra, and Nokia marks a significant milestone in Ghana's quest for advanced telecommunication infrastructure. Ghana's decision to partner with Indian vendors underscores its commitment to leveraging the expertise and experiences of successful telecom players. Through this collaboration, Ghana aims to emulate India's telecom success story, bolster connectivity, and accelerate digital transformation across various sectors. With upgraded 4G and 5G infrastructure, Ghana is poised to unlock new opportunities for economic growth, innovation, and societal development.



9. On which date is World Hunger Day celebrated?

A.    May 1

B.    May 28

C.   May 5

D.   May 15

Answer: Option B


World Hunger Day, celebrated on May 28th, serves as a powerful reminder of the challenges faced by millions of people due to insufficient access to nutrition. By focusing on "Thriving Mothers" and understanding the research of Amartya Sen, we can address the root causes of hunger and work towards a more equitable world. Let us unite in our efforts to combat hunger, support vulnerable communities, and strive for a future where no one goes to bed hungry.



10. What is the name of the newly discovered plant species found in Kerala's Nelliyampathy hills?

A.    Stellaria pallida

B.    Stellaria montana

C.   Stellaria mcclintockiae

D.   Stellaria arvensis

Answer: Option C


In the realm of botany, every new discovery brings with it a sense of wonder and appreciation for the intricate wonders of nature. The newly discovered plant species, Stellaria mcclintockiae, found exclusively in Kerala's Nelliyampathy hills, is a testament to the richness of biodiversity that still awaits our exploration. As we continue to unravel the mysteries of the natural world, let us embrace the responsibility to safeguard and nurture these precious species, ensuring their survival in the face of ever-changing environments.



11. Who has become the first Indian gymnast to win a gold medal at the 2024 Asian Gymnastics Championships?

A. Dipa Karmakar

B. Pranati Nayak

C. Rucha Divekar

D. Kalpana Debnath

Answer: Option A


Dipa Karmakar's historic gold medal win at the 2024 Asian Gymnastics Championships marks a significant milestone for Indian gymnastics. Her indomitable spirit, perseverance, and dedication have set a new benchmark for aspiring gymnasts in the country. While she may have narrowly missed the Olympic qualification, Dipa's journey serves as an inspiration to athletes worldwide, reminding us that success often comes hand in hand with resilience and unwavering passion. With her groundbreaking achievements, Dipa Karmakar has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on the world of gymnastics.



12. Nyishi Tribe, recently seen in the news, is the largest ethnic group of which state?

A. Assam

B. Bihar

C. Arunachal Pradesh

D. Mizoram

Answer: Option C


The Nyishi tribe, as the largest ethnic group in Arunachal Pradesh, carries with them a rich cultural heritage and a deep connection to their land. Their traditions, lifestyle, and recent achievements reflect their resilience and indomitable spirit. As the world continues to evolve, it is crucial to celebrate and preserve the diverse cultures that make our planet a vibrant tapestry of humanity.



13. Recently, how many nations have signed the Zero Debris Charter at the ESA/EU Space Council?

A. 11

B. 12

C. 13

D. 14

Answer: Option B


The Zero Debris Charter marks a significant milestone in the quest for a debris-free future in Earth orbit. With twelve nations pledging their commitment to sustainable practices and ambitious goals, there is hope for a cleaner and safer environment for space exploration. However, it is crucial for more nations to join this collaborative effort to ensure its success. By working together, we can strive towards a future where space debris is no longer a threat to our exploration of the cosmos.



14. State-owned GAIL (India) Ltd recently launched its first Green Hydrogen Plant in which region of Madhya Pradesh?

A. Vijaipur

B. Balaghat

C. Dheerpur

D. Betul

Answer: Option A


The inauguration of GAIL (India) Ltd's first Green Hydrogen Plant in Vijaipur, Madhya Pradesh, showcases India's commitment to transitioning towards a greener and more sustainable future. This milestone contributes to the National Green Hydrogen Mission's objectives and sets a precedent for the development of green hydrogen infrastructure across the country. By embracing green hydrogen, India is taking a significant step towards achieving its renewable energy targets and becoming a global leader in the green energy revolution.



15. Mount Mungalo, recently seen in the news due to landslide, is located in which country?

A. Austria

B. Papua New Guinea

C. Philippines

D. Italy

Answer: Option B


The landslide caused by Mount Mungalo's collapse in Papua New Guinea has left an indelible mark on the affected village and its surrounding areas. The loss of lives and widespread destruction serves as a stark reminder of the vulnerability of human settlements in the face of natural disasters. It is our collective responsibility to come together, provide support, and implement preventive measures to ensure such tragedies are minimized in the future.


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