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May 4, 2024 Current Affairs

1. Which bank collaborated with ANQ to launch Pi and Phi credit cards?

A.   Axis Bank

B.   YES Bank

C.   HDFC Bank

D.   Punjab National Bank

Answer: Option B


The collaboration between YES Bank and ANQ has given rise to the revolutionary Pi and Phi credit cards, offering customers a blend of digital and physical payment solutions. With the Pi card providing digital-only credit on UPI and the Phi card offering physical access for both domestic and international purchases, these cards cater to diverse customer preferences. As the banking landscape continues to evolve, collaborations like this highlight the industry's commitment to innovation and customer-centricity.



2. Where is American Express set to open a sprawling new campus?

A.   Delhi

B.   Mumbai

C.   Gurugram

D.   Bengaluru

Answer: Option C


The inauguration of American Express's expansive campus in Gurugram marks a significant milestone for both the company and the city. With its choice of Gurugram, American Express showcases its confidence in the city's potential as a flourishing business hub. The meticulously designed campus, along with its focus on employee well-being and fostering a vibrant work environment, reflects American Express's commitment to growth and innovation. As this new chapter unfolds, it is clear that American Express's presence in Gurugram will not only benefit the company but also contribute to the city's economic prosperity.



3. Which Indian state announced India’s first Astro Tourism Campaign named ‘Nakshatra Sabha’?

A.   Uttarakhand

B.   Himachal Pradesh

C.   Kerala

D.   Rajasthan

Answer: Option A


Uttarakhand's Nakshatra Sabha Astro Tourism Campaign marks a significant milestone in India's tourism industry. By embracing the wonders of the night sky, Uttarakhand has pioneered Astro Tourism on a grand scale. This initiative not only showcases the state's commitment to sustainable and experiential tourism but also allows visitors to connect with the cosmos in a profound way. As the first state in



4. In the World Press Freedom Index 2024, what is India's rank among 180 countries?

A.   159

B.   152

C.   150

D.   161

Answer: Option A


India's ranking of 159th out of 180 countries in the World Press Freedom Index 2024 highlights the challenges faced by journalists and the need for a robust and independent media landscape. Promoting press freedom is essential for upholding democratic values, protecting human rights, and fostering transparency. It is crucial for governments, civil society, and citizens to work together towards creating an environment where journalists can operate freely and without fear.



5. With which country's Auditor General did the Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to enhance collaboration in auditing?

A.   Thailand

B.   Sri Lanka

C.   Bhutan

D.   Nepal

Answer: Option D


The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding between the CAG of India and the Auditor General of Nepal marks a significant milestone in strengthening auditing collaboration between the two countries. This collaboration will not only facilitate the exchange of expertise and best practices but also contribute to promoting transparency, accountability, and good governance. The partnership forged through this MoU sets a positive precedent for future collaborations in the field of auditing, benefitting both nations and advancing the global auditing community as a whole.



6. Who has been appointed as the President of the Goods & Services Tax Appellate Tribunal (GSTAT)?

A.   Rakesh Kumar Gupta

B.   Sanjaya Kumar Mishra

C.   Anil Kumar Singh

D.   Vikram Singh Chauhan

Answer: Option B


Sanjaya Kumar Mishra's appointment as the President of GSTAT marks a crucial milestone in the evolution of the GST dispute resolution mechanism. With his vast experience and expertise, Mishra is well-positioned to enhance the efficiency of resolving disputes related to Goods & Services Tax. This appointment reaffirms the government's commitment to streamlining the GST ecosystem and providing businesses and taxpayers with a fair and expeditious redressal mechanism. As businesses navigate the complexities of GST, Mishra's appointment brings hope for a



7. Who has been appointed as Secretary of the National Jute Board in Kolkata under the Ministry of Textiles?

A.   Moloy Chandan Chakrabortty

B.   S. Gupta

C.   Sarmistha Datta

D.   Shashi Bhushan Singh

Answer: Option D


The appointment of Shashi Bhushan Singh as the Secretary of the National Jute Board presents a promising outlook for the jute sector. With his experience and vision, Singh has the potential to steer the industry towards growth and sustainability. As we eagerly await the implementation of his plans and initiatives, it is safe to say that the jute industry is entering a new era, filled with hope and opportunities. 


8. Where was the 2nd Session of the India-Nigeria Joint Trade Committee held?

A.   Denver

B.   Abuja

C.   Johannesburg

D.   Nairobi

Answer: Option B


The 2nd Session of the India-Nigeria Joint Trade Committee was held in Abuja, Nigeria. This meeting marked a significant milestone in the efforts to bolster bilateral trade and investments between India and Nigeria. By focusing on key sectors such as crude oil, pharmaceuticals, and the digital economy, both nations aim to forge stronger economic ties that will benefit their respective economies.



9. What is the revised GDP growth forecast for India by the OECD for the fiscal year 2024-25?

A.   5.5%

B.   6.0%

C.   6.6%

D.   7.2%

Answer: Option C


The OECD's upward revision of India's GDP growth forecast for the fiscal year 2024-25 to 6.6% indicates a positive outlook for the Indian economy. The increased public investment and improved business sentiment are expected to drive domestic demand and stimulate economic growth. It is crucial for policymakers and stakeholders to leverage these opportunities and work towards sustaining this growth trajectory.



10. Who is set to receive the Cannes honorary Palme d'Or award at the Cannes Film Festival's opening ceremony?

A.   Meryl Streep

B.   Nicole Kidman

C.   Brad Pitt

D.   Leonardo DiCaprio

Answer: Option A


As the Cannes Film Festival's opening ceremony approaches, all cinephiles eagerly anticipate the moment when Meryl Streep will step onto the stage to receive the Cannes Honorary Palme d'Or award. This recognition is a testament to her unparalleled talent, remarkable career, and significant contributions to the world of cinema. Streep's ability to embody characters with such depth and authenticity has left an indelible mark on the industry, inspiring both aspiring actors and established professionals alike. May this honor serve as a celebration of her extraordinary achievements and a reminder of the lasting impact she has made on the art of filmmaking.



11.Pension Department has recently launched an online portal for government retirees. what is the name of the portal?

A.  Abhyukt portal

B.  Vriddhi portal

C.  Bhavishya portal

D.  Vikas portal

Answer: Option C


In conclusion, the launch of Bhavishya portal by the Pension Department marks a significant milestone in the digitization of government pension management. With its user-friendly interface, enhanced transparency, and seamless integration, Bhavishya empowers government retirees by providing them with easy access to pension-related information. This initiative not only simplifies processes but also showcases the government's commitment to utilizing technology for the welfare of its retired employees. The Bhavishya portal undoubtedly sets the stage for a more efficient and accountable pension system, ultimately benefiting countless government retirees across the nation.



12.Recently, NPCI signed an agreement with which African country for UPI-like instant payment services?

A.  Namibia

B.  Tanzania

C.  Kenya

D.  Nigeria

Answer: Option A


The agreement between NPCI and the Bank of Namibia to develop a UPI-like instant payment system marks a significant milestone in enhancing financial connectivity between the two countries. By leveraging India's expertise in digital payments and adopting UPI technology, Namibia is poised to transform its financial ecosystem. This partnership not only emphasizes interoperability and accessibility but also paves the way for improved financial inclusion and digital transactions in Namibia. As the world continues to witness the power of digital payments, collaborations like these are crucial in fostering global financial connectivity and driving economies forward.



13.Recently, where was the event titled “Localizing the SDGs: Women in Local Governance in India Lead the Way” organized?

A.  London

B.  Paris

C.  New York

D.  New Delhi

Answer: Option C


"Localizing the SDGs: Women in Local Governance in India Lead the Way" was a momentous event that celebrated the remarkable achievements of Indian women in local governance. Through their inspiring stories, these women demonstrated the transformative power of grassroots leadership. As the world strives to achieve the SDGs, it is essential to recognize and support the crucial role of women in driving sustainable development at the local level.



14.Recently, which Indian received the ‘Green Oscar’ Whitley Gold Award 2024?

A.  Tulsi Gowda

B.  Purnima Devi Barman

C.  Alice Garg

D.  Amrita Devi

Answer: Option B


In a world where biodiversity is under constant threat, individuals like Dr. Purnima Devi Barman shine as beacons of hope. Through her remarkable efforts and unwavering passion, she has emerged as a guardian for the Hargila Stork, deserving of the Whitley Gold Award. Dr. Barman's work serves as an inspiration to us all, reminding us of the urgent need to protect endangered species and preserve our natural heritage.



15.According to recently released OECD report, what is the expected growth rate of India’s economy in 2024-25?

A.  5.5%

B.  6.6%

C.  7.2%

D.  7.8%

Answer: Option B


The recently released OECD report paints a promising picture for India's economic growth in the year 2024-25. With a revised forecast of 6.6%, India's potential to attract investments and stimulate business activities is evident. However, it is crucial for the government to address indebtedness through revenue growth, spending efficiency, and the implementation of sound fiscal rules. By undertaking structural reforms and fostering a favorable business environment, India can unlock its true economic potential and pave the way for a prosperous future. 

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